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First time in her life she had the strength to leave her life behind which she thought was it. The hurtful chapter of her life was over or that is what she hoped for. She left her loved one's behind but she couldn't stay because of them. If she did. She would have died little by little day after day. Now she had a chance to live again. Build up a new life with new surroundings and opportunities.

She would return back some day, but now it wasn't even in her dreams to do so. Andrea Sachs needed her time to heal as much as she could from the betrayal. Which had broken her heart. She got off the airport terminal and closed her eyes. Smelled the world and smiled.

"Welcome to your new beginning, Andy." She told herself.

Chapter 1 Andrea's POV

Andy was with her lover and partner when she saw this beautiful woman standing with her friend. Her long blond hair was naturally curly and her smile was bright. Her laughter was music to her ears, but then she remembered her partner, who she was engaged with, Nina Sands. Who stood next to her silently looking at her. She swallowed hard and tried to smile, but she failed badly. Nina didn't say anything, but Andy did hear her knowing sniff. That their relationship was getting to their final had known it to happen in some point, because they didn't love enough each other to hold on to their relationship. They were just saving each other from the heartache what they were voiding to confront.
"Hi, I'm Andy." She said to the woman, who's eyes started their own fire. Yes.. it was love at the fist sight.
"I'm Sarah."Before she could take the offered hand, Her friend, Sheila Damien hugged her, not seeing their mutual attraction.

They had to make their mutual friend's wedding perfect. They were bridesmaids for Sheila and they had their hands full of organizing them and also a lot of time togetter.
"Hey, Andy.. what do you think of these flowers?" Sarah Weaver asked her.
"Beautiful." She said, but she didn't look at the flowers. Instantly she felt quilty for looking at Sarah that way but when she saw the woman's smile she forgot her quilt.
'Thanks.' Sarah said and started to make more flower arrangements little blushing and Andy went back to do her writing on those little candy cane's what were meant for the guests.

Andy tired to have feelings for Nina, but she couldn't feel anything else except friendship and their relationship started to crack. She tried to remember the good things what they had but her lust for another woman was too strong. Every day when she was in contact with Sarah she felt her heart beat get faster for the woman. It was like fire and every message and phone call was a fuel to it. She couldn't void her even if she tried. They had to work together after all. When she went back to Nina and kissed her, she couldn't help to think how would Sarah's lips feel and that was the only thing what got her going day after day.

Nina saw her changes but she still hoped that Andy would forget the woman. Luckily she didn't live on her false hope.
'Darling, what are you doing?' She asked Andy who was writing an e-mail for Sarah. She felt a hand on her shoulder and quickly shut her laptop.
'Nothing.' She said and gave the woman half hearted smile. She had just told Sarah how unhappy she was with Nina and she wished someone would come to her life and take her away to a new life which would be filled with love and passion. The anger in Nina's eyes was overwhelming and she hit her hand on the table starteling Andy.
'You're in love with that cunt, aren't you?'
'Nnn-no..what do you mean?' The first time in their relationship Andy was scared of Nina. The woman was furious with her and she felt like running away, but she couldn't move her legs. Nina was tossing things to the wall and they broke down. 'See! This is my heart you bitch!' She tossed the heart made of glass that Andy had once given her. At that point she found her legs and run out of their apartment. she had no shoes on but she was to scared to go back inside and get her things. She was lucky to have her phone with her, but she was too scared to stop running and call for help. Nina wasn't following her but her heart run and she had to run with it.

When she couldn't run anymore she stopped. Breathing hard she tried to get her breath settle. It almost took fifteen minutes to get her body in control, but when she did she called the number she had on her speed dial.
The call was answered almost instantly. 'Hey! I thought you would never call.' Sarah said.
Breathing heavily. 'Sarah, I need your help.'
'Where are you?'
She told the woman where she was. 'Stay there. I'll be there in twenty minutes.'

Chapter 2 Miranda's POV

"I do." Said Miranda Priestly, the Icequeen, the dragonlady at the altar of their God. She had promised herself yet again to a man she didn't love. Stephen Tomlinson was now her new huspand. This was her third marriage and hoped this one could last more than a year. Her girls were getting to their teens and they really needed a strong father figure and Stephen had given her reason to believe he was to be the one. He had won her daughters hearts over with his charm, like he had gotten her attention too.

Not only his charm did the trick. He also knew how to keep conversation going as long as it was about money, arts and politics. Miranda had always liked arts and not only because her work, and money she had more than she could use and it was her pleasure to do makeover on the first lady of the United States. Miranda had to keep her ear to the ground to know a thing or two on politicians. So when he had asked her to marry him. She had to say yes. Yes, she didn't love him, but what was love anyways? Miranda loved her girls more than anyhting and that was enough for her.

After their honeymoon, Stephen changed. He started to demand her to be a wife who stays home. Well, like everyone knows, she wasn't a woman who took orders form anyone, not even her huspand. Only expection was her children but they always asked it. Never demand it. If they did, she still would do it for them. The Twins knew how important her job was for her so they didn't demand her attention because when their mom got home from work. She was all theirs.

'Randa! Is it so hard to be a wife to me? I don't ask impossible things to do.'

