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The scrawny girl sank deeper into her rich blue cloak as the cold November rain fell mercilessly from the storm clouds. Leaving the Temple of Azar hadn't been as good an idea as she thought it would have been. It had only taken Raven a day to realise she might as well have not been half human for all she understood of Earth's inhabitants, despite having read extensively on the different cultures found. It took her another day to figure out that kindness had lost its meaning; that people only did things for self gain, and that life was nothing like what it had been on Azarath. After two weeks on the streets without money or guidance, the empath had come to know the darker side of humanity a little too well, opening up a river of doubts about the girl's teachings and her purpose. Why should she fight her internal battle every day to save a race that was hell bent on destroying itself anyway?

She knew it was her demon speaking. Living rough was no serious issue for Raven's body, for it had been designed to withstand the fires of hell, but the lack of food was becoming problematic. The empath wouldn't starve to death, but the demon in her was becoming restless. Controlling her hunger was one of the many ways in which Raven could control – or at least somewhat sedate – her demonic half.

The girl knew it was either steal food, or wait and let her demon do it for her, but she was reluctant to break such a basic law. The Monks from Azarath had drilled so many rules into her since her birth that she found she was fighting against her survival instinct. Good intentions and surviving didn't mix. In that moment, all she had learned conflicted. She felt like she was five again. Lost. Confused. Scared.

Of course, if her teachers were right, the spawn of Trigon deserved no more and maybe a lot less…

She stood as her stomach began to cramp in protest, and moved down the alleyway, ending up on the empty Main Street. At three in the morning, only gangs and thugs braved the city's streets. In this weather, not even they bothered to leave their homes. Raven knew that if she wanted to steal something, now would be the ideal time.

Raven paused as spikes of emotion hit her. Feelings of anticipation, excitement, and an undercurrent of fear. With a slight frown on her face, she moved in search of the source of the emotions.


She saw the girl first. A flash of pink down an alleyway, working to open the back door of some shop, obviously a thief. Raven walked down the narrow strip of concrete silently, the shadows hiding her perfectly. The second person, a teenager of considerable size with rich auburn hair caught her gaze next. Amethyst eyes finally landed on a small midget of a boy before she moved her eyes back to the girl with cotton candy pink hair.

The girl was cursing as she fought with the lock on the door, throwing two slim tools aside before motioning at the door with her hand. Pink waves of energy left her white fingertips, hitting the door handle. She tried to open it, but it didn't budge.

"This is stupid." She kicked the offending door. "Gotta find a different way in."

"We'll trigger an alarm." The smaller boy shook his head.

Raven caught sight of pink cat eyes as the girl turned to look at her companion. "We can't just knock the door down! Someone will hear."

"How 'bout smashing a window?" The larger boy offered. "You two can go in and pass stuff to me."

"Still too risky. Someone could see you in the alley."

Raven hesitated, before walking up to the trio. She raised her hand towards the door, muttering her mantra under her breath.

"Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos."

They heard the latch click, and the door swung inwards as Raven raised her fingers skyward. The three stared at the strange girl, before the shorter boy moved inside the building, motioning for his giant of a friend to follow. Raven turned to find those pink cat eyes glaring at her suspiciously.

"You're obviously not from around here."

"And here I was, thinking I blended in perfectly." She muttered sarcastically, gaining a small smile from the girl.

"Why help?"

Raven frowned, having to think about the answer herself. Sure the Monks had tried to train her to be helpful; tried to teach her manners. How to be a good person 101. But then why would she help an obvious trio of thieves? Her eyes moved down the girl stood in front of her, hiding the small grin that threatened to form as she realised what had made Raven bring attention to herself.

"Pink just happens to be my favourite colour."

This time the girl really did smile, as she rested one hand on her hip. "I'm Jinx."


"Well, Raven, since you so kindly helped us break in, how about joining the heist for a nice little profit?"

Raven looked inside the building. She could hear the two boys moving around inside. She couldn't ignore her teachings but… the empath glanced back at Jinx, envy filling her. She wanted to be free. Free to make her own decisions; free to do what she wanted to do. She wanted what she saw in the girl stood opposite her, and for the first time in her life, she gave in to that temptation with a small, dark smile.

"I think I might just do that."

"And you could, you know, hand around for a while after. Not in any rush, are you?"

Raven motioned for Jinx to enter the building. "Not unless someone calls the police on us." She paused, before smiling. "Of course, I could help you with that situation too."


Commissioner Hayson glanced up from his notepad, eyes widening in shock as he caught sight of the brightly dressed teenager that had just walked into the jewellers. He rubbed his eyes as he muttered to himself. "Damn, I need to stop staying up so late."

He pulled his hand down, jumping when he found the masked boy stood waiting in front of him. "I understand this is most irregular for your police force, Commissioner, however a Lieutenant Carter got in touch with Commissioner Gordon from Gotham, and I have been vouched for."

"Robin? As in Batman's Robin?"

"I work alone now." He replied. "I heard about the string of robberies you are getting. No signs of forced entry, faulty alarms, and cameras what taped nothing but black. I want to inform you I'm searching for a pattern within the case. If we can predict where the next robbery will take place, we don't need to wait for them to mess up before we take them down. If you do receive an alert, contact me on this number." He passed the cop a slip of paper. "And I'll deal with them. They're probably meta humans."

"You here to stay? In the city, I mean?" Hayson asked, receiving a nod.

"Just call me if you hear anything about the thieves."


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