Konoha didn't get overly cold during the winters, which made Finals Week all the more unique. Sasuke looked outside to see snow falling, the dusty kind that didn't stick, but rare all the same. It was the talk all over campus, the unexpected snowfall. Sasuke didn't really see the appeal. Snow sucked if you weren't six years old.

He'd plodded through the sleet in a bad mood to his first final, and nearly slipped on a patch of ice and fallen right on his ass on the way back. Luckily, he'd kept himself balanced, but it did nothing to improve morale. Finals Week, especially the first one of college, tended to take quite a lot out of a person.

One down, four to go. Sasuke made the mistake of taking five classes that first semester, and even if he was decently intelligent and a hard worker, it was quite a lot on his plate. Especially with an entourage of asshole friends who needed to be entertained constantly, and an annoying (amazing) girlfriend who needed to be made out with constantly. Between classes, his social life, his (active) sex life, football, and a part-time job, Sasuke's first semester at college was busy, to say the least.

He sat in his dorm room, alone for once, poring over his Psychology textbook for his next final. Naruto was in the library studying with Hinata, which was earth-shattering news in and of itself; Sasuke couldn't remember Naruto setting foot in the library in high school even once. Maybe having a girlfriend really changed you.

A quick, unconscious glance at the framed photo on his desk, depicting a girl with pink hair kissing his cheek, the fondness on his face unmistakable, both of them wearing graduation gowns, confirmed that yes, it really did. To his mounting fury, Sasuke found that having Sakura around as a girlfriend instead of just a friend had a million advantages; why the hell hadn't he hooked up with her sooner?

It had taken years of self-loathing and denial, culminating in a summer-long road trip around the country full of badass fuckery to reach this point. He had a serious girlfriend he loved, even if she drove him batshit crazy 99.9 percent of the time. He had a drawer of her things in his bureau. He had the intoxicating scent of Victoria's Secret perfume on his sheets and all kinds of shit he never thought he'd want until he had it.

Smirking, he returned to his textbooks, only to have the door thrown open moments later. Looking up with a slight glare, he saw Sakura flounce inside the room, uninvited and unannounced. She looked as beautiful as ever in a Konoha hoodie and jeans, her long hair pulled back into a sloppy ponytail, her eyes bright.

"What're you smiling for?" he muttered. "It's Finals Week. Nothing to smile about."

She giggled and bent to kiss him on the cheek. Unsatisfied, he turned his face to kiss her properly; a minute passed, and Sasuke wondered if he would ever actually adjust to kissing Sakura Haruno. It was entirely too distracting and the last thing he needed to be doing with so little time (six hours) before his next final. But Sakura was annoying like that, and took up all his time and space and concentration without even asking for any of it.

She pulled back with a brilliant smile and replied, "Well, I've only got one final left and I feel really good about it."

He frowned. That was unlike Sakura Haruno. He knew her to be ridiculously booksmart, every teacher's dream student; she aced everything, was valedictorian back in high school and shaping up to be valedictorian in college, but she suffered from crippling pre-exam nerves. He'd had to talk her down off more than one ledge, listen to more than one rant about how "I'm stupid, I'm so fucking stupid and no one will ever hire me and I will be homeless and you will leave me because I won't have access to showers all the time and blah blah blah." He usually stopped listening after the first six minutes. She always did well in the end.

But to hear her speak so optimistically about her upcoming final had him suspicious. She should have degenerated into a mess of hysterical sobs and nervousness by now.

But there was nothing on her face except excitement. Mischief, maybe. And that made him anxious, because Sakura was prone to half-cocked fucked-up ideas like going on a summer-long road trip, that often culminated in extreme levels of stress for Sasuke. Something he simply couldn't afford during Finals Week, or any other time for that matter. Surely she'd filled her quota of driving him crazy for the decade?

"Well, I had this thought," she began, leaning back against the wall with her arms folded. Not liking this one bit, he turned to face her, arms folded as well to show resistance. "And before you shoot it down…I already bought your ticket."

"Ticket to what?" he demanded, his frown deepening. This wasn't going to end well, he knew it.

"Well, we've been working so hard lately. All of us. With school and work, and you did football and you were awesome, and my dancing and tennis and everything…I think we need a break."

"A break."

"A vacation," she clarified, and he immediately shook his head.

"Absolutely not," he snapped, turning back to his studying. "No fucking way am I going on vacation with you. No. Never again."

"But Sasuke!" she whined. "You haven't even heard the whole plan!"

"Let me guess," he spat viciously. "You want me to load up my Jetta, which still hasn't recovered from all the abuse you put it through over the summer, by the way, and drive you wherever the hell you feel like going around Japan, is that it?"

