Bed Rest

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Kid Flash and Robin crouched at the top of one of Gotham's many skyscrapers, binoculars pressed to both of their faces as they peered into an office building across the way.

"Miss M and Artemis are on the buildings' roof. Aqualad and Supey are in the bioship, watching for signs of baddies. Zee is in the office. So far no sign of any moves against Mr. Wayne. Robin out, I'll check in again in thirty minutes." The teen said, his fingers dropping from his com-link.

'Dude does he seriously make you check in all the time?'

Robin turned to glare at Kid Flash.

'It's an assassination plot against the biggest and most influential man in all of Gotham, so yes I have to check in all the time.'

Kid Flash rolled his eyes. "That's not what I meant and you know it."

Robin looked at him. "We don't discuss that over link. You know that and it's mainly to keep up appearances. He knows where we are." Robin murmured quietly.

'Robin, Aqualad and I noticed a lot of movement on the south side of the building we're heading over there.'

'Got it, I'll fill Bats in.'

"Early check in, there's movement on the south side of the building. Aqualad and Superboy are responding."

Kid Flash looked over at him and pursed his lips. "Why not just tell everyone, you and Bats know that we would never sell you out." He said.

Robin sighed slightly. "I don't know. He still doesn't want me to tell so I'm listening to what he has to say. I mean it's not like he keeps me from hanging with you guys so yeah." He mumbled. "I'm gonna check in on Supey and AL." He said.

A minute later, confusion passed across his face. "Mental link just disappeared."

Kid Flash nodded in agreement. "I felt it too." He said, voice slightly worried.

Robin bit his lip. "I'll try the coms, if it doesn't work then you can zip over there."

"Miss M, Artemis, Superboy, Aqualad, Zee, respond." Robin said, finger pressed down on his com-link.

"Yeah, Robin what is it?" Zantanna asked, her voice crackly over the radio.

Robin's eyes closed behind his mask. "I need you to put your strongest shield over yourself and Mr. Wayne. Robin out." He said, dropping his fingers down before turning to look at Kid Flash. "Go find out what happened, I'll stay here." The teen said.

Kid Flash nodded and stood, pulling his goggles over his head before running off to find the others.

Robin pushed aside the anxiousness he felt and brought the binoculars back to his face, looking into Bruce's office, relieved when he saw the tell-tale signs of a force field incasing Mr. Wayne. He bounced his leg up and down anxiously as the minutes dragged on, waiting for Kid Flash to return.

After ten minutes he brought his fingers to his ear once more. "KF come in." He waited a beat, but heard nothing but static. "KF come on this isn't funny, we're on a serious mission remember?" Again nothing but static. Robin's heart started to beat faster. "Come on, Kid Flash. Answer me, please." He waited longer this time, but once again there was no answer.

"Zee, I need you to be on high alert, the others are gone." Robin said.

"Gone?! What do you mean they're gone?"

"I mean none of them are responding. So you need to do whatever you can to strengthen the magic defenses on the office and around Mr. Wayne. I have to go see what happened to the others."

"Okay, careful alright?"

"Will do."

Robin stood and was reaching for his grapple when the barrel of a gun was pressed to the back of his head. His blood ran cold and he froze.

"Deathstroke." He whispered.

A chuckle sounded from behind him.

"I'm surprised that the Bat didn't think of me sooner? Did he really think I'd pass up the money they're offering?" The man said.

Robin's eyes narrowed behind his mask. "What did you do to my friends?" He asked, a tremor of worry in his voice.

"Relax, I don't kill children. They're all perfectly fine. Now, if you'll excuse me."

Robin chose that moment to duck, narrowly avoiding a pistol whip to the back of the head. He put as much distance between himself and Deathstroke as possible, before pressing his fingers to his ear. "Zantanna get Mr. Wayne out of there now! Use the teleportation spell!" He yelled.

The teen saw Deathstroke's one visible eye narrow. "Come on now, Robin. You're not playing fair."

