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Chapter 1. Career


I ground my teeth together, my hands balling themselves into fists. "Mom come on! You can't be serious!"

Standing in the middle of my childhood room, I stared at my mother in shock and disbelief, my school bag half on my shoulder and half falling off. I had just come home from a rather hard and tiering day of school and this is was what my mother had to say to me? This of all things?

My mother stood her ground, casting me a scathing look. "Yes Kagome, I'm being dead serious." Her arms were folded tightly across her chest - a sign that meant she was dead serious and that she meant business.

"Bu-but… I mean I can't just leave my friends!" I stuttered pathetically. "No! No, we can't just leave. What about school? This is insane!"

My mother cleared her throat loudly, trying to get me to stop my ranting. "Kagome, you and I both know we need a little extra money and the job is perfect. I've never been offered a more perfect job. Please try to understand…for me." she added the last part quietly, with a hit of sadness in it. I felt my narrowed eyes and pinched expression melt away a little. My mother always knew how to make me feel guilty.

I sighed. "But mom that's just it- I don't understand. What about Souta? What about Gramps? Buyo? Mom what about me? I just don't understand…I just don't."

Honestly, I didn't understand how this could have happened. I knew that living in a shrine that was built in the middle of the city was costly and that we have had to be cautious of what we bought or spent in the past. But I didn't actually think my mother was looking for a new job. I hadn't thought it was that bad. So bad that we were going to move for a job…

Clearing her throat yet again, showing that she was a tad uncomfortable, she added, "Kagome I know this is hard for you to understand. And I'm sorry that we do have to move. If the job was closer you know we would stay here," My mother dropped her arms to her side and ran a hand through her dark ebony hair, "But Kagome you need to be strong for me and your grandfather. If not for us then be strong for souta. Please."

I inwardly rolled my eyes. I had never been a selfish person. I always put others before myself in dyer situations. But now that I needed someone to be there for me, I had to be there for someone else. How ridiculous. Ridiculous, but…necessary.

Closing my eyes and pinching the bridge of my nose -feeling an approaching headache- I nodded slowly. "Fine mom. Ill be strong…" and then I added, "for Souta," making it clear that I was anything but loathing about this decision.

"Thank you Kagome. That means so much to me and I know your grandfather will be pleased to." Mama hesitantly walked up to my side and put her arms lovingly around my stomach. I tried staying strong for as long as I could, trying to hold fast and steady, but feeling the warmth and compassion coming off of my mother, I shattered. Finally, releasing one last deep breath, I let go of my built up tension and sobbed like a toddler in my mother's warm embrace.


Personally, I thought that Souta had taken the moving news better then I thought he would. He only got really mad, stomped around like a deranged dinosaur and yelled really, really loudly before he finally scrambled up to his room and slammed the door behind him, making my flinch.

"Well that went well…" Mama muttered sarcastically.

I sighed and reclined further into the couch cushions. "Mom what did you expect? This-" I motioned my arm's around our living room,"is where he grew up. This is all he knows." Seeing my mother's worried expression I added, "You cant honestly blame him for being a little upset."

She sighed loudly for the upteenth time that day. "I know but I just hoped…"

"Yea I know mom. I know." I soothed sympathetically as I maneuvered around on the couch so my arms were dangling over the back rest so I could look at her. Seeing the dark purplish bag's under her eyes that screamed of insomnia, and the way she puttered around the kitchen made me feel sorry for her. She was just trying to give us a better life. One that we could afford. Standing up and walking over to my mom so I could help her pick up the rem nets of our dinner I said, "Mom? Why don't you go upstairs and take a really hot bath? It might help with some unwanted stress. I know I might later on."

My mother stopped picking up the kitchen and turned so she could give me a warm smile, making the corner's around her eyes crinkle. "Maybe later honey. Ive got some things to take care of first before I do anything else." She went back into the kitchen to pick up Souta's untouched plate of food. He'd gotten so upset that he forgotten to eat.

