Chapter 3- Escape

Jessica read the letter over again just to be sure. But it was there, in black and white. She had been expected, pretty soon she would be on her way to college. All of the hard work had paid off and pretty soon...

"I don't even know why I married you!"

They were at it again. Her parents, shouting at each other. Jessica stood up and closed the bedroom door. It wouldn't block them out but she knew from experience that it would dull the noise, if only slightly.

"If you're that sick of me you could just leave! Do us both a favour!"

Not that it mattered. It didn't matter how much they yelled at one another or how many times her mother would pack her bags. No matter what happened within a couple of hours they would be acting as if there was nothing wrong. They would go on existing in the same space and playing happy families.

"You don't think I will do you? I didn't have to marry you! I had other offers!"

There would be silence now, at least for a couple of minutes. Whenever her mother played that particular card her father would go strangely quiet for a while. Jessica breathed a sigh of relief. Now she could breathe, now she could think. Soon she wouldn't have to listen to them argue, soon she would be far away starting her own life. And she wouldn't make the same mistakes her parents had.

Her mother was always telling her not to let opportunities slip by, not to let anyone's happiness but her own matter. But her mother was just bitter and longing after whatever it was she had given up to marry her father. Jess wasn't going to do that. She was going to go to college, get her qualifications, maybe meet someone and live happily in a way her parents never could.

Sam sat down on the bed after his father had gone in for a shower. He opened the envelope once again and read it over. This was it; this was his ticket out of here. But could he do it, could he get away from them. "Have you showed that to dad yet?" He didn't even look up at Dean on the other side of the room, but read the letter over once again before answering. "No" How could he? What could he possibly say that wouldn't end in John tearing the precious letter up into tiny little pieces? How could he get away?

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief as she put the bag down on her new bed. She was here, she was actually here and ready to start her new life. Her mother had dropped her off not very long ago and now she was really here. Everything was going to get better.

Sam woke with a splitting headache. He couldn't believe it, he wasn't sure what exactly had happened but he knew he had screwed up yet again. He couldn't do anything right, not to dad's standards anyway. "What happened?" he asked rubbing his head. "We're not sure" Dean confided, but John didn't even look at him. "But it's over, we got him?" he asked. "Nothing's over" That was it, that was all that his father said but Sam had had enough. It was never over, his entire life it had never ended. "Big surprise, you always do this. You always..." but he was interrupted and what John said shocked him to the core. "Ya know Sam, if you're so miserable here; maybe you belong at Stanford after all." How? How did he know? Sam turned to Dean again. "You told him?" But Dean looked just as shocked as he was. "No" As one they turned back to John. "Think I don't know what's going on in my own home?" Home, that was a laugh. They didn't have a home, they never had. "You've started to leave a hundred times, Sam... But you always come back. When are you going to grow a pair and do the job right?" The youngest Winchester couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. His father wanted him to go. Dean however didn't. "Dad! Stop it!" But Sam wasn't listening to him. "For good?" he asked his father, daring him to say it. "You walk out that door, don't bother coming back."

Sam stormed out of the house and didn't look back until Dean called after him. "Sam! Wait" He wasn't in the mood for this. Sam had his out and he was going to take it. "Don't try to talk me back Dean." He had to do this now, because if he didn't he never would. He had to get away. "Sam, you just don't understand..." He couldn't let Dean convince him yet again to come home, he couldn't. "I don't... Can't you see how he treats me? I'm sorry, I'm not you Dean." He would never be like Dean; he would never be the good little soldier, the favourite. "I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but I'm telling you: He loves you" But Sam wouldn't listen. "Everything I do... it turns to crap. I nearly got us killed tonight. I can't do anything right. No matter how hard I try. I'm not like you Dean. I'm not perfect. I'm a screw up." Dean's answer was predictable; it was the same one he always gave, trying to keep the peace, to keep them together. "Sam... I'm the screw up. You just have to have faith... he's doing all this for you, for us." But Sam wasn't going to listen, not today. "No, he's not. All dad cares about is himself. Hunting this thing that killed mom- he's not going to stop until it's dead. Its slow motion suicide and he's dragging us with him. I'm not going down, Dean. Not with him. And you shouldn't either." It was true, all of it. He couldn't do it any longer. And if that meant walking away from his family he would do it. "I can't leave dad alone, Sam... He needs us" But Dean couldn't. Dean wouldn't leave, he never would. "Yeah, you go on thinking that. Later Dean." That's when he really walked away from them. When he said goodbye to his brother. He didn't even look back when he heard the voice softly reply. "Later"