When Stayings Worse Than Leaving

Chapter 1

She had read the paper for the hundereth time,the words still affected her the way they had the first time. When she came to the word married it was like a knife had stabbed her

in the heart. Michael had never talked much about his whole ordeal in Siciliy. So she just assumed that it wasn't anything to hurt her but it was, it hurt her more than him leaving without saying goodbye.

She had seen him off when he went to war and she thought that this was like that. That he would come home scoop her up and shower her with kisses like

he had before he was so intruiged by the "family business". But he found some girl who he apprently loved enough to marry. Maybe she was stupid, naive and just plain foolish, to

think he would wait for her but she thought that was the kind of love they wondered what he would say when she told him what she found when she was cleaning up his office but it

didn't matter his words couldn't offer her comfort now. All she could think was that staying in the guilded cage Michael had built to showcase her was closing in on her. She

remebered the first time she saw him after he came back to the States he looked like he had seen things he never wanted to see things that he couldn't control. She just shaked it

off because that giddy teenager came out in her when he looked at her, touched her, when he talked to her it sent shivers down her spine. Now all she could think is how she was gonna escape this without Michael figuring out what she was up to cause at this point staying was worse that leaving.

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