Chapter 33

Miranda saw Andy's love for the childern and she couldn't say that she didn't like them. They were lovable and charming. Expecially Joy. This little girl with a long blond hair and blue eyes with beautiful and happy laugh sat on her lap and asked if she could read her a story. Joy had a book in her hand: "Andy wroite this. It's my favourite." Surprised she glanced at her lover. Andrea was blushing: "Miranda, you know kids.. bright colors and all."

With a smile she started to read the story about princess who lived her life inside a castle. When she finished the story the girl in her lap was sleeping. Miranda hadn't even noticed, she had been captivated by the story for an hour. Miranda settled the child to the couch and looked at her lover. Who was talking to the older childern while Sarah was putting Oscar down for a nap. This young woman really knew how to write children's books and this might be something Andrea would love to do more.

"I think I'll start the dinner." Andrea stood up leaving Sarah and Miranda alone.

"Do you have any kids Miranda?" Sarah asked.

"Yes, I do." She crossed her hands and for the first time she did look at the woman. Really, she had no idea what did Andrea see in this woman. She was normal looking, normal hight and fat. Well, fat she ment by curvy. Andrea wasn't fat. She was a femine goddess with smooth skin and good muscle tone. This woman wasn't anyhting like her Andrea.

"How old?" Sarah asked with curiousity.

"They just turned twelve."

"Oh, twins. Girls or boys or both?"

"Two girls." The older children went to play with lego's leaving them alone. "Why are you here?"

"It is none of your business." Sarah glared at her, but the woman was faced with Miranda's icy look.

"I think it is as Andrea is my partner and you really hurt her. How much?"

"Are you offering me money to leave Andy alone?" Sarah's smile was evil.

"Yes, how much? 5.000?"

"What makes you think that I am here for her money?" Sarah took limonade.

"Because there is no other reason for you to be here. Don't try to make me believe that you are here because of your children. They are just your pawns to get her do what you ask of her. So, what is your prize to leave her alone?"

Sipping her limonade and thinking for a second. "100, and I want it soon as possible. Then we will leave."

Miranda took her chek book and started to write. "You will not ask anything from Andrea, but you wont stop her from seeing your childern. You wont be there when she sees them." Taking pity. "Tomorrow, you leave." Standing up. "Now, I have to get my girls from school and we will join you for dinner. I suggest you go help Andrea with our dinner."

Who was this old bitch telling her what to do? Oh, she would take her money and she would take also Andrea's money. After all, the stupid woman didn't know how to say no to her. Oh, how she was going to play them both. With a smile she went to help Andy.

"Hey Andy. Wanna help?"

"Yeah, sure. That would be great." Andy gave her space so she could start to do salad. They both worked in silence and they both wanted to ask their questions.

"Andy." Sarah started to talk.

"Sarah, why are you here?" Andrea asked. She had to know before Sarah said anything more.

"I need help." Glansing at the woman. "I need money."

Andy had known deep in her heart that was her reason to see her. "How much?"

Hesitating for a second. "200.000 dollars."

"What? What for?" Andy was shocked.

"To buy a house, we need a bigger one. I'll pay you back."

"With what? You don't work, you don't have any money of your own. You don't have a partner."

"I'll figure out something."

How many times had Andy heard that same line. She'll pay back and some how figure out to do so. They were lies like always.

"Please." Sarah was begging her.

"I have to think about this." Andy took a step back when she heard the front door open. She had to see Miranda and the twins.

"Hey Andy! Where are they?"

"Hey my darlings! They are at the entertainment room. Go see." The girls left them alone together. "Hey, I missed you." She kissed Miranda who opened her arms to the woman. "I missed you too." Miranda noticed that samething was wrong with her lover. "What is it?"

"Sarah, asked 200 000 dollar loan."

"What?" Stunned by the womans greed. "You don't loan that kind of money to her."

"They need a bigger space to live." She hugged her lover. "Dinner will be ready in an hour. Wine?"

"Please." Miranda fell in side her thoughts. This woman had balls she had to admit, but Miranda wasn't going to let that happen to her loved one. This woman will never ever use her Andrea again. It was time for this little stupid blondie to see whit whom she was playing with.

Dinner was quiet, except for the children. Miranda saw how happy her Andrea was with all of the children. Yes, they would make more. She thought with a small smile on her lips. When the children went back to upstairs she took Andrea up too. Because the woman looked exhausted. "Darling, take nap. I have some work to do. I love you." She tugged her lover in and went to look for the other woman whom she found in Andrea's study.

