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-~-~- Altair -~-~-

-~-~-by Still waters are deep-~-~-

-~-~- Chapter 31 – Brewing the Zët Potion -~-~-

Finally, Harry thought as he fell down on the bed in Room Zero. Today had been so exhausting for him that he didn't even care that the bed vanished his clothes. With a sigh, Harry turned around to lie on his stomach, thinking back on the last twelve hours.

At first, he'd been physically spent during the Quidditch match as he'd tried his hardest to catch the Snitch before Draco could get his hands on the golden ball. If this hadn't been exhausting enough, the little kiss Draco had given him as a distraction had mentally exhausted him more than visions from Voldemort ever had.

Not only had the kiss left a tingling feeling on his cheek, it had also created a warm and fuzzy feeling in his stomach that left Harry rather distracted. But instead of being able to lock himself up in Room Zero to ponder about the new feelings he felt, Harry was forced to join the party in Gryffindor tower. To top it off, nearly every Gryffindor had to ask him how it was possible that Draco caught the Snitch before him.

After the fourth person, Harry was very tempted to answer, "Draco kissed me," just to see the look on their faces. The seventh years would surely react with something along the lines of "Draco can't be such a good lay. So how did it really happen?" while the younger students, who were unaware of the blond being Harry's Sexual Magic partner, would say "Good joke, Harry. So what's the real reason?"

To cut it short, he instead opted to say "He was just a little bit faster than me, and then a beam got in my way." Which got him sympathetic answers like "That's really bad luck, mate," or "I'm sure you would have caught it if the beam hadn't been there."

Ron wasn't so easy to pacify because he knew that Blaise had played a bad game due to a Sexual Potions project. "Please tell me that you didn't lose against Malfoy because you had the same problem as Zabini?" he'd asked Harry.

Before Harry could answer in the negative, a dreamy voice said from behind them, "I believe the distraction was of a simpler nature. Wasn't it, Harry?"

Turning around, they saw that Luna, who was still wearing the ridiculous lion hat, had somehow gotten into the Gryffindor common room. But what caused Harry to stammer out a shaky "Eh...Yes," wasn't the hat she wore, but the Muggle cherry jelly lips Luna was eating. The way she was eating the sweets―giving the jelly lips a kiss before biting into them― led Harry to suspect that Luna knew exactly how Draco had distracted him.

To Harry's relief, Ron didn't seem to notice anything even though Luna gave him a wink when she walked over to Ginny. Instead his friend took a hold of Dean and asked the one question he hadn't gotten to ask in the Gryffindor changing rooms.

"So, Dean, how did Hermione accomplish to let Zabini look like an utter fool during the game?" Ron asked, very curious.

"Ehm," Dean said, not knowing how to begin. "Ehm...Welll," he stammered out, , before finally deciding on a response. "You know, the alternative brewing process Hermione used is nearly the same as the recipe for male only couples. So, if you want to know the details, Harry is the one you should ask," Dean expertly did push the unwanted topic towards Harry.

"Let's just say that it involved a lot of ass-fucking," Dean ended, speaking more at ease now that he wouldn't have to explain the detailed proceeding. With a slap of his hand on Ron's shoulder, Dean left Harry and Ron to get a new drink, happy that Harry would have to handle Ron's curiosity.

"So, Harry, tell me how Hermione worked her magic!" Ron demanded.

"Well...ehm...yeah..." Harry stammered out, not being any more comfortable with the topic than Dean had been. "Wasn't Dean's explanation enough?" he finally asked, hoping for the best.

"No, not really," Ron said in answer. "I still don't know if it could be repeated," the red-head explained.

"I don't think so," Harry said, his face turning red. "You know, we do not often have such demanding brews. Besides, normally it's the man who does the penetration, not the woman," Harry said. "So, maybe you should ask how Hermione talked Blaise into changing positions to the one that is penetrated?" Harry tried to copy Dean and pass the question over to the next person.

Finally it was Ron's turn to stammer as he said, "Ehm...yeah...I may do this later." It was clear that he did not want to have this talk with his ex-girlfriend. "By the way, how come neither you nor Malfoy were affected? I mean if the brewing instruction is nearly identical to the one Hermione used, one of you must have performed as badly as Zabini," Ron asked, wanting to change the subject.

