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I pumped my legs harder and harder until they ached. I didn't dare stop. I didn't mean to do it! I didn't mean it!
The lights plays around me. Red like blood. Blue like water. I was breathing hard. Just if I reached the edge of town - I could loose them in the woods. That was until I was blinded. A light swallowed me. A spot light. Helicopters. Really?
"We have you surrounded. You have 20 seconds to stop running or we will take you down with force." a booming voice echoed through the town.
Take me down with force? Like, using guns?
At this point I had no choice. Either run and die. Or quit running. I slowed my run down to a walk. Then I stopped. The edge of down was yards away. I could taste it. Freedom. No more running. No more hiding.
After that, it was like a fast forward to my prison time. 16 years old, and in prison. Being thrown in prison is like walking down the Vegas strip. You don't know who your going to meet, who your going to see, what trouble lurks ahead. Its a whole new territory.
I was thrown outside during the 'free time'. There were basketball hoops, tables and chairs ect. I stood there. What was I suppost to do?
"Hey, new fish!" A voice boomed across the yard. It was like a scene out of a movie. There was a Mexican kid. He looks about 18 with shaved black hair. His orange jumpsuit wrapped around his waist. He smiled, his rotting teeth shining in the afternoon sun. "What you in for?" I glared at Mr. Mexican.
"Is it any of your business?" I asked. The Mexican glared at me.
"Did you here me? I asked you what you in for!" The Mexican yelled in my face.
I waved my hand in front of my face. "Eww. Brush your teeth much?" I asked. The Mexican was obviously pissed. But i had no intentions to stop provoking him.
The Mexican grabbed me by my brown hair, and pulled me up from the bench. I shrikes as the pain of ripped hair soaked through my skull. He glared at me. He mumbled something in Spanish. Which I couldn't understand (curse myself for not taking that class!). Suddenly - a dark skinned kid ran up beside me.
"Dude, Carlos. She didn't know. She just got here. Cut her a break?" The boy asked. The Mexican nodded after glaring at me foe a moment and walked away.
"Shit. Thought I was gonna-" I began.
"Yeah. Hes tough. Were used to it though." The boy smiled. "Names Carl. Carl Donovan. Call me Carl - I'll tell Carlos your talking shit."
"I'll remember that." I laughed at him. "So, what do I call you then?"
"Donovan." He replied. He ran his dark hand over his forehead. "So, what ARE you in for."
"Nothin'." I replied quietly.
"I'll tell you if you'll tell me." Donovan replied, a smirk playing on his lips.
"I murdered my dads girlfriend." I muttered. Donovan raised his eyebrows.
"I'm in here for murdering my moms boyfriend." Donovan laughed. "Damn,"
"Yeah right damn." I replied expressionless.
Donovan stood up, and waved at me as he walked to the basketball court. I sat there.
I never did realize how good friends we were to become.
Jolting awake in a sheet covered cubical, I nearly died of a panic attack. What the hell had happened? Did i even remember what happened? I was held down on the bed by restraints. The noises coming around me weren't human. Am I dead? I had to be, white everywhere? Who the hell decorates a place like this!
Then, as the white curtain was pulled over, I realized I wasn't dead. I wasn't anywhere but in the hospital of the furnace.
2 Blacksuits walked in, both in crisp pinstripe suits, freshly shaven, and holding shotguns in their hands. "Would you like something?" I growled at them, pulling at the restraints.
"Your a feisty one aren't you?" The blacksuit laughed.
"Yeah, and your an asshole." I yelled at him.
The blacksuit laughed in response, and The other one walked over to the IV bags hanging from a pole. He picked up a syringe, and jabbed it in my arm. I intently started fading away.