Greetings, my faithful fans! It pleases me that I am still working on this, and still making good ratings! Now, I have plans for a separate trilogy or saga for after Richtofen betrayed the three zombie slayers. That one I am really looking forward to. But I must finish this first!

Richtofen was not an impatient man.

As part of his Waffen SS training, he had been required to sit in a room for 72 hours. No outside contact, and only one candle. He had to eat 500 calories a day and only the slightest amount of water. He had passed with flying colors.

But the trip inside the American truck was unbearable. The drivers were not responding, and there were nod windows in the van.

By then Nikolai and Dempsey were long out and even Takeo was asleep, but Richtofen refused sleep. He did not trust anyone because of his Nazi background. They were unaware of this fact, but regardless, he grew nervous.

The truck stopped and Takeo sat up. Obviously he was not really sleeping.

"Are we there?" he asked Richtofen.

Richtofen shrugged. "I have no clue."

The door opened and a blinding light came through. Richtofen and Takeo blocked the light with there forearms and tried to shield it so they could see.

Several men in uniform hung just outside the door's range. Four of them held assault rifles aimed at the group. The fifth was a tall man with four stars on his shoulder.

"Good evening gentlemen" said the man with the four stars. "I am General Swanson."

Richtofen stood up and showed his hands to indicate he was unarmed. Takeo did the same and the general continued.

"Now, I believe I can speak for everyone here, by asking: Who the hell are you?"

Richtofen gulped down a lump he just got in his throat. "I am Rick. I am a doctor. My Asian friend here is Jack, and the others are Nick and Tony."

One soldier whispered something into the general's ear and he nodded. "It seems my men have overheard something different. One of you is Nikolai, and the other is Dempsey? I said that right, right?"

Richtofen smiled. "Yes General. Nick here is a Russian immigrant, and Tony's middle name is Dempsey."

The general shrugged. "Whatever." He lit a cigar and ordered, "Get these men some bunks and grub. Dismissed."

They were lead to their room by an entire unit. They had awoken Dempsey and Nikolai and tried to shake off their grogginess. Dempsey was wincing because of the pain in his stomach, but he refused painkillers.

"The only pain I need killing is you damn docs" stated Dempsey to a particularly pesky nurse.

They stopped at the door and one soldier opened it. Inside was what could only be described as a simple room. A pair of two bunk-beds hung at left and right and a single table was positioned in between them.

"Bridal suite" muttered Nikolai.

They were literally shoved in and the door banged and locked.

"Comforting" Takeo commented rolling his eyes.

Dempsey sat on the lower left bunk. "This is bull" he said twiddling his thumbs. "We've fought more zombies then anyone here combined and we still get treated like civies."

"Because ve must act like civilians American" defended Richtofen. "Ve cannot let it be known ve are military. If zhey find zhat out, zhey'll start asking questions. Get enough questions, and we'll be, well,…ah hell I don't even know. But we cannot reveal it."

"What's the big deal anyway?" asked Nikolai drinking his vodka.

Richtofen rolled his eyes. "Idioten. It is obvious ve are not in our time. I doubt it is even 1960."

"Your proof?" Takeo inquired lying on his bunk.

"All zhose things ze soldiers had vere years ahead of vhat ve have" said Richtofen. "It iz obvious! Let me prove it!"

He walked over to a wall calendar and read the date.

"October 5, 2012." He paused and yelled, "2012!"

They were all shocked. That was more the half a century from 1945.

"We are in the 3rd millennium!" exclaimed Takeo.

Richtofen nodded. "Ja. And zhat means ve must be extra careful. No mentioning of any of dis."

"So we are gonna have to act like damn civies?" asked Dempsey annoyed.


A little short, but still a good start point. More to come!