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The tactical team stormed the house at three in the morning. The theory is that by attacking in the dead of the night, when people are most asleep, one is able to catch their enemy unprepared. Such a hypothesis would give the attacker the advantage in most situations. However, 'most situations' don't factor Chuck and Sarah Bartowski into the equation.

That is why they failed.

Chuck woke up first at five to three. He had been dreaming of Barstow. On the run.

Sarah instantly knew Chuck was awake and opened her eyes.

"Get the go bag," Chuck whispered.

She didn't ask why. She untangled herself off of Chuck and ran to the closet. Already being open, the rear wall safe was in plain view. Quickly typing in the code on the keypad, it clicked open. Then Sarah heard a car door slam down the street.

Chuck heard it too and froze momentarily from dressing in his black BDUs.

"Hurry baby," he whispered as he slipped his right pant leg on, hopping on one leg.

Sarah first grabbed their real passports and then the stacks of their covers that were tied together. Grabbing the go bag out of the corner of the closet, she started throwing everything in. Their entire lives. Their IDs; their marriage license; their string rings from the 'dry run'; their wedding photos.

Everything else stayed. Sarah slid the go bag, which was really a black Gregory backpack, across the floor towards Chuck and started dressing in her BDUs. Considering they had both been naked when they awoke, they dressed in record time. Chuck had opened the armory and was already loading and preparing weapons.

He loaded his Baby Hi-Capa tranq pistols, her Smith & Wesson M&Ps and H&K G36C, and slid the knife sheath towards Sarah. He slid his arms through the straps on the backpack and holstered one of his pistols, keeping the other up covering the door.

It was now 2:58 a.m.

Sarah put on her bulletproof vest, and made sure Chuck had his on. She put her hair up in a ponytail like every mission.

As soon as Sarah was ready, she walked by Chuck to the bedroom door.

"Okay, sweetie, let's go. Stay behind me. Tranq every one of 'em honey."

She kept her G36C slung and they moved into the hallway, covering each other. Having been partners for over five years, they moved with precision, systematically clearing and exfiltrating their dream home like a pair of hardened operatives.

They were halfway down the stairs when they breached.

The front door swung open, shattering with the impact of the ram. Red splinters splayed out across the hardwood floor.

The first one through the door had dropped the battering ram and replaced it with an M4. He snap-aimed at Sarah. She double tapped him in the chest. Before he even hit the ground, Chuck shot a dart into his neck.

Surprisingly, there was only one operative behind the first one. As they ran down the stairs, Chuck and Sarah could hear more of them upstairs and towards the rear of the house, especially their bedroom.

Chuck quickly shot the second operative in the arm. Gunshots alerts the enemy of your position, and both of them knew to avoid when at all possible.

They sprinted out the front door and onto the street.

Down the street in both directions were black Suburbans parked in the middle of the street. Sarah grabbed Chuck's arm and pulled him across the street.

Nobody had gotten out of the Suburbans when they had quickly scampered across the road.

Chuck and Sarah crouched behind a small stone wall in the front yard of a small white colonial.

"They must all be inside," Chuck whispered. The were the first words either of them had uttered since their bedroom.

Sarah nodded and continued scanning the area using the thermal scope on her rifle.

Chuck took off the go bag quickly and unzipped a front pocket. He took out a waterproof plastic case, opening it up. He grabbed the iPhone out and woke it up. They always kept it on with a full charge.

They waited until they could see the tactical team moving out of the house.

"Sarah, honey," Chuck whispered softly to his wife.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"I'm really sorry to have to do this to your dream home."

He keyed in the code on the phone, and their little white dream home with the red door in Burbank blew up into a million little pieces.

In the confusion they ran through the colonial's yard, through the backyard, across the next street, and through another home's backyard onto the next street. Parked on the east side of the street twenty yards away was a silver Toyota Camry. Sarah opened a pocket on her BDUs, took the keys out, and unlocked the car.

They loaded their gear, putting the weapons and the go bag in the trunk. Sarah threw Chuck the keys.

They got in the car, letting out a collective sigh as the doors closed.

"Well, Sarah, nobody can tell us our marriage doesn't have any excitement."