"That's a secret," Harry said. And with that, Harry left Ron before his friend could ask even more questions the brunet didn't know how to answer. Besides, he didn't even know how Draco had gotten rid of the soreness so fast. So he would not have been able to tell Ron how it worked even if he wanted to.

I really hope that I can draw out Draco's secret before we brew the next potion that will be so demanding, Harry thought back on the bed in Room Zero. The brewing process has been an eye-opening experience though, Harry mused as he thought back about what happened after their little hand-to-hand fight.


Friday, 14th November 1997, Room Zero, 7pm

After Draco had so boldly given his hard cock a stroke, Harry had needed a moment to come out of his daze before he followed the blond back into the bedroom. As he walked in, he found that Draco had already positioned himself where the brewing instruction said the bottoming partner had to be at the start of the first brewing stage—to the left of the brass cauldron, his upper body leaning on the long workbench, and his legs spread apart; giving Harry a perfect view of Draco's ass.

Slowly, Harry walked over, trying to get his hormones under control. As the top and dominant brewer, he was the one who was responsible for the success, who had to time his moves right and who had to do most of the work. Therefore, he couldn't allow himself to be distracted by Draco's very fuckable looking position.

If the Quidditch game wasn't tomorrow, I would have preferred to bottom and let Draco do all the work, Harry thought as he picked up Draco's wand, which lay on the workbench next to the blond.

Since they would need one wand near the workbench and another near the bed, the boys had decided that whoever turned out to be the dominant would be using both their wands. This way he would not need to carry his own wand back and forth. Though, they had been very surprised when they noticed that the other's wand did work nearly as well as their own. While Harry had just accepted it as a fact, Draco had thought that it must have something to do with them being in a fourth order bond.

Harry took a slow breath in and controlled let the air out again, before he pointed the hawthorn wand at his owner's pucker hole to cast the cleaning charm. Next, Harry lit the fire under the cauldron which was already filled with six cups of water and two cups of Flobberworm mucus, which gave the contents of the cauldron a green colour.

When Draco had first settled into his position leaned over the workbench, he'd been grateful for the coolness of the surface as it helped him to come down from his near-orgasm state. Now, with the fire burning a bit away to his right, the mix of hot and cold created a strange, but not necessary unpleasant feeling.

This sensation was even intensified when Harry covered the blond's still half-hard cock with the hot lube, while Harry's other hand began to smear a generous amount of the cold lube on his puckered hole. Draco didn't know if he should bless or curse the one who invented the opposed lubes.

Harry didn't know why he was surprised when he inserted his index finger and noticed that Draco's hole was tight. Really, we only have two Sexual Potions assignment per month and for the other two classes we have practice toys, Harry chided himself.

Gingerly Harry prepared Draco's anus for what was to come in the next two to three hours, scooping up more of the cold lube when necessary, careful not to stimulate Draco's prostate too much as he stretched the muscles, and all the while he needed to have a watchful eye on the cauldron to his right, needing to make sure that Draco would orgasm just as the mixture began to boil.

When he added the second finger, he was forced to put pressure on the base of Draco's cock as the blond became too close to orgasm, while the contents of the cauldron were still far away from boiling.

At least I had to boil the mix often enough to have developed a good feeling for how long it will take for it to bubble, Harry thought as he inserted the third finger, the fingers of his right hand starting to get affected by the cold lube.

Noticing that the colour of the liquid had turned a slightly darker shade of green, Harry threw caution to the wind and purposefully stimulated Draco's prostate. Any second, Harry thought as he observed the contents of the cauldron.

When Harry heard the first sounds of bubbling, Draco was very close to orgasm but still not there yet. So, before they would be out of the ideal time window, Harry had the presence of mind to make use of the new information he'd gathered minutes ago.

"Come for me, Draco!" Harry demanded in Parseltongue. And even if the blond couldn't understand what Harry had just spoken, Draco did as commanded and came all over Harry's left hand as well as the worktable.

After wiping his hand clean on a towel, Harry lowered the flame under the cauldron while Draco came down from his post-orgasm daze.

