In which Sam is sick and Dean gets in a bit of trouble. Dean goes to a bar and leaves his sick brother behind. Sam just had a stomach bug… right? Sick!Sam and a bit of Hurt!/Bigbrother!Dean.

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Dean should have stayed with his brother instead of going out. He knows that now. He should have known it all along, from the very first moment he'd suspected that Sam was coming down with something, because Sammy never did things halfway - especially not when he got sick.

It had all started on their way back to the motel room they'd rented for the time being after a successful hunt of a water spirit. Dean had been in a good mood and was dreaming about the beer he knew would be waiting for him at the nearest bar. Maybe he would even run into a little lady friend and the thought of it made him grin. Dean had turned his head a bit to eye his little brother who was currently half-asleep in the seat next to him. Sam had been a little under the weather this particular day but he had still taken on the water spirit without any problems so he had to be fine, right? Dean had drummed a little on the wheel with his fingers and he had then turned the music down a bit before slapping his brother's shoulder.

"Sam, listen to this; ice cold beer and frisky women." Dean said and moved his hand through the air as to illustrate an invisible text. "What do you say? Sounds good, right?"

Sam grunted a little and rubbed a hand back and forth on his stomach.

"No thanks man. I'm ready to hit the sack." Sam said.

"What? No, come on Sam!" Dean said and let his eyes wander from the road to Sam and back to the road again. "Is this about you still having the shits?"

"It's called diarrhea and yes." Sam said with a wrinkle of his nose. "My stomach is still upset and I would rather deal with it in a motel room than in some confined bar where you'll be trying to hook up with some chick anyway."

"And your idea of dealing with it involves a toilet seat plastered to your ass, am I right?" Dean grinned.

"Funny." Sam said dryly.

Dean chuckled a little as he remembered how red Sam's face had turned when they'd visited a diner for lunch earlier in the day. Sam hadn't really had much of an appetite and he had had to use the place's single toilet and had received an incensed and disgusted look from a middle-aged woman who had wanted to use the toilet after Sam.

"You're such a buzzkill. But if you want to stay back at the motel and set up base camp on the poop deck then suit yourself." Dean smirked and Sam rolled his eyes.

"You're enjoying this a little too much, aren't you?" Sam asked.

"Yep." Dean grinned and turned the music back up before singing along.

"Jackass." Sam mumbled which made the older brother's lips twitch.

As soon as they'd returned to their motel room of the week, Sam had flopped down on his bed face first and buried his nose into his pillow.

"That tired, huh?" Dean said while taking off his jacket. "You sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, Dean." Sam murmured into his pillow. "Just a stomach bug."

Dean scratched the stubbles on his chin and nodded slowly. Even now that Sam was a grown man Dean would never really stop worrying about his little brother's well-being, and he always hated leaving Sam on his own when the younger brother wasn't feeling well.

"Alright princess but if you need me you call me, okay?" Dean said.

"Mm-hmm.." Sam nodded, already drifting off.

Dean snorted, picked up some clean clothes from his duffel bag and disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower. When he returned again fifteen minutes later, cleaned and feeling like a better man, Sam was snoring softly in his bed. The younger Winchester brother hadn't moved an inch since Dean had left him and Dean couldn't help the fond smile that spread on his face. He closed the gap between him and his brother and removed the shoes Sam was still wearing. Dean did the same thing with Sam's jacket which made the younger brother stir a bit and mumble something unintelligible, but he stayed asleep nonetheless. Dean pulled the covers from underneath his brother and pulled them up around Sam's shoulders. He then placed his hand underneath Sam's bangs to check for a fever, with a tenderness he would deny if anyone ever asked.

"You're a little warm, kiddo." Dean mumbled but was comforted by the fact that the heat wasn't too profound.

Dean placed a couple of Tylenols on the nightstand along with a glass of water and Sam's cell phone, and he let the bedside lamp burn so Sam would be able to see the things if he woke up before Dean got back. The older brother snorted a little by his own actions that apparently hadn't changed a bit since they'd been kids and Sam had been left in Dean's care while their dad was busy with more important things than being a father.

