~Chapter 9~

"You're lucky to have gotten here when you did," Princess Bubblegum said as Jake lowered himself, with Finn on his back, into the underground hospital. "Any later and Marceline's condition might've been too bad to treat."

"We got all the medical stuff you asked for," Finn replied, trying to ignore the part about Marceline too close to death to be saved. "It's in Jake's pouch."

Jake smiled and chuckled as he opened up his belly to prove Finn right; he'd used his powers to form a pouch for the medical supplies. He waddled over to the princess and pulled out the biggest machine, which, as it turned out, he'd stored by sucking in his gut and stretching it out behind his back to make more space.

"They said this was some kind of pump," he said as he set it down.

It had a zigzag thing that looked a lot like a bag behind a glass cylinder. It was a crude, boxy thing that really did look important. The main body of it seemed complicated, with many buttons and flashing lights. It had a solar panel, meaning it was powered by the sun. It was a good choice, considering vampires couldn't come out during the day, and considering the fact that since they were under several feet of clay and rock, there wasn't an outlet. All they had to do was take it above ground and let it charge, which the gem people said only took half an hour. There was also a long, transparent cord attacked to one corner of the pump. It didn't have a needle on the end of it, but it narrowed down significantly.

Next, Jake pulled out several plastic bags containing a clear liquid in them. Following those was what looked like a coat hanger, with two upward hooks on top. And following that was another slim cord, this one containing a needle on the end. Several more of the same cords were pulled out to accompany the first one. Lastly, loads of fresh, clean bandages that came in conveniently large, wide rolls were held in Jake's paws. He kept holding them so they wouldn't get dirty, being as there were no non-dusty tables available.

"Thank you, Finn and Jake. I'll get to work on Marceline. In the mean time, you two try to clean this place up," she said. "Start with the tables so we have somewhere to put the bandages."

While the two boys got to work on tidying up the tables, the princess moved the pump over to Marceline's bed. It wasn't that hard since the thing had little wheels. She pulled up the long cord that extended from it and held open Marceline's mouth, careful to avoid touching her fangs. The cord was pushed into her mouth and down her throat. But it had to be taken out when Marceline went into another coughing fit. The pillow her head rested on was once again bloodied, but it would have to wait. The princess tried again after the coughing stopped. She slid the cord into Marceline's mouth, down her throat, and turned it toward the left side of her chest, where the penetrated lung was. She pushed it down further until she felt the bottom of the lung. Being very gentle, she pulled it up a little and held the cord there for awhile while she started up the pump. It only took a few minutes for the hissing noises of the air compression to be heard. It only took a few seconds more for blood to be seen being pulled from the lung. It wasn't very gross because after a bit, the cord looked more like a red cord than a blood-filled tube. There was no slurping noise that was emitted from the machine; it was surprisingly silent aside from the soft hisses.

"Finn," she called after she was done checking the machine.

Immediately, the blonde came rushing up to her. "Yeah, princess?"

"I need you to help me sit Marceline up," she said.

Finn went around to Marceline's legs and threw them over the edge of the bed while Princess Bubblegum helped her sit up.

"Okay, Finn, hold her up like that," she instructed as she slumped Marceline onto Finn.

She wasn't anywhere near as heavy as he thought she'd be. In fact, she was super skinny. As in, so skinny he could feel her ribs more clearly than he should. He wanted to believe it was just because she was a vampire, but...honestly, a vampire was just a human that had special powers and could suck blood. He highly doubted she had an eating disorder; she just wasn't like that. It had to be the war that was doing this to her. She was losing weight because between fighting and resting for the next fight, she had literally no time to eat. And there was nothing to eat. So it wasn't just her, then, it was all the vampires in general. They were starving.

Careful to avoid certain areas, he moved his hand lower. Her stomach dipped in under her ribs. It was slight, but it went to show how bad this was getting, and how dangerous this could be for her. He wondered if Princess Bubblegum knew she was underweight. He wondered if anyone else knew how badly the war had gotten to her. And there was nothing he could do... Nothing at all... She was suffering, the terrible fighting having been so harsh on her that her body was starting to give out, and he could do nothing about it.

