Chapter 1- All Hell Breaks Loose

Sam stepped out into the fresh air for a second. Just one second and then he would go back inside to safety. He couldn't quite believe that this was happening, that he was actually here. It was far too much to take in. Not long ago he had been getting out of his brothers car to pick up their dinner. Now he was here in the ghost town with a group of the yellow-eyed demons 'children' apparently to fight each other to the death for the honour of being his chosen one. There wasn't a single thing about the situation that Sam Winchester did not hate.

He breathed the relatively fresh air a couple of times with his eyes closed while he tried to get his brain in order. He didn't know how he was going to get out of this horrible situation, but he had to try. And if they were going to beat the demon he had to get out of this situation with as many of his 'children' intact and sane. He had to convince them to work together with him; it was the only way that any of them were going to get out of this alive.

His decision made Sam opened his eyes and breathed deeply again. He could do this. Just about to turn around and go back inside Sam stopped. He had seen something. Or at least he thought he had. Something had moved just outside of his field of vision. His hunter instincts running his body before his mind had made a conscious decision; Sam followed the unidentified movement around the corner. Just as he turned he caught it again, movement towards one of the buildings on his right. A person, someone was there, but every time he thought he had them in focus they were gone again. His curiosity well and truly peaked Sam continued to follow. Maybe it was someone else. Another one of the demon's gifted children caught in this hell.

Seeing the image of a person clearly in the doorframe of a nearby building before it vanished again Sam sprinted over to it and opened the door. "Hello?" He asked. There was a woman standing there in front of him, but she was facing away. Her long blonde hair was pulled back and up into a tight ponytail that fell in curls down her back. She looked familiar, but that was ridiculous. Only one person's hair fell like that, caught the light like that and made him feel at home. Just then the woman turned, and instead of the bright smile he had been expecting there was a confused smile, but it was the same face. T couldn't be, there was no way. She was dead, Jessica was dead, she had died nearly two years ago. But the face that came towards him was so familiar even though her eyes were hard and she moved differently.

"Sam?" The woman asked in Jessica's voice. So real and exactly the way he remembered it, like honey sweet and comforting, reminding him of home. The home that he had never had, the home that he had been denied, by the very demon that had brought him here. It couldn't be. "Jess?" And then she was smiling, smiling and it was her, really her. She was really her and she was really alive. He felt tears pricking his eyes and he didn't care. "Jessica?" Relief and exhaustion filled his voice. After everything, she was here. After everything he had lost Jessica was here. But then her eyes were hard again and there was a knife pressed hard against his throat. "What are you doing here Sam?" She hissed.

Sam stood in shock for a moment. Usually he wouldn't let anyone get the jump on him like that, but this was Jess. She had always been the one to make him slow, to make him stupid. SHe dulled every hunter instinct inside him, she was the one who made him normal, made him more than Just John Winchester's Warrior son. SHe made him Sam Winchester, college student, Jessica Moore's Boyfriend and one day husband. If she was alive there was somethng to live for, the dream was still there. That's when he moved, turning them around so that the knife she held dropped uselessly to the floor. Because not even Jessica had been able to kill his instincts completely, no one could. "I was going to ask you the same thing" he said. The difference was, where her voice had been hard and distrusting, his was soft and confused.

"I can explain" she said deflated.