The Forgotten Life Summary: This is Percy and Annabeth in another life, where Poseidon and Athena approve their relationship from the beginning. This is a crossover with Gallagher Girls.

Disclaimer: I do not own PJO or GG. I only own Angel Morgan and Tom Jackson.

Chapter 1: The meeting

Third Person POV:

At the Morgan Family Reunion: Four families gather. The four families are Morgan, Chase, Goode, and Jackson. The reunion is at the Morgan household.

"Welcome to the family reunion. As you know Matthew couldn't be here today for the reunion. Let's congratulate my niece, Angel on her engagement to Tom."

"Thank you everyone! I'm so happy! You are all invited to the wedding in 8 months. We will be sending you the invitations so please give your addresses to Tom." says Angel.

" Yes give me your addresses. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at our wedding." says Tom.

" Children stay inside and play. Okay lets go cook." says Rachel.

Cammie's POV:

Mom and the other grown-ups went to the backyard to set up the barbeque. I m left inside with 3 other kids.

" Hi I m Cameron Morgan, but you can call me Cammie. I'm 10. Who are you guys?"

" Cammie, I'm your cousin but you never met me before. I'm Annabeth Chase, I'm also 10."

" I'm Zachary Goode but call me Zach. I'm 10 too."

" I'm Zach's cousin. My name is Perseus Jackson but please call me Percy. So I guess we re all 10."

"Hey kids, food's ready." says Amy Chase and Philip Jackson.

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