Billy Flynn.

In here, you couldn't go a day without hearing that name at least once.

She was getting sick of hearing it, but if anyone could get her out of here it was him. She had been lucky enough to become his client. He had yet to get a guilty verdict for a female client, so her chances of getting out of this place were damn good. She was enjoying the fame that came with being a murderess and client of Billy Flynn, but the fame came with a price. She had to put up with Billy's methods, she was sick of being his puppet, it was time for her to take some control.

"Roxie? What are you doing? Not dozing off I hope, we got a lot of work to do."

Ah, speak of the devil. That trademark voice that could sway any judge, jury or reporter resonated off the stone walls of the jail's meeting room.

"Oh Billy how nice of you to drop by, guess this visit means my husband came through and paid up."

"Roxie, sometimes I think you might be to clever for your own good. I hate to say it but you're right, that is why I came, I think its about time we wrap this whole thing up don't you?"

"I hope you aren't planning another puppet show for the press Billy, I'm not putting up with that shit again. You may think you run this show, but think we both know who is in charge here." Roxie said with a wink and a smirk.

He sat in the chair across from hers, put his elbows on the table and leaned forward. "Oh really now? I don't need you Roxie you need me. Without me you'll rot in this prison or be executed, don't fool yourself."

She giggled, "I wasn't referring to the case, we all know you're the one calling the shots in court. No I'm the boss behind the scenes. There is only one woman who you will ever speak too after you get your not guilty. That's me honey, don't think I didn't see it the moment we first met. I've seen how you treat your other clients, you just want your verdict but if they can't pay up you drop em faster than they thought possible. Not me though, you put on a show of threatening to drop me if Amos didn't pay up. I'm a showgirl at heart and I saw right through your bluff, in fact he probably hasn't paid yet. You just came her to see me."

"Damn you. I knew something from the moment we met, you were clever Roxie, you aren't a total fool like some of these women in here. Damn you for being like this, I'm not supposed to have anything more than a professional relationship with my clients but, you're making it damn near impossible for me to hold back."

"Then don't you damn fool." she said as she pulled him close to her, and slowly their lips met, moving slowly at first, soon though the kiss became more passionate as he gave in.

For once in their relationship, she was in charge, and she was loving it.