Authors note: okay I'd like to thank everyone for their reviews. Especially sarahstoletheworld. I understand that Andrew is an unbalanced teenager but I couldn't find the words to express it. After listening to some sad music, my muse flared. Hope it's an improvement, even just a little. I will also explain my OC's name later.


(Andrew's pov)

Okay time to get started, I thought to myself as I set up my new camera. Well it really was a beat up old hunk of plastic that I got at a dive pawn shop, but it would do the job. Plus it was like me. A little busted but could still do things.

I had just finished setting it on a tripod when Richard (my dad) began to try and force his way into my room.

"Why is this door locked?" he demanded, his words slurred from alcohol. It was 7:30 in the morning on a weekday and he was already drunk and raging. Money or not he needed to get his sh*t together and take care of his family.

I'd do it myself if I was qualified to do anything or had a car to get there. But I didn't, so I was stuck with him.

"Open this door. Listen to me," he growled behind my door. "No, you're drunk," I said as I focused the lens on my door. "I'm what? Excuse me. I said, unlock the door," he said slowly like I was child. Although it was probably more because he had to work over the drink to sound intimidating.

"It is 7:30 in the A.M. and you're drunk," I told him. "Okay, you don't tell me if I'm drunk or not you little sh*t-" he hissed.

"Are you," I challenged. Figures, I was only brave when there was a locked door between me and his fists. Face to face I was mute and paralyzed, while he whaled on me in one of his drunken rages. There was a pause. He knew I was right but he'd never admit it like a man he claimed I'd never be.

"What are you doing in there?" he asked changing the subject. Suddenly, he slammed into the door, probably with his shoulder trying to get in, which made the mirror shudder violently. I took a deep breath.

"I'm filming this," I said. "Huh, what?" he asked confused. It wasn't that hard to understand, but he was obviously too drunk to grasp simple sentences. Hope he got the next one.

"I bought a camera and I'm filming everything from here on out."

No smart-ass comment, just heavy irregular footsteps away from my door. I didn't intend to show any of the footage to an officer or report abuse. I didn't have to, the fear of possibility it cause the rat bastard was enough to make him rethink a few things. Namely beating me up for all the 'unfair sh*t' in his life.

Besides, even if I did show it to anybody he'd find some way to get out of it.

There was one more thing I wanted to film before Matt came and got me. This one was the most important. I wanted to remember my mom the way she was now, before the cancer ate away everything good about her.

She was getting worse; the cancer was relentless on her. But she hadn't given up yet, she was fighter; my hero. My mom was still beautiful, she just looked tired all the time.

"Mom," I called softly. She moved a little and her eyes fluttered open. I got my eyes from my mom, and even though she was sick they always shined with life and happiness when she saw me. That's the look I wanted to keep forever in case she left me. To always have the warm feeling that spread through me when they looked at me.

"Say hello to my new camera for me," I laughed. "Who's the audience?" she teased. "Just the millions of people watching right now," I joked. Her eyes widened in fake surprise. "Do I look awful?" she asked seriously.

"No, no, mom. You look great," I told her. Hopefully she didn't notice how my voice broke a little. It wasn't a lie, she always would be to me. But that didn't make it any easier to see her leave me. Call me a momma's boy but I loved her more than anything on earth . She saw me. She believed in me, even though I did absolutely nothing to earn it. She said I would go far outside Seattle and make something great of myself. When she was gone, I'd have no one. No one to care, worry, or believe. On the day she died, I'd lose more my mom. I'd lose my best friend and the only person whoever gave a damn about me. And sitting around watching her day after day waste away was more torture then hell or Richard could ever give.

"It's a nice camera, sweetie," she said fondly. "Thanks mom," I replied.


I hadn't hoped in Matt's car five minutes, after he picked me up for school before he asked. "So, um… should I ask about the camera?" Matt asked, awkward.

How do I explain to him it was my only insurance to keep Richard from beating me up too much? His dad was mines brother, but they stopped talking to each other after Richard lost his job. It had been easier when we were kids. Back before puberty, high school cliques, and the beatings that made me a recluse, and made me unable to talk to anyone as easy as I use to.

Matt carpooling me was only provoked by my uncle's guilt conscious by not doing anything to help my mom because he'd have to talk with Richard. And I could not fault him for avoiding him. The only friend I had was my mom, and she was either too tired or Richard was hovering over her. So, I was left alone a lot of the time.

