Reverse 21: Worlds Collide

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It was mandatory-at least in the Justice League's opinion-that the area of space surrounding the Watchtower be heavily monitored on several levels. Bruce took it a bit further by having each of the heroes' cities, including Gotham, be monitored on those same levels. The Justice League and those affiliated with them were literally prepared for anything from alien invasion to split dimensions.

Those precautions were the reason that twenty-two year old Damian Wayne was seated in front of the Batcave computer, staring at the screen with furrowed brows. He grabbed his cellphone and flipped through his contacts before clicking on Tim's name. He held the phone to his ear as he waited for his brother to pick up.

"I swear Damian if you are calling me about those statistics again I will-" Tim began, making a frustrated noise when Damian cut him off.

"They fluctuated," is all he said, having to wait only moments for Tim's reaction.

"Again?" Came the incredulous response. "That's the seventh time in under three minutes. Up or down?" He asked, a tinge of worry in his voice.

"Down." Damian answered.

"Crap, Bruce. I have finals today and-"

"Save it Drake. I'll call Father, you go fail your test." Damian said, pulling the phone away from his ear and hitting 'end call'.


After hanging up on Tim, Damian dialed his father's phone number, bouncing his leg up and down nervously.

"Damian, how many times have I told you that this number is for emergencies only?"

"What I am about to tell you is an emergency." Damian started. "There are major fluctuations in the readings I am monitoring. The abnormalities are concentrated around Gotham and the Watchtower. I will inform McGinnis of the development so we can keep tabs on things here, but Father...I sincerely believe that a wormhole is forming." The twenty-two year old murmured as he gazed at the computer once again.

On the other line Bruce sighed. "I'll have someone on my end check it out. In the meanwhile, keep safe and stay together for patrol tonight. No splitting up, alright?"

"Yes, Father. Should Grayson, West, and Todd be allowed to come as well?"

Bruce sighed, he had forgotten about Wally and Roy staying for the weekend. Roy was an adult, so he would be fine with going out on patrol. Wally and Jason wold be fine as well, but Dick was his youngest and he'd rather not put the teen out in the field while he wasn't there. However, if he tried to keep any of his children from patrol they would just sneak out anyway. "Yes, they're all capable of handling themselves. Just make sure you all keep an eye on Dick."

"Alright." Damian said before hanging up. He ran a hand over his face and hoped that any villains would save their plans for a later date.


Nightwing growled as he threw three batarangs at Bane, flipping out of the way before the monster of a man could make a grab for him.

"Renegade, move!" He shouted as Bane gave up trying to catch him And turned on the young hero a few feet ahead.

Thankfully he had been heard and Renegade jumped over Bane, kicking the man in the back of the head before landing next to Nightwing.

"Where's Robin and Red Hood?" He asked throwing a few batarangs as Bane turned around and charged at them.

Instead of an answer, the two heard a familiar cackle and Robin came swinging from the rafters, kicking Bane in the face. The man growled and stumbled back a few steps.

"Nice, Baby Bat." Red Hood snickered, pulling out a handful of flash grenades from his utility belt and throwing them at Bane while the villain was still stunned.

Kid Flash and Red Arrow took this as their cue, the young speedster running circles around Bane to dizzy him further, while the archer shot a plaster arrow, entrapping the criminal inside the mold it made. All was peaceful until Bane broke out of his clay prison, enraged and still somewhat disoriented.

Blackbat ran forward and quickly shot a grapple cable, pulling it taught when it wrapped around Bane. The sudden tug had the criminal falling to the ground, knocked out by the impact.

At that moment Spoiler and Red Robin rushed into the room, their faces holding similar panicked expressions.

"All of you need to come see this right now." Red Robin said, his voice serious. Spoiler nodded along with what he said.

All of them looked at each other and then at the fallen villain at their feet.

"Leave him for the police. Gordon and his men are already on their way and Bane won't be coming to for another hour at the most." Renegade said, kicking the villain in the head for good measure.

Nightwing sent him an icy glare, about to say something to the younger when a large clap of thunder resonated throughout the warehouse.

"That's why all of you need to come out side." Spoiler said, motioning for the others to follow her and Red Robin onto the roof.

Once up on the roof all of them looked up at the sky, which was alive with flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder. The wind howled loudly, blowing any loose or untied around.

"What in the world is this?" Nightwing yelled, his masked eyes narrowed as the wind picked up even more.

