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It's been a year since the Mockingjay's rebellion and she has agreed to take revenge. To take revenge on the people of Capitol, to help them understand what the people of the districts went through for 75 years. So the 76th Hunger Games came into existence. Four tributes from the 19 counties that split Panem now, there no longer is a Capitol, are selected, the Game makers ensuring that no names of district children are in the reaping balls.

Katniss/Mockingjay's POV.

The arena. Everyone hates the arena and now it's my job to try and work out what on earth we are going to do about it. It has to be something original, something that no one has ever thought up. I lean back in my seat and close my eyes. The memory of my reaping two years ago haunts me still. Prim's face, terrified and nervous, fills my mind as I see her walking up to the podium, then I see her on my lap in the goodbye room, then I see her receiving the package from above, the package that killed her.

"NO!" I shout as I sit up straight and realise that I am alone and that it will never happen again. Not as long as the Mockingjay shall live, will there be rebel or Capitol hovercraft poised above the city, ready to relive nightmares.

Peeta walks in and sees me terrified, my face covered in sweat. He takes one look at me and sighs. "Primrose?" he sits beside me on the sofa and puts his arm around me. I nod numbly, I don't know what to say. "It's all over Katniss, all over. We just have this to endure and then we can go on. We can go back to where District 12 was and never have to face another reaping, another set of children dying needlessly."

"I wish that I had voted no."

"It's too late to change that now." He looks at me. "Let's get this over and done with eh?"

I spy the item in his hand. "What have you got there?"

He holds it up. "Bleak House, Charles Dickens. Supposed to be a classic, you might enjoy it Katniss."

I stare at the book for a bit and then a smile spreads across my face. "Peeta, I need you to meet me in the Game maker room with Gale, Haymitch, Johanna and Beetee. I think I might have an idea for the arena."

Twenty minutes later and we are all sat around the table that forms the Game makers table in a large room with two walls made of glass, overlooking the Capitol. You can stand at one of the windows and see as far as County 19. They aren't very big counties, unlike the Districts, and if you look hard enough, you can see the beginning of where District 3 used to start, the closest one to the Capitol. There are more of us Game makers but the people sitting around the table are the core team and, although Peeta hated the idea of another games, he is willing to help me as it means more time with me. I clear my throat and the chatter stops.

"So, we are here to discuss the arena. It isn't actually very long until them and so we have a lot of work to do. Peeta gave me the idea for the arena."

Everyone looks at him and he looks at me surprised. "I did?"

I nod. "You said you were reading Bleak House. I think we should design the arena like a book."

"What do you mean by that Katniss?" Gale looked confused.

I take a deep breath, it will be a complicated thing to sort out. "So do you remember the Cornucopia trick they played on us last year?" I directed this question to Peeta, Beetee and Johanna who nodded, Beetee closing his eyes remembering Wiress, his fellow District 3 winner who had been killed by Glimmer not long before the event. Gale also nodded at this, having watched it live on TV. "Well I think that we should play it so it's like an open field, no mountains to hide in or around but one big plain where, if you reach one end of the plain, you can see the other end. There are small clumps of forest and the arena won't be that big so that the tributes will have to be near each other which will make the whole thing a lot quicker. Then at a certain point, let's say when 12 tributes are dead, there is some kind of commotion and it is like turning the page of a book and the arena is changed completely. It's the same arena and the same distances, you can still see the other end. However it is almost as if you've gone onto another page or a different story. Each time it changes, it will be a setting or a place from stories that we all know and love. We do this, let's say after every 14 or 15 tributes are killed until there is only one or two tributes left. I think we should leave the rule about two tributes from the same county being able to win. So," I spread my palms out, "what do you think?"

There are nods around the table. "What about mentors? How are we going to do the sections?" Johanna's voice speaks up. I sigh, I haven't actually thought of that bit yet.

"Beetee has been devising a plan that I think might be able to get us the best kind of mentors." I turn to him and he is smiling. "Beetee, explain to the guys how a time machine works."

Happy Final Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour because the world will be watching.

Hey everyone, this is my first SYOT and Hunger Games fanfiction that I've ever done so please be patient. The way that this is going to work is that below is the form that you can fill in and send to me as a PM. I need 76 tributes in total so there will be two girls and two boys from each of the 19 counties. I will start the reaping as soon as the four tributes from county 1 have been chosen. The 'Career counties' are 3, 6, 10 and 13 so there is more of a chance for a bigger bloodbath and a bigger career pack. You may submit up to SIX tributes. Can't wait for this to start!

Tribute form:




Eye colour:

Hair colour:



Other marks on skin:




County (please give a choice of 3):

Token (if one):




Reaped or volunteer:


Reaping outfit:

Weapon of choice:

County alliance preferences:

Strategy for arena:

Trick for the interviews:

If your tribute had a painful memory that they wouldn't want to recall, what would it be?:

also each county as a different trade:

1: electronics
2: documentaries
3: books
4: fruit
5: cloth
6: graphite
7: natural fibres
8: livestock
9: sea food
10: aircraft
11: weapons
12: coal
13: electricity
14: gold and silver
15: lead
16: animal meat
17: wood
18: transportation
19: sugar

I will pick the bloodbath tributes randomly so don't worry!

Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favour!