He put his hands back on her shoulders and held her upright while the princess lifted her shirt up. He immediately looked away and began to flush. Thankfully she noticed and told him that she needed him to keep holding her up because she needed to wrap the bandages around her. Even though Marceline was unconscious, and even though he'd already seen her naked...

He noticed Jake was also looking away, which served as a great relief. Princess Bubblegum was a girl and the only one who knew how to perform medical tasks, so in a sense, she was allowed to see Marceline like this. Still didn't change the fact that Finn was forced to hold her though...

The princess encircled Marceline's lower back, leading all the way up to her chest, in thick bandages. The wounds on her back reopened in the process, but the bandages held and soaked it up, leaving red blotches parallel to one another.

"They'll need to be changed later, but they'll help the injuries heal faster," PB said.

"What about her lung, will that heal?" Finn asked as he helped lower the no-longer exposed vampire onto the bed. They were mindful of the cord in her mouth, and that it couldn't stretch too far. The machine was moved closer to her head.

"Hopefully. Lung tissue takes awhile to heal, even with proper treatment." She pointed to the machine. "This pump will keep her lung clear until the tissue heals. Until then, we need to keep her out of danger. The more she moves, the faster the blood will fill her lung."

"Hey, wait. She still has another lung to breathe with, why would-" Jake was interrupted immediately by an angry Princess Bubblegum.

"If the lung fills up, the blood will overflow and start draining into the other one!" she snapped.

Finn could only watch as the princess huffed and moved to pat out the dust on another pillow. He'd never seen her so protective of Marceline before. Seemed like, despite their constant spats, she wanted to make up with her. And now that PB was having to take care of her, Marceline seemed to become all the more important. He didn't know whether it was just because she was so badly injured or if it was genuine regret for her past mistakes. But it was weird. Marceline hadn't become more important just to the princess, but to himself as well. And the worst part was, he didn't understand why. He'd always liked Princess Bubblegum and had never once looked at Marceline this way before.

The vampire queen groaned and opened her eyes. She looked tired and worn out. It was surprising that she was even conscious, considering there were bags under her eyes from where she couldn't rest. But that wasn't necessarily good news. Now that she was conscious, she wouldn't suck blood. And from the looks of things so far, vampire flesh didn't trigger the bite reflex for some reason. It would be easier if it could, though. Then they could simply bring her a dead vampire...that is, if it wasn't fully rotten yet. During her fights, before she nearly died, she could've prevented hunger by stealing another vampire's blood. But unfortunately it just didn't work that way. And she was so stubborn that she refused to suck blood from someone she knew.

Princess Bubblegum bent down to eye level with her. "How are you feeling?"

Marceline just looked at her with a vacant stare. She obviously was trying to process where she was at, how she got here, who had brought her here, and how they'd found her in the first place. And probably why there was a tube going down her throat, which was pretty random and freaky when you just woke up.

"Where am I?" she murmured, the cord down her throat messing up the way she talked. Her voice was so soft it was almost inaudible.

The princess smiled in relief and answered, "You're in an underground hospital in the Canyon Kingdom. We found you on a ledge and brought you here."

"That'th impothible; the Canyon Kingdom wath dethtroyed in the latht war," she whispered tiredly.

She tried to sit up and look around, but Princess Bubblegum wouldn't allow it and pushed her back onto the bed. Marceline hissed as her back hit the bed. "Sorry, but you need to take it easy for awhile. The sun is still out, so you don't have an excuse to get out of this bed."

"I'm fine!" she retorted.

Finn decided it was his turn to help knock some sense into her. "You got hurt really bad, Marceline. You're pretty banged up."

Jake nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, you were coughing up blood and everything."

"Ith that why there'th thith thing in mah mouf?" she asked, pointing to her mouth in case no one understood what she was saying.

Princess Bubblegum nodded. "It's connected to a pump. It's pulling the blood out of a punctured lung."

"I don't like it. It maketh me talk funneh," she huffed stubbornly.

The princess furrowed her eyebrows in frustration. "It's the only thing keeping you alive! Stop acting like you're okay when you clearly aren't!"

In an act of defiance, she tried to sit up again, but only to have PB push her down again. She grunted. "What are you going to do when the thun goeth down? They'll sheck here and if I'm thtill in here when they do, we'll all die." She propped herself up on her elbows. "I have to fight whefer you want me to or not."


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