"I don't know. I'm…I'm filming things now. I'm filming everything," I said lamely. Wow, that was really the best I could come up with? God, I am such a loser. "Filming everything?" he asked. "Yeah."

"Okay well, if you're gonna be filming everything, then may as well put on a good show," he said cranking up the volume on the radio, and starting singing along to Jessie J's Price Tag.

"Why is everyone so obsessed. Money can't buy us happiness," he sang high pitched. "Wow."

"Can we all slow down and enjoy right now. Everybody look to the left. Everybody look to the right." It wasn't bad enough he was singing, now he doing hand motions. "Make it stop," I pleaded, but couldn't stop the laughter or the smirk that spread across my face.

"Ain't about the Cha-Ching Cha-Ching. Ain't about the Ba-Bling Ba-Bling. We just wanna make the world dance. Forget about the Price Tag!" He was so stupid!

"Have you ever read any Arthur Schopenhauer?" he asked. Only my cousin would want an actual answer to these types of questions. "No, what is Arthur Schopenhauer?" I asked, feigning interest. "He's um, a philosopher I'm reading at the moment," he said.

"For school?" I inquired. I already knew the answer. My cousin was nerdy like that. "No, no. Uh, basically, he said that human beings have to realize themselves as beings of pure will." Wow philosophy 101 on the go. "Right and?"

"Said that all emotional and physical desires can never be fulfilled," he explained. "So basically, you're telling me to give up on life," I summed up. Had to hand it to my cousin. He sure knew how to make the mornings all warm and bright. "Yes," he replied seriously, then looked at me, and we broke out laughing.

But it really wasn't that funny. That was what I thought sometimes. Richard yelled at me for what he called 'goofing around'. I didn't have a car so I couldn't get to my job if I had one. I wasn't failing school, but also wasn't the valedictorian, and I hadn't applied to any colleges because there wasn't any money for it. To put it simply; I was on the fast track to nowhere and no one cared.

I felt invisible almost my entire short life. The only way I proved to myself that I existed was by having someone see me. My mom saw me, but time was running out for her. Once she was gone I would go too. The whole reason for my buying the camera was so after mom left, I could watch me. How pathetic was I? That I had to watch myself go through my sh*tty and f*cked up excuse of a life just to prove to myself I was alive in this world, even if it was as a punching bag.


After parking the car, I started to get out before noticing Matt hadn't done the same. "Are you not coming in?" I asked. "I'm gonna hang back awhile, okay?" he said. Like my approval would stop you.

"You're gonna be late to first period," I warned. "Yeah, pick you up after seventh period," he said turning up the radio. Guess that was my cue to leave then. Subtle, really subtle. Wish I could be that blasé with school and my classes. But if I lagged behind even slightly, Richard would have my ass. Camera be damned.


"This is my school…" I said, filming the hallway full of the student body. "I guess." Sure I went to this school but I had done nothing to make it in anyway mine. There was nothing here that would say I had been here after graduation.

Some random guy stuck out his tongue out and yelled at my camera. I wondered about people sometimes. Why they did the things they did was seriously confusing.

"Hey, hey kid!" some random girl shouted at me. "Vote for Steve for president," she said excitedly as she shoved a flyer at me. This wouldn't a very good campaign if your associates stampeded over the voters.


"This is where I eat lunch, on the bleachers. That's the football team, the cheerleaders…and other people," I directed awkwardly. One half of the bleachers was full of people spaced out in their cliques. The other half was empty save for one person at the top. They were plugged into an iPod, hunched over a book, and didn't even glance up as I sat down. These things weren't exactly quiet either.

I set the camera up so it could face me and keep filming. Outside of my regular beat downs from Richard and various bullies, my life was pretty dull. But a bit of normalcy was always refreshing. And it was doing its job.


"This is my locker,'' I said. It like everywhere else in this place was decked out in vote for Steve posters. Jesus, what did he have to campaign for? He was the quarterback and insanely popular. This whole thing was outrageous.

Suddenly, someone wrapped their big beefy arm around my neck, and jerk me backwards, making me yelp. While another yanked my camera out of my hands. No surprise it was the supreme douchebag of school: Sean.

"What is this?" he yelled, shoving his weasely face into my camera. Definitely going to delete that, when I get home.

