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Chapter 1: First Impressions

It was a fall night, the stars where out and a blue hedgehog stared out the dark sky from his bedroom window. His bright emerald eyes eyed each and every one of the stars. He loved star gazing up at them each night just wondering how far where they. How they gain that bright gleam of theirs, a very amazing lighting.


A soft voice broke him off his trance and he turned around. A yellow kangaroo in a maid dress peeked in the room. The small hedgehog blinked in shock. "Mattie?"

"You're going to miss the royal dinner with the king and mayor of Angel Island." She told him looking nervous. The boy gasped and got off the window cushion. "I forgot!"

He rushed to his wardrobe and opened its doors. "I'll be there in less than a minutes." he told her. The kangaroo nodded and closed the door. The boy looked at all his outfits. He bit his lip and looked at all of them. "Which one was it?" he asked himself.


In the dining room downstairs a bunch of echidnas and the royal hedgehog family gathered around a table of glass and silver and all sat on solid gold chairs. A light purple hedgehog with purple, puffed up, scattered hair, and a beautiful white gown sat next to a blue hedgehog that had a red suit with yellow straps in it and a red cape. He had a golden crown with gem stones in it on his head.

The two were the rulers of Apotos, King Jules and Queen Aleena. Both were sweet and caring for others, but the king had a more mellow personality than the queen. The queen was free-spirited and wild, but still took her responsibilities seriously as for her husband had no time for fun and games, but still they were a very noble to their needs while their son…

"I'm here! I'm here!" yelled the blue hedgehog as he entered the room with his super gifted speed and rushed to the side of an empty chair. The echidnas stared at the young prince who wore a white prince suit pull his chair out.

The king held a scowl frown and said in a low voice, "Your late again, Sonic."

The blue hedgehog sighed slowly taking a seat next to his father. "I know, I know. I'm sorry everyone." He said politely with his eyes closed.

"It's no problem your majesty all's well." said one of the echidnas. Sonic smiled up at the nice orange echidna.

The king looked at him firmly. "Please don't let it happen again." He told him. Sonic's eyes looked away from his father ashamed. "I'll try," he grumbled and closed his eyes.


The rest of the dinner was torture for Sonic. All he did was talk about something that didn't concern him and eat and look at Mobions. The only fun part about it is that at the end he got to meet a young echidna named Knuckles, which will someday guard Angel Island and the Master Emerald that give power to this enchanted floating land. They had a long conversation until they left of course.

Sonic sat on the cushion next to the window. Looking back at the stars again and he sighed.

Every Friday was the same and it was boring. He wanted a friend he could play with. Someone who he could tell everything to, but no, he had no one. He made friends really quickly so it was no problem to make them. The problem was he couldn't really go and play with them like a regular kid would.

He was the prince and so he couldn't go out the castle because of this war that went on. It was too dangerous for him to go out the castle's walls. He could always dream of going out into the land though. Sonic looked up at the brightest star in the left as he laid his head in the