Alright, I'm trying out this new story of mine. Basic plot is Girl, Interrupted with a love story twist. Elena attempted suicide and is now forced to stay in a rehab center for months. There she meets Damon, a fellow patient. The two of them bond and start to help each other with their past demons. But will their love be enough to last?

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Haven in Your Arms

Chapter 1—Suicide Attempt/The Center

Elena Gilbert sat on her bed staring at the bottle in her hands. These would end it all for her, all the pain and suffering would just end it all. That's all she asked for. That and for it to be painless…

She took one and popped it into her mouth. Then another….then another…then another…pretty soon she lost count. Her head began to feel dizzy, almost making her feel like she was floating on a cloud. She could no longer feel her body. And it was a glorious feeling.

She did feel her body fall onto her bed. Her ceiling fan began to make her feel dizzy. The feeling of nothingness overcame her as everything went black…


A loud beeping sound interrupted her sleep. She groaned in annoyance. The noise was not helping the pounding in her head nor the painful feeling in her stomach. She tried moving her hand but it seemed to not want to move.

"She seems to be responding to the treatment. But this is a very serious matter, Jenna."

She heard a man's voice somewhere off in the distance. Somehow the voice was pulling her out of the fog her head seemed to be in. Slowly, she opened her eyes to a bright light.

Once her eyes adjusted to the light, she was able to look at her surroundings. Her hands and arms were hooked to an assortment of different monitors. There were needles in her arms and clips attached to her fingertips.

It took a moment for Elena to realize that she wasn't in heaven or hell. She was in a hospital.

"Oh my God, Elena! You scared the hell out of me!" Without warning, Elena was hugged tightly by her aunt Jenna, who was sobbing profusely. Confusion was on Elena's face as she continued looking at her surroundings. No…no this wasn't right at all.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Jenna cried, stepping back and glaring at Elena right in her face.

"What did I do?" Elena could only stare ahead and whisper. No emotional response from her would ever be enough for anybody. It would only open the floodgates of pain again.

"You washed down an entire bottle of Oxycodone with water Elena! You honestly have no memory of that, do you?" Jenna was at a loss for words, staring at Elena like she was some type of alien species.

Before Elena could even answer, the sheriff and a man in a white doctor's uniform came into the room.

"Ah, Miss Gilbert is awake. Nice to see she's making a recovery. Now comes the hard part, I'm afraid," the doctor spoke seriously.

"Can't this wait? I'd like to take my niece home." After Jenna's little outburst, she seemed to just want Elena home; something Elena desperately wanted at that moment. She no longer wanted to be in this strange place that smelled like death and germ repellent.

"Miss Sommers, the cops and paramedics have ruled this as a suicide attempt. This cannot be ignored. Some action will be mandatory on your niece's part. The psychiatrist will be in shortly to speak to you and Miss Gilbert about her options." The doctor explained this hastily before leaving the room.

The sheriff gave Elena a small smile. "Don't worry Elena, we're going to make sure you get the treatment you need."

Treatment? What treatment? The last thing she wanted was treatment of any kind. There was no cure for what she was feeling. No one would ever help her with this…it was all in her head, there was no cure for the pain and torrent of emotions that were there but refused to be released.

There was no one that could help her now. That's why she just wanted all the nagging, talking, pleading, and rage of emotions to stop. That's why she tried to end her life. It was the only way…


1 Week Later

Elena stared out the window of the cab that was taking her to her destination. She tried to get her mind off of what had happened earlier that week.

"Elena, I've had enough of this! I can't help you anymore than you want to help yourself! You're not eating, you don't sleep, you don't talk, and you won't come out of the house! I'm putting my foot down here."

Aunt Jenna's screams seemed to fall on deaf ears. Elena lay in her bed on her side facing the window. She hadn't moved since they'd gotten back from the hospital and was perfectly content on staying there for awhile.

"Elena…I'm trying here, okay? I've tried talking to you, I've tried questioning you and letting you have your space. But this…whatever this is that you're feeling…it's not good and I don't think it's something I can help you with. You need professional help Elena. I think it's the best idea to try this rehabilitation center."

At this, Elena did turn around with a glare. "I'm not going to some freak place with Freud posters surrounding it, alright? I draw the line."

"You know I don't want you to go anywhere sweetie. But this,"—she gestured to Elena—"Is crippling you. You're not sad, angry, upset, cheerful, anything. You seem like you just…are. You're living in a world where nothing is living and nothing is dead. And frankly, it's scaring the shit out of me. I've made up my mind. You are going to Deerwood Falls Rehab Center starting tomorrow." She spoke with as much authority as she could muster before standing up, walking to the door. She turned around one more time.

"I suggest you start packing. Tomorrow you're getting help whether you want it or not."

The memory was jerked from her when she felt the cab come to a stop.