"You're on film," his beefy henchman taunted me, before smacking me in the face. And did it again with the taunt that I looked pretty. I tried to pry his arms off my neck, but every attempt seemed to fail and the slaps to my face only came harder each time leaving a burning sting to my cheek. I felt my face heat up into a deep shade of red as students began to crowd around us to watch. All of them were either laughing at me pain or sneering at me like I was completely deserving of whatever torment Sean deemed fit to give me.

Finally, I got the gorilla for hire off of me.

"Come on Sean give it back," I demanded. "You want your camera? This piece of sh*t form 2004. Here you go. Here she is," he said as he set it on the ground. And then kicked it over.

"Guys!" I shouted, catching it before it hit the wall. "Ass****s!" I picked it up and checked it over. It had some new scratches, but it was still okay. I looked down the hall as those d*cks ran off, laughing their asses off like they did something clever.

There was some hot Goth chick leaning against the pillar. She stood out to me not because of her dark clothes, but because she was the only one not making of me, but rather glaring after those idiots. It was nice to see someone not jeering fun at me. But it still p*ssed me off that she just stood by and let my ass get handing to me, while everyone laughed at Sean's victim of the day.

Probably plotting some hell to befall them, like any Goth chick liked to do. Well the dark side can have them. If I got in trouble, Richard would kill me. Maybe, literally.


"There's a party tonight," Matt said on the way home. "Okay," I murmured. Why tell me this when you know that I don't party is a part of the little info you have about me. "Haven Hills," he said.

"I thought that place was closed?" I questioned. "It's abandoned, yeah," he agreed. "You don't wanna go?" he asked. "No." Richard blew his top when he thought I was up to something. No need to push the raging moron.

Matt sighed exasperated. "When's the last time you went to a party?' he asked. "I don't go to parties," I stated. I really don't, not like normal high schoolers. Who get their kicks by baking in drugs and drowning themselves in drinks.

I wasn't attracted to either. I was the whitest kid in school which was ironic because of my dark, sh*tty home life. But clearly that excuse wasn't gonna fly with Matt, who seemed frustrated with me.

"You're a senior," he argued. What did that have to do with anything? It was the same lame ass excuse freshman used to look cool to the seniors. The titles changed but the people and menu didn't. But I had to say something to shut him up.

"I'll think about it, okay?" I said. "Okay, but when we go there tonight," he started. Why did I even try? No matter what I said, he'd drag me to this stupid party anyway. "Andrew, can I give you like a pro-tip?"

Oh cousinly advice with the wanna-be philosopher. Oh joy. "What?" I asked. "Maybe you should leave your camera at home," he said. Not gonna happen. If I left this thing out of my sight, Richard would take it and pawn it off for beer money, then get drunk and beat me up.

"Why?" I asked, the hostility of my thoughts creeping into my words. "Because it's a little weird," he said. And discussing dead philosophers was a normal thing now, was it? "It serves a purpose," I defended. "I'm just trying to be a good cousin, here, okay?" he said. It took everything I had to not glare at him.

Now he wanted to be a good cousin. Right when we were on the last leg of high school, then he'd go off to college and leave me here to deal with a dying mother and abusive ass of a father, while I struggled on a daily basis to prove to myself I was even here! Yeah great family support, there cuz.

"This is me being your friend. Andrew, I'm telling you, you should probably not take the camera to the party," he said. A friend now, huh? You're not my friend. You're barely even family. You leave me all the time for your real friends. That being said…thought; you have no right telling me to do anything. At. All.


Once I got home, I plugged in my camera into my computer and downloaded the day's footage. Then pulled out a light attachment for my camera and flipped it on and off. If I was being forced to go to a party, in some cases this would be a kidnapping, I was going to do it my way, the hell with Matt's so called 'cousinly advice'.

This camera was the only source of happiness I had had in almost forever. Then my door flew open, slamming against the wall. Happiness over.

I sat in my sit ridged as a post, eyes focused on the wall in front of me as Richard stomped into my room. "What do you want?"

No sooner had the words left my lips; he hit me hard over the head. Instinctually, I raised my arms to shield my head from more hits. But he grabbed my hoodie instead and hauled me out of my sit then threw me to the ground.

I landed heavily on my shoulder. That was going to make a lovely bruise later. Joy. "When I say open that door, you open that door, get it?" he hissed. I just nodded my throbbing head. Just agreed with him and he'll leave. Sure enough the monster having been satisfied with his pound of flesh, stalked off with the statement, "Finish you G**D*** homework."