'Stephen, I really don't want to argue with you right now. I have work to do.' Miranda said her voice cool.

Stephen was drank again, so he didn't know how to control his voice anymore.

'What am I to you? Obviously I am not your huspand.' He was yelling.

'Don't yell at my house. When you asked me to marry you. You knew what you stepped in to. This is my life. So if you can't handle this then you can leave.' The man shut her studydoor with a slam.

Their marriage was getting it's frist problems and they had been married only two months. Just wonderful! Miranda Thought. This, Runway was her life and it always will be.

Miranda was sitting at her desk and going through photos when Emily Carlton, her frist assistant came in to her office.

'What is it Emily? Didn't I give you enough work to do so you are here to ask more?' Miranda didn't even look at the woman.

'I'm sorry to bother you, but these just came for you.' Emily said behind a big flower bouquet.

Miranda looked up and saw beautiful bouquet.

'Put it on the coffeetable. That's all!' She said and continued her work.

The curiosity got better of her in a minutes later and she took a look who had sended them to her. The card on her hand was the kay for that.


I'm sorry about last night. Meet me at our restaurant at eight p.m tonight.


Stephen. He knew very well that she had a dinnermeeting with Irwing, but obivously he didn't care and this was a test for her. The flowers were beautiful but not beautiful enough to get her do what he wanted.

'Emily.' In a heart beat the woman came to her office. 'Call my huspand that I can not meet him tonight and I'll see him at home.' She went back to her desk. 'Coffee in ten minutes, That's all.' She looked at the card once more and tossed it in to the bin.

Chapter 3 Andrea's POV

Andy sat on Sarah's couch. She had bad cuts and bruising on her legs. Broken glass had made her feet bleeding. The woman was so tender when she cleaned her wounds and covered them with gauze. They hadn't talked anything on their way, but now it was time to talk.

'What happened?' Asked Sarah. She had concern in her eyes.

'Nina got angry with me,' Andy said. 'she thinks that we are having affair.' She couldn't look at the woman, because she didn't know what would she find in those so blue beautiful eyes she had become to addicted.

She felt the womans hand on her leg.

'Look at me.' Sarah told her and with a little strugle she did. 'I would like to kiss you, if it is ok?' The woman on her knees told her. Only thing what she could do was just nod. In a heartbeat Sarah had captivated her lips with her own and it was the best kiss she ever had in her life. Their passion flared like a wildfire and she thanked the Gods that Sarah's children were at their grandmothers because she had never felt like this. Not with anyone. This woman made her sing only by looking at her and her body was on fire in places she had never thought she had. Right that moment she knew she had fallen in love with Sarah.

'I love you,' Andy caressed Sarah's face. 'You have my heart and I hope you treat it well.' The woman smiled at her and gave a small kiss to her cheek.

'I love you too and I will treat your heart well, but you know. I have to children that needs me. Are you ready to have all of us?'

'I wouldn't have it any other way.' Andy kissed the woman with all of her love.

Every relationship has their honeymoon period and so did they, but Andy couldn't love Sarah more than she already did. They had problems with Sarah's ex-huspand, Harry who was jealous even though they weren't together anymore. The man wanted to own Sarah like every woman he had in his life. He had a fair with the neighbour. Harry had told Sarah that she, Maya Holland had seduced him. Obviously it hadn't been a hard thing to do because the man hadn't even thought about twice to cheat on Sarah.

Because of the children she didn't want to have their relationship to be public. Lies started to fly like a fire. Those lies started to eat Andy up inside out, but her love for the woman kept her quiet but her heart started fill with pain.

Soon those lies didn't feel like lies anymore and Andy started to see changes on Sarah. She was quiet and didn't talk to her like she used to do. The books what they read was long forgotten and they didn't share thoughts about them. Or the old movies what they usually watched together cuddled on the sofa. They didn't go out with the kids anymore, but Sarah didn't stop her when she took them to the park to play. Jimmy and Jenny were a bundle of joy and it seemed they were only joy that she had in her life at that time.

The silence was too much for Andy and one night she confronted the woman.

'Love,' She got Sarah's attention. 'what has been bothering you?' Andy tried to take the woman in her arms, but she pushed her away. Sarah couldn't look at her, but she started to talk.

'I think I am preagnant.'

Andy's world came crashing down. She really didn't understand how did it come to this. What had she done wrong to make Sarah do this to her.


'You heard me.' Sarah's voice was cold and empty. 'I want to have a child, so I slept with Harry.'

Now Andy realised why Harry had been having those jealous attacks lately. Tears in her eyes she first didn't know what she should say.

'Why...why didn't you tell me?'

'Because I knew how much it would hurt you.' Sarah still had the cold tone in her voice. 'So, Now you know and you can leave me.'

'I don't want that. But you should have told me that you wanted more kids.. I would have given you what you want..obviously I can't give them to you but I would have understood this better.' Her tears were falling down on her cheeks.

'You're not leaving me?' Sarah asked half hoping and half fearing.

