Hello everyone. I was watching some survival shows lately, don't asks I got bored at work. Anyway I came up with a story idea. All four sisters are included and this takes place after season eight. They all have kids but this will not have their children or their husbands in it. It would just be about sisters and reconnecting to each other in a very hostile environment. Prue never died after season three and they did find Paige. Prue is married to Andy.


Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige find themselves in the Amazon and are given an ultimatum by an elder. They need to reconnect to each other as they have drifted apart in order to survive. Will they, are will they die in the process?

Survive or die

Chapter 1

Dam Elders

The four sisters found themselves standing in a circle surrounded by thick vegetation and unbelievable heat and humidity. They all looked at each other stunned as they looked around their surroundings.

"Ok who did a spell?" Piper asks breaking the silence with her hands on her hips.

"Nice outfit sis," Phoebe replied as she looked at her older sister, who was wearing cargo pants and a dark long-sleeved shirt with black hiking boots. She had machete hoister around her waist and the bottom part was tied with black thick thread around the upper part of her knee. Piper looked down at herself and was now more confused than ever.

"I did not put this on," she said and looked at her other sisters who were dressed the same. They all looked at themselves and started to get a bad feeling.

"I don't like just appearing someplace with new clothes on that I would never wear outside the house," Paige chimed in.

"I like it," Prue said as she liked the kick ass attire.

"Seriously did someone do a spell?" Piper asks again as a man in a robe orbed into the center of them.

"Hello charmed ones," he said as they moved together so they could face him.

"You have to be kidding me," Phoebe said as she was starting to get the gist of what was going on.

"You have grown apart and are losing your very important connection to each other," he said.

"No we are not and what makes you think you can just take us out of our homes and dump us here, where is here anyway?" Piper asks.

"The Amazon," he replied.

"Come again?" Paige asks while leaning forward a little and aiming her ear towards him hoping she misheard him.

"It will take all of you to survive and you will need to work together to do so. Each one if you have skills that will thrive here but you need to trust each other and regain that connection," he replied.

"Like I told you we are fine," Piper said.

"When was the last time you have them over for dinner?" he asks.

"We are all kind of busy, you know with kids and our own life's and it's not like I don't invite them, they are just too busy and I understand," Piper replied.

"When was the last time you just sat down and talked," he said while looking at Prue.

"Like Piper said we are busy but that doesn't mean we don't love each other," Prue replied getting angry herself.

"What gives you courage and strength is your connection to each other and although you still speak to each other you don't spend quality time. And if left untreated it will break you as demons will take advantage of it," he said.

"So what couldn't get reservations in Hawaii?" Piper asks sarcastically.

"The Amazon is a dangerous place, your adversary will not be a demon but the very environment itself," he replied.

"Screw this," Paige said and tried to orb. She opened her eyes and realizes she was still in the same place. "Wait you took our powers?" she asks in disbelief.

"Yes it's not your powers that make you strong, it's your connection with each other and your inner selves," he replied as Piper was trying to blast a tree and found that her power was gone too.

"You could have just pop in and say, hay guys have a long dinner?" Phoebe asks using her hands to give herself more expression.

"Now what would be the point in that, like I said each one of you possess skill that will help you survive and get to your destination. Use them wisely and your family has been made aware of the situation they cannot assist.

"You can't just take me away from my family!" Piper said angrily as she moved towards him. Prue put her hand on Pipers wrist to keep her from doing something stupid.

"This is not punishment this is for the greater good Piper and you will need to understand that,"

"So how do we get out of here?" Prue asks getting to the point quickly.

"There is a river and once you find it you will need to find civilization. At that point the elders will discuss if you truly have learned to reconnect; if you have then you will be returned to your families if not then another task will need to be created. There is another option. You can make it to a beacon that can only be seen at night and once broken it will return you home. You will need to make a decision on which way to go as a group," he replied and orbed away.

"This is ridiculous," Piper said while running her hand through her hair and sat down on a log.

"I had plans tonight," Phoebe said as she looked up through the thick canopy and could barely see daylight.

"We need to make a choice," Prue said as she pulled out her machete and looked at it sharp blade.

"We can only see the beacon at night, so we will need to wait for night fall," Phoebe said as she dug around in her pockets and found a small knife that was connected to a flint by a small chain.

"Does anyone have any idea what time it is?" Paige asks as she looked at her wrist and could see no wristwatch.

"Nope," Prue replied as they all did the same.

"I don't even like to go camping, I have no idea what to do here," Piper said as she was digging around her pockets as well but they were empty.

