The group stood at Torie's locker discussing weekend plans when they heard Jade outside yelling at someone.

"Jades here" Cat giggled as she forked her fingers through her red hair. Jade had kicked the door of the school building open and was dragging someone in by his ankles.

"You are going to stop fighting me!" she hissed.

"Who is Jade Dragging?" Tori asked as she watched the spectacle.

"Jack, her younger brother." Beck answered.

"I'm going to tell mom." Jack threatened as he tried to pull himself out of his sister's grip.

"Try it I dare you!" Jade was in no mood. She got her brother over to her friends and with great strength she hoisted him to his feet. Tori was surprised that Jack was taller then Jade about 5'9.

'Are you sure Beck little brother isn't an understatement." Beck laughed at this.

"Sorry about that but the Brat kept fighting me." Jade wasn't sincere with her apology.

"Keep it up shorty all bite you on your other leg" Jack growled.

'Id like to see you try." The siblings were dangerously close their eyes piercing each other.

"Ok you two take a chill pill." Beck broke the starring contest between Jade and Jack. The younger yet taller boy knew everyone else except Tori and brightened when he looked at her.

"You must be Tori, Jade has told me all about you." He smiled and shook her hand.

"All good I hope" Tori giggled. Jack gave her a look.

"C'mon sweet cakes you know better."

"I know but a girl can dream" Tori said disappointed.

"So what brings you here dude?" Andre asked.

"My school burned down" Jack deadpanned.

"How did that happen?" Robbie was shocked.

"Cat's brother was a substitute teacher" Jades younger brother responded.

"And he's really sorry, fire brings out his dark side" Cat chimed; not paying attention to the stairs everyone was giving her.

"So now I'm stuck with him till they fix it thanks a lot Cat!" Jade spoke frustrated.

"I don't want to be stuck with you, you scissor loving Banshee." Jack countered.

"Your asking for it" Beck managed to hold his girlfriend back.

"Guys c'mon" Beck scolded.

"Your rite Beck I'm sorry" As soon as Jack said that he grabbed Jades hair and pulled causing her to yell out. Jack then ran down the hall with Jade in hot pursuit yelling

"I'm going to kill you!"

"This should be interesting" Tori said as she gazed down the hall.

To be continued: