Me: Heyo!

Maka: what did yo udo this time.

Me: What ever do you mean Maka-chan?

Soul: How did yo upair Maka and I up this time?

Me: Oh this is purley an OC fanfic. I mean you guys make appernces but theres no clear thing on if you dating or not.

Maka: 'Thank you. Any ways, She does not own Soul eater or its Characters.

SouL: She only owns Devil, Demon, and Angel.

While Hiro had the holy sword, there was a girl named Angel and her weapons Devil and Demon. Angel had long white wavy hair and bright gold eyes, she always wore a long white dress with a gold sash under the bust, and her shoes were golden flip flops. Devil and Demon had black shaggy hair that covered their red eyes. They always wore a black and red stripped t-shirt and black jeans with red tennis shoes.

"Ah Angel you have not met the new me, I'm now Hiro the Brave." Hiro started.

"And you rant on like Black*Star. No not even he rants this much." Devil said. Angel giggled at Devils joke. "Plus I heard the Holy sword turned you into a Holy Di-Hmph!" Angel covered her weapons mouth.

"Now, let's not use words like that here." Angel said trying not to giggle. She stopped giggling and looked at Hiro. "And Hiro, just because you got a weapon it doesn't make you special. Excalibur's probably like any other weapon."

"Fool! Who are you to judge how awesome I can be?" Excalibur waved his staff in front of Angels face. Angel calmly moved around it.

"Come on now Devil, Demon, we have to get to class."

"I'm coming." Demon followed his meister smirking at Excalibur with vampire fangs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angel, Demon & Devil~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When Hiro did all of Excalibur's requests

"I can't believe Hiro did it. Can you?" Angel asked Devil.

"It takes a special kind of stupid to do that." Devil replied.

"No it takes a Dumb A-Mph!" Angel covered Demon's mouth.

"How many times do I have to tell you two not to say those words at school." Demon and Devil looked at each other then back at Angel and shrugged.

"Fifty?" They asked. Angel giggled.

"You two are silly." They started to head to class but were stopped by Death the Kid.

"Do you need something?" Devil asked in an annoyed tone.

"My father wishes to see you." After Kidd said that he walked off.

"Finally we get some action!" Demon started. Angel smiled a bit evilly and her golden eyes turned a silvery grey.

"Fun time~" Angel sang walking to Shinagame's office. She put her hair in a ponytail.

"Oh I see Kidd got you. I need you to handle a pre-Kishin." Angel nodded and Devil asked for more info. "Go to this address, the Kishin should be at that party. The attire is Black tie. Find the Keishan and destroy it."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angel, Demon & Devil~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Angel had disguised herself so she wouldn't stand out, everyone at the party had dark black hair so she was wearing a wig. Demon and Devil kept fidgeting whenever they looked at her. She wore a long sleeved black and red gown that matched Demon and Devils red tuxedos and black under shirts.

"What?" Angel asked, her silver eyes gave a dangerous shine to them.

"It's weird seeing you with black hair." Demon explained. "Plus Black and red aren't really your colors." Angel sighed and looked around to see if the Kishin had revealed itself yet. She heard a scream come from the back and ran past the crowd, who by now were all panicking.

"Looks like it's time to play." Angel wiggled out of the dress revealing a white tank top and faded yellow shorts. Her shoes the entire time wear gold sneakers. She threw the wig on the ground with the rest her disguise. "Demon, Devil!"

"Right!" Demon and Devil turned from their human forms into two daggers. The Kishin had razor sharp claws and teeth, also a Jason mass, and super weird looking muscles.

"And I thought that dead rat on our street was ugly." Angel joked, the Kishin started to lunge at her. She jumped over it.

"Soul Resonance!" The three yelled at once. Angel's back grew large white angel wings and a yellow halo on her head, and Demon and Devil turned into large sword like daggers.

"Angel's Dark Daggers!" Angel yelled throwing both of the daggers at the Kishin. The Kishin only dodged one but the other one went through his head.

"Aw, gross! I went through his head." Demon said. "Actually, that was kind of awesome."

"Hey, I wanted to go through his head!" Devil yelled. Angel sighed.

"Now I have to clean you off or you'll end up covered in blood when your turn normal." Angel complained. Then Demon yelled cool and turned normal. "Ew! When we get home you have to take a shower. Anyways since Devil got the soul last time it's yours." Demon grabbed the soul and smiled. "If you chew the soul again and ask I've want 'sea food' again I'll use Devil on you." Demons smiled faded as he saw a warning shine in Angel's eyes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angel, Demon & Devil~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Angel passed Maka on her way to the grocery store.

"Hi Maka!" Angel waved her hand for Maka to see. Maka ran up. Angels golden eyes were shining happily.

"Oh hey, are you heading to the grocery store?" Maka asked Angel nodded. "Where's the guys."
"Oh they stayed home; they were covered in blood from our mission." Maka nodded. "I told them if they weren't bathed by the time I got back and dinner was finished I'd stripped them down and throw them in the bath."

"Really? I'd kill Soul if I had to do that."

"Oh, Oh, I made my eyes go silver, that scared the a lot, they ran into the bathroom." Angel giggled. "They're so easy to fool. So how's Blair and Soul doing?"

"Blair is at work and Soul is probably watching TV." When they finally arrived at the grocery store Maka watched Angel pick out a bunch of expensive food. "How do you afford that?"

"I work a part time job a waitress sometimes, and the money from missions helps."

"Wow, we just survive off of Blair's job and missions. How do you work as a waitress?"

"On day's I'm able to a café hires my help." Angel explained throwing a bunch of random items into her cart. She had a box of 'devils food' cake in her hand. "Hmm~" She dumped it into her basket.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angel, Demon & Devil~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

At their apartment Devil was sitting on the couch reading, with just a towel around his waist.

"Hey, whens Angel gonna be home?" Demon asked drying off his hair with a towel, we was also just wearing a towel around his waist. "I'm hungry for dinner."

"I know, plus we ran out of good books!" Devil and demon were complaining when Angel walked in smiling. She had her eyes closed. Behind her Soul and Maka were looking surprised.

"Hey guys Maka and Soul are here to join us for dinner-…" angel opened her eyes and they went silver. She reached into her bag and pulled out a frying pan. She hit both of them with it. "Baka's! Go put some pants on!"

After they finally put pants on Maka and Soul looked around. The Kitchen and Living room were one room with carpet and tile separating them. They only say two other doors.

"Where's the bathroom?" Maka asked.

"The left door." Angel told Maka.

"What's the right one?" Soul asked. Demon and Devil looked at him confusedly.

"That's our bedroom…" Demon answered.

"Where's Angels?" Soul asked.

"We share a room with her. We'll show you." Devil said tugging Soul into the right door.

It was a plane white room with a black dresser and closet. The only other thing was a bed in the middle that was covered by grey sheets.

"Cool. I didn't know three people could share such a small room." Soul said looking around. He saw a small picture of a Halloween party. Angel was dressed as an angel in a roman type dress and on each of her sides was Demon or Devil dressed in tuxes as devils.

"Oh I see you found our favorite picture, that's when we first met her." Devil started.

"Just like us she had shown up to the open house in a costume for fun." Demon added. "She knows how to party."