I turned back around and walked back over into the living room and flopped down onto the couch. Putting my head in my hands I muttered, "This is going to be one hell of a ride."


I could feel every muscle in my body clench and unclench. I was furious and confused, a combination that didn't bode well with me. "What?!" My eyes were wide and my mouth was agape. Souta was standing next to me in a similar position. After learning the news about moving yesterday this wasn't something I could even fathom. When mama had asked both Souta and I into my room, Id thought it was just something more about the move. But not this...

Mom gave us a weak smile. "I know this is something we all will just have to get used to but..."

"No mom I will Never get used to this!" Souta said and he pounded a fist on my bedroom wall for emphasis.

I stepped froward, after staying quiet for the beginning portion of the conversation. "I have to side with Souta on this. I have to go to school with demons now? Mom, I know you said be strong for souta but this..this is insane!"

A confused look graced Souta's features before he glared up at me. "Hey I can be strong on my own! I don't need your help." He was trying to be strong. Trying to be brave. All of that flew out the window as Souta stuck his tongue out at me. I replied maturely by pulling on my ears, puffing out my cheeks and crossing my eyes, making a monkey face. Dropping my hands, I muttered, "That you think so proves you need a babysitter." Turning my full attention back on mom who was watching us intently, I noticed she was trying to figure how we would react to this news.

"You both are fine with being around demons, so why is going to school with them such a big deal?" She asked as she moved my desk chair around from my desk, turned it around so she could sit down on it backward. She watched us both as we mulled that over in our brains for a minuet.

"Because…," Souta mumbled, failing to find a good enough reason.

"Because…," I said as I thought it over. There really was no reason to be so upset about sharing a school with demon's. Growing up in a shrine, we were taught from a very young age that demon's weren't harmful to us. We lived in a day of age where demons could mingle among human's and there was nothing to be frightened about. And the one's that were evil, and wanted nothing but to cause major harm to human's, and the human race, were dealt with. Severely.

"Because?" Mom finally asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"Well.. its just…well….well I mean you never know how they are going to act around you" I finally stuttered. I really didn't have a good answer for that question. I cringed inwardly at how ignorant it sounded.

"Well, Ive already had taken a tour of both your your new schools today with your grandfather and we've both a greed we like them vary much. And I even had a meeting with both of your new principals before we signed you both up for your courses. You both start in two weeks." She sated firmly.

I groaned as I plopped down on the edge of my bed, making the old springs groan and squeak. I took a relaxing breath before placing my chin into my palm, looking my mother in the eye. I sat there, staring at her for a few second's, thinking over my options.

Closing my eyes and sighing I uttered, "Fine. I give up. If I struggle with you, it'll only make things worse. I'm going to have to move anyway. Theres no point in trying to fight and struggle with the idea. I might as well face this move with my head held high, trying to make the best of a crummy situation."

Then I turned so I could look at my baby brother. He was pouting, his back pressed up against the doorframe to my room with his arm's crossed stubbornly across his chest. "Souta, don't be mad at mom or Gramps. Just look at this move as an opportunity, not a bad thing. Remember, your not the only one having to move. Ill be right there beside you. Ill be there for you. Okay?"

'How was that for being strong?' I thought smugly as mama stood up from my desk chair and walked over to me, placing both arms around my shoulder. This time though, I hugged her back.

"Thank you," she whispered into my ear before smoothing down the back of my hair. I gave her a squeeze before I pulled away from the hug and gave Souta a look.

"Theres room for one more." I said winking before opening my arms in a silent gesture that said he could join us. Souta sighed and walked over to us, letting us swallow him up in a warm embrace.


We were sitting at our usual booth in the middle of WacDnald's, I was pouting and glaring dagger's into my soda cup and everyone else was staring at me intently, silently asking if what I had just was true or a lie. "No really, I'm telling the truth. Im moving."