"I think this is the result of those fluctuations Damian was telling us about." Robin murmured, flinching softly at a particularly loud clap of thunder.

"No real names in the field." Red Hood corrected immediately, pulling his baby brother close, hands on the teen's shoulders. Red Arrow and Kid Flash moved close as well.

"We really need to speak to Father." Renegade murmured.

"For once I actually agree with him." Red Robin said ignoring the glare his older brother sent him. "Oh calm down, devil child you know you're hardly ever right about these things."

"I will kill you slowly and painfully, Drake." Renegade growled, pulling out at batarang.

"Batrules number one and two. No real names in the field and no killing each other." Robin said, his tone playful while he sent pointed glares to both of his brothers.

Both of them looked at each other, before raising their hands in a surrendering gesture.

"Guys, what is that?" Blackbat asked, pointing up a mass of swirling clouds.

"Well whatever it is it doesn't look friendly." Red Arrow murmured, pushing Robin, Red Hood, and Kid Flash behind himself and Nightwing.

The three teen's looked at each other and Red Hood pulled out his communicator to contact Bruce. However, just as the call connected there was a blinding flash of light and all of them were gone. The only proof of them having ever been there was Red Hoods communicator, Bruce yelling on the other line for someone to answer.


"There are still fluctuations, but they're coming at longer intervals now. I don't know why so I was running through different theories and-" Flash was cut off when a bright flash a of light engulfed the room causing Batman, Green Arrow and Flash to cover their eyes.

"What in the..." Green Arrow started, only to trail off when the light faded, revealing the fact that the room now had twelve occupants.



"Tati?" Dick said, his masked eyes going wide as he stood, getting ready to walk forward. "Dami was right about the statistics, stuff in Gotham is-mmph!" The teen exclaimed as Roy clapped a hand over his mouth a pulled him back.

"That's not Bruce." Jason hissed in his ear.

Dick shook off Roy's hand and was about to give a snarky reply when Wally placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Jay is right, Rob. That's not Bruce, and that's not Uncle Barry either...the suits are different, see?"

Roy snorted. "Ollie looks exactly the same, typical."

The heroes in question looked at each other and Batman narrowed his eyes. "I want answers and now." He said. His eyes landed on the youngest of those in front of him. The Dick he knew was busy doing patrol in Bl├╝dhaven.

Terry looked at his siblings and turned back to the not-Bruce. "We don't exactly know either." He said.

"Terry." Tim said, tapping on the older. "I think I do know what happen. Damian does too."

"Damian?" Batman said eyes landing on said young man. His Damian was only ten years old...the boy-no man in front of him was practically the same age as Dick.

"Well at least I exist in this dimension." The twenty-two year old snorted. "As I was saying..or rather as Drake was so primitively trying to explain, we're from a different dimension. From the way you're looking at things and from the fact that West and Queen are both different, I'd say that in thisparticular dimension all of our ages are reversed here." Damian said, ignoring Flash's and Wally's widening eyes.

"Wait you're telling me that...he's me and I'm him?" The speedster asked.

"Say nothing." Batman said, Flash's mouth shutting almost as soon as it opened.

"I'm going to ask questions, find out why this happened, give you all somewhere to sleep, and then send you back tomorrow morning. Now if you'd follow us to the commons room." The man continued.

"We already know how to get there." Dick said, eyes narrowing at the man that in his world was usually so warm. "Jerk."

Jason and Wally looked at each other with wide eyes and Damian narrowed his eyes when not-Bruce froze. Before the man could open his mouth Damian grabbed Dick's wrist and pulled him back. "Keep quiet, Grayson. Alright?"

The thirteen year-old bit his lip and nodded. "I just want to go home. I don't like him, he's standoffish and cold, and his not like our Bruce at all."

Terry turned around for a moment and pulled the teen close to him. "I know kid, but we'll be out of here soon. You know that. Unfortunately we'll just have to deal with Mr. Grumpypants a little longer."

Stephanie and Cassandra looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

Flash and Green Arrow snickered as they walked next to Batman. "They don't seem to like you much Mr. Grumpypants." Flash said, a wide grin on his face.

"Call me that again and I will kill you." He said, eyes narrowed as he cast a glare to the siblings-because he assumed that Roy and Wally in that universe were just as close to Dick as they were in this universe.