'No. You still have my heart and you didn't give it back to me. You didn't tell me this is over and you don't want me anymore. I love you and you and your children are my life now and I can't let this be end of our relationship if you don't want it.' Andy told the woman who finally had her tears falling down on her cheeks. She tried to take Andy in her arms, but this time Andy pushed her away.

'No. You don't get to do that. Not now.' She started her way to the door. 'I need time to get over this hurt what you have given me.' She left Sarah to be alone.

Chapter 4 Miranda's POV

The Twins were doing their homework when their mother came home from work. They ran to their mother and huged her hard.

'You're home early.'

'Yes my darlings, because I missed you two so much.' She kissed their heads.

'Oh, that is so lovely. Did you miss me at all?' Stephen came down smelling booze again.

Miranda felt disgusted. The man was drank again and she hated him for it. The man who she had married once wasn't real and now the real one had come out.

'Yes, darling. I missed you too.' She said sarcasticly.

Stephen kissed her cheek sloppily and Miranda had a urge to wipe out her cheek, but as long as Stephen was watching she didn't do it to get in argument with him again. After she had stood him up on his invintation to have romantic dinner with him. They had been fighting ever sinse. Stephen was whining about her time again, that she didn't have time for him at all. She did give him time but it wasn't enough for him. Every time she gave him time he asked for more, but Miranda couldn't do that.

'Go upstairs darlings and finish your homework. I'll came and get you when the dinner is ready.' Miranda Sended them away. When the girls were out of the way, Miranda took off her coat and put it in the closet. She headed to her study only to be followed by Stephen. He took another drink from the cabinet and sat on the white couch.

'Wanna hear something funny I heard to day?'

Miranda rolled her eyes. 'If you must tell, then tell.'

'I went to work this morning normaly like I do every morning.' He paused to take a sip on his drink. 'On the elevator going up, there was this young boy. Who suddenly asked me was I Mr. Priestly.' Stephen laughed.

Stunned for a moment, Miranda looked at the man who was obviously pissed off about it.

'Stephen, I..'

'Just stop! Let me have my say before you say anything.' He sipped his drink again. 'Do you have any idea how this makes me feel? Last time I checked I wasn't your wife, you were mine. People should be asking you; are you Mrs. Tomlison? Not the other way around!'

Miranda couldn't help that she was the famous editor and Stephen was one of the owners of a big corporation in the networks. Stephen seemed she had stopped talking. Miranda sat next to Stephen and took his hand.

'I am sorry.' She tried to say as tenderly as she could. It worked when she felt Stephen's head leaning on her shoulder.

'I know.' Stephen said like a little child.

'I think it's time for you to get some sleep.' Miranda tapped his hand.

'Will you came with me?' Stephen still sounded like a child and it annoyed Miranda almost to her limit, but she really didn't have time for fighting.

'Yes, I'll be there later on.' She took the glass from Stephen and helped him up. The man left to their bedroom. 'Don't take too long.' The man said.

Wonderful, I have three children and two of them are more adult than the adult himself.

She went back to her work with out a nother thought of Stephen and his request to join him.

Chapter 5 Andrea's POV

To her utter horror, Sarah wasn't preagnant which ment for her to live the betrayal again, but this time she knew what was to come.

'Could you tell me when it's over?' Andy asked with fear in her voice.

'Do you really want that?' Sarah took her in her arms and hugged her hard.

'Yes,' Andy breathed out. 'it is easier for me to handle before I see you again.' She pushed herself away form the woman. She couldn't look at the woman.

'I know I am hurting you, but believe me. I'm just do this to have a child.' Sarah tried to make her believe, but it wasn't easy.

'There are other means for it.' Andy spit her words out maybe a little too strongly.

'You know I want my childern to have the same father.' She took a hold on Andy's shoulder. She saw the wheels turning in the woman's head.

'What do you mean? Same father? What if I were a man, you still would go to Harry? You wouldn't have my child?' She faced the woman, who had lost her words.

'Andy, please don't go there. You're not a man.' Shaking her head Sarah said.

'I want to know, Sarah. If I were a man, would you have a child with me? Would you want to have a child with me?' Andy insisted to know.

Sarah was silent and voiding her.

'Tell me!' She demanded.

'No.' Finaly the woman looked at her. 'No, I wouldn't have your child.' She saw Andy's hurt and how the woman's life turned upside down again and again. 'But darling, you aren't a man. That's why I fell in love with you. I wouldn't have you in my bed if you were a man.' Sarah took a strong hold of the woman and hugged her till Andy gave up and started to cry. Sarah needed to show the woman that she is the one who she wanted kissing her hard till Andy answered to the kiss with the same want. Andy needed to feel wanted as much Sarah needed to show her she wanted Andy.

Andy couldn't stay at home when Sarah left with her kids to see Harry. She left to New York to see her friends, Lily and Doug. After six months being with only Sarah and never really seeing her friends had burdened their relationship and when she told about Sarah's decision. They had hard time to understand why Andy let her do this. Doug and Lily took her phone away from her and took her to a nice club to have some fun. They didn't judge her decisions how to run her life, but they had determined her to have some fun while Sarah was a miles away doing her dirty dancing with her ex-huspand. What Andy didn't know that they had decided behalf of her that she will have her dirty dancing with someone.

