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This is based on the 2003 movie Peter Pan starring Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood. I have rated this story mature for future chapters just in case.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Peter Pan story or it's characters and am not making any money from this fiction.

Wendy stepped through the front door of her families London flat exhausted and weary. It was not so much that Aunt Millicent's lessons were that tiring but more the effort of trying to keep a brave face in front of her family. It had only been two weeks since she, her brothers, and the lost boys had returned from Neverland but Wendy felt like it had been years.

Wendy and the boys had told their parents all about their adventures. They knew about flying with Peter, being captured, fighting pirates, even how Wendy's hidden kiss had saved the day. The only part left out was just how strongly Wendy's feelings for Peter truly were. She hadn't even told her mother that she had given her heart and soul to the beautiful boy who would never grow up. She knew he would forget her and that she would never see him again, so she pretended it didn't matter. Trying to look happy when she was anything but was certainly taking its toll.

She saw her mother out of the corner of her eye and forced a smile as she quietly ascended the stairs.

"Good afternoon mother." She said quietly.

Mrs. Darling smiled cheerfully at her sweet daughter and said, "Hello my child. How were your lessons today?"

Wendy dreaded this question. All the lessons were designed to find her a suitable husband that she did not want. She tried to be respectful of her Aunt, but had no desire to learn etiquette and how to sit up straight and the such. She would be so much happier lying on a beach in her night clothes with Peter enjoying the perfect Neverland weather.

Wendy stopped on the stairs and smiled at her mother. "Very interesting, mother. Although I must say I am a bit tired today. May I go to my room and rest till dinner?"

"Of course my love", her mother said.

Mary Darling had her plate full with all the young men now calling her mother, but she still knew when her daughter was hiding something. This lethargy she saw in Wendy's eyes had been growing steadily since she returned. Mary knew she needed to make time to find out what was affecting Wendy so and planned to do just that.

Wendy reached her new bedroom, having been moved out of the nursery two days after retuning. She threw open the curtains and sat in the chair she had insisted be set there by her window. The sun was setting and the sky was taking on the same pink hue it had when they had first left for Neverland. This of course brought those memories flooding back to Wendy….

"Come with me….I'll teach you to ride the winds back and away we go." Wendy remembered the feel of her hand in Peters.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as her memories betrayed her even further.

"Forget them Wendy, forget them all. Come with me. We will never, never have to worry about grown up things again." She could still feel his warm breath on her face sending chills down her spine.

The dam finally broke and Wendy sobbed as she recalled the boy she knew that she loved.

Just then Mary knocked softly on Wendy's door as she entered. "Wendy?"

When she saw her daughters face she immediately rushed to her side."Wendy my sweet girl, please tell me what has you so upset? I know you have been hiding something from me. Please let me help."

At this Wendy could no longer stand it. All of the emotion, fear, love, and anguish came pouring out as she told her mother the truth of her feelings for Peter.