Robin took a deep breath and got into fighting stance. He had to distract the man from going after Bruce and Zantanna. He knew that spell took a bit of time, and he couldn't let anyone else get hurt.

Deathstroke laughed. "You really plan to fight me? Honestly, Robin. Did you learn at all last time?"

"I had never fought you before, but now I know better." He said.

"If you knew better, you'd run." He said before charging.

Robin jumped over his head, doing a somersault mid-air before dropping back to the ground. He back flipped out of the way, just narrowly avoiding a kick to the head. The teen got back to his feet and dodge another hit from Deathstroke. He had forgotten just how fast the other man was. He had no room for long distance weapons and hand to hand combat wouldn't exactly be effective. He let out a cry of pain as the mercenary landed a punch to his gut, before gripping his hair and tossing him across the roof. Robin rolled a few times before pushing himself up onto his feet but Deathstroke was already there and Robin felt one of his ribs crack as he was kicked in the side, falling back to the tarmac with a gasp of pain.

"It's called paying attention, Little Bird." The man said, before pulling out a gun and aiming it at Robin. "I don't kill children, but I think you'll survive this."

"Ekam eht nug raepassid!"

Robin and Deathstroke looked up as Zantanna appeared on the roof. "Mr. Wayne is safe." She said, not taking her eyes off of Deathstroke as she crouched down next to Robin, a new spell already on her lips.

"Ekat su ot eht srehto!" She yelled and soon they were gone, in the middle of the others who happened to be unconscious. "Robin are you-"

"Check on the others, Zee. I'll be fine."

"You're bleeding though!"

"It's just a split lip, my nose isn't even busted. I'll be fine. Just make sure they're okay and find a way to wake Miss M up so you guys can get to the bioship. I need you to take me to Mr. Wayne."

"She doesn't have to." A new voice said, and Robin looked up in shock to see Batman standing there. "I figured it was easier to tell her and you have permission to let the rest of the team know once this is-"

"Imagine how much more money I'd get if I killed Batman and revealed his identity as Bruce Wayne. Honestly it was shameful of you to think that anyone with average intelligence wouldn't connect the dots, especially when Richard came around." Deathstroke said, hands behind his back in parade stance.

Batman stepped in front of Robin and Zantanna, eyes narrowed behind his cowl.

"It's adorable really the way you try to protect him. If I wasn't holding back I could have killed him, not doing a very good job with the whole protective father thing, are you?"

"I don't see you doing so well either, Slade." Batman growled, anger evident in his tone. "How is Joey by the way? And what about Rose and Grant? Should I even bother to inquire about your ex-wife?"

Deathstroke tensed and he had a gun out and aimed at Batman's head at a speed that could have made Flash jealous. "Do shut up." He said, clicking the safety off.

Robin moved to sit up, but Zantanna held him down, muttering a healing spell under her breath.

"Zee don't worry about me, get the others up and out of here, please. Bats and I can deal with this." He murmured under his breath.

"Not a chance, Boy Wonder. Now sit still."

"This is so not asterous."

Batman spared them a glance for a split second before looking back to Deathstroke, three batarangs appearing in his hands. "If you're going to use toys, why not something less juvenile? Guns are easy Slade."

"That is exactly the point." The mercenary said, a smirk in his voice as he changed his aim and shot at Robin.

Zantanna's eyes went wide and she threw up her hands. "Kaolc su morf stellub!" She yelled and a shimmering shield washed over her and Robin, said teen still tensed.

"Quick thinking." He murmured. "Totally whelming, way to go Zee." He cackled, sitting up and watching with wide eyes as Batman lunged at Slade.

"Drop the shield. We need to wake the others up." He instructed, standing up with some difficulty and moving over to where Kid Flash and Artemis were passed out. He pressed his fingers to both of their pulse points, relieved to find them normal. He pulled out some smelling salts from his utility belt holding them under Artemis' nose first, waiting for her to start to stir before moving onto Kid Flash.

Artemis sat up slowly, letting out a groan as she put her hand on her head. "I feel like I got thrown into a wall." She muttered.

