A/N: Super short 250 word drabble that just begged to be let out of my brain while I was at a stalemate with my tag to "Forever & Always" (That should be up shortly, and if my muse cooperates, will be significantly longer than this itty bitty drabble)

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As she discards her green silk blouse in favor of a much warmer and more welcoming black thermal t-shirt, I am struck by the sheer beauty and power that she exudes. She sits down beside me on the balcony, graceful as ever, and we both sigh in relief at the sound of the wind wraps us in a blanket of calmness. Letting her hair down, she sips from a mug filled with peppermint tea, visibly relishing in the feeling of the hot liquid gliding down her throat. It is moments like these, above all others, that I am powerfully aware of just how lucky I am to have her in my life; it's moments like these that she is most beautiful.

Seeing her like this, I feel as though every nerve in my body has been set on fire; I fear that I will soon burst into flames as I soak in the scene before me. Utterly calm, and visibly relaxed, she hasn't even a clue as to how beautiful she is, or just how much she affects me.

The air is crisp and clean, with just a faint hint of smoke from a wood-burning fire wafting through the air. She smiles slightly as the wind ruffles our hair, and I pity the rest of the world, for they will never know her as I do. The world knows the legend, but they will never see the sheer beauty of the woman, the mother, and the companion that I know.

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