"Okay guys we can fight this or get out of it, but we need to make a decision," Prue said while looking around her surroundings. There steep inclines and she could only see a few feet through the thick overgrowth as sweat was already starting to be on her forehead.

"Beacon," Piper said first.

"River," Paige said.

"River," Phoebe said.

"I think we should go for the beacon as it may be a faster way of getting out of here," Prue finished.

"Ok but that means we need to wait until nightfall and during the day we could get off track. If we went to the river we could follow it and there may be boats on it," Paige said.

"Yes but the elder said that even if we make it to civilization they may not send us back," Prue said while still trying to find some kind of path.

"Why don't we set up camp for tonight and think about again tomorrow morning," she continued and started looking for wood to start a fire. Everything was soaked or rotten from what she could tell and starting a fire may not be a possibility.

"I have this," Phoebe said and showed Prue what she found in her pocket.

"Good that will help but all of this wood is soaked from the rain and I have no idea what to use for a starter," Prue said holding a waterlogged branch in her hand.

"Well if I had my cell phone I could just look it up, oh wait I don't," Paige said and threw her hands in the air.

"Do you think he's right?" Piper asks while playing with her pockets on the side of her pants. Prue decided to take a seat next to her on the log.

"Yeah I do, we have grown apart for a while now," Prue replied and hated the fact that the elder was correct on the situation.

"It's not like we meant to, we all have families and jobs it's kind of hard to just hang out," Piper said while looking down.

"I know but maybe this is what we needed," Prue said and got an uncertain look from Piper.

"I forgot you like camping," Piper said and could not help but smile.

"Not the Amazon Piper and I did it with Andy and that was a long time ago," Prue said.

"So room services out?" Paige said and folded her arms as she too was beginning to sweat heavily. Everyone got a good chuckle but the realization was they were stuck in the Amazon and need water, food and shelter.

"Okay first we need to get off the ground because I don't want to be lying on it at night. Second we need a fire to dry out your feet because I don't want to get trench foot and 3rd we need food," Prue said and got up from the log.

"What the hell is trench foot?" Phoebe asks while wrinkling her face.

"Moisture can lead to tissue breakdown and leave feet vulnerable to fungus and other infections," Paige replied and Prue raised her eyebrow.

"That's it," Prue said and gave her baby sister a smile.

"I know a few things or two about this place, animal planet the kids love it," Paige said proudly.

"Are there big spiders here?" Piper asks nervously.

"Oh yeah the ones as big as a dinner plate," Paige replied while bobbing her head up and down and then remembered how much Piper hated spiders," Sorry." She said and Piper looked wide-eyed at her with her mouth agape.

"Yeah we need to get off the ground," Piper said as the thought of something the size of a dinner plate walking on her at night was a nightmare come to life.

"We stay together, never go anywhere alone, Phoebe you come with me and Piper you and Paige start cutting down some branches we can use as a platform," Prue said taking the lead as she was the oldest.

"Just out of curiosity how much do you remember when you went camping?" Phoebe asks.

"Actually a lot, Andy is really into it and we only take bare essentials when we did it. But to be honest I don't know how to survive here this place is brutal. He told me one time that he tried to do an expedition with a few friends here and they only made a few days before calling for help. And he was very good at survival but this place kicked his ass," Prue replied and now she could see the worried looks on her sister's faces. They always have their powers to get them out of most situations but now they were powerless against the immense force of the rain forest.

"Was that supposed to instill confidence because right now you're sucking in the morale department," Piper said and stood from the log.

"I'm just trying to make it clear to you guys that this is not a walk in the park. Don't step in any holes and be careful where you put your hands when walking. There are a lot of poisonous things here that blend into their environment. Make sure if you have a cut that you tells us immediately because within a few hours it could become infected," she continued and now the realization was hitting them hard as they began to look at every tree around them and anything that might be moving.

"We need to get started because I don't know how much light we have left," Piper said and pulled out her machete from its holder," Ready Missy Paige?" Piper asks and Paige pulled hers out.

"Dam I was hoping mine was bigger," she said while comparing her machete to Piper's.

"Don't go far and stay within ear shout," Prue said as she started hacking away at some braches with Phoebe behind her. Piper and Paige went the other way and started looking for strong enough braches to build their platform.

"Hay we can use these vines to tie up the branches," Paige said and grabbed what she thought was a vine.

"Paige that's not a vine," Piper said as she pointed with a shaking finger and the pupils of her eyes were large. Paige looked at what her hand had a hold of and that moment is started to move, she immediately threw it to the side and started shaking her hands.