"You did." Robin answered. "You good to stand? I gotta make sure Kid Flash doesn't wake up in super speed. It happened once after a nightmare and he was halfway to the coast before I could even reach out to grab him."

Artemis merely nodded and stood shakily, before checking to make sure her bow and quiver were in working condition. "All good, now what do you need me to do?"

"Help Batman, but stay out of Deathstroke's range." He said.

"Got it." She said, notching an arrow and pulling the bow back and letting it fly towards the fighting mercenary and caped crusader. It stayed true to its mark and go Deathstroke in the shoulder, emitting energy pulses that brought the man to his knees, allowing Batman to get a few hits in and gain the advantage.

Robin smirked before turning back to Kid Flash and waving the smelling salts under the older teen's nose. "Come on, carrot top, wake up." He muttered, making sure to keep a firm grip on Kid Flash's shoulder as the speedster started to wake up.

"Woahwhatintheworldhappened?" Kid Flash yelled, sitting bolt upright.

"You were ambushed by Deathstroke. You're fine, I checked and if you weren't your speed-healing probably took care of it by now. Go help Zantanna wake up the others, I gotta help Bats and Arty." Robin said, making sure that his older brother was alright again before standing back up and running straight into battle, falling into stance beside his mentor.

"You're going to get hurt." The man said gruffly, dodging a punch from Deathstroke.

Robin cackled, dropping to the floor and sweeping the mercenary's feet from under him. "Already did, but Zee took care of it. Pretty whelming." He said, flipping out of reach and making room for Artemis to shoot another EMP arrow.

"Enough with the words." Batman said.

"But it's my signature." Robin said with a mock-pout, letting out a grunt of pain when Deathstroke caught his kick and threw him back a few feet.

Batman's hit to the man was particularly vicious and Robin swore he heard something crack.

"The laugh is your signature."

"It's only part of my signature." He corrected doing a somersault over Deathstroke's head, kicking off of the man's back and causing him to stumble a few steps.

Soon enough the rest of the team was awake and in fighting stance and Slade seemed to realize that the job was not worth the money. "Pity. It would have been wonderful to finally rid the world of your presence." He said.

"I can't say that I don't feel the same way about you." Batman said, eyes narrowed. "You should leave before I decide to let them get back at you. I'm sure they'd enjoy it."

Deathstroke chuckled. "I'm sure. Do watch your back Bruce. I don't take defeat or humiliation lightly." The man said, before throwing down a handful of smoke pellets and disappearing, leaving Batman to deal with four shocked teens.

"Wait so you're Bruce Wayne? Which makes you Richard Grayson?! Please tell me you deleted that stupid picture you little pest." Artemis said, turning to glare at Robin.

The teen merely cackled. "Nope, but it's not on my phone and you'll never find it, so hah."

"Wait but does this mean you knew what was happening the whole time?" Miss Martian asked.

"No, I didn't know until Robin called in frantic. I figured only one person could have taken you all down. And I knew Robin would try to distract him, but it really wouldn't have turned out well."

Robin looked at the floor with a sheepish expression.

"Does this mean that you still have to wear the glasses?" Superboy asked.

"When we're out in public, yeah. Can't have people see Dick Grayson with Robin's utility belt. It would cause quite a lot of problems for us." Robin answered. "But I don't have to wear them in the Mountain. But um, I may have moved too fast for the healing spell to really take effect, because my ribs really hurt."

Batman immediately turned to the teen. "I'm taking you home. Debriefing for all of you will be tomorrow, get back to the Mountain." The man said before pressing a button on his utility belt. "Come on, Robin."

The teen nodded and followed his mentor towards the Batmobile.

The team watched them go before looking at each other.

"Did that really just happen?" Aqualad asked, blinking.

"I think so." Artemis said.

The Batmobile rocketed into the Batcave and Batman exited the car, before going to the other side and picking up Robin.

"I'm capable of walking, you know." The teen protested weakly, resting his head on Batman's shoulder.

