The screaming of Bloodwatch Sirens woke Donovan and I as we lay in our bunks. We were 3ed generation - Highly respected by everybody in the Prison.

"Who are they takin' tonight, D?" I whispered, looking up at the top bunk. D looked over the side of the top bunk.

"Dunno, Kels. Maybe it's you." Donovan smiled, playfully smacking me before rolling back on his back to pretend that he was sleeping again. I rolled my eyes in the blood watch lights. Beyond the bloodwatch sirens, I could hear Donovans silent prayers, "Please, god. Not tonight. Not Tonight."

The scream of a wheezer. I sucked in a breath. 1 down 5 to go.

Being a 1st generation - doesn't lower the fear rate when your down here in the furnace. Because it doesn't matter what generation you are. It didn't matter how mean people were of you. It doesn't matter about how much you wanted the wheezers to take you sometimes. It mattered how old you were. If you were closing in on 18 - they would take you. Say it was a suicide, a missing person.

They would never find you.

Wait, I lied, Yeah. They'd find you - with huge bludging muscles, Piercing - evil, Silver eyes. You'd be at the hands, under-control of the warden.

I kept my eyes on the door of the Cell. I was so afraid that the remaining Wheezers would come to my cell door - screaming their call to the other wheezers saying it had made it's choice.

Suddenly, the bastard came. Standing outside my cell, those horrible gas masks, stitched to their faces with filthy over coats and filthy pants. It swiped it's hand over the bars, making the symbol of a 'X' on it.

We had been marked. My heart broke. Silent tears running down my face.

The wheezer screamed out. I jumped out of the bed and marched up to the Bars. Screaming, "You bastard! You bastard!" I repeated it over and over, bashing on the bars until they opened. They pulled me out - A blacksuit. I kicked and kept screaming at the wheezer, "You bastard! You bastard!" The Wheezer screamed - as If it was laughing at me. The bastard. The nerve. I tryed to kick it, The Blacksuit held me back.

"The warden is going to have fun with you, Kelsey. So much fun." The blacksuit hissed, a booming laughter that echoed through the darkness. I looked at Donovan - who stared at me, with those eyes that looked like white moons against his dark skin

'I'm sorry Kelsey. I'm sorry.' Donovan mouthed at me, shaking his head. I knew it wasn't his fault. I wanted to blame him. It wasn't his fault - but I had no one else to blame expect for this wheezer who was in front of me - staring at me with those wicked piggy eyes.

"You ass!" I screamed him, the blacksuit held my arms behind me. Another blacksuit picked up my legs. I tried to kick him away - he was just too strong.

I could feel eyes on me - I knew the other kids were staring at me in their cells.

The only girl - who had ever taken foot into the furnace penitentiary - was being taken by the wardens pets.

"This is where it all ends, Isn't it?" I yelled - not accepting my defeat, but mocking it.

"This is just the beginning Kelsey. The Warden has BIG plans for you." The blacksuit holding my arms smiled at me.

The Wheezer took one of those syringes - and jabbed it deep in my neck, pain rushing threw me and being filled with black liquid with little gold flakes in it.

I quickly grew dark, getting numb.

That's when I realized.. this was the beginning of the end.

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