~Chapter 1~

Ah, a boy and his dog. What could be more pleasing to the eye? Hm...perhaps it would be interesting if the boy was a hero who saved princesses all the time and warded off an evil but messed-up ice king. Oh, and it would be awesome if the dog was this cool magic dog that could stretch to no limits and could talk.

"Hey, Jake..." a voice whispered behind the dog.

He turned around, yelping audibly at the sight of a floating vampire. The queen of vampires. He didn't hesitate to turn tail and flee to the safety that rested behind his trusted friend. And to be fair to the little yellow dog, who wouldn't be afraid of a vicious vampire? And this one was worse than the others... She liked to mess with people's heads, make them go nuts! And then...and then she was an amazing musician, which made people think she was innocent. Horrible! Just horrible! Jake didn't want his blood sucked from his body. It didn't belong in a vampire's stomach.

He furrowed his dog-brows at the chuckling pale vampire queen. The nerve of that witch...

"Hey, Marceline. What's up?" the blonde-headed boy greeted. Fearlessly.

After all, it was just Marceline. She ate the color red and only sometimes sucked blood. But that was just because she was a vampire, and vampires couldn't live on red alone. She'd told them that not just vampires, but all blood-suckers in general needed the enrichment of red blood cells to survive. And they only way they could get those blood cells, unfortunately, was to plunge their fangs into a victim's skin and suck the nutrients out. It didn't turn the victims into vampires unless the vampire wished it. Or at least, that was how the survival of vampires was explained.

"Listen, Finn. I just wanted to let you know that if you hear rumors about red bite marks tomorrow, don't freak out," she said.

Finn nodded but asked, "Isn't there some other way to get blood? I mean, biting seems kind of-"

"Savage!" Jake finished.

Marceline glared at the companion dog but answered the question anyway. "There's another way to get blood, but it's even worse than bit-"

"Nothing's worse than that!"

"Jake, I swear, if you don't stop, you'll be the first one I bite!" she shouted, instantly silencing him. "Besides, I can't help it if I'm hungry!"

Finn just stayed out of it. He didn't know why his friend had poked at Marceline, especially when he knew how moody she got around this time of the month. Technically, Jake had asked for the wrath of a vampire, and if he got bit tonight, it was his own fault. And to think that this time she'd come to warn them about what horrors tomorrow would bring... Finn could see it now, people lining up just to swarm him with requests to go slay the vampire. He didn't know why they hated being bitten so much. Marceline usually bit people when they were sleeping so they wouldn't feel it, which was much more generous than most other vampires. But when someone saw those bite marks... He kind of felt bad for her. She was hated and feared by so many that it was hard for her to make friends, and she was right in the fact that she couldn't help it when she got hungry. It was just a fact of life for a vampire, to them it was completely natural.

Jake huddled closer to Finn's leg and continued to watch the vampire as she hovered harmlessly above the ground.

"Anyway," she began, "the only other way that comes to mind is to kill them and then lick up their blood."

"Why don't you just bite us, Marceline? We won't get scared like everyone else," the boy stated, trying his level best to ignore the whole comment about killing people and then lapping up the blood like dogs. No offense to Jake.

"Whoa, brother! Speak for yourself, I'm not taking my chances with a vampire!" the dog retorted.

Finn bent down and whispered in Jake's ear, "Dude, you're probably making her feel bad. I know you hate vampires but try to be nice."

Jake groaned miserably in response to his friend. No matter what Finn said, he still wasn't going to let Marceline bite him. It was hard enough just being around her... If she was human or dog or a candy person or anything but a vampire, it would likely be different. But he hated vampires with a passion! Vampires, bats, mosquitoes, ticks! Everything and anything that could remove blood from a body was a monster in his eyes. Just looking at those terrifying fangs that, by tonight, will have bitten holes in enough people to have blood stained onto them... It freaked him out!

"Sorry about that, Marceline. Anyway, I can't speak for Jake, but my neck is open game," he said.

"Really? You won't mind people staring at the bite marks?" Marceline lowered herself onto the ground, feeling Jake's uncomfortable entrancement.

It was well-known among vampires and their prey that anyone who was bitten was temporarily categorized as vampire feed. It was humiliating to be bitten and have someone see the marks that were left behind, but again, vampires couldn't help it. They had to eat, just like everyone else. But come to think of it, Finn's blood would be like coffee to any creature who sucked it. He was so full of energy it should be illegal.

"I think I'll pass," she said. "I don't like biting people I know."

Which meant that tomorrow, there would be quorums of people bombarding the two of them with desperate pleas to hunt and kill Marceline. And they would have to come up with an excuse as to why they didn't kill her the last time she bit people. It happened every month, and though it was annoying, it was something that had to be done to protect Marceline. But it could be worse; not everyone disliked her. Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom, didn't exactly dislike Marceline because she was a vampire, but the girls had some bad blood between them. It was probably because of an incident that happened several months back, when Marceline sucked out Peppermint Butler's red stripes. They had to paint on new ones.

But aside from the Nut Kingdom and Princess Bubblegum, and of course Finn and Jake, everyone waited for the day Marceline and all the other vampires would die. Being a vampire, Finn realized, was tougher than it seemed. And he'd noticed something very strange recently, something that for some reason, he'd never thought of before. Except for that one time with her ex-boyfriend, he had never seen Marceline interact with another vampire. Yet somehow she was their queen. Could it be that there were so few vampires that they were hard to find? Well, no, that couldn't be it. If that were true then they would for sure come to Marceline. Why would they keep away from their own queen? It was mind-boggling, really. If you compared Marceline to all the other queens and princesses and duchesses and all other rulers in general, then it was obvious that everyone else actually ruled their kingdom. It didn't look like Marceline even had a kingdom to rule. In fact, there wasn't even a king! Did Marceline have any subjects? If so, where were they?

Boy, he never realized up until now what a mysterious past and heritage Marceline had. Finn felt inclined to ask her about it, but decided against it. She was moody enough as it was, and if there was something painful or traumatizing or whatnot in her past, who knows how she would react?

He snapped out of his thoughts just in time to see a dark speck in the already-darker sky. It was Marceline leaving.

Since it was already getting dark out, and since Marceline would be feeding soon, the two "brothers" decided to get some rest for the chaos that was sure to come tomorrow.


I just kind of had this idea pop in my head after watching one episode of Adventure Time and I thought I'd give this a try. Hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you think so far.