Shakily, I got back into my chair, and turned the camera light off. A wave of hopelessness washed over me, making my breathes come out unsteady.

I was not going to cry. I was not going to cry. I was just going to feel very miserable for a very long time.


"Matt, are you sure it's here?" I asked. My opinion of this party changed, I needed to get out of the house, away from Richard even if it was to a rave with beer and drugs.

"Just calm down okay? We're almost there," Matt said. We turned a corner and suddenly the dark night was lit up with headlights and spotlights, with the heavy thumping of a bass line.

"Oh wow, look a rave," I said sarcastically. "Oh wow, look a nerd with a camera," Matt grumbled. If he was just going to talk behind my back he could have left me at home, and saved me some vague sense of dignity.

Okay I take back what I said about wanting to be out of the house. At least there I could hide away. But here there was no escape from the hordes of rude as hell people as they shoved, bumped, and humped me as I forced my way through the crowd trying to keep up with Matt.

"Look, don't follow me around all night, okay?" Matt asked. No, not okay. You forced me into coming here. You can't just leave me here. What happened to all that 'I'm-your-cousin-I'm-your-friend' sh*t you were throwing around in the car. I mean I know it was bullsh*t, but damn it couldn't you mean it for once.

"What do you mean? I thought you wanted me to come with you," I said. "I did, I did. But just go and do your own thing for once okay?" he asked. If I wanted to be doing my own thing I'd be home, instead of at a rave you forced me to come to as part of your 'big cousin project'.

"Look, just have a beer, talk to people," he unhelpfully suggested. "I don't drink," I shouted. But he was already gone, leaving me alone in a sea of glow sticks and animal printed, sweat cover bodies.

God, I wanted to go home. The only upside to this was the colored lights made for some great film shots. It was really pretty. "Hey! Hey! What are you filming for?" a blonde girl, with a new state of the art camera shouted to me over the music.

"Uh…I don't…uh um." I so cannot talk to people in any casual sense. "What? I can't hear you," she yelled while gesturing to her ear and shaking her head. "I'm just filming," I said. Really that's all it was, there was no purpose behind it.

"Oh, oh. Cool, cool. I'm filming for my blog. You should check it out sometime," she said. "Andrew…Andrew!" Matt yelled coming over. Maybe he was ready to leave.

"Oh hey Casey," he greeted. Or not. I need to stop hoping for things. They never happened, and like a fool I never learned. "How you doing?" he asked. "I'm good," she answered. Great, just great. My cousin aka my ride home had to have a crush on the one chick that would most likely stay for the whole damn rave filming for her blog. Just my non-instinct luck.

"Pretty lame," he said. She looked at him, amused. "Why's it lame?" she asked, turning her camera to him. "You know, Young said parties are just people's way of seeking wide spread validation. You know? I'm not one of the clambers to be cool, you know?' he asked. Wow, my cousin tries to woo women with philosophy. No wonder he can be such a d*ck.

"Way to put an analytical psychology spin on this barn party, Matt. It's awesome. Awesome," she said before walking away. "You're awesome," he shouted back at her. "Hey Matt, what did Young say about glow sticks?" I teased. He just smirked and flipped me off while I laughed.

Later, I was filming around this dancer, who wore a leopard top and ripped leggings. That was when things went downhill. "Are you filming my girlfriend?" a big guy stepped up and growled at me. He was clearly drunk or high or both. At his accusation, I found it to be the worst time to not be able to talk, this guy was not stable.

"Yes or no?" he hissed. What was this guy's problem? I hadn't touched his girl, and she wasn't doing anything too vulgar. But there is no reasoning with a drunk. Mission impossible, anyone? "No, I was not doing anything. I'm just filming the party," I explained. Apparently this wasn't what he wanted to hear because next thing I know he's leaning into my space.

"I should break your b*tch ass nose, you know that?" he growled. Can't say I do, but then you had I semi-reason to come at me, then anyone I ever meet. "No, I wasn't…" I tried. Dude shut up and ran. You won't win with him. "Don't talk back to me," he said. I swear I close my eyes I'm back home, Richard is drunk and yelling at me.

"B*tch," he growled, and then throw his drunk in my face and on my camera. Then punched me in my gut, then left. That was it. I couldn't stand it anymore.