"Oh god what was that, what was that?" she said while doing a small dance like her feet was on fire.

"A snake," Piper replied and used her machete to start whacking on it, "Die, die!" she yelled while going to town on the little green snake. Paige finally calm herself down and check for any bites, when she did not see any she pulled Piper away from the now mutilated snake.

"Its dead Piper," Paige said and they were both breathing heavily.

"Are you ok?" Piper asks as she looked over her sisters hands.

"No I just wet myself," she replied but Piper was too busy checking for small punctures. "I'm ok, it didn't bite me," she replied and then slapped at her sister's hand. 'Stop it, I'm fine you nervous Nellie."

"Well we are off to a good start," Piper said and looked at what was left of the snake. She picked it up and gave a weak smile. "Look we found dinner," she said and Paige just wrinkled her nose.

"I want steak," Paige said and Piper just rolled her eyes and put the green snake around her neck. It was only about 3 feet long and was not very thick but it will do for now.

Prue and Phoebe stopped what they were doing as they heard someone yelling die and looked at each other for a moment and waited for some other sounds.

"Was that Piper?" Phoebe asks and Prue did not reply as she continued listening.

"I don't know, do you think we should go back?" she asks.

"I don't hear anything now so maybe it was just our ears playing tricks," she said and Prue started looking at the trees around them. "Everything is soaked how the hell are we going to make a fire?"

"There has to be something here we can use Prue, I mean people do live here not a lot and not by their own free will for the most part but they do," Phoebe replied and then Prue got a look at what looked like a pine cone inside a hole in a tree.

"Wait I remember this," she said and pulled out the pine cone looking thing," I think there is a cotton like substance in here that stays dry. "She said and gently opened the small hard shell.

"What are you an Amazon McIver?" Phoebe asks while she watched Prue opened it up.

"No and trust me, we just got lucky that Andy brought some of these home from his trip as a keepsake," she replied.

"You know some people bring home postcards," Phoebe said as Prue finally got it open and smiled when she touched the soft and dry padding inside.

"We need to keep this dry, here put this in your pants pocket," Prue said and handed it to her as she grabs some more.

"What is it called?" Phoebe asks while stuffing her pants pocket.

"I can't remember but it will be a good starter," she replied and after grabbing enough she started looking for dry wood.

Piper and Paige returned to the opening they were at before and tossed down what they had in their arms. Vines and some long branches that they carried together. Piper bent down and was breathing heavily and so was Paige.

"God I need to work out more," Piper said while wiping her brow.

"Tell me about it but I never thought I would be stuck here," Paige said as Prue and Phoebe walked out of the forest carrying some small branches and some larger ones.

"Was that you screaming?" Phoebe asks while looking at Piper.

"Oh the die thing, yeah," she replied and stood up straight with her hands on her hips and the snake around her neck.

"Piper don't move you have something around your neck," Phoebe said as she lifted her machete.

"Its dead and put that down before you poke an eye out," Piper said as she took the snake off from around her neck that was missing its head.

"I thought it was a vine," Paige said with a snort but Prue was not amused.

"That's what I'm talking about dammit you guys you need to pay attention to everything," she said and dropped what she was holding on the pile.

"Sorry it's my first time looking for vines in the Amazon," Paige snapped back.

"I understand that Paige but you could have been bit, and its not like we can just orb home and you heal yourself," Prue said as she looked at what they brought," We are going to need much larger branches, that will not support our weight."

"I'm sorry were not living up to your standards of survival Prue, but we are thirsty and have no idea what we are doing," Piper also snapped back.

"Fine I don't want to argue but we need bigger branches unless you want to sleep on the ground," Prue said and knew that none of them wanted to do that and it would be a good motivator.

"Come on Piper apparently we did it wrong," Paige said and they headed back out again as Piper put the snake on the pile," Oh I got dinner," she said while disappearing into the forest.

"We have to eat that?" Phoebe asks.

"Well at least they did something right," Prue said and started looking for a way to support the platform. She found two trees that were about 10 feet apart from each other and had a lot of lower branches that they could place the bigger ones on and spam them a crossed. "Phoebe help me with this," she said and Phoebe helped her put a long thick branch on one tree and wedge it into a split off as Phoebe did the same to her side.

"Prue you don't think they will let anything happened to us, do you?" Phoebe asks while using the vine that Paige got to tie her end to the tree.

"I don't know Phoebe but I would not count on it," Prue replied as she finished securing her end and then looked for another large branch to use. Phoebe took in a deep breath as she looked up through the canopy and readied herself for a long night.

To be continued…