Terry's eyes narrowed and he gave the man a glare back. Damian went to reach for a batarang, but Cassandra's hand on his wrist stopped him. "He may be a jerk, but we're not here to fright or maim anyone." She stated calmly.

Damian reluctantly put his hand at his side. "If he even looks at us the wrong way one more-"

"Damian, enough." Terry said, gesturing at Dick, who was literally clinging to his side.

"Nice going devil child. You scared Dick even more than you needed to." Tim hissed.

Batman listened closely to their conversation, mentally checking off similarities between them and their counterparts in his universe. So far they were all the same, sans for there ages. The only one who was out of place was Terry...Bruce wasn't even sure the young man existed in his universe. Either way he wanted to get them all back to where they came from before the space-time continuum became damaged. That was the last thing they needed.


Bruce, Barry, and Oliver stood in front of the Watchtower's main computer, Bruce typing furiously. His children, as well as Wally and Roy had disappeared out of thin air. There was no trace of them anywhere on Earth and every time Bruce checked their emergency beacons it was showing that they were in the Watchtower.

"Damian said something about a wormhole earlier and there's been news report about suspicious lightening storms over Gotham." Oliver said.

"Meaning if Damian was right, they are in the Watchtower, just not the one in our universe." Barry murmured with wide eyes.


"Wait, so you're telling me I don't even exist here?" Terry exclaimed.

They had gotten into the commons room and started discussing the differences between themselves and their counterparts. Apparently not-Wally was Flash in this universe-of which regular Wally was ecstatic about until learning why he took over the mantle. Not-Roy was still Red Arrow, but he had a daughter and a wife, something regular Roy was not only shocked, but terrified by.

Not-Dick was twenty-six and had taken the name Nightwing, setting up base in Bl├╝dhaven,working as a junior officer by day. This made the thirteen year-old wrinkle up his nose. "Do I have a death wish in this universe or something? Being a cop and working in 'Haven?" He had asked, causing not-Bruce to snort.

Not-Jason was twenty-one and still had the name of Red Hood. He had died at the hands of the Joker and had been brought back to life by Ra's Al Ghul. This made both Jason and Dick pale. "I really hate this place." The youngest had murmured.

Tim learned that his counterpart was seventeen calling himself Red Robin and still the excellent hacker of the Batfamily.

Not-Stephanie was sixteen and worked as Batgirl, the title that had once belonged to Barbara Gordon, who know went by Oracle. "This is all wrong. I'm Spoiler, Barbara is Batgirl and Sophia is Oracle." Stephanie had said, rubbing her temples to try and prevent the upcoming headache.

Damian was enraged to learn that his counterpart was only ten, only mildly appeased by the fact that he was just as deadly. "I agree with Grayson, this universe is not worthy of my time."

Cassandra had rolled her eyes, sitting back in her seat as she learned about her counterpart who was twenty-four. "I don't know...things are just a little backward here. Plus we'll be home by tomorrow. Refrain from declaring war on the place, would you Damian?" She had murmured, ignoring the glare from the young man.

But it was Terry who was most affronted by the news of his counterpart...or lack thereof.

"Wait, so you're telling me that I don't even exist here?" Terry exclaimed, masked eyes wide.

Batman, or not-Bruce ran a hand over his face in frustration. "If you do, I haven't met you yet. But no, I don't think you exist at all in this universe. Jason almost didn't exist in this universe either and even now he's-"

"Please, stop. Don't talk about him dying." Dick pleaded, putting his hands over his ears.

"Birdie, it's okay. I'm right here alright?" He said. "I'm right here."

Batman sighed. "I guess I can show you all to your rooms."

"Rooms? You mean you're Going to separate us?" Dick asked, his voice slightly panicked.

The man was about to reply when he saw the look on the teen's face.


It had been a robbery gone bad back in Gotham. The robbers had gotten away and several had been injured, one person killed. Robin had been there to witness the whole thing. So when Batman came out of the zeta tubes, Robin was right behind him, clinging to his cape like it was a life line. The teen's costume was ripped in several places and the skin underneath was either bruised, covered with blood or both. There was a shallow cut along the boy's cheek and Bruce knew it had to sting.

"Dickie, you can let go now, okay? We'll take you down to the infirmary and get you patched up."

Dick shook his head and tightened his grip on Bruce's cape. "W-when you g-got the alert, it w-was for a mission. P-please don't leave me Tati. Please." He pleaded.

