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Jack put Danny in another container before going upstairs.

"I want lunch," Dani said, breaking the silence. Danny shot her a small Look.

"Danielle, be serious."

"I am!"

Danny sighed.

"We need to find a means of escape!"

"Well, they're your parents," Dani said. "You know their inventions better than I do!"

"True," Danny sighed. "Okay, examine every inch of your box, and let's see if we can find a weak spot."

Dani nodded, smiling hopefully as she began to study her prison carefully.

Maddie and Jack sat on the couch. Jack had a grilled cheese sandwich in on hand, the other writing down on a notepad that was balanced on his knee. Maddie occasionally took a bite of her sandwich, but had a laptop in her lap, doing more research on the answers Phantom had given her, desperate for a hole. Any hole. No matter how small, she was desperate for that hole in the story, the weak leg, the transparent excuse.

Jack paused at the moment Phantom was explaining the jail sentence.

"Do you really think that Phantom is telling the truth?" Jack wondered. "He could always lie to us."

"But why lie about some things, but not the other?" Maddie asked back. "I can't find anything about the Circus Gothica that argues against what Phantom said. Why lie about the mayor incident? I mean...Jack there were a lot of other people overshadowed. I guess...I guess it's reasonable to assume that...maybe he was overshadowed."

"Or he thought the mayor was overshadowed but he wasn't!" Jack spoke up, grinning as he rapidly wrote those two things down. Maddie smiled at her husband. He wasn't the brightest, but he certainly had his moments. "Phantom did say that he thought we were overshadowed!"

"That's a good possibility," she replied. "Phantom probably just assumed that he was overshadowed just like he did us."

Jack nodded, pushing play, and he continued to watch the video for a few minutes longer. He paused it again, causing Maddie to pause and glance at him.

"How many powers do you think Phantom really has?" he wondered, glancing at his list. It was an impressive list.

"I don't know," Maddie said quietly. "I'm not sure how powerful he is either, but I know he's pretty powerful. And that scares me. It really does Jack."

"It's alright, Mads, we can still catch him," he assured her. Maddie shook her head.

"That's not it, Jack. Phantom supposedly beat the Ghost King. You'd have to be powerful to do a feat like that," she sighed. "I'm...I really am hoping he's a good ghost. If this ghost is as powerful as I'm beginning to believe, than we all better really hope that is truly is good." She shuddered. "I'd hate to think of how an evil ghost would use that kind of power. I don't want to wake up and learn that he's been faking being a hero when I could have stopped him a long time ago."

"Phantom did say his obsession was protecting though," Jack spoke thoughtfully. Maddie considered this.

"Very true," she admitted. "I can't imagine any other obsession for him than fighting. That's all he seems to do, fight."

"But if that was his obsession, why would he only target ghosts?" Jack wondered, biting the top of his pencil.

"That's true," Maddie murmured.

The video ended, and Jack put his notebook down on the coffee table. Maddie folded the laptop and set it next to the notebook. She glanced at the clock.

"Danny and Jazz should be home from school shortly," she commented lightly. Jack made a hmmp noise. "Hon, why don't you put the news on? Take a little break from this?"

Jack nodded in agreement, changing it from the DVD player to the cable.

"I have an idea!" Jack said suddenly, sitting up straight. Maddie raised an eyebrow at him. "Why don't we question the girl ghost? You know, take Phantom out of the room and question the girl separately."

"Jack, that's brilliant!" Maddie exclaimed. The ghost hunters rushed to the basement, where the two ghosts were examining their blocks, obviously trying to escape. Upon noticing the ghost hunters, they stopped to stare.

Maddie picked up a Fenton Thermos and opened Danny's prison, sucking him into the thermos. Jack put on the Ghost Gauntlets before opening Dani's cube, grabbing her arm. He dragged her to the table, ignoring her squirming and light shrieks of protest and strapped her down.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Danny's voice screamed from inside the thermos. Maddie glanced at it.

"I'll put him in the kitchen so that he can't hear what's going on," Maddie told Jack. He nodded as he strapped the girl in.

Maddie went up the stairs. She put the older Phantom on the kitchen table. Grabbing a post-it note, she stuck one on the thermos, with a note saying,

Jazz and Danny,

Phantom's in this thermos, DO NOT let him out or you'll be grounded for a month.

Love, Mom

She made sure it was on securely before walking back down into the lab. Jack had finished setting the camera back up to record the interrogation, and she was whimpering pathetically. Maddie felt a little sorry for her. She looked so cute and innocent for an evil little sister of a horrible ghost.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, glancing worriedly at the medical equipment. Jack motioned to Maddie that he started recording.

"Nothing, if you answer our questions," Maddie replied, giving her a small glare. She shined the light in her eyes. "Let's start with a simple question. Do you know who you were before you died?"