As Draco cleaned himself up with the towel Harry had discarded, Harry added the pre-prepared ingredients−sliced chicken liver and crushed juniper fruits−to the Flobberworm mucus mix. Then Harry picked up the brass stirring staff and moved it as if he wanted to draw an anti-clockwise swirl in the potion. When he reached the edge of the cauldron, Harry added three anti-clockwise circles before he took out the brass stirring staff.

The step that came next was the main reason why Harry had fought so hard to be the top during the brewing of the Zët Potion. Opposed to the chicken liver and juniper fruits, the licorice and false unicorn roots had to be prepared during the brewing process. While it sounded easy enough, the catch behind it was that while the dominant-top would be skinning the roots with a tool similar to a potato peeler, the bottom would be bound to the bed and get fucked by an enchanted brass dildo. And considering that he needed to peel two pounds of licorice roots and one of the false unicorn roots, Harry had the feeling that Draco would be dildo fucked for at least thirty minutes, if not longer.

"Come on, Draco. It's time to tie you up," Harry said as he made his way towards the bed, where they already placed a scarf to tie the bottom's hands to the headboard.

With a sigh, Draco discarded the towel on the workbench. At that moment, he really hated that Harry had overpowered him and turned him into the bottom. But as the blond walked closer to the bed, his mood lightened up with every step he took. By the time he reached the bed, a big smirk was present on his face.

Oh, yes. Payback is gonna be a bitch, Draco thought as he climbed onto the bed, where Harry already waited with the scarf in hand. After Draco sat back on his heals near the middle of the bed, Harry scooted forward so that he could reach Draco better.

"Why are you still smirking?" Harry asked as he made to grab Draco's left hand. He really couldn't understand what Draco found so entertaining of being tied up and fucked by a dildo for minutes.

"Maybe because you're forgetting something," Draco answered, amused as he took his left hand out of Harry's reach.

"And what would that be?" Harry asked, getting a bit annoyed as Draco swatted his hand away.

"You tell me, oh great expert on Thotus Malfoy's theories," Draco said with mock adoration as he once again swatted Harry's hand away.

After a moment, realisation finally hit Harry. Shit! Harry cursed in his head. How could I have forgotten about this? he wondered. God dammit, this is the reason why I even suggested that we have a little hand-to-hand fight! Harry berated himself. He really couldn't understand how he could have forgotten that the bottom wouldn't just lie down and let himself be tied up and toy fucked. No, the bottom would struggle against the top, trying to stop being dominated. And while, for the sake of the brewing the Zët Potion, the bottom would have to submit in the end, it didn't stop him from dragging out the fight. And knowing Draco, he will drag it out for as long as possible, especially since I got the better of him earlier, Harry thought.

But then, I did defeat him, didn't I? Harry motivated himself, smiling at the thought.

"Ready to submit, Draco?" the brunet goaded.

"Never!" Draco answered.

And with it their fight for dominance began. And while the outcome of their fight was already pre-determined by the brewing instruction, it didn't stop them from going all out in the beginning. At one point, Draco was even able to get a hold of the scarf and threaten to tie Harry to the headboard. But a well-placed kick into the blond's side turned the tables again.

After about fifteen minutes and a lot of laughs and cries later, Harry was finally able to get Draco where he wanted him to be. On his back with his hands tied together. Though, Harry had to admit that without Draco holding back during the last minutes, the fight would have taken much longer, if he even would have come out as the top.

Thank Merlin that Draco was forced to submit in the end, Harry thought as he picked up his wand and the brass dildo from the bedside table. At least the fight is over now, he thought in relief, his breath still coming out irregular from their struggle.

Crawling back towards Draco, who too was catching his breath, Harry was disabused. Instead of just lying back and letting Harry insert the dildo, Draco used his still free legs to fight of Harry's advances.

"You didn't think that I would give up so easily, did you?" Draco asked with a smirk as he swatted the dildo out of Harry's hand.

After picking the dildo up again, Harry moved his lips to Draco's ear and whispered, "Yes, I did. And now, be a dear and let me insert the dildo into your ass."

"The same trick won't work twice," Draco commented Harry's use of Parseltongue.