They were sitting at their table when a good looking man came to talk to them. Doug was talking with an older man who was dressed well. Armani did suit the man and eventhough the man was bald he was handsom.

Nate was the man's name who sat next to Lily. He tried to get Andy's attention but it was useless. Andy had her eyes clued to a white haired woman who obviously was looking at her too. She had had too many drinks, but she needed to talk to this woman. She is older but she is beautiful. Her hair was white and her two sapphire eyes were hypnotic and Andy couldn't take her eyes of the beauty. When she licked her lips Andy took a hold on their table. What made the woman smirk at her.

Lily ordered her to get some drinks at the bar. It was her turn, even she didn't want to leave the woman. What if she left while she was gone?

It was just her luck when she came back the woman wasn't at her table and Nate had left too. She didn't need to ask Lily, when she was already told that Nate had to use the John's. But still..She had lost the beautiful woman and she couldn't find her any where. She took a sip on her drink and suddenly she felt like she needed some air. At that point Lily gave her her phone back and told her to call if she needed something or left. Taking her purse she left outside and found an alley where she looked at her phone and saw two messages at her phone.

The messages were both from Sarah. First one told her it had been done and the second one was asking her was she angry. No, she wasn't angry but she felt like crying but her thoughts were interrupted by a voice so lovely that she forgot her inner mussings about Sarah. Andy looked up and saw the goddess whom she thougth had left. The woman was smoking.

'I thought you would never come out.' The voice was cool, but flirting.

Andy put her phone back in her purse. 'And I thought you left.' The woman put out her cigarette.

'As you can see, I didn't.' She came closer to Andy. 'Would you like to came to my place and have a drink with me?' She asked.

Mesmerized by the woman. 'Yes, I would love to.'

The older woman came closer and kissed her cheek. 'Good.' Andy kept her moan back. 'What is your name?'

'Andrea, but everyone calls me Andy.' She almost moaned feeling the woman so close to her.

'Andrea, that is beautiful name.'

'You..what is your name?' Andy asked and she earned a beautiful smile.

'Miranda.' The woman took her phone and called her driver who in seconds were there to take them to Miranda's home.

That drink was long forgotten before they even got to Miranda's townhouse. They were kissing and touching each other. Filling the car's back seat with lovely sounds of passion.

Everything was foggy how they got inside the house and foggier were how they got in Miranda's bedroom, but it was all about the passion and tenderness what they had missed in their lifes and both of them could tell their stories by their bodylanguage. After math of their passion they fell arms around each other breathing heavily.

'Andrea, you are beautiful.' Miranda said and kissed the woman's neck.

'No, you are.' Andy told her and took stronger hold on the woman who laid her head on her chest.

'Stay the night, please.' The older woman murmured.

'I love to.' Andy only said and they both fell a sleep.

Chapter 6 Miranda's POV

Miranda stood in front of the window looking out in her thoughts when Emily came to her office.

'What is it this time?' She sniffed.

'Your huspand's assistant just called and canceled your dinnerplans for the night.' Emily said with a nervous tone. Figures. Miranda thought. 'He had to take urgent flight to Paris. Emergency meeting with the company's client.'

'That's all.' Miranda said and went back to her desk.

So, this is how he pays back. She thought. Miranda had stood her huspand too many times and this is his way paying her back. She had done everything in her power to get this weekend off so she and him could spend the weekend together.

Stephen had started to come home later than normaly. Always smelling booze and woman's perfume. Once she had heard him talking to his assistant not so suitable manner. Right that moment she knew her huspand had a fair with his blond assistant who called herself Candy. Really. What kind of a person calls herself Candy than cheap prostitute?

He can have his fun and pay his price later.

Miranda was getting ready to go home when Nigel came to her office.

'Hey! Wanna go out and have a drink?' He leaned on her desk with a big smile on his face.

'How do you know I don't have anything to do tonight?' She looked at the man with her cold stair. It didn't have affect on Nigel. Never had wich is why he was her best friend.

Nigel's smile got bigger. 'I have my ways. So, you and me out tonight?'

Miranda went mentally through her options. Alone at home or out with a friend.

'Yes.' She finally said.

'Good. I'll get my coat and we are on our way to get drunk' Nigel turned to go.

'No no Nigel, just a drink!' Miranda tried to say, but Nigel was gone before she had her words out. Normaly she would have fired the person who would walk out on her, but Nigel was an exception. He was always exception.

Nigel took her to a quite nice club. It wasn't too loud or crowdy. It was perfect. Nigel went to get their first drinks when she noticed this beautiful young woman with a long brown hair and those borwn doe eyes which could melt the arctic. She felt her heart beat faster when the woman looked at her and smiled. She couldn't look away. Miranda felt her inner core starting to melt for the woman. Could this be even possible to feel like this? The woman was total stranger and she felt this strong pull towards her. Miranda couldn't explain that to herself, but the first time in her life she felt that she didn't need to understand.

Nigel had found company at the bar and was talking to the man who was with the woman and her friend. She felt jealousy when she saw this badly dressed good looking man, who had also brown hair and eyes, but his assets weren't as powerful like this woman's. The man tried to get her attention but her attention was luckily on Miranda. She enjoyed it.. the undivided tention what the woman offered her only by looking at her.

