Summary: Crossover – SPN/Boondock Saints – It was the Latin that caught his eye; that made Dean bump shoulders with Sam as they stood in line and then nod toward the familiar words inked in black on the men's hands.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warnings: none for either Supernatural or Boondock Saints

A/N: I really like the idea of the Winchester brothers crossing paths with the MacManus brothers. And if you don't know Connor and Murphy MacManus, I highly recommend introducing yourself to them. Check out the video link on my profile page...

Paths that cross will cross again. ~ Patti Smith

It was the Latin that caught his eye.

The word Veritas starting at the joint of one man's index finger, stretching over bony knuckles, and stopping midway over the back of the man's left hand while the word Aequitas ran the same path on the other man's right hand.

Dean bumped shoulders with Sam as they stood in line and nodded toward the familiar words inked in black on the men's skin.

Sam nodded as well – because he had already noticed them – and then tensed as he realized Dean was going to comment about them.

"Nice tats," Dean remarked as the man in front of them – the one with short, cropped hair similar to Dean's – reached for the pack of cigarettes the gas station clerk had just tossed on the counter.

The men – both dressed in black except for their jeans – half turned and glanced over their shoulders; their movements perfectly in sync as they both gave Dean a suspicious once-over before glancing at each other and then directing their attention to Sam.

Sam shifted beside his brother; suddenly uncomfortable and wishing Dean had kept his mouth shut. "Truth and equity," he further explained, as if the men didn't already know the meanings of the words tattooed on their hands.

The man – the one who looked slightly younger – narrowed his eyes but nodded.

"Aye," was all he replied – his accent clearly Irish; his attitude clearly badass – before turning back to the clerk.

But the older one continued to stare at the Winchesters; his gaze flickering between them.

Dean smiled. "With matching tats like that, I'm guessing you're either brothers or cellmates."

Sam cut his eyes at Dean.

Dean's smile widened.

The man's mouth twitched in an answering smile. "We're both," he confirmed, his accent also Irish.

Dean nodded. "Us, too," he agreed, indicating himself and Sam.

Sam sighed harshly.

Dean chuckled.

The man chuckled as well – one big brother recognizing another – and then glanced over his shoulder as his sibling called his name.


"Yeah, Murph?"

"It's Murphy," Murphy corrected as he turned away from the counter and passed one of the bags to his brother, indicating he was ready to leave.

Connor nodded and directed his attention back to Dean. "In Boston long?"

Dean shrugged. "Few days."

Connor nodded again, glancing at Murphy and then back at Dean. "Maybe we'll see you around."

Dean glanced at Sam and then back at Connor. "Yeah. Maybe."