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Secrets Uncovered

Beta: Mystic Sorrow

Richard Grayson had always been unusually empathetic, finding it easy to catch onto, even mimic the mood of others in the circus.

At five years old he woke up to find his body engulfed in what he thought were flames. He had panicked and screamed, causing the energy to surge. His parents had rushed in, eyes wide and even frightened. Once his mother calmed him down, she and his father explained to him that his powers were the result of a rare and highly valued mutation.

After getting over the initial shock of finding out that he was a superhuman, he was a bit disappointed, having secretly wanted to be an alien like Superman. He didn't voice those wishes to his parents, however.

His mother and father had advised him to hide his powers, and he tried to do just that, but he didn't always have full control. So his parents set up targets for him to practice with, secretly honing them.

The other aspect of his powers were a different story though. There were days when he would pick up on so many emotions that he couldn't leave the trailer.

Eventually he learned to control them. He simply had to close his eyes and will it all to be gone.

However, everything changed drastically a few weeks after his eighth birthday.

Dick hummed quietly as he walked past Pop Haley's trailer, when a surge of anger washed over him. He froze in his spot and watched as a mean looking man in a cheap suit was thrown out of the trailer. The man stood and dusted himself off angrily, glaring in Pop Haley's direction.

"You'll regret the day you wronged Tony Zucco." The man- Zucco- said, waving his finger threateningly.

He turned around and walked away, running straight into Dick.

"Watch it, brat." He grumbled, pushing the child out of the way before continuing on his way.

Dick watched after him, narrowing his eyes, before turning his attention to the man who had become like a second father to him.

"Pop, who was that?" He asked, feeling fear that did not belong to him.

"It's nothing Dick, I promise." The man assured. "How about you go help your mom and dad get ready for the show tonight, kiddo?"

Dick bit his lip, but agreed. "Okay."

Pop Haley nodded and headed back into his trailer.

Dick stood there for a moment, worry taking over. Pop Haley never got scared and the fact that he was scaring Dick immensely. He finally shook his head and ran to the practice tent to find his parents.

"The circus, really Bruce?" Jason asked with a groan as they got out of the limo.

"Yes, Jason. The circus. Don't act like it's such a chore. Who knows, you might even get the chance to pick up on some skills from those acrobats." Bruce said with a teasing smirk.

Jason rolled his eyes. "Please, old man. Like Ineed to pick up on any skills." He said haughtily.

Bruce shook his head. "Just get inside."

Jason rolled his eyes again, but sprinted inside the circus, and straight into a little boy. He fell back onto the ground with an 'oomph', looking up at the child indignantly. "Hey!"

"Sorry." The child said with a laugh, standing up and dusting off. "I didn't mean to bump into you, it's just that-"

Jason tilted his head to the side in confusion as the boy focused on one the circus workers, his face going white.

"That's –" He paused, looking at Jason for a moment before looking back over at the worker. "Sorry, I have to go." He said, running off in the opposite direction of the circus workers and Jason.

The pre-teen stood and dusted himself off, staring after the boy.

"What was that all about?" Bruce asked, a confused look on his face.

Jason shrugged. "I have no idea." He turned back to the older man. "Can we get some popcorn before we go to our seats?" He asked, already changing the subject.

Bruce nodded absently, eyes narrowed in a calculating manor.

Jason sighed. "I know that look, that's your Batman look. Do we need to suit up?" He asked.

Bruce shook his head. "No, no. We'll just go our seats and worry about it later. I just have a bad feeling about something." He muttered. "Let's just get to where we're supposed to be."

Jason nodded, following Bruce to their seats.

Dick ran into the trailer his family called home, heart beating quickly in his chest. "Mami! Tati! I have something really important to tell you!" He yelled. However, instead of finding his parents, he found a note on top of his uniform.

Hello our little songbird, hurry and get changed. We're waiting for you in the big top.

Love, Mami

Dick sighed, hurriedly putting on his uniform and running to the big top. He focused on his parents' emotions and was relieved to find that their amount of nervous was normal. He ran up next to them, panting slightly. A smile was about to spread over his face when he saw the worker again.

"Mami, that's the guy that-"

"Not now, sweetheart. We're going on now." She said.

Dick bit his lip, looking back at the worker before following his parents up to the trapeze platform. He took a deep breath and willed the emotions to go away, leaving his mind quiet and his nerves calm. Eventually he fell into the motions, a big smile on his face as he listened to the 'oohs' and 'awes' of the crowd. He landed on the platform and watched with a happy smile as his mother gripped his father's hands and flipped in the air. His father caught her feet at just the right time. He got to jump towards her outstretched hands when he heard a snap.

The audience let out a horrified scream and Dick watched with horror as his parents fell to the ground below. The emotions from the crowd were overwhelming and he squeezed his eyes shut and tried to silence them.

Eventually police came up and carried him down from the platform and he was taken to Pop Haley's trailer to answer some questions. Afterward he was approached by the same boy he had run into before, this time with an older man.

The pre-teen knelt in front of him.

"Hey, my name's Jason." He said softly. "I know nothing is good right now, but how would you like to come stay with Bruce and me?" He asked, gesturing to the older man, who Dick now recognized as Bruce Wayne.

"He already talked it over with Commissioner Gordon and he said it's okay." Jason prompted gently.

Dick looked up at them warily, but nodded. Anything would be better than a juvenile detention center, like the commissioner had regretfully suggested.

Bruce nodded and the decision was made, Dick would be coming home with them.

The years passed and Dick grew closer with Jason, who was the first to find out about his powers. Bruce found out days later and soon enough Dick was mastering his abilities.

When Dick was twelve Jason left to get out from under Bruce's shadow, leaving Dick to take up the mantle of Robin.

The next year he joined Young Justice and Bruce advised him to hide his powers and not to use them unless absolutely necessary. And it had never been necessary until the day that Zantana put on the helmet of Fate.

Robin flipped out of the way of Wotan's lightning bolt. He landed and clenched his fists as he saw Batman on the other side of the shield, the man fighting a losing battle. He could feel the rising despair and he blocked it out of his mind, closing his eyes tight and refocusing himself.

He opened his eyes just in time to dodge another lightning bolt from Wotan, only to hit by a third one he hadn't seen coming. He collapsed to the ground and gritted his teeth against the blinding pain.

Robin groaned and turned his head to the side as he heard footsteps close to his body and towards their plan B. He saw Zantana take the helmet of Fate out of the duffel bag. He sat up, pushing past the pain and reached out for her. "NO!"

She just smiled sadly and put it on, transforming into Dr. Fate. Soon the fight that they had been losing turned in their favor and the sorcerers were restrained.

Robin ran up to Dr. Fate and narrowed his eyes behind his mask.

"Let Her Go!" He yelled.

Dr. Fate turned towards him. "Fate does not take orders from children."

Robin uncurled his fists letting his power flow all the way down to his fingers. He formed a white ball of energy and held his hand up. "Well I'm not just any child." He said. "Now let hergo."

"Fate has decreed her a fit host child."

Robin smirked and flicked his wrist letting the energy surround him like a suit of armor. "Well then, prepared to be whelmed."

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