Sakura rolled her eyes, which he knew she did only to infuriate him. If there was something he absolutely couldn't stand, it was the way Sakura knew every single button to press on him to rile him up. Good or bad.

"You couldn't be more wrong," she said dryly, examining her chipped pink nail polish as though it were a thousand times more fascinating than, say, her boyfriend. "Believe it or not, asshole, that trip turned me off road trips for quite a long time, thanks very much. I had a much more reasonable idea."

"You don't know the meaning of the word 'reasonable.' Whatever you're thinking, the answer is no."

"Fine," she sighed in surrender, standing up and dusting off her hands, symbolically cleansing herself of his negativity.

"Fine?" he echoed. It was unheard of for Sakura to surrender an argument so quickly. Getting her to admit she was wrong was like pulling teeth with no anesthesia.

"Fine," she repeated. "I guess I'll just have to go alone, then."

If Sasuke disliked the idea of going on vacation with Sakura, given their history, he loathed the idea of her going anywhere alone. And she knew it. She was manipulating him.

It was working, but like hell would he admit that.

"Where," he demanded angrily, unable to read a single word of his notes with all this consternation.

"Oh, just three thousand miles away, to the Happiest Place on Earth. No big deal."


She folded first. "Sasuke I'm going to Disney World. I am. And you can't stop me. So I suggest you come with me! It's not just gonna be me, it'll be all of us! Naruto's bringing Hinata, and Ino's coming too, and I think she talked Kiba and Shikamaru and Sai into it also. It'll be awesome! It's Disney World, Sasuke!"

"You're out of your mind. Like hell am I gonna take you to Disney World."

"Well, technicaly, I bought your plane ticket, so I would be taking YOU."

"It. Is. For. Children." Sasuke ground out the words, trying to work up the nerve to turn her down some more, when she looked so fucking adorable pouting like that. "It's three thousand miles away and it's for children."

"It's not just for children, you close-minded pigeon!" she snapped. "It's bitching and awesome for grown-ups, too! There's roller coasters and fireworks and shows and swimming and shit…Sasuke, Christmas in Disney World, think about it! Think about how fucking awesome that would be! It's snowing and shitty here in Konoha, but in Florida? It's warm and it won't be as busy and all our friends are going basically so pleasepleaseplease?"

"Damn it, Sakura!"

"It's not like you have plans this Christmas anyways!" she snapped, which might have been a low blow, but remembering Sakura's shitty home life, really was just a statement of fact. Their plans till now had been to spend Christmas break at his apartment, alone. It seemed like a good arrangement to him.

"It's just for a week, okay? And it won't be like the last vacation. We won't be running and hiding from you trying to get you to admit you like me. We're taking a plane, and staying in the same hotel room, and just having a drama-free week in Disney World to take our minds off school and blahblahblah, yafeelme?"

He already felt his resolve weakening the way it usually did around Sakura. He never thought he'd be the kind of guy to submit so tamely to his girlfriend's outlandish demands, but here he was. She was talking him onto a plane, to head three thousand miles across the world to a kiddie paradise he had absolutely no desire to ever see, ever.

"We're just staying over Christmas. We'll be back by New Years, and…" Here, her eyes became witchy and seductive, which turned him on and terrified him all at once; in a moment, she was straddling his chair, sitting comfortably in his lap, her lips centimeters from his. "…then you'll have me all to yourself for a month till school starts again. And think about how pretty I'll look with a Florida tan."

"You're nowhere near as pretty as you think you are," he lied, just to annoy her, but she saw through him instantly.

"You're stalling, Sasuke," she murmured, pressing her lips against his lightly only to draw back when he tried to deepen the kiss. "Just say yes, baby. We'll have a great time, I promise."

His desire for her outweighed any reservations he might have been clinging to for salvation. Her hips pressed against his like that shut his brain down, and his hands lifted of their own accord to rest at her waist, thumbs hooked into the belt loops of her jeans. She bit her lip the way she knew he liked, and he cursed his lack of willpower before biting out, "No drama, huh?"

Sakura smiled so beautifully he thought she might be considering a career as a toothpaste model.

"It's a week in Disney World, Sasuke!" she exclaimed, with all the deceptive innocence of a tiger. "What could possibly go wrong?"

note.. Your eyes do not deceive you. I like having a lot of things going on all at once, and I missed this universe and these characters a lot; since the beginning of Catch You Later, I had plans for a Disney World sequel that I let fall by the wayside with all the other things I'm working on. But I miss it, yo. So if you like it, then consider this the prequel to my next Sasuke/Sakura vacation story, coming soon! Let me know what you think, honeybooboochildren!