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Chapter 20

Race to the beacon

It was now day 8 and they made little to no progress to the beacon. Phoebe was already awake as Prue was next. The thought of going down the river considering after what happened was not going to be an easy argument, but it was one she needed to make.

"Morning," Phoebe said while attending the fire.

"Hay Phoebe," Prue said and drank some water," How is Paige?"

"More nightmares but she seems to be ok," Phoebe replied.


"I think she is getting better. You know I was checking the little book and it could have been a stomach virus or something and it sometime looks like malaria," Phoebe replied as Paige woke up.

"That's good because if it was she would be in a lot of trouble," Prue said and handed some water to Paige.

"Thanks," Paige said and sat up. Her leg was sore but did not need stitches from what they could tell.

"Once Piper gets up we need to talk about our next plan," Prue said and went to fill up the canteen so she could boil the water and then put it into the water bottles.

"I thought we were taking the river?" Phoebe asks.

"With Paige's leg like that, we will not get far and Piper is still weak," Prue replied.

"Who is still weak?" Piper asks as she sat up.

"You," Phoebe replied.

"I feel a lot better," Piper said and she at some of her color back and did not vomit all night.

"Good but we are still taking the river after we use it to clean up, because we smell," Prue said and started splashing water on herself and used some soap she found in the medicine bag. They got a good smell of themselves and could not argue with Prue on that one.

"What about the shark?" Paige asks.

"Hopefully we will not run into it again but we might want to think of some kind of defense, just in case," Prue replied and after cleaning her clothes off as well she rejoined them. Phoebe was next and then helped Piper and Prue helped Paige. After redressing wounds and putting sharp spikes all around the bottom of the raft and some on the sides, they gathered everything and got on.

They went down the water making sure to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for anything that might knock them off their raft.

"Who wants a Pop Tart?" Phoebe asks after they have been traveling for over three hours.

"Definitely," Paige replied and Phoebe cut it into four equally portioned pieces and they all ate it very quickly as they paddled down the river. What they did not know as of yet the tribe that did not like trespassers was close behind on their dugout canoes.

"Later we can have the oatmeal cookie," Phoebe said and kept her eye on the water. It was muddy and moving fast as they came to some white water.

"I think we can make it through this, just stay to the right," Prue said and they all paddled hard to keep themselves away from the rocks that were just under the surface. Prue was in the front and was giving them directions and for once sense this survival nightmare began they were working in unison. Sweat was coming out of every pore on their bodies and their muscles ached with each stroke. All of them had vine around their waist to hold up what remained of their pants because of the weight loss. Finally they came to a bend in the river and it was taking them away from the beacon that did seem much closer last night.

"Hard left!" Prue yelled and they all used their paddles to get to the shoreline. After Prue tethered the raft she helped Paige get off and then checked her wound. The bandages were working well in keeping out the infection but she had a bad limp and needed to make a makeshift crutch out of branches. Paige found some other plants that would help with keeping her blood clean and help with leeches that would cause their bites to bleed profusely, by rubbing the chewed up leaf on the bite it would stop the bleeding. They gather water but decided to keep moving as Piper was getting her energy back. The meal they had last night and the pop tart gave them hope and needed calories. As everyone was getting ready for the long hike Piper heard some rustling in the bushes to her right and she narrowed her eyes at her nemesis the turtle, but then her eyes looked up as she got a glimpse of something in the distance. She squinted and used her hand to block out the sun. It was men on canoes and they were approaching fast.

"Guys we have a problem," Piper said while pointing down the river.

"Oh god is that the bad tribe?" Phoebe asks.

"I don't want to find out, we need to go," Prue replied and they all climbed the small embankment as Piper gave one last look at the turtle.

"Thanks," she whispered as she finally came to the realization that it was not out to get her, but somehow was a warning of something else.

"What?" Paige said as Piper helped her up.

"Nothing, lets go," she replied as they finally made it on flat land. There was still dense jungle to get through and they are not good at covering their tracks.

"Wait," Prue said and ran back to the raft.

"Prue what are you doing?" Phoebe asks.

"Buying a sometime," she replied and cut the rope to the raft and pushed it out so the river would take it. "Ok lets go."

They were moving as fast as they could considering Paige's leg and the rugged terrain. Along the way Paige cut the head off a snake with her machete as it came down from a tree behind Phoebe. She did not know if it was poisonous or not, but right now her love affair with snakes was over and they were fear game in her eyes.

"Thanks," Phoebe said as it still moved on the ground despite not having a head.

The tribe leader was not fooled by the raft not being at the shoreline because they could see shoe tracks going into the forest. They got off their canoes and began the hunt.

Prue made it to a clearing and could see the beacon for the first time in daylight. She smiled as her sisters joined her.

"Look we are close," she said as they heard voices in the distance.

"And so are they," Piper said and while holding onto Paige they made a run for it.

"Come on run," Phoebe yelled as the voices were getting much closer. The people who lived in this area could move through the forest much faster than them and it was showing.

"Piper go on without me I am only slowing you down," Paige said but Piper did not reply as she made her move.

Phoebe could hear something whizzing by her and then she felt a sharp prick on her back. She stopped and pulled out a dart and then felt its poison rushed through her body as she tried to keep moving.