When she licked her lips she saw how powerful hold she had on the woman. She couldn't believe that the brunette was also captivated of her smiles as her movements.

Suddenly the woman had to leave for the bar and this time Miranda woke up to the reality. She took her purse and left out side but before the door the badly dressed man stopped her.

'Hey!' The man yelled.

Miranda turned to face him. 'Yes?' He smelled like grease.

'I hope you are leaving.'

'I am not.' Anger flared in Miranda's eyes.

'You should, because I want the woman you are eyefucking and I always get what I want.' The man was arrogant and it made Miranda's blood poil.

'Well, mister who ever you are and I really don't care who you are. I get what I want and when I want and no-one stands between what I want.' She left out side to the alley.

The wall was dirty but she needed to steady herself. She was a way too drunk to think about the wall. Miranda took a cigarette and lited it. She rearly smoked but when she drank this much she had a bad hapid to smoke one or two. Inhailing the smoke she relaxed and closed her eyes. She heard someone coming to the alley too and almost telling who ever it is leave her alone. But her words didn't leave her after she saw this young beautiful brunette studying her phone. Obviously she hadn't seen her, so she made her first move..

Soon they were in her towncar kissing and if the drive wasn't so short she would have fucked the woman right there and then. She didn't remember how did they got inside or in her bedroom. But their passion was mutual and she had never known how much she had needed this. Longed for this. Their bodies were one in heated passion and she didn't want this to end. Miranda couldn't believe how good she could feel so she asked Andrea to stay with her when she heard the beautiful woman give her positive answer she lay her head on Andrea's chest and fell a sleep with happy smile on her lips.

Chapter 7 Andrea's POV

Andy woke up slowly when she noticed someones hand on her back. Her head was about to explode from the head ache. What the hell.. Her memory from last night wasn't good but she, Lily and Doug had gone out and had far too many drinks.. and then there was a man who was hitting on her and Lily. Oh my god! what have I done? She moved carefully under the hand and noticed her naked body. This is just great! What have you done! She quietly took her clothes when she realised that this wasn't her appartment. Okay..that man is rich. She took a beak to the bed and saw the mans white hair. His face was buried to the pillow, but his arm was laying there where she left it. That isn't a mans arm. Too feminine... She had no idea who this person was. She didn't remember. The person moved groaning, but was still sleeping. The person was a woman. Beautiful older woman. How did I end up here and who is this goddess? She had to get out of the house, but just before she left. She took from her wallet a card where was her number and name. She wrote back of it. 'Call me.' Andy left the card to the pillow and started to her way out the house. First she didn't know where she was, but then she noticed the mail laying on the small table. Thank god for small favours! She looked up the address and called outside the house taxi to pick her up. She wanted to stay with the woman, but she needed to get back to Lily's before she started to call after her and get too worried about her. She did have Sarah home waiting her and she was scared to see the woman again after this.
Sun was rising and waking the New York. Creatures of the night started to crawl back to their hiding places, but Andy didn't see them. She felt sick. I have to remember what happened... I have to! She had never lost her memory like this. The taxi took her to Lily's who was sleeping with a guy in her bed. It was the same guy who had been hitting on them. Was it Matt..Nate..or something. She didn't wake them up to ask what had happened. They had time for that later. Now she needed a shower, something for her head ache and coffee to get ready for the day.

Miranda's POV

The Ray's of sun woke Miranda Priestly slowly, moaning from the pain. Her head was killing her. Oh, Good. Hangover. Just what I need for this morning.First time in her life she was happy that her girls were at their fathers. She loved her girls more than her life but right now she wasn't sure was she ready to show her girls show bad thing was alcohol and their mother was so stupid to drink it. She had hard time to remember what had happened last night. She had gone out with Nigel, with her friend who told her that she needed some fun in her life and she had gone because she didn't want to go to her empty home. Not even Stephen was there to argue with. The man was on a business trip with his assistant in Paris. What he didn't know that she knew why they really were in Paris. Romantic getaway for two. She had known for a while about his fair with that young blond.

Miranda turned to her back and felt pleasant tingle on her body what she usually felt after good sex. Oh God! What have I done? She slowly sat on her bed and started to look around. There was no other clothes than her own. He isn't here. She thought. Her memory had failed her badly but she did remember a young woman, who had big brown eyes. Those eyes had captivated her instantly and her full reddish lips. Her smile had been melting her cold core all evening. She didn't remember speaking to the woman when she noticed this young man with them, two of them actually. The other one was obviously gay and Nigel had noticed him. The other was roughly good looking who could have been a model for some magazine. She remembered talking to him but didn't remember what they were talking about. Soft kiss entered her mind. Brown hair and brown eyes. Oh God! She had slept with the man. Miranda didn't understand why she didn't feel like she had had sex with a man? usually she felt sore-er after that. What she really didn't enjoy after. Now she felt pleasant and felt like smiling. Looking around she found the card.
Andy Sachs was his name and there was his number. Behind of it was just two words. 'Call me.' Handwriting looked feminine and it puzzled her more. Why would this man who looked like a good looking bartender have this beautiful handwriting. She tossed the card to her bed side table drawer and got up to get to her bathroom. When she noticed black La Perla bra on her floor. She picked them up and realised they weren't hers. Too big for her b cup. She sat on her toilet seat still looking at the bra when it hit her. Did I have threesome? OH MY GOD! Miranda buried her head on her hands. She would definitely NOT call to this Andy who ever he is!