"Are you sure, Draco?" Harry asked, licking the blond's ear in emphasise.

"You're losing time," Draco said, his breathing having slightly picked up again. While his earlier orgasm helped him to keep a clear head, the blond couldn't deny that if Harry continued with his course, it wouldn't be too long before he would get lost in the throes of Parseltongue induced lust once again.

"I wouldn't call this losing time," Harry said as he now stroked Draco's cheek with the hand which held his wand. Harry's other hand was slowly moving the dildo downwards as the brunet tried to keep Draco's focus away from the blond's hole by continuing speaking in Parseltongue.

"If you asked me, I'm well on my way to make you finally submit, Draco. After all you are so distracted by the hissing that you totally forgot about moving your legs to ward me off," Harry hissed as his right hand finally went between Draco's legs.

When Draco felt the dildo brushing against his balls, he let out a groan of annoyance but accepted that he had lost. Even he wasn't competitive enough to keep on fighting when it would lead to an object being poked around his most private area.

When Harry carefully inserted the dildo into Draco's ass, he was tempted to say something like "Are you sure that the same trick won't work twice?", but thought better of it. If he hadn't won the hand-to-hand fight, he would now be the one who would be in Draco's place. Therefore, instead of riling Draco up, Harry promised, "I'll be as quick as I can." And sealed the promise with a kiss to Draco's forehead.

"Movere*," Harry said as he pointed his wand at the brass dildo to get it moving in and out of Draco's rectum.

Getting up from the bed, Harry threw a last glance at Draco which made his cheeks turn a nice shade of red. Harry really couldn't deny that the sight of a bound up Draco with a dildo moving in and out of his ass was a very arousing sight. And apparently his cock agreed with him too, as it was half-hard already.

Forcing himself to walk away, Harry grabbed the apron of his Sexual Potions top attire and put it on. He had been luckily enough to not get splashed by any hot liquid when he'd added the chicken liver and juniper fruits to the concoction. So, before his luck ran out, he preferred to better be safe than sorry and cover most of his front.

Picking up the potato peeler look-alike, Harry started to skin the licorice and false unicorn roots until all that was left of the roots were the necessary pounds of thinly sliced stripes. Then Harry added one pound of the licorice roots, stirred the contents of the cauldron five times anti-clockwise, added the one pound of false unicorn roots, stirred the mixture four times anti-clockwise and then another four times clockwise before he added the final pound of licorice roots and stirred the now thick muddy-brown liquid five times clockwise with the brass stirring staff.

Draco was more than relieved when he saw Harry laying down the stirring staff to let the potion cook for an hour. He could practically feel how his ass got sore by the minute. While at first the intrusion of the dildo had been bearable, Draco had changed his position after some time and with it the dildo had suddenly hit him in an angle which stimulated his prostate with nearly every thrust. To make matters worse, Draco had to force himself to stay as still as possible because whenever he made a sound of pleasure, Harry had turned around from his task to look at him.

Even though the blond wouldn't deny that it was very satisfying to see how Harry was clearly turned on by the sounds he made and the picture he presented, he wanted the dildo out of him. It just wasn't the same as being fucked by Harry, the cold lube Harry used as lubrication strengthening the feeling of wrongness.

And while the cold lube had lost its effect by the time Harry had started to skin the false unicorn, Draco had an orgasm half-way through the peeling of the last three false unicorn roots. Therefore, the blond's channel was now very sensitive and would like nothing better than to get a pause from all the friction it received.

"Thank, Merlin," Draco sighed in relief as Harry cancelled the moving charm on the dildo and gingerly took it out.

After Harry freed Draco's hands from the scarf, he picked up the glass of water from Draco's bedside table and held it out for his Altair partner.

"Here, take a drink," he said as he placed the glass to Draco's lips.

"Thank you," Draco said after he finished half the glass in one big gulp, before he fell down on the pillows again.

"So, how long do you think we have until the mixture turns a dandelion yellow?" Draco asked.

"I don't know," Harry answered. "If my hunch about really fighting for the top position was correct, then we should have more than the twenty to twenty-five minutes the book states. If not, then...yeah..." Harry trailed off, shrugging his shoulders.