"I know." He said, before setting the teen down on one of the medical tables. "Leslie will be here in a minute."

Robin nodded, reaching a hand up to pull his mask off, rubbing at the area around his eyes. "Fighting him is terrifying." He mumbled. "And I was doing good dodging the hits, but I got distracted on thinking on how to go onto the offensive so that way he couldn't back me into a corner and he hit me really hard. Think maybe we can train with more ruthless styles so I know how to defend myself when he shows up again?" The teen asked?

Batman nodded, pushing his cowl off. "We can do that. What aside from your ribs was hurt?"

"When he caught my leg, he twisted my ankle a little. The split lip and minor concussion were taken care of by Zantanna and my ribs aren't broken anymore, just fractured."

"Yes just." Batman said sarcastically, but his face was soft as he placed a hand on Robin's forehead.

Robin closed his eyes. "Next time we stay long range, also, those EMP things are good. I gotta ask Arty how she made them."

"Green Arrow helped her."

Robin nodded. "Awesome, maybe I'll go hang over there for a day, him and Roy are on good terms now too, so I get to see him too."

Batman hummed. "Maybe, I could just get the schematics from the League database."

"I swear, you're so jealous sometimes. Just because I hang out with other heroes doesn't mean that Clark isn't my favorite." He teased.

Batman glared at him, but a smile threatened to form on his face. "Don't be cheeky."

"But it's part of my charm!" Robin said with a smile, wincing slightly when he moved. "Ow." He murmured.

Batman carefully carded his fingers through the teen's hair. "Leslie will be here soon and then you'll feel better." He promised.

Robin merely nodded, closing his eyes and breathing evenly through his nose, trying to convince himself that nothing hurt.

A few minutes later the door at the top of the staircase opened and Alfred walked down the steps followed by Dr. Leslie Thompson.

"Honestly, letting him fight a man like Deathstroke? He's thirteen Bruce." The woman said, eyes narrowed at the Caped Crusader, who had the decency to look sheepish.

She shook her head before turning her attention to Dick. "Hey there, hon. I need you to sit up so I can check how bad they are."

Dick closed his eyes and sat up, letting out a hiss of pain.

Leslie winced in sympathy. "Now that all that adrenaline is out of you it's going to hurt worse, now lift the top part of the costume for me."

Dick complied and lifted his shirt.

Bruce clinched his fists. "Healing spell didn't work on the ribs as much." He muttered, referring to the bruising surrounding the right side of Dick's torso.

"I'll be fine." He murmured, they're just fractures now." He assured.

Leslie blinked. "You're telling me that these used to be breaks? I swear you two. Alright, bed rest, six weeks. Keep your torso wrapped, not ace bandages, but regular cloth bandages, they won't constrict, but they'll keep everything in place. I'm proscribing Paracetamol. You take 1 dose every six hours and never more than four doses in one 24 hour period. Understand?"

Dick nodded with a sigh. "So I can't even train?"

"I could make the bed rest two months." Leslie threatened.

Dick shook his head frantically. "No thanks. Six weeks is fine, I'll stay in bed."

Leslie nodded. "Good, now, where else do you hurt?"

"My ankle. It's just twisted though, no sprains or anything."

"Okay that you wrap with an ace bandage and ice every day for at least three hours. I'm not prescribing any medicine for that because the Parcetamol should relieve pain for your whole body. Now take off the shirt so I can wrap your ribs." She said.

Twenty minutes later found Dick lying in bed, snoring softly. Bruce sat in the chair beside the bed, a pensive expression on his face.

There was no doubt that Deathstroke would come back to Gotham, but Bruce had no idea what the man's goal would be this time. Hopefully nothing having to do with Bruce Wayne or Richard Grayson.

Bruce was shaken out of his thoughts when Dick stirred slightly, blinking up at him blearily. "Go t'sleep." The teen muttered, before falling back asleep himself.

Bruce smiled fondly and stood, ruffling Dick's hair slightly before heading to his own room.

"Goodnight, Little Bird."

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