"All your soft touchy-feely crap keeps rubbing off at me, Sammy." Dean muttered and put on his jacket. "Time for the beer and ladies!"

Dean picked up his car keys and checked the salt lines before stepping outside and locking up the door behind him. He then started whistling as he walked to the car and let a hand slide across the shiny metal of his baby. Dean looked back at the motel room door and wondered for a second if he should stay with his brother instead of going out. He decided against it though, shook his head and slid behind the wheel of his car.

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When Sam came to, it was the waves of pain shooting through his lower abdomen that woke him up. He let out a groan and rubbed a hand back and forth on his skin in hope of calming down his upset stomach - but without any success.

"Crap." Sam mumbled and carefully got into a sitting position on the bed.

He turned his head and, from the glow of the bedside lamp, his eyes caught sight of a couple of Tylenols and a glass of water on the nightstand. Sam smiled wryly. Despite all Dean's attempts to avoid anything that could seem like a chick-flick moment, his big brother was such a mother hen. Sam swung his legs out over the edge of the bed and carded a hand through his curly locks before reaching out for the pills. But just as his hand was about to close around one of the pills, pain shot through his stomach again and Sam clamped a hand over his mouth as nausea washed over him. He then shot up as fast as he could and had to use the nightstand to steady himself a bit before he rushed to the bathroom.

Sam slid to his knees in front of the toilet, made it just in time to empty his stomach into the toilet bowl and he kept heaving until there was nothing left to throw up. The youngest Winchester brother then let his forehead come to a rest against his left arm, and used his right hand to wipe away the remains of vomit and the tears that had escaped from his eyes. He stayed like that for a few moments until he decided the bed would be a more comfortable place to rest. Sam groaned as he pushed himself back on his feet and gripped the edge of the sink while he got through the vertigo that washed over him.

"Okay, so maybe this stomach bug is worse than I first expected." Sam thoughtand turned on the faucet to splash some cold water in his face.

Sam staggered back to his bed while holding a protective hand on his stomach. This time around he was able to swallow down the pills with the glass of water before he got settled back into the motel bed. Sam's brows furrowed as more pains made themselves known and he sent a longing look towards the empty bed closest to the door. Whenever Sam got hurt or sick he forgot about his own stubborn attempts of being independent and wished for his big brother to make everything better. But Sam was also a man and a man wasn't supposed to call his brother because his tummy hurt. Still, it took a lot of willpower for him not to grab his cell phone and push speed-dial, so instead Sam curled up on his side and wrapped both hands around his stomach while he waited for the Tylenols to take effect.

At one point Sam must have fallen asleep because when he woke back up, the time on the clock radio had turned 1.18 a.m. which meant he had been asleep for a few hours. The untouched bed next to him told him that Dean had yet to come back from his trip to the bar, but it was okay because Sam's stomach had settled down a bit. Unfortunately, he was wrong. Sam eyed the empty glass on the nightstand and let out a sigh as he realized he would have to get out of bed to fill it up. As soon as he tried to move though, sharp pains shot through the lower part of his stomach again.

"The hell.." Sam hissed and curled into as small a ball as possible while clenching his stomach with both hands.

He tried to breathe through the pain but it was pretty intense and the nausea from earlier also reappeared. Sam felt a little comforted by the fact that he at least didn't have anything left in his stomach to throw up, but the pain though – the pain was bad.

"Geez." Sam groaned and clenched his stomach hard.

This couldn't be normal. Something was entirely wrong. Sam whimpered as the pains got so intense that it took his breath away and he had to bite down on his pillow. When the pain finally settled down enough for the youngest Winchester brother to breathe again, Sam knew it was time to call for the one person that could fix this. Sam reached out for his cell phone – hissing as he did so – and pushed the number of his big brother.

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