Damon Salvatore was the guy every man wanted to be, and every girl wanted to know. I'll admit that I was hopelessly in love with Damon, but his love lay elsewhere, with my darling of a sister, Katerina. She never was good for him, she was the manipulative bitch everyone expected her to be. But what could I do? Katherine gets what Katherine wants. It must have been good. Having a Salvatore on each of her arms. Damon and I had our moments, but in the end he'd choose Katherine. He always chose Katherine.

May 19th 1864

"Damon Salvatore! I can't accept the request of a sports game, I'm supposed to be a lady!" he grabbed me by the hand and began dragging me outside.

"What else are we supposed to do? My Mother and Father have disappeared elsewhere and there seems to be no-one else around,"

"Then we shall play this game you speak of, football, is it?"

"Yes, now, think fast!" he threw the ball at me and I shot him a glare.

"Now what? I throw it back?"

"Yes, my lady. Since there are no others. Unless you would at least like to try?"

"Why not?"

"Okay, so I'll try and get past you, and then you do the same. Understand?"

"Yes," he ran towards me and I blocked his way completely, he looked up astonished.

"You're strong for a Lady, Miss Pierce."

I was starting to feel conscious and exposed.

"Well, a Lady never tells her secrets, Mr Salvatore," he passed the ball to me, ran further away and I began to run at human speed trying to get past him, but when he jumped in my way I accidently knocked into him, sending him to the ground, with me on top.

"Well, Well, You sure are strong. Maybe you could give me a few tips," he beamed up at me.

"Like I said, A Lady never tells,"

We stared at each other for a while, not awkwardly, but in a peaceful kind of way. I almost felt human again, but the pounding I was feeling against my chest caught me off guard, and I took a sharp breath, standing up.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm just out of breath, all this sport is making me tired, I'll see you at Dinner, Mr Salvatore." I turned to walk away when I saw Katherine staring back at me with looks that could possibly mean I was in for some serious bother. "On second thought," I turned back to face Damon, "I don't seem to be that hungry, I'll be in my room if you need me." And with that I walked away feeling both Katherine's and Damon's eyes burning into me.

When I reached Katherine I was slammed against the nearest wall in her bedroom.

"What was that? You thought that while I was out, you could have your fun with the older Salvatore?"

"Katerina, you are an utter bitch you know that?" she increased the pressure on my neck, "Not only are you messing with two of the best people I have met since I turned, but you're making me distract Damon while you wander off with Stefan?" I spat out, she loosened her grip, "Do you expect them to never find out?"

"I know they won't. They're under my compulsion," she smirked to herself, "Stefan is, Damon does it willingly." This was my turn to put her against the wall, I switched our positions, but held her neck tighter than she held mine, "I'm guessing that is a touchy subject?" I smirked evilly at her and leant to her ear.

"My dear sister, I think you're forgetting just how much stronger I am than you, because you see," I threw her to the other side of the room, "Although, you're a bitch, And I am on two sides whether or not I hate you," I walked over to her and looked down at her, "You're still my sister," I held out my hand, she cautiously took it but when she did I made a repeat of what I did before, "But if you EVER break Damon's heart," I looked her in the eyes, "I will hunt you down and make sure that no-one ever looks at you again, we clear?" she nodded frantically and ripped my hand from her throat.

"But, just so you know, you ever lose it in front of Damon again, I'll just have to accidently feed him my blood, then he might just, I don't know, break his neck." I sent her a glare but she just smiled and walked away.