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Chapter 3

Alfred had been researching for six hours easily. There were many demons, but it seemed there was only one devil. That was a good thing, but the problem was, 'how does one ifind/i the Devil?' Sighing, he shut the laptop shut tiredly. He'd discovered many things, however, such as the fact that the Devil was the "father" of all demons, which meant that he created all demons either from sinful souls, or from immortal beings such as Arthur and Himself.

"This is difficult." He groaned. "Very, very difficult…" He leaned back in his rolling chair, tapping his fingers on his thigh as he tried to come up with an answer to such an impossible question.

'Arthur has magic books.' He thought to himself. 'I could see if I could look through them when we get back from this meeting.' It was then that Alfred remembered that he still had to ask for help from the other countries at the meeting the next day.

He looked over at the clock, and sighed. It was 4:00 am. So it was already the day of the meeting.

He heard laughter coming from down the hall. He smiled at the drunken steps that echoed into the room. Soon enough, the door swung open, revealing a much disheveled Arthur. The Brit smirked, shutting the door and dispelling the charm that hid his appearance. He waltzed up to the American with his hips swinging and tail waving, and Alfred gulped before shaking his head. He couldn't take advantage of Arthur in his weakness.

"'ello Alfred~" He sang, kissing the other's forehead. Alfred smiled, kissing Arthur on the cheek in response. The demon blushed, but didn't stop smirking.

"Hey Artie? Could I look through your books when we get back to your house? I couldn't find anything on the internet that would help." He asked. Arthur laughed loudly, holding the bed-frame beside the chair where Alfred was perched.

"Of course you didn't!" He said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. "He wouldn't be listed in Human mythology. I mean honestly, do you think that a powerful being such as the Devil would reveal himself to them? Hell, it's strange he revealed himself to me. I was only a child though; Barely One-hundred Fifty-years-old."

Alfred groaned, covering his face with his hands.

"I've been on this damn thing for isix hours/i Arthur!" He whined. Arthur only laughed harder, face turning red with Drunkenness and joy. Alfred smiled, laughing along after a second. He was happy to see Arthur smile after all that he's been going through. After a moment, they calmed down a bit.

"Alfred?" asked Arthur.


"I love you, you know." Alfred's eyes widened.

"You don't know what you're saying." He reasoned. It was more towards him that Arthur though.

"I loved you before I got drunk." Explained Arthur. "I loved you before the revolution. I gave you taxes; I wanted you to realize I viewed you as an adult… I probably should have gone about it differently though…" he sighed, laying down on the bed and looking at Alfred with a soft smile. "This is probably a dream though, so it doesn't matter."

"What makes you think it's a dream?" Asked Alfred, curiosity in his tone.

"You accepted me as a demon, hugged me, kissed me, and now, even as I go on and on about nothing important, you smile at me in that wonderful way. You've only smiled like that in my dreams." His smile turned sorrowful. "Why is it always a dream, Alfred?"

Alfred looked at Arthur with sadness and love. He walked up to Arthur, lying beside him on the bed. He lay on his side and ran his fingers through Arthur's soft locks, stroking the place between Arthur's horns. He heard a soft sound of encouragement come from the other.

"You know, Artie, this isn't a dream." He said, smiling.

"What makes you say that?" Came the reply.

Alfred leaned down, capturing Arthur's lips in a soft kiss. He pulled away and looked into Arthur's surprised eyes.

"There's no way what I'm feeling right now is fake. If this is anyone's dream, it's mine." He lay on his back, and they both looked at the ceiling as though they could see past it into the stars outside.

Arthur curled into Alfred's side, using Alfred's Arm as a pillow. He looked up at Alfred, and smiled. Alfred noticed small fangs, barely noticeable, in that wonderful grin.

"I love you." He said again.

"I love you too." And with that, Arthur closed his eyes and fell asleep, Alfred following soon after.

It was at 10:00 am that the alarm rang. Alfred was already awake, however. He was used to waking at nine as it was. He watched as Arthur's eyes slowly opened, revealing that wonderful green that always consumed him. He reached over and turned off the alarm, and Arthur sat up, yawning and stretching.

He looked at Alfred and smiled.

"Please tell me that wasn't a dream." He said. Alfred laughed, pulling the Brit into another kiss.

"It wasn't. Most definitely."

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