Bruce sighed and gently pried the cape from the teen's fingers. He was about to reassure Dick that everything would be fine and staying at the Watchtower for a few hours wouldn't hurt, but when he saw the semi-terrified expression on his son's face he melted. "You will stay out of sight, am I understood?"

~End Flash Back~

Not-Bruce's expression softened at the memory. "I'm sure we can find a room big enough for all of you." He said.

The response caused Flash and Green Arrow to look at each other, they knew exactly what had caused the man to have a change of heart. Dick always seemed to have that effect, whether in his own universe or not.


"So, who gets to sleep on the bed?" Stephanie asked.

The conversation had gone on for a couple of hours more, discussing theories on how the wormhole formed and ideas on how to get them home. Finally after Dick had fallen asleep against Terry's shoulder, Not-Bruce showed them to the room the would be staying in. Unfortunately, there was only one bed.

Damian and Tim looked at each other, about to start fighting for the spot when Damian noticed his youngest brother in the corner of the room on his holo-computer. Tim followed his gaze and sighed.

"Dickie, you should take the bed." He said, causing the youngest to look up.

"Can Jason and Wally sleep with me?" He asked.

"Yeah, that's fine Kid." Terry said, looking around in confusion. "Speaking of Jason and Wally, where are they?"

"They snuck off to the kitchen to go get some warm milk with sugar for Dick. You know how his mom used to make it for him." Stephanie answered.

"Well we're not going to be on the bed we should at least go and grab the emergency sleeping bags." Roy said.

"Good point." Cas agreed. "I'm assuming, from what we've seen, that the layout is the same here as back home, so the sleeping bags are most likely in the same place. How about you, me, and Stephanie go get them?" Cas asked.

Roy and Stephanie nodded, following Cas out of the room.

A few minutes after Roy, Stephanie and Cas left, Roy and Wally returned to the room with a tray of drinks.

"We got warm milk for Birdie and hot chocolate for the rest of us." Jason said, setting the tray down so everyone could grab a cup for themselves. After a chorus of 'thank you's' from the occupants of the room, everyone was quiet.

Soon enough Cas, Stephanie and Roy got back with the sleeping bags and set them up before everyone went to sleep.


The next morning when Dick woke up there was a person standing in the door way of the room with wide eyes.

"Holy flashback Batman." Nightwing breathed, his eyes landing on himself...kind of.

Dick sat up, causing Jason to roll over onto the floor, sitting up with a groan of pain. "Birdie what the-oh., you're not..well...I guess you are." Jason murmured.

" sent me here tell you guys that...holy crap...Damian is that you?" Nightwing, said his eyes wide as he looked to the young hero who had just woken up. "Well there's no question that you're Bruce's look enough like him."

Damian rose an eyebrow. "I didn't think you'd ever be this inept Grayson, it seems that I was right about this universe." The twenty-two year old drawled, making Dick and Jason snicker softly.

Nightwing rolled his eyes behind his domino mask. "Well you haven't changed a bit...sans for the fact that you're not so baby-faced anymore."

"I will not hesitate to maim you." He growled at his youngest brother's counterpart, pulling out a batarang.

"Yeah, yeah, and then you'll kill me slowly. I know the whole gist of things, anyway...Batman sent me in here to tell you that there's been a development and that he needs to see you all in the main room. So rise and shine!" He said, ignoring the glare that Damian sent him before exiting the room.

"I swear Grayson if you grow up to become him, I will break Father's no kill rule." Damian growled.

"Please, you know you'd never lay a hand on Birdie's head, now come on, wake everybody else up before he comes back." Jason said, making Dick laugh. His other self wasn't half bad.


Once everyone had woken up they all made their way down to the main room.

"I have a bad feeling." Wally murmured, making the others nod in agreement. Something didn't feel right.

Not-Bruce looked didn't look away from the computer when they walked in, instead, continuing his conversation with a grim faced Superman. Eventually he turned around, and when he did the bad feeling in each of their stomachs grew worse.

"Flash was looking back on the statistics from the day you appeared and it seems that...something else came through with you." He said pointing to the picture up on the screen making them pale.

"Darkseid." Dick whispered.

"We fought him before in this universe, and we managed to send him to send him to another dimension, void of all life. Apparently he's been making his way through dimensions and has found our way back to ours."

"Why is this relevant to our situation?" Damian asked, eyes narrowed.

"We can't fight him without your help."

To Be Continued...

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