"Phoebe!" Piper yelled as she came up to her.

"Go they got me," she replied and could feel her legs going numb again until she could no longer walk and collapsed to the ground.

"No," Piper cried out as Prue was still running but stopped knowing that something was wrong. She turned and could see the tribe coming out of the tree line and using the blowgun's to shoot darts at them.

"Shit," Prue said as Paige was next to feel the sharp sting.

"Prue get to the beacon!" Piper yelled and pulled out the dart from Paige's neck and turned to face the tribe with her machete in hand as darts with flaying past her. Phoebe was lying on the ground and was barely moving and so was Paige. Prue knew all she had to do was break the beacon and they would be returned home at least she hoped. It took everything she had to turn her back on her family and make a run for it. She pulled out her machete as she ran to it. She could hear the tribe in the background yelling and then an ear piercing scream that came from Piper behind her, but she just kept running. What she did not know is that Piper was hit with a spear in the gut as the others chased Prue and some used knifes to kill Phoebe and Paige. Prue was now in throwing distance of the beacon and with all her might she tossed it at it. She turned to face her enemy and readied herself for a fight as a spear was flying through the air and hit her right in the chest, knocking her off her feet and flying backwards just as she could hear the shattering of glass behind her. She felt the burning pain as she went backwards but instead of landing on hard ground, she landed in the middle of the living room of the Manor. She grunted hard after hitting the floor and then immediately checked for the spear but it was gone and she had no injury.

"Prue!" Andy yelled as he came running out of the kitchen with his two daughters behind him.

"Andy," Prue said a little dazed and confused, "Where are."

Piper was next to appear in the living room and stood up while checking her stomach. Phoebe and Paige also showed up with no injuries to speak of. Prue ran to them and they all embraced as she thought they were dead.

"We are home," Piper said through tears as Leo came running down the steps.

"Piper!" he said and hugged her. Coop hearted in with their three children and they ran to Phoebe. Henry orbed in with their three children and ran to Paige. Wyatt, Chris and Mel also orbed in from school as he could sense that Piper was home. It was a huge reunion and not a dry eye in the room. Prue's children were 3 and 5. Paige's were 2, 2, 3, as Henry Junior was adopted. Phoebe's children were 3, 5, and 2. Piper's were 7, 8, and 3 years old.

"Are you ok?" Coop asks while Phoebe was holding her kids.

"Yeah but we are never going camping," she replied.

"The elders told us they sent you to the Amazon to reconnect and no matter how hard we tried, we could not find you," Leo said while holding Piper.

"Leave it to them to ruin a weekend," Piper said and kissed him. He kissed her back but then made an odd face as she smell like a boy's locker room that hasn't been cleaned in years. "Sorry honey," she said and smiled as her kids ran to her. "Oh how are my little rascals."

"Mommy your smell," Mel said while holding her nose as Piper held her.

"A hot shower, what does that feel like?" Paige said and then looked at her leg that was completely healed. "Thank god."

"Ice cold water who wants some?" Prue asks while making her way to the kitchen while holding Patty her three-year-old.

"Yes please and chocolate lots and lots of chocolate," Paige replied as they all gathered in the kitchen. The sisters sat down and were thankful to be home and alive as the kids hung on them while the men made food and drinks. They ate like it was their last meal as the kids asks them all kinds of questions about the Amazon.

"You know all the TV shows you've seen that talk about it?" Prue asks while looking at her daughter who she named Penny.

"Yes," she replied.

"They lie it much worse," Prue said while smiling at her.

"Did you see any big snakes?" Wyatt asks.

"One almost ate your Aunt," Piper replied while looking at Paige who nodded.

"Really?" Chris asks a little excited about their adventures.

"It was not fun," Paige said as she took bites of fried chicken," Oh god this is so good."

"Your Aunt Phoebe got attacked by Jaguar," Piper said and Chris's eyes lit up.

"A kitty?"

"Not quite honey," Phoebe replied and patted him on the head.

"You know the smallest thing was probably the most painful, that dam bullet ant," Prue said while rubbing her leg as she remembered the hours of pain.

Mel came walking in holding something in her hands.

"Mom dad said I had to ask you if I could keep him, can I?" she said while holding up a baby turtle.

The sisters laughed as Piper put her hand to her head.

"You and that turtle, it had it out for you," Prue said.

"Actually I think it was more like an omen, if I did not see it before we went into the forest to get to the Beacon, I would not have seen the tribe and we would have moved a lot slower getting to it," Piper replied as her daughter awaited her reply. "Sure you can keep him but you need to take care of him ok," she said and Mel smiled wide as she held the turtle close to her body.

"Its not a snapping one is it?" Phoebe asks.

"No she found it in the yard a couple of days ago," Leo replied.

"How convenient," Paige said while raising a highbrow.

"Ok I don't know what it means and I don't care, I want a shower and my bed," Piper said as she finished up her fried chicken and cold water.

It was late and after the kids drilled them for hours to tell them stories, they all headed off to their homes. But before they did Piper said they are going to have regular family dinners once a week and they all agreed. Not because they did not want to end up having to survive again, but because they did reconnect to each other as they all had to fight for life in the Amazon.

The end…

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