My dad beating me up all the time for nothing, having no friends to be there when I needed them and have my back, my mom dying slowly in front of me, Matt constantly abandoning me for a better deal, questioning my own existence. It all came down on me with this last random stranger going off in front of me.

I felt the water works coming and I couldn't stop them. I turned to get away from the crowd, before they all caught my pathetic pity party. However the tears were already blurring my vision, so I bumped into what I could only describe as a mass of black. "Sorry," I said thickly, then continued outside.

I found a quiet place away from the building and parking lot by a tree, and just sat down and let it all out. I don't know how long I sat there, crying my heart out. Long enough to feel ridiculously tired afterward. I finally remembered my camera and began wiping the smudges off the lens.

"Andrew," an unfamiliar voice called. I ignored it, as well as the second call. But the third was very close. I looked up and saw Steve Montgomery walking toward me. Of all the people to catch me after my sob fest it had to be the most popular kid in school.

"With the camera. Can we…can we use that thing?" he asked nicely. What? "What?" I asked so confused. So many things were off with this. "We found the craziest sh*t. We gotta get it on tape." While he explained I tried to get rid of the evidence of me crying. Unfortunately my voice ratted me out.

"Uh it's not…" I couldn't get the words out. I was so not ready for socializing. "What up man? You okay?" he asked almost sounded like he was concerned about a nobody like me, and crouched down to my level.

"Yeah, I'm Andrew," I said. Stupid, he already knew that. "Yeah. I'm Steve," he said holding his hand out hand out and inched forward. "Steve Montgomery," he greeted with a big smile that did not help me at all. When you're this low any kind of cheerfulness with friendly intent or not just make you worse. "Yeah, I know," I croaked. The hand went down and the smile fell.

"Really?" he said. "Uh Matt and I were just hanging out…and we found this…this thing," he explained awkwardly. "What? You're with Matt," I asked. Matt was with him the whole time I was out here? Why that made me mad that he left me crying while he fooled around with the popular crowd I don't know.

"Yeah, come on we found the craziest thing, and we need you to film it," he said perking up. "I don't know," I said. It wasn't exactly smart going off with people you don't know at night in the middle of nowhere. Pretty sure they made some guy in a dog suit explain that to us once. "Just come on man, get it on tape. It'll be cool," he goaded. "I don't think…"

"Trust me!" he said. Geez, I couldn't be alone when I really wanted it. When I wanted to be left to myself suddenly everyone wanted me and I was in no mood. But at least I can try and beg a ride off of Matt. "Alright," I sighed getting up.

"Sweet! You know there are like tones of girls around here, right? And you're all by yourself by a tree," he chuckled. Did it occur to anyone that I wanted it that way? "I'm just really picky," I said as an excuse. I was kind of off girls for the night.

Steve led me into the woods and already I was having second thoughts about going with him, despite his chipper attitude, which I didn't like much to begin with. But Matt was at the end of this and hopefully I could whine enough to get him to take me home.

The sound of a twig snapping made me jump then some brushes rustled. "Uh Steve..? Did you hear that?" I asked getting a little freaked out. "Oh it's probably some animal," he said completely nonchalantly. Animal, my ass, that sure as hell wasn't any Bambi.

"Listen I really don't think-"

"You got a light on that thing?" he asked completely ignoring my little freak out. Stupid, of course the light I put on just this afternoon. "Yeah here."

No sooner had I turned it on did something black and defiantly human tripped and land in-between Steve and I.

"Oh, nature's trying to kill me," the person groaned, pushing themselves up. "Uh dude you alright?" Steve asked. The guy sent Steve a legit look that could kill. The guy was dressed in all pitch black and baggy clothes with a striped skullcap.

But something was off with him and I couldn't figure out why he looked familiar. He had a soft almost feminine shape. And for one second I found myself attracted to him. Nothing against them personally but I could not handle being gay on to of all the other sh*t in my life. That would be the invitation for Richard to beat me within an inch of my life.

"Yo dude, I don't know if you play your football games without the padded helmets but I'd think a jock would recognized a girl when he saw one," she bit out. I breathed a sigh of relief. Okay this I could deal with. It was that hot Goth chick from the hallway, the one that let my ass get kicked.