Chapter 8 Andrea's POV

The memories of that night was still foggy for Andy, but she did remember kissing that woman. She had a nagging feeling that she knew the woman's name but it just didn't come to her.

After two days she had to leave home back to Ohio and back to Sarah. She did feel bad about what she had done but she didn't know what did Sarah feel for her ex-huspand. Had it just been sex or was it more? She hated the idea that someone else had touched Sarah the way she could never do and Sarah had let him. It didn't matter why she let him, because it hurt Andy to just know what they had done. Suddenly she didn't feel so quitly about what she had done, even she didn't remember everyhting.. well she didn't remember a whole lot. She had a feeling it had been perfect and in time she would remeber the whole night.

Sarah took her in her arms and just hold her.

'I missed you.' She whispered to Andy's ear.

Andy felt bad, because she really didn't miss Sarah. Lie would be betrayal.

'Yeah? How much?' She tried to smile and that moment the woman started to kiss her gently. Everything felt different but it was familiar and safe. Andy wanted to forget what they both had done and finaly she could let go and love the woman again.

The next two weeks had gone slowly and they had fight or two about it. Only because Sarah had a feeling that it hadn't worked and wanted to do it again. Andy couldn't believe her ears, because she had hard time to get over it before. She couldn't take it anymore and she thought Sarah wanted to do it again because of another reasons.

Sarah came out of her bathroom and she had the test with her.

'Well?' Andy asked hope in her eyes.

Sarah sat next to her and gave the test to her. Positive. Relief went through Andy and she couldn't stop the smile. Sarah didn't look so happy about it, but she smiled too. Andy hugged the woman who finally answered with her own hug.

Four months later Andy tried to kiss Sarah but she pushed her away. Jimmy and Jenny came to give her a hug.

'We need to talk.' Sarah only said and told the kids go play while they talked.

'What is it? You sound serious.' Andy felt the cold chill go through her.

'While the kids are wake or somewhere near. We can't hug or kiss.' The woman sat to her computerchair.

What? Andy's mind when wild on thinking what was going on.

'Harry is pissed off. Our kids tells him how good we are together and how much they love you. He is jealous of this and right now I can't take the stress of it. Don you undertand?'

Andy wanted to yell no! But she didn't want anything happen to this child. They had had their problems already and it had been touch and go for a while.

'Yes.' She took her place on a couch. 'How long we keep this act?'

'Till this child is born or as long as Harry is jealous about this.' Sarah told her.

'It can take forever. As long as he thinks he has you when ever he wants. He won't let you go.' Andy was angry, but tried to hide it as well as she could.

'I know, but I don't want to my kids to have the stress on them and I don't want them to lie to thier father like he makes them lie to me.'

Andy did understand, but she didn't know why was Sarah wanted to play Harry's game even after the birth. Okay, she didn't want her kids to suffer, because of their dad. But still, why would she want to play Harry's game and let him rule it too.

The fairytale had gone bad, like the song says. In the shadows they shared their kisses and hugs, no more confessions of love or passionate touches. Andy could tell, Sarah didn't love her anymore, maybe she never had loved her. But Andy was still in love with the woman who had swepped her of the ground and made her love her and her children. Even this unborn child had her heart.

Chapter 9 Miranda's POV

Miranda's mermory was still fussy, but she did remember the man. They had an argument about the brunette, something about who would have her. Like always, Miranda didn't back out on challange. Did she really win and the woman had left with her. She had nagging feeling that she had made a bad choice not to contact that Andy person, who ever it had been. Miranda didn't remember the woman's name even she had a feeling she had yelled that name all night long. It was fusturating to know that she had an opportunity of her life to get to know the person who made her cold heart beat life in her.

Stephen really hadn't helpped their situation at all coming home drank out of his ass wanting to have sex with her. She had snapped at him to get his attentions from other means than her. Like that assistant of his and Stephen had made his ultimatum.

'if you don't do your share of this marrage, I wont be here for long and I will get every penny you have!'

His treat wasn't bullet prof, but it did wake Miranda up. She didn't want to lose Stephen for her children's sake. They needed a man in their life and steady home, but was it Stephen, who would always come home drank out of his mind and yell and argue with her? She didn't know. Maybe it would show the girls that this kind of a man they should never marry or worse. What if they ended up with some drunk who would beat them up only because they didn't do what the man said? She had to make her choice and talk to the girls about what they wanted and would it be okay if she went looking for this woman?

'Bobsey's.' Mother in her had woken when she went to Caroline's room where the twins were doing their homework.

'Mom! You're home!' The girls jumpped to hug their mom.

'I need to talk to you about something.' They sat on the sofa.

'You can talk about anything with us.' Cassidy said hugging her mom.