"We're here, Miss," the driver said before getting out and getting her suitcase from the trunk.

Stepping out, she looked at the building that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. It was slightly tall, cream-colored, lots of windows, a white picket fence (how ironic), and the woods surrounding it seemed lively and lovely. Not what she was expecting a psych ward to be, that was for sure.

Just then the front door opened and out stepped a nurse in uniform. She had on white shoes, a white skirt, and a white jacket complete with a hat.

"Welcome Miss Gilbert. We've been expecting you. My name is Abby; I'm one of the nurses on staff here. Would you please follow me inside?" she smiled kindly at her. Elena only nodded at her before taking her suitcase from the cabby, following Abby inside.

Once inside, all Elena saw was white. White everything! White walls, white desks, white curtains, white blinds, the sight almost made her dizzy. Looking down she followed Abby down a hallway until they reached a desk.

"Alright, I'm going to have to look through your back. It's standard procedure to make sure you didn't bring anything that will harm you or others, alright?"

Elena didn't say a word, she just handed Abby her black bag. She watched Abby look through it thoroughly. There wasn't much she'd packed—just the essential clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc. Elena didn't even really pack since her aunt took the liberty to do it herself this morning.

"Alright, follow me to where you'll be staying. You'll be sharing a room with a girl named Shannon. Don't worry, she's very nice. There are quite a few people in this facility, both men and women. But I assure you there hasn't been a problem with the co-ed existence here. Are you comfortable with that?" Abby asked her as Elena followed her down a dim hallway. They passed a room with a big television in the middle. Women and men sat in chairs scattered around the room, staring at it.

Eventually they reached a room with a bright window. There were two beds on either side of the room, a small closet and a nightstand in the middle. That was it.

Shannon seems to be out right now, but I'll just help you unpack your things now and I'll give you the grand tour. Sound good?"

Elena tried being polite but found all she could do was nod. This was where she was going to be staying for over half a year? This wasn't going to end well for her. It didn't take long for them to put her belongings in the drawers and closet since Elena didn't have much to begin with.

"Alright dear, if you'll just follow me I'll tell you where everything is. Then we'll get started on your psychiatrist and therapy schedule, ok?" Abby continued chatting as though they were merely talking about the weather and not someone's deep, emotional stress.

Elena followed Abby down yet another corridor and looked out the window. From there she got a perfect view of the garden. Roses, tulips, lilies, daisies, and every assortment of flower could be seen from there.

Abby stopped and smiled kindly as Elena stared. "Lots of patients love going out to the gardens. It's very calming and relaxing, you know?"

They continued down the hallway again.

"This is the entertainment room," the nurse explained. Elena looked in the room to see a few pool tables, a ping-pong table, a television, DVD player, CD player, and game systems. Not bad, she thought. She noticed quite a few women talking huddled in a corner and a man next to them staring at a wall, whispering.

Yes, she and Abby had come across a few other patients that creeped Elena out. One of them had a bulging eye, the woman they saw couldn't seem to stop scratching herself, and a third was talking aimlessly to himself.

"We get all kinds of patients here Elena, not just mental. These are people with all kinds of problems such as drugs, alcohol, abuse, emotional, mental, the list goes on and on. Just remember this: they are in the exact same boat as you are." Abby explained, smiling warmly at Elena as she continued to look in the room.

Before they continued, Elena stopped when she saw a man playing pool. Her heart immediately sped up when she saw the dark long-sleeved shirt he wore, which showed off his strong arm muscles. His dark black hair contrasted with his pale skin as he knelt over the green table, lining up his next shot. It was then that she got a look at his bright blue eyes. They were crystals!

Elena was taken aback by this stranger. Immediately she felt a connection to him and she didn't even know the guy!

The nurse cleared her throat, making Elena look at her again. They continued walking as Elena thought about the Greek God she had just seen. Then sense started to kick in. She was forced to stay in this mental institution for the next six months. A rehab center! So not a place to pick up men. She never picked up men before since Caroline always set her up with them—it wasn't very fun since she always picked the losers for Elena.

They continued the tour as planned. She was shown the cafeteria, the main greeting room, and the front desk should she ever require to make any phone calls or assistance.

"Well, since you're all settled, dinner will be served in an hour. See you then," the nurse offered her a sympathetic smile before leaving the room.

Elena sat on her bed, completely alone in a strange place with no one to turn to. Shannon wasn't in the room then and for that Elena was grateful. A few tears escaped her doe-colored eyes as the reality of her situation hit her once again for the third time that day.

For in that one moment Elena had never felt more alone in her entire life.

Let me know what you guys think of this start. I've always wanted to write another emotional story about Damon and Elena. The two of them have had many emotional scenes on the show, both together and alone. It will be good I promise you that : )