"Well, well, well. You got some nerve." She said with her ice cold voice.

"What are you talking about?" Sarah seemed puzzled.

"That is the 200 000 dollar question. Isn't it?"

"Oh, she told you."

"Oh yes, she did." They were almost nose to nose.

"Did you tell her, you gave me 100 000 dollar check?" She had a evil smile on her lips.

"No not yet. But I will. Now wasn't the time to do so."


"Sarah, you have two options." Taking a step back. "One, You do what we a greed on. Option two, you leave with her money and lose everyhting."

"Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?"

"I am the Ice Queen. I am the devil. If you think you could pull this up you have no idea with whom you are playing with. You will lose. Think, what is important to you and make you choise." She left the woman alone in Andrea's study. Walking in Andrea's bedroom she studied the woman she loved. So peaceful and beautiful. Oh, how she loved this woman. She would do anything to protect her and if it ment to stroy this Sarah woman she would.

Andy didn't wake up all night and it was early morning when she opened her eyes the first time. She felt a warm and soft body against her back and a hand protectively around her waist. Smiling she slowly turned around and saw Miranda still asleep. So beautiful. She started to kiss the woman's beautiful face. The older woman started to stir and moaning so Andrea moved the woman on her back and took her place between Miranda's legs. Feeling the other woman's naked body under her she also felt her heated sex. Oh, so ready for her. "Good morning." Miranda moaned. "Oh yes, love. It is." Andy gave small kisses all over the woman body. "Oh, Andrea. Please." Andy's hormones took over and her hand found it's way between Mrianda's legs. Yes, Miranda was so ready for her. Without any hesitation she let her fingers slide in that sweet wet core earning a loud moan from the woman. "Oh, don't stop." No Andrea wouldn't even dream to do so. She coudn't stop if she even wanted to. The woman is beautiful when she looks so vulnerable. Andy felt honored to see this side of the woman she. Her own need almost got her over when Miranda pushed her leg between hers. Her growing stomach gave her palance which she needed to keep her up. "Andreah!" The woman moaned. "I...I want to.." Miranda didn't say what but Andrea could feel the woman's hand going between her legs. Oh, those perfect fingers entered her waking her inner animal which had evidently done the same for the older woman. She had no idea how long it had taken when their mutual explosion happened, but it was beautiful and perfect. Andy crashed down on Miranda who took her in her arms with tight hug. They both were sweaty and gasping air.

"Miranda, I love you." Andy kissed the woman's shoulder.

"And I you."

"Wanna share a shower with me?" With a wicked smile she pushed Miranda up to come with her.

Miranda Priestly was a woman in love. When she loves someone she will give her everyhting and she will protect the one's she loves. Before it was just her children but now there was her Andrea and her baby and she would do anyhting to protect them. Expecially from this lying, greedy harpy. She knew the type and had her share of them too so she knew exactly what Andrea was facing. After along hot shower with her lover she told her what she had done.

"Andrea," Miranda hugged the woman. "I need to tell you something."

"Okay." Andrea saw the seriousness of the woman.

"I gave Sarah 100 000 dollar check yesterday. Before she asked more from you. I gave it to her so she would leave you alone, but would give you visiting rights with her children." Miranda studied Andrea's face. Looking for clues or hints what was the woman thinking.

"You did that for me?"

"Yes, and yesterday after I put you in bed. I had a little talk with her." Lowering her eyes. "I told her to think hard what will be her next move. I will ruin her, if she will ever try to use you again." When Miranda saw Andrea's eyes. She really didn't know what was she really seeing.

"You did that for me?"

"Yes, I..I did and I did mean it." Miranda didn't undestand Andrea's tears, but before she had time to ask she felt the woman's soft lips kissing her senseless.

When Andrea finally let them breath. "No-one has never ever done anything like that for me. Thank you, but you should cancel your check. I can't let you do this."

"If I can get you free from her with my money, I'll do what ever it takes to do so." Miranda kissed Andrea's hands. "I love you and I will always protect you and your child."

"Our." Andrea whispered.

Miranda wasn't sure did she hear what she thought "What?"

"Our child if you have it as yours too." Those borwn eyes studied her.

"Oh, I would." One last kiss for the morning she had to leave for work. She had never been happier but she could be little more happier if Sarah would take the road back to Ohio. Leaving her Andrea alone. Well, she would have to wait and see.