'It is about Stephen.'

'I hope you are geting devorce. We don't like him. He is always drunk.' Caroline said.

Miranda was surpirsed about the info. 'It might be coming to that sooner than I thought.' They didn't like him and that was reason enough to get rid of Stephen, but she needed evidence about his fairs with other women.

'Good.' They said the same time.

'There is something else I need to talk to you two..' She didn't know how to say this, but she couldn't help her smile.

'You have met someone else?'

'Yes, I have.' She had never talked with her girls about her loveinterest, but this time she felt the need, because it was about a woman and not a man like usually.

'You have never talked about us these things. It must be serious then.'

'Girls, I have no idea what is this or where it might go. I don't know how to even find this person, but I think this may be it.' She studied her girls.

'It's a woman then.' Cassidy said knowing.

Miranda looked at them baffled. 'How?'

'A person? Mom.. a person.' Okay, her girls had her there.

'Yes.' She didn't know how to ask them the next question, but her girls blow her mind again.

'It's okay, mom. If she is a good person and she likes's okay. We give her a chance if she gives us.'

Miranda kissed her girls and let them back to their homework. She still had to find this woman and woo her. She didn't really had any idea how to do this, but she had some ideas where to start.

Chapter 10 Andrea's POV

Eight months, trhee weeks and two days.

Child of Sarah's betrayal was born. Beautiful baby girl and right that moment Andy had loved the child like her own. Sarah didn't kiss her or smiled at her, but she was happy too. Andy had the baby in her arms and she was talking to her when the hospital door opened. There was a man who she recognized instantly. Harry.

He came in the room like he owned it and hugged Sarah like they were a couble. It broke Andy's heart and soul. This is why Sarah didn't want the kids see them kiss and hug. When he saw Andy with his child..he took her away from Andy and told her to leave, that she wasn't needed anymore. When Sarah didn't say a word to stop the man acting like a lion king prtecting his teritory. Sarah had shown her her place in this and it didn't look like she cared either when Andy walked out of the room. The whole way home she cried silet tears and when she closed her front door and was about to preak down for the day. Her phone started to ring.

'Hello?' Her voice was hoarse.

'Andy, I'm sorry. I had no idea that he would come!' It was Sarah.

'You could have stopped him and told him to leave.'

'Come on, Andy! He is my children's father!' Sarah was little annoid with her.

'Yeah, he is and I'm just..just.. what am I?" She asked.

'My kids love you and they need you. I need you.'

Need. It was like a curse to hear. What about what she needed? Sarah had promised her a lot of things and now she had nothing what she had given up on. The lies had taken her trust for the woman, but like always. She lived on hope that Sarah would be hers and she would be theirs and they would have life together. As a family.

The baby got her name, Joy and that she was for Andy. She had Andy rapped around her little finger and Andy just loved it. Year went by and Joy was having her first birthday. Sarah and her relationship had gotten cold. They didn't see each other as much as they used to and there wasn't even kiss of goodbyes anymore. The love between them was dying slowly and there wasn't passion anymore.

It was a hot summer day when Sarah wanted to have her on her bed. It had been along time sinse their time together. She couldn't resist the woman, but when she noticed Sarah's breasts. They were sore, like at the time she was expecting Joy. She looked at the woman who was enjoying her lovemaking and when Sarah came she looked at Andy who's face had that knowing look on her.

'Darling.' Sarah tried.

'No. You are preagnant again.' She got off the woman and started to put her clothes on again. 'I should have known when you started say how jealous Harry was again.'

'Andy, it.. I wanted to have another child.'

'Don't lie to me. You may have wanted a child again with Harry, but don't deny you don't want him too!' She started to leave.

'I don't want him! I don't want anyone!'

'I guess this is it then.'

'No, don't..don't leave! I do need you!' Sarah called afer her.

'No you don't need me. You have everyhting what you need, but I am not one of those people who you need. I loved you and I will always love you, but you don't love me. Maybe you have never loved me, but that's not the point. I was only passing distraction to you and I can only blame myself for it that I really thought you would be the one.'

Sarah was crying. 'I'm sorry.. I am so sorry!'

'No, don't be. I am.' After that Andy left Sarah to her own world. She said her goodbyes to the children. Even it hurt her like hell. Jimmy asked her when she'll come back and she didn't know what to say to the boy. She hugged them and left.

The three year journey was over.

Chapter 11 Miranda's POV

Miranda started to get fusturatied. She had no idea how to get hold on the brunette and Nigel wasn't any help either. But she remembered the woman's name, Andrea. The beautiful woman has a beautiful name.

The number she had was disconected two weeks ago. Why did she had to wait two weeks to contact the woman! And now the new number wasn't listed. Or maybe something had happened to the woman. No, she didn't want to go there. A nother day was passing by with out any information about this mysterious Andrea Sachs. There was too many Andreas to start to look her on 'manualy'. Well she could but her? Really? And every detective agency wasn't a good enough to do their jobs on policy 'Don't ask, don't tell.' They all wanted fame and her name would do that!

Going home was comforting. Knowing her girls would be there. Tomorrow was a new day and hopefully she would be closer to Andrea.

