Normal POV

Completely tired out and terribly bored, the young white haired prince stared out of his balcony and onto his growing kingdom. He had just come from a hearing and was angry that he was assigned to, yet another, arranged marriage. All of the others were fluke who he always ditched at the alter because he didn't fall in love with them within the week that was provided. Sighing, the white haired half-demon turned and walked right out of his room, followed by the exit of the castle all together.

"Prince Inuyasha, where are you headed?" A guard said, surprised by the sudden appearance of his superior. Inuyasha had no reply, he just looked up at the guard and then pointed at the carriage. "Sir, your father had told me not to allow you out of the main gates, considering you have never seen the town." The guard recoiled and Inuyasha growled.

"I do not give a care to what my father desires! I order you to take me out to town!" Inuyasha barked, not prepared for what he would never expect to find on his first trip to his own kingdom.

Kagome's POV

I twirled lightly in my new dress, enjoying the soft fabric and gorgeous design. Some men were admiring me as I danced around the streets of the kingdom, not giving a damn about anything else. My mother, grandfather, and little brother were walking behind me, also watching me enjoy the fact that I finally got a new piece of clothing. We weren't poor, I was just always too lazy to go shopping.

"Kagome!" A voice called out and I immediately stopped turning, knowing the familiarity in the voice. Koga… "Hey, Kag!" He greeted as he approached me. I grimaced, knowing that all he was going to do was flirt with me like every other day. Can't the dude take a hint?

"What is it, Koga? I'm tired from walking around town all day and just want to get home." I complained, hoping he would bring up the fact that I had just been twirling around like I was on some kind of weird energy drink.

"Hmm, fine. I'll see you tomorrow then," he said and left. I sighed and twirled off with Sota now at my side.

"Hey, sis. Why do you always turn him down?" Sota asked. I looked down at my little brother as I danced and then shrugged.

"I don't know. I guess I just do it because I can't think of him that way." I said. "Anyway, why does it ma- Ah!" I screamed as I tripped and rolled out right onto the street just as a carriage was coming.

"Kagome!" My mother screamed. My body was completely paralyzed, succumbed by the fear inside me. Miraculously, the carriage stopped right before it could hit me. My breathing was heavy and my body was trembling in fear. My mother immediately ran over to me and helped me up. "Kagome! Kagome, are you okay?" She asked, worry clear in her voice. The door to the carriage was sprung open and a man jumped out. The man had long white hair, amber eyes, and he was wearing… oh no. He was wearing a cloak with the royal family crest.

"Are you alright?" He asked as he ran over to me. I stood there, trapped by his amber eyes. He suddenly tensed as our eyes connected. No matter how hard I tried, I could move my body, not even an inch. Snap put out of it, Kagome, I told myself, but my body just wouldn't react. "Are you alright?" He finally repeated, braking the hold he had on me. I gasped and immediately looked away with a red face.

"Yea, I'm fine." I assured him, still pissed that I almost got hit by a royal carriage. The man smiled and turned to walk off, increasing my anger ten times. "Hey!" I called and he turned back to look at me. "You almost ran me over with your damn carriage and you think you can just walk away and act like it never happened? I might be fine on the outside, but my pride had truly been scarred!" I screamed and the man blinked in shock "My names Kagome! Remember it because this won't be the last time you see me!" I snapped and stomped off, enraged, Idiot…

Normal POV

Prince Inuyasha stood there for a moment, stunned. A horrible terrifying dark smirk spread across his face as he watched the back of the girls head, walking away from him in anger. He loved it. He loved being scolded and not having a girl flirt with him for once.

"Kagome was it?" Inuyasha spoke aloud as he got back into his carriage.

"Where to, sir?" The guard from earlier asked. Inuyasha didn't answer, lost in his own little world. The guard, annoyed, cleared his throat, pulling Inuyasha from his train of thought. "Where to, sir?" The guard repeated.

"Oh, back to the palace. I don't feel like exploring the kingdom anymore. I just remembered that I have stuff to do at home," Inuyasha lied, being pulled back into a daydream. The guard shook his head in disappointment, but still did as told and returned Inuyasha to the palace, a place that he was told not to leave in the first place. Not wanting to be pulled into a tornado that he shouldn't have been a part of, the guard immediately ran back to his post, leaving Inuyasha to his doom. The white haired prince walked into the palace with a smile on his face, not noticing his father and mother's presence as he walked right past them.

"Inuyasha!" King, Inu no Taisho, screamed in rage. Inuyasha snapped his head in his father's direction and then looked around, reality hitting him like a smack in the face. Shit, Inuyasha cursed in his thoughts.

"Where have you been?" The queen scold and Inuyasha frowned, hating the fact that he worried his mother, the only person in the world who he cherished more than anything.

"I was out in town, but I didn't even get a chance to look around. I swear to you, sir, that I didn't cause any trouble. I was going to look around, but came straight back." Inuyasha defended. His mother continued to look into her only son's eyes and then gasped when she saw a familiar spark. It was a spark that she saw before in the eyes of her step-son, Sesshomaru.

"Inuyasha, have you fallen in love?" The questioned asked, drawing both their eyes to her in shock.

"Mother," was all that escaped Inuyasha half parted lips.

"Izayoi," Inu no Taisho called out to his wife, praying that she was seeing things, but knowing in his heart that she spoke no lies.

"No," Inuyasha growled and then walked off. Inu no Taisho was about ready to go scold his offspring when Izayoi gently extended her arm in front of him to stop him. The sweet queen had a tender smile placed upon her gorgeous features.

"Izayoi, are you happy that our son had found love?" The king asked his queen. Izayoi smiled up at her husband, knowing that he already knew the answer to that idiotic question.

"Idiots," Inuyasha grumbled as he walked into his room, slamming the door behind him and going straight out onto the balcony. The kingdom looked completely different from afar than it did from up close. Of course, for Inuyasha, he had saw the true beauty of his kingdom, and he wanted nothing more than to keep that beauty to himself…