It was Halloween after Soul became Death Scythe. Maka was embarrassed with her costume. She was wearing a very revealing 'lil Bo peep' costume. Soul was forced to dress up as a sheep. They sat on a bus.

"Are these seats taken?" A girl in an angel costume asked. Maka shook her head to say they could sit there. Maka recognized her and the two boys next to her from a photo.

"Hey are you by Any chance 'Angel'?" Maka asked.

"Yes! Nice to see you again Maka~" Angel said sitting down.

"You too, Oh Soul's a Death Scythe now." Maka explained.

"Hey Soul… Why are you dressed as a sheep?" Demon & Devil asked Soul. Soul pointed at Maka's outfit after that all three got nose bleeds. Those nose bleeds were complimented by a Maka Chop and frying pan.

"I won't be in town long. I got a lot of people saving to do." Angel explained. "Oh this is for you." Angel said handing Maka a box. Maka opened it revealing a Red black, gold, and white book. "As you get more memories the pictures will automatically be added to you book."

"Thank you." Maka said admiring it. "Angel, you're the best."