Her girls were disappointed to hear that she still hadn't found Andrea, but they trusted on their mom to find her. If that woman would only be the one who could make their mom happy they would wait till the world would end. Maybe not that long, but they were ready to wait a looooong time.

Miranda didn't feel any different than yesterday morning. Going to work with her normal stride telling Emily how hard it is to make a pointment with facialist never looking at the woman who stood there to meet her. The woman looked at her with her big brown eyes not believing her eyes. Obvious to all of this Miranda went to her office and asked Emily had she made her choise on a second assistant. Emily told her not really but she had someone.. before she could even tell her who it was. Miranda was ordering her to send the new girl in.

'Show her in! That's all.' Miranda studied her papers not looking at the woman who stood front of her. When she finally looked at the woman she forgot how to breath. They both were just looking at each other. Miranda stood up and went to shut the door smelling the woman's perfume. Toxicating her she turned to look at the woman's behind. She had black armani sute on and it fit the woman like a glove.

'Andrea.' She whispered. The woman in fornt of her shivered. 'Miranda.' Andrea turned to look at the woman who had faint blush on her cheeks.

'I have been looking for you.' Miranda told her.

'You have? Why?'

'I don't know. I really don't know.' Miranda looked away but she was stopped by the soft hand she had missed.

'I missed you too.' It was all it took to make Miranda kiss Andrea.

'I have lived on hope my whole life, but I was getting worried that I would never see you again.' Miranda said after she broke their kiss.

Andrea lost her fire in her eyes, but she didn't say anything for a while. 'Hope is overrated, but I am glad to see you again.'

Still holding Andrea in her arms. 'This job is yours if you want it, but..'

'Thank you and I understand. No kissing and touching while working and you can't treat me any diffrently than the others.' At that moment Nigel burst in Miranda's office with photo's and atomaticly Andrea pushed Miranda away. Miranda was little buffled, but when she looked at Andrea. She acted like nothing had happened. Obviously she needed to talk with this woman because she was way too good in this game which they had set just a seconds ago.

'Do I know you same where?' Nigel asked.

'No, I don't think so.' Andrea lied to the man.

'Are you sure?' Nigel studied her, but not getting anywhere.

Andrea gave the man her perfect smile.

'Oh, I would remember that.' The man took her hand. 'I'm Nigel Kipling.'

'Andrea Sachs.' The man froze. He looked at Miranda and then Andrea and again Miranda.

'You..You found her?'

'No, She found me.' Miranda smiled at the man.

Andrea didn't say a word, but Miranda felt a much happier than the day earlier.

Chapter 12 Andrea's POV

For a while Andy had been lost in her life. She didn't have any idea what she should do after she had moved out of her home and sold allmost everything she owned. She had her backbag and her laptop when she boarded the plane. She had to get away from Ohio. Away from Sarah and those mermories about them. Doug had begged her to come New York and she had finally said yes, because she had no idea what to do next. Lily had been happy to hear her coming back to New York and the idea she might stay with them.

For a while it was fun to drink and party with her friends, but she needed to have something to get by. She needed to find a job. News reporter was her dream job and she had always had a nack with words. She had loved writing stories on anything and she had won prizes because of them. That's why she didn't sell her laptop. It was the only reason what kept her in line. Well, line was wery fine when it came to her and her friends.

She had two choices, McDonald's or some magazine called Runway. Obivously Lily and Doug were excited when they heard she had an interview at the Runway. She had no idea why but Lily made her buy Armani's suit and made a big fuss about her make-up. She let the woman do her thing because artist in her made the best come out on Andy.

They told her she would nail that job when she stepped out on Doug's appartment. Well, if she didn't she had one good suit and a one interview behind her and she could always go to work at McDonald's.

She met this Emily Charton who looked at her like she had eaten a whole pig. She already felt fat among these models and this Emily looked just like one of them. Sudenly Emily was panicing and running arround like a maniac, saying she's here. Andy didn't know who she was talking about, but soon she heard clacking noise and familar perfume filled her senses. Then, in front of her she saw the goddess who walked passed her never even seeing her. Obivously she didn't remember her anymore and she had just been a fling to the woman. Before she could think she was pushed in to the office.

Andy couldn't take her eyes off of Miranda. When their eyes met it was like the world left them to be one. Andy's heart melted when Miranda told her she had been looking for her. Oh how had she missed that woman. They had only one night but it made Andy want more from the woman.. most of her memories had come back to her after she had talked with Lily about their night and Nate who had told their little word battle about who is having whom. But what Nate didn' t know that he had lost for good.. and also he had lost Lily's trust in him.

Feeling those lips on hers, reminded her what she had left behind last time and she didn't want to let go, but then that bald man who had been with Doug at that night came in. She pushed the woman out of her arms and did what she did best. Acted like nothing had just happened.

Andy didn't know what to say to the man, but when she heard Miranda say that the job was hers, she felt little bad about taking it.

'Until I find something else.' She said to the woman who tried to object. 'I can't work for you if I have my mind in some where else.' She smiled to the woman and for the fist time for a long time.

Nigel saw Miranda smile for real. It was a part which he had missed for a long time.