"Oh snap. You a girl," Steve said shocked. She crossed her arms, and looked at him unimpressed. "Well if I'm not I've been wasting money on bras for nothing," she quipped. I laughed, girl had attitude, the I remembered I was supposed to be mad at her. "Sorry about that. It's hard to see out here," Steve said. "I'm…"

"Steve Montgomery; quarterback, drives a silver Camaro, and is currently responsible for the school's new hallway gallery," she said. Well that was unexpected. "Have we met?" Steve asked. "Nope, but neither has anyone else," she said. "You go to our school," I said. It wasn't a small school but it also wasn't huge, so everyone knew everyone, unfortunately.

"Yeah, I go there and see everybody but no ever notices the girl in the back corner," she explained. So she was a loner like me. A really hot loner, now that I saw her up close. Whoa rewind, guy. If this was the same hot Goth chick from earlier then she was way out of your league, and clearly didn't think you were worth her time if she just stood by. My life has enough disappointment without getting into a girl who would shoot me down. Got that, girl is off limits.

"Alright well if you know me, who are you?' Steve asked. "Saphira Spector," she greeted. "What were you guys doing out here anyway?" she asked. "Oh that's right!" Steve exclaimed, going back to his overly chipper self. "A whole bunch of us were out here. We were like obsessed with this hole in the ground that made the craziest sound ever! So we wanted to go and get our boy Andrew to get it on tape." Our boy?

"Mind if I join you?" she asked. "More the merrier. But be prepared to have your mind blown," he said psyched, and walked off giving us no choice but to follow.

"That's a nice camera. The old fashion ones are always cooler, less of a hassle then the new ones. You thinking of going into filming after high school?" she asked. I looked at her, surprised. That was the first time someone other than my mom asked what I wanted to do. And the first time other than my mom who gave me a compliment, well my camera one

"Don't know. I'm just doing it," I said lamely. "Well you look pretty comfortable with it. The AV team, who are professionals by the way get all the wires crossed," she said. "There's an AV team?" I asked. Granted I didn't pay attention to much when I was ducked around Sean.

"Yeah they have their meeting in the room next the closet I lounge in when I skip fifth period," she explained. "I thought all the closets were locked all the time," I said. I remember that vividly when I was running from Sean and couldn't get any doors open.

"Not when our good friends with the janitor," she smirked. "Is… uh your friend always that hyper?" she asked. "He is not my friend. My cousin sic'd him on me because I had the camera," I muttered. "Hmm, blink twice you're being held against your will," she said. Why the hell was she being nice to me? No one ever was. And she was the one who left me to get kicked around. Now she was all buddy buddy?

"Garetty!" Steve yelled. "Yo down here!" Matt's voice came back. "Yo Matt, where's everybody at?" Steve called. "They all left. Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" Matt yelled. "What is that?" I asked a little freaked out at the hole in the ground. There was a very weird and uncomfortable vibe coming out of that thing. "You feeling what I'm feeling?" Saphira asked, eyeing the hole suspiciously. "Yeah, not good," I agreed.

"Is that the camera?" Matt called. "Yeah I found him, and we brought a girl along too," Steve yelled back. "Oh sweet. Where is she?" Matt asked looking around Saphira. Wow he didn't even notice when she was right in front of him. My only accomplishment was being a punching bag, but at least people had to notice me to hit me. She was right freaking there staring at him and he didn't notice. I felt for her.

"Yeah she right here," Steve said pointing at her. "She is a girl?" Matt asked surprised. "Yeah harder to believe. Moving on," she ground out.

"Is it still making that sound?" Steve asked partially giggling. Both he and Matt laid down flat on the ground and looked into it.

This thing was creepier up close. I leaned the camera to look into it but stayed standing. "No, no, no, no. you two gotta get down in it," Steve insisted, getting up and tried to push us down like he and Matt just were.

"Don't touch me," I growled, jerking away from him. He just went back to his spot acting really weird. "I'm just trying to get it on the camera," I said. They laid there like excited puppies waiting for a new chew toy.

"Not to sound rude, but are they high?" Saphira asked quietly. That was a good question. I didn't know Steve well, but there was no way he was this level of goofy all the time. And Matt had his moments but this was too much for him. "I don't know," I admitted.

Then a deep ominous rumble sound came from inside the hole. It felt like ice water was being poured down my spine. This was so not good. We needed to leave now.