Chapter 34

Sarah was angry. Who was this rich bitch to tell her what she should do! No-one, No-one will never tell her what to do! She would get what she wants! Sarah took her kids to the entertainment room before she went to see Andy. She found her at the pool swimming.

"Hey Andy! Good morning."

Hey, Good morning. Did you sleep well?" Andy got out of the pool and took her towel.

"I did. You have very nice place here." She took a seat near Andrea.

"Thanks. I love it myself." Andy sipped her juice.

"So, have you thought about what we talked about yesterday?"

"Yes, I have." She sat down too. "And my answer is this." She offered the foulder which she had asked form her accountant this morning. There was everything what she had given to Sarah in her life minus presents of course.

"So, you see. I have already given you 99.994 dollars which you have never paid me back and what I have heard you already had your money from Miranda, which you own me." Andy started to eat her breakfast. Sarah was angry. This stupid woman was suddenly smart! How the hell had this happened? "So give the check to me." Sarah was fighting with her will, but evidently she gave the check to Andy. "Now we are even." Andy looked at the check with a smile on her lips. "Thank you. Now, because I love your kids I will buy you a house. But you will pay me rent from it. If you don't you are out! Do you understand?"


"After breakfast. I expect you to take your kids and leave."

"Yes, Andy. Thank you." Sarah stood up. She was still fumming form anger, she had been fooled. Andy will never ever see her kids again. NEVER. She would make sure of it.

"Oh, if you were wondering about Miranda. Was she serious about what she said.. you shoud google her. Most of them are quite true. You have been quite lucky you know.." Sarah left upstairs to get her kids to leave. They woudn't stay even for a breakfast.

Miranda made Emily to go to her townhouse. Get some clothes and some itmes she would need at Andrea's. She wasn't going to let her be on her own with that woman! No way in hell! If the woman was smart, she would be long gone when Miranda arrived to her Andrea's home. It was friday and her children were at their fathers and last time she heard from them they were on their way to disneyland. The girls told them not to wait up their call. She wouldn't. This weekend was ment to be for her and Andrea.

The door wasn't locked like last time. Andrea shouldn't really be so trusting even if the mansion was inside high wall. Miranda forgot everything what she had been thinking about when she opened the door. There were rose petals all they way to the back where was the pool and the hall way was lighted by small flaoting candles. When she arrived to meet her lover she couldn't believe her eyes and ears. There was a soft music which Miranda didn't recognize. There was more red roses and candles, but Andrea was the one who captivated her attention. Apparently Sarah had left with her children, because her Andrea was ready to eat.. her.

"Hello, my love." Andrea purred.

"Hello to you to, my darling." Miranda kissed the woman sweetly. "All this for me?"

"Yes, for you." Andrea's smile blinded her. "Are you hungry or would you like to go straight for the dessert?"

Miranda didn't say anything, but she took Andrea in her arms and showed her what she wanted exactly.

Three hours later Andy was lying on her back and had the woman's head was on her chest. Their lovemaking had been everyhting and more. Andy had no idea she could be this happy and she had a feeling Miranda hadn't either.

"So, what happened with Sarah?" Miranda asked still too exhausted to move her head.

"I told her that I would buy them a house, but she will be paying me a rent."

"What?" Miranda looked at her.

"And I got your check back."

"How?" Miranda didn't believe her ears.

"Oh, sweety. I have my ways and I can't tell all of my secrets." She smiled at the woman.

"No, no! I have to know if this is going come back and bite us."

"Miranda, I think she will not come back and haunt. After she read the package I did send her."

"What package?" Miranda glared at Andy.

"Oh, just a little infopackage about Miranda Priestly and what she is capable to do." Andy wasn't affected by her glare.

"Oh, that kind of a package. You know.. you can be really evil when you want to be. Remind me never to piss you off."

"I'll do that." On that note, Andy's stomach gorwled. "I think it's hungry."

"Well, then. I can't let you two starve!" Miranda got up from their bed, which Andy had made for them. Still by the pool they ate in comfortable silence.

"Miranda, I.." Taking a deep breath. "I know you love your home, but could you consider moving in with the twins?"

"I say yes, but my girls have their saying in this. So.. you have to convince them."

"I'll do my best." Andy smiled.

"I know and I know you will also convince them to move in, because they love you." Miranda trapped Andry's legs with her own. She started to kiss her Andrea sweetly and lovingly. Before it went too far she had to ask.

"Why did you have my size underwear?"

Andrea smiled. "Oh, I lived on hope."

"So, can I borrow Nigel for the next weekend?"

"No, you may not. You don't need him while you have the best, me."