"I'm fucked," Draco finished Harry's sentence. Because as soon as the potion's colour would be the desired dandelion yellow, it would be time for Draco to be penetrated by Harry's cock. So, he would be fucked in both the literal and the figurative sense as he doubted that he could endure an hour-long fucking by Harry right after the dildo.

"Hmm," Harry hummed in agreement at he let himself fall down besides the blond. "In this regard, it is a good thing that the time until the potion turns colours depends on how well the potion has been brewed so far. If it turns yellow in under fifteen minutes, I would say we forget the potion and ask if we can brew it again on the next full moon," Harry stated.

"I'm for you get fucked by the dildo for half an hour and then we forget about the potion," Draco said. It would be bad enough that the potion failed. I really do not need to be at a disadvantage tomorrow on top of it, Draco thought, closing his eyes.

"You do know that I would struggle against you?" Harry asked.

"Hmm," Draco answered. Opening his eyes to look at the brunet he added, "But that doesn't mean that you will succeed."

"We'll see, Draco. We'll see," was Harry's answer.

Ten minutes later Harry got off the bed and walked over to the bubbling cauldron. Peaking inside, he saw that the liquid still had a muddy-brown colour. Thank god, Harry thought in relief.

"Don't worry, Draco," Harry called out. "The potion is still brown."

"Good," the blond answered, not even bothering to open his eyes, being overcome by exhaustion.

Another ten minutes later and they'd reached the twenty-five minutes the book stated the potion took to change colours, but Harry and Draco's potion was still a muddy-brown. When another five minutes passed without the potion changing colour, Harry started to get a bit worried.

Have we done something wrong? he wondered in self-doubt.

Then, after the potion had bubbled for thirty-four minutes, the brown started to turn lighter. "It's time," Harry informed Draco, who opened his eyes and with a sound that was somewhere between a groan and a yawn got into position―namely on his knees with his hands above his head.

Picking up the hot lube from the workbench, Harry joined Draco on the bed. Generously applying the lube on his cock with five strokes of his hand, Harry smeared some more on Draco's entrance before he took hold of Draco's wrists and entered the blond's loose hole.

Finally, Harry thought. The whole naked hand-to-hand fight had turned him on, add to it the sounds Draco made when he'd been fucked by the brass dildo and the sexual frustration was perfect. If the brewing didn't involve this, I surely would have wanked like hell tonight, he thought as he thrust out and in of Draco.

"Ergh," Draco groaned. The thirty minute pause hadn't been nearly long enough to take away his rectum's over-sensitiveness.

"Draco," Harry groaned out when he came not even three minutes later, the blond not far behind.

After both of them caught their breath again and came down from their post-orgasm high, Draco said, "You do know that we're supposed to keep fucking until the hour is up?"

Harry let out a deep-drawn sigh, then answered, "Thanks for the reminder," and started to slowly, some may call it leisurely, move in and out of Draco's ass for the next twenty minutes. Draco was just happy that Harry too seemed to be too exhausted to do some real fucking. Not that he believed that his arse could take any more.

"Finally," Draco said in relief when the time was up. He really didn't know how much more of the leisure fucking he could take.

Harry shared Draco's sentiment. Who would have thought that being the dominant-top could be so exhausting and demanding? Harry wondered as he moved out of Draco and walked towards the cauldron.

Putting out the flame, Harry added two mullein petals to the yellow potion and stirred it three times clockwise and then finished with a clockwise swirl, ending in the middle of the cauldron.

"Looks good enough," Draco said over Harry's shoulder, inspecting the now forget-me-not blue potion.

"Hmm," Harry hummed his agreement with the blond's statement. "But now, all I want to do is to go back to bed and sleep."

"I'm in," Draco said as he followed Harry back to the bed.

And as Harry got comfortable under the blanket, he thought, While I'm happy to not have a sore ass tomorrow, under other circumstances I would have liked it better if I'd been the bottom. The responsibility that comes with being the dominant-top isn't really my thing. At least not during Potions brewing, he thought, not minding to top sometimes outside of their Sexual Magic curriculum.

End Flashback

At least now I know for sure that the Lloj Potion was right and that I really prefer to be the submissive bottom most of the time, Harry contemplated. And with this final thought, he fell asleep atop the covers on his bed in Room Zero.