"How creepy is that?" Steve asked psyched. "It's like that sound from war of the worlds," Matt said. "If your only reference to something is a horror movie then we should leave it alone," Saphira said, looking spooked.

"Is the sound coming out of it?" Matt asked his head the hole. "Probably it's loud," I said. "Hello!" Matt yelled, his voice echoing off the walls. "Come on man, we're going inside," Steve said.

Oh hell no. No freaking way. "I'm going back," I stated. "I second that," Saphira said. It was then I realized she had latched onto the bottom of my hoodie. The fact that she wanted to leave was not a surprise. We seemed to be the only sane ones in the group. What was surprising was I wasn't bothered by her closeness, after her leaving me earlier. Right now that sound had scared me so bad, I could give her a break if it meant getting the hell out of here.

Not to mention she's hot. She's also off limits. Stick to your mental guns, Andrew or this chick will so own you, use you, and leave you.

"Yeah, come on man," Matt agreed. "Matt, seriously?" I asked incredulously. This was beyond stupid. Steve let out a loud whoop and launched himself into the hole. "Steve!" I yelled. "God, he's a ninja," Matt chuckled. "More like a moron," Saphira muttered.

"Whoa, whoa, Matt. Matt! What are you doing?" I yelled. My idiot cousin was going down in the thing. Saphira was right, a thing that made these kinds of sounds was best left alone. Plus this thing almost felt…alive.

"Come on Matt, are you serious?" I demanded. "Andrew, give us some light," Matt instructed. I am not your servant, but if you got hurt it was on me. And I was not going to be the one to explain this to Uncle Stan.

"Matt. Matt! Come on you're my ride home. You're going to make me come after you," I groan. This night had gone to complete sh*t. I turned to Saphira. "What are you gonna do?" I asked. "I so want to turn around and forget this place, but if you guys get hurt it'll eat at me forever. So I'm in…but charging them with kidnapping in the morning."

"Alright. Here hold this for a sec, please," I said handing over my camera. "Sure," she said taking it carefully, as I ease myself down. She handed it down then hopped in after me. We hadn't walked ten feet when the smell hit us. God it was like sewage mixed with ten years old rotten eggs, bog water in the summer, and the boy's locker room.

"Hello," I called around my cough. "What died down here?" Saphira gagged. "You guys! Matt!" My foot felt wet, looking down I saw it was in a puddle. "Watch your step," I warned. "Thanks. You know if this place wasn't so terrifying and smelled god awful then it'd be pretty cool," she mused.

I didn't have time to think about it, because just then Steve jumped out from behind a rock and scared us, then the jack*ss had the nerve to laugh at us. Could he and Matt not feel whatever it was that was hovering in this place like fog, and smelled like something dead was buried in here? "Don't do that you idiot," Saphira hissed.

He didn't listen, he was too busy informing Matt I was a … a wimp. "Alright does this thing go down much deeper?' I asked. I hoped to God not. The smell was nauseating and the feeling was beginning to press down on me like a heavy blanket, making it harder to breathe. A look at Saphira said she wasn't doing much better. How in the hell could Steve and Matt not feel this?

"Yeah man it goes down really, really far," Steve giggled. "Hey, Matt maybe we'll make all the way down to China," Steve joked. "We'd hit the center of the earth sooner than China," Matt said. "Sweetness, we'll see some dinos."

"Though it would suck if we got eaten," Matt mused. "Yeah in movies like that the black guy always dies first," Steve muttered. "Add that to the fact you're the macho jock so you're double dead," Saphira informed him. "Oh man, you'd hear that," Steve yelled.

"I wouldn't worry too much about you. Cameraman always dies second to last," she said, her voice getting rougher. "What about you, feel like you can outrun a dino?" I asked. God I was barely getting air in my lungs. I had no energy for unexplained grudges "Don't have to out run the dino. I just have to outrun you guys," she smiled, and then her face pinched. "Course that would have been easier twenty feet back."

"Dang this thing is like a straight shot down, and we've only gone like forty or sixty feet," Matt said. "Can we please not talk about it, okay?" I wheezed. The distance however short was dragging me and Saphira down, while Matt and Steve still didn't seem to notice.

"Hey Andrew, have you ever heard of Pluto's allegory of the cave," Matt asked.

Oh God, Matt. Not now. I may be dying over here along with someone else and you want talk about philosophers. "I don't know Matt. Let's just get this over with," I said miserable.

