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Life hates me.

Jack and Maddie stared at the young girl they caught. She bore a strong similarity to the infamous ghost boy the couple had been chasing after for nearly five years. So strong a similarity that, even though she had been denying the facts for nearly two hours know, they were very certain of their relationship. Siblings, cousins, something along those lines. Jack had suggested that she was a crazy fan that recently died, but Maddie assured him that she did not just have the white hair and glowing emerald eyes, along with a similar wardrobe, but they had the same nose, smile and annoyingly spunky attitude. After some more observations of the young ghost girl, Jack was forced to agree with his wife. She looked exactly like Danny Phantom. A cuter, more innocent and feminine version of him.

"What should we do with her?" Jack had asked, once they made sure she was securely locked up in a cage, upstairs as the couple sipped coffee.

"What do you mean?" Maddie replied questioningly as she put the mug to her lips.

"I mean, she hasn't really done anything wrong," he began.

"That we know of," Maddie corrected.

"Right. But she hasn't really done anything, this is the first time we've even seen the ghost," Jack tried to approach their situation logically. Maddie knew where Jack was coming from. This ghost seemed innocent. And adorable. She seemed to possess a charm of a girl scout girl trying to sell cookies; you can't just resist or say no to her. The very thought of turning her down when she offered the cookies made you feel guilty and you would take out your wallet and indulge on delicious girl scout cookies.

Only this wasn't a girl scout. This was a ghost girl, one that was very likely to be related to the infamous Danny Phantom, wanted by Amity Park for various crimes. She was very young looking, no older than thirteen. Was it possible that she was just a little girl, or was her innocent look hiding demonic behavior. Was she just a cuter, younger and completely innocent version of Danny Phantom, or an equally dangerous threat to their town and family?

Maddie was right. They shouldn't take chances on something they didn't know about. This wasn't just a lottery, a this was a high stakes poker game. The question was what to do with her. Should they dissect her? Did she have any information they could threaten out of her? But she was so young, cute and innocent looking. Neither was sure if they could torture or dissect a girl that reminded them so much of Jazz at that age.

"We can't let emotions get in the way," Maddie informed Jack. "We have to approach this logically and make the best of the situation that was handed to us. We have a girl that is very likely to be related to Danny Phantom. The question is, what to do with her."

"I'm sure she has some information on ghosts that we don't know about," Jack spoke thoughtfully as he dunked some cookies into his coffee and ate them greedily. "We could press and threaten some information out of her."

"Sounds good," Maddie agreed after taking another sip. She took a cookie from Jack's plate and carefully munched it. An idea hit her. "We could use her as bait."

"Bait?" Jack questioned.

"To catch the ghost boy. If they're truly related in any way, he'd risk anything to save her. He pretends to save all these townspeople, so he would move quicker and obviously try harder to rescue a family member, even if it was an obvious trap."

Jack grinned.

"Sounds good!" he chirped as he immediately jumped up from the table."I'll get to work."

He quickly grabbed the rest of the cookies from the plate and ran down into the basement. Maddie smiled as she calmly stood, still holding her coffee mug. She picked up Jack's coffee mug and filled both of them up before following her husband downstairs.