~-~-~-~-~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Draco was exhausted when he finally entered Room Zero. While it was a draw, his house mates had celebrated like they'd smashed the Gryffindors. Draco couldn't understand why they, and especially Blaise, were so excited about the draw.

Hadn't they watched the game? Draco had wondered more than once during the party in the Slytherin common room. Blaise made our team look like utter fools! Draco had ranted in his head.

And when he told his friend what he thought about his performance as a Keeper, stressing that if he hadn't caught the Snitch Slytherin would have been out of the race for the cup, Blaise had just laid an arm around Draco's shoulder and said, "But, Draco, that's the point. You caught the Snitch! How long have we all waited to beat Potter to the Snitch? Years, my friend, years!"

And while Draco had been ecstatic that he finally beat Harry to the Snitch, he couldn't deny that the victory would have felt so much sweeter if he would have won the game too. Besides, in his mind, catching the Snitch before Harry had always been a personal goal of his, something which only existed between him and Harry with no room for anyone else. So he couldn't understand why his house mates valued the catch more than a victory.

The worst thing about it was that they insisted that Draco, as the guest of honour, had to stay till the end of the party at three in the morning. Now, the only thing he wanted to do was the crawl into bed and sleep. Fuck brushing my teeth, the blond thought as he opened the bedroom door.

But when he looked up from the door handle, Draco and stopped mid-step. There, sprawled out on the bed, atop of the bed covers lay a naked Harry Potter, his legs spread wide open, giving Draco a perfect view of the brunet's ass. The sight was made even more inviting by the sounds Harry made.

If Harry's eyes weren't closed, I would assume that he's trying to seduce me...And succeeding, Draco thought as he drank in the arousing sight Harry made.

The groans and moans Harry made were muffled by the pillow his face was pressed against. Still, stepping closer, Draco could make out that in between the moans and groans, Harry was saying his name.

Is Harry having a wet dream about me? Draco wondered.

No, his brow is too furrowed, the blond thought after he took a closer look on Harry's face. While he hadn't seen Harry's aroused face as often as he would like, he had still seen it often enough to know that even in the throes of orgasm, Harry's forehead would stay relaxed.

Maybe he's having a nightmare? Draco wondered.

And as to answer Draco's silent question, Harry screamed out in a panic, "Draco, no!"

That decided it for the blond. Gingerly he laid a hand on Harry's shoulder and shook the other boy. "Wake up, Harry. It's just a nightmare," he said.

"Draco?" Harry asked in a muffled, shaky voice as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Yeah, it's me," Draco said. "You had a nightmare," the blond added in explanation when he noticed Harry looking around in bewilderment.

"Oh," Harry just said, still not completely awake yet.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Draco offered.

"No, it's okay," Harry dismissed. "I'm actually surprised that I haven't had one since the beginning of the year," the brunet added as an afterthought as he got out of the bed.

"Maybe I chased them away?" Draco joked.

"Maybe," Harry answered from the doorway with a secret, little smile on his face which Draco couldn't interpret. However, the adoring glint in Harry's eyes let Draco hope for the best.

When the brunet returned, Draco was already waiting for him. "I'm too agitated to go back to sleep," Harry said as he walked towards the window.

"At least try to," Draco asked, holding open the bed covers in invitation. When Harry still didn't make a move to join him, the blond added, "If you can't fall asleep, you can always get up again."

With a nod, Harry slowly walked towards the bed and cuddled into Draco's open arms, getting into a comfortable position but still doubting that he would find anymore sleep this night.

"Good night," Draco said and gave Harry a kiss on his head.

"Good night," the brunet repeated, closing his eyes. Surprisingly, the warmth and comfort of Draco's body next to him was enough to calm Harry down and so, he fell asleep once again in moments, safe in Draco's embrace.

~-~-~-~-~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Movere: Latin for "Move!" according to Google translator.

Sexual Potion top attire: If you have forgotten how it looks like, got to my deviant art page (same user name), click on the Altair folder and look at it again.

~-~-~-~-~-~-Altair-a life changing event-~-~-~-~-~-~-

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