"Your cousin…is …crazy," Saphira panted. The feeling had now turned into a high pitched hum that along with feeling sick, coupled with the inability to breathe well, and now this place was giving me a headache.

"Holy sh*t," Steve said in awe. "What is that?" Matt asked just as mystified. The air was too thick down here. Wherever here was? But I couldn't stop walking forward. "Matt, I'm not kidding. I can't breathe. And Saphira not doing much better."

Then we rounded the corner, and there was a HUGE glowing blue rock. That had to be the reason for our problems.

"Do you believe this?" Matt asked. Suddenly the camera started going haywire.

"What am I looking at?" Steve said, walking up at the thing.

"Ah sh*t," I groaned. Whatever this thing was it was trying to make my heart come out of my chest. "I am freaking out right now," I said the panic and fear I was feeling was coloring my words. I had never been this terrified in my life. At some point Saphira and I had latched onto each other like life preservers. She was shaking pretty bad, was covered in sweat, and pale as a ghost. In times like this you don't care who so long as it's human.

"Matt, can we get out of here please," I pleaded with him to notice what was going on with his cousin and the girl they had dragged into it. "Is it showing on the camera like that?" he asked. That's not important right now.

"I don't know, Matt. It's messing with it, I don't think I should be filming this," I told him. "Dude, I'll buy you a new one," he waved me off. That's not the point. There is something seriously weird and freaky going on here. "Don't touch it!" Saphira shouted at Steve as he reached out toward that thing. Suddenly the blue glow turned red.

It moved or pulsed rather.

The high pitched hummed became a full blast roar. Make it stop! It hurts!

"I can't hear you over this thing," I shouted. I looked over at Steve and saw his nose just gushing blood. The same thing was happening to Matt and Saphira. Then I felt something warm, wet and sticky pour down my face. What the f**k was going on here!

Then the room started to shake like it was having an earthquake. "RUN!" Saphira bellowed. Saphira and I were closest to the tunnel, so once she screamed I had no problem getting the hell out of this place with her right at my heels. Matt and Steve were coming up fast behind us, coming out of whatever spell that stupid rock had on them as they heard the cave collapse around them.

My heart pounded against my chest, I could practically feel it touching the inside skin as it tried to escape. Rocks were falling down around us, in bigger and bigger chunks, making us have to jump or vault over them. The tunnels were caving-in all around us. Dust was filling the air and mixing with the sweat dripping off us in our dead sprint to get out of here. At one point Steve and Matt pulled ahead. Not really a surprise. They had the rock's nicer effects while Saphira and I were still trying to get the air back in our lungs. Finally I could just make out a few shreds of moonlight from the opening. I ran my hand through my hair and let out a shaky laugh as freedom was in sight.

I had barley pulled ahead of Matt when a loud thump made me look back. Saphira had gotten hit by one of the falling rocks. Later on I would look back and realize this was the single stupidest, moronic, downright dumbest thing I have ever done, but have never lived to regret. I dropped my camera, letting it fall it to the ground, the sound of it hitting the ground was muted by the cave in. The dust got stuck in my eyes making them burn and tear up for the second time tonight, and I let out a ragged cough as the dust covered my lungs.

One good thing came from all those days I spent afternoons at Richard's fire house, watching the fire fighters go through their exercises. I swung her arm over my shoulder and slipped my other arm under her knees. Probably not the best way, but there was time and space difficulties. Plus even now I did not want her to wake and hunt me down for the things I did while she was knocked out. I may hate my life but I would loathe it and be unable to look my mom in the eye for what little time we had left, if I let someone die.

"Andrew hurry!" Matt shouted. There must have been a pile up because they should have been closer to the hole by now. "I know! I'm trying," I yelled out trying to keep myself together from all the stress. I caught up with no problem.

We were almost less than five steps from jumping out when from behind us we heard a sound that this time had the same effect on all of us. A sound that froze our blood in its veins. An otherworldly, ominous howl.

A howl that kicked up a strong wind from within the tunnel with a pulse of that red glow following right behind it. When it hit us, we shot out of the hole like that guy in the circus getting shot out of a canon.

I must have pasted out in mid-air because I don't remember feeling the ground beneath me. My last thought was that that moment of weightlessness was the most free and glorious feeling I had ever known in my life.


Okay there's the rewrite hope it was a little better.