In the years after Edmund's death, the remaining Pevensies tried to continue with their lives. They were never going to go back to the way they had been before, nor would they be able to return to living as they had before Edmund had arrived on Coriakin's island. They had to try to settle for something new entirely, a way to survive without Edmund but ensure he was never forgotten.

In the weeks that followed Peter's wedding, he commissioned a golden statue of his brother that was to be displayed in the courtyard of Cair Paravel, in full view of the lower cities and the palace itself. It was all he could do for the brother he had abandoned when he was needed the most. Despite Edmund's letter, he couldn't help but feel responsible for what had happened. Edmund had only left the sanctuary of Coriakin's island after Peter had killed the wolf. He still did not understand the true significance of his actions; he had only considered the threat to the lives of his younger siblings, but it was clear to him he had crossed some boundary that day. A decision he could never take back.


Peter turned from the statue, holding his arms out to the little girl running towards him. "Steady, sweetheart!"

She snuggled into his arms, stroking his beard with her chubby little hand. "What are you doing out here, Daddy?"


"About Uncle Edmund?"

Peter nodded smiling. "You're very perceptive, Helena."

Helena beamed at the praise. "Oh, Mummy told me to come find you. Mr Tumnus has been asking for you."

The young king nodded, setting his young daughter on the floor and taking her hand in his as he led her towards the throne room.

"Your majesty."

Peter ushered Helena towards her mother as he addressed the bowing faun. "Tumnus, you've known me since I was a boy, just Peter is fine, I hate to keep having to remind you."

"Of course."

"What is it Tumnus, surely you're not here just to discuss my title?"

"No, I was rather hoping you would grant me a favour."

"A favour, Tumnus?"

"Perhaps 'favour' is the wrong word. Peter, I humbly come to ask your permission to marry."

"Tumnus! You never told us you were in a relationship," Lilliandil remarked from behind them, lifting Helena as she spoke.

"I am sorry, my Lady, but it is fairly recent. Only, I have loved this particular lady for quite some time."
Peter smiled at his childhood mentor. "What's her name, Tumnus?"

The faun flushed slightly, bowing his head before answering. "Talinusa, my Lord. I'm sure you remember her."

The king nodded, vaguely recalling the lady faun. "Of course, Tumnus. You may have my permission, I wish you great happiness together."

"Thank you. How are your sisters, Sire? I rarely see them anymore."

Peter sighed. "That is not surprising, I rarely see Lucy anymore myself. She's been in Telmar for almost seven years now, she's close to celebrating her eighteenth birthday."

"My goodness, has it been that long?"

"I know. Two years she's been married."

"I'm sure Caspian is treating her well."

Peter laughed half-heartedly. "I hope so…for his sake. I await the day I receive word of a royal Telmarine pregnancy with horror…"

Tumnus smiled sadly. "My the years do fly by, don't they?"

"Yes, they do. I am a father and soon to be an uncle for the second time."


Lilliandil nodded silently. "Merlin sent us a letter a few months ago, I thought you knew?"

"No, your majesty, I was not told."

"Yes, little Edmund's to be a big brother within the next few weeks."

Tumnus smiled. "Wish her all the best. I'm afraid the court physician is expecting me."

"Of course, congratulations, Tumnus."

The faun grinned, bowing before leaving the throne room.

Lilliandil smiled after him, wandering over to Peter while trying not to wake Helena who had dozed off on her shoulder. "He seemed happy."

"He just found out he can get married, of course he did." He bent down to kiss her cheek gently. "Do you want me to take her to the nursery?"

The Queen nodded, gently passing the little girl to her husband. "Oh, Peter?"

"Yes, darling?"

"How would you feel about giving Helena a brother or sister?"

Peter looked confused for a moment before beaming. "Lili, are you?"

The half-star nodded smiling brightly causing her usually muted glow to increase.


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