I had just broken the news to my four best friends; Yuka, Eri, Ayumi and Hojo. They sat around me with sad and confused expressions. Expression's I should imagine I was wearing when I had been told I was moving. At first they thought I might be joking, pulling their legs or preforming some kind of prank. But when I shook my head, keeping a stern look on my face, they realized I was being serious. And the news sunk in hard- I was moving.

Yuka tucked a stray hair behind her ear awkwardly, her short brown hair didn't even reach her shoulders. Eri adjusted her yellow headband she had worn ever day since kindergarten and Ayumi played with her the end of her wavy ebony hair. And Hojo..well Hojo just stared at me. No expression upon his usual light and care free face. He looked like he couldn't process what Id just said. But, surprisingly, he was the first one to speak.

"You-your moving?" His eye twitched slightly, a glitch that didn't go unnoticed by me.

I nodded and poked a hole into the top of my cup with my forefinger. "Im afraid that I am." Then quickly I added, "And trust me I'm not vary excited about it."

Hojo made a sputtering sound, kind of like he was trying to talk but was completely tongue tied. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye and saw that he was pouting angrily. I felt my lips twitch into a sad smile. I had known for years about the small crush Hojo had on me. And maybe, just maybe, if Id been a better person for him, I would have gone out with him. He was the kind of guy any girl would have been proud of. He always had sweet gifts he gave to me - most of them being for medical reason or illness. But still, the thought was sweet.

"Well.." Yuka sad sadly as she finally found her voice, "were not happy about this either. Were going to miss you so much."

"So much." Eri and Hojo pipped in, in unison.

I appreciated their words; it made me feel like my friends really did care for me and were going to miss me when I was gone. "Im going to miss you guys too." I turned to give Hojo a warm smile, but the look on his face made me stop. "Are you ok Hojo? You look…pale."

Hojo swallowed and brushed away the bangs that sat neatly on is forehead. "I-Im uh fine. I guess I'm just not feeling well."

"Oh well can I get anything for you?" I asked, getting more worried about him.

Hojo's face flushed and he adjusted himself awkwardly in the booth. "O-oh N-No! T-thank you, K-kagome."

I nodded solemnly. "Of course. I just want you to feel better." I said quietly, returning my attention back to my half eaten food and soda.

The five of us ate in a bitter and dejected silence, probably thinking the same thing: what were we going to do when we were serperated?, until Ayumi pushed her food as far away from her as possible and commented that she had to go home. We had homework that needed to be attended too. The rest of us agreed, though the subject of school wasn't the main topic on my mind, and left the restaurant.

We walked slowly, which oddly reminded me of a morbid death march. All saddened by the thought of us, me, being gone and apart had us walking with our heads downward and our expressions grim.

Finally after walking a few blocks, I noticed that it was only Ayumi and I walking side by side. I had probably been so indulged in my own thoughts I didn't notice the other's going their own way home. Ayumi lived only a block away from the shrine so naturally we liked to walk home with each other.

Soon we found ourselves at the fork in the road that separated her block from mine. Ayumi gave me a weak smile that looked so forced it made me wince. She lifted up her had and gave me a small wave.

"Bye Kagome. See you tomorrow?"

I nodded and forced myself to return the gesture. "Sure thing. See you then." And then, we turned away from each other and headed to our homes. My head downcast as I walked, I kicked a small pebble all the way to the many stairs that lead upward to the shrine. Sighing, I started the long ascend upward until I reached the courtyard of the shrine grounds. I blew my bang's out of my face as I opened the sliding door into our home and muttered a gloomy "I'm home," before sliding it shut behind me.

I kicked my shoes off and tossed my bag to the side and headed into the kitchen. I grabbed a simple after school snack before heading up to my room, passing the den and noticing that Souta was sitting about five inches away from the Tv, playing a video game he'd received on his birthday. Shaking my head at him, I continued upstairs. When Id finally made it up into my room, I locked the door behind me and collapsed onto my soft, familiar bedding.

I closed my eyes, counted to ten and another ten for good measure, before I let out my anger and frustrations out in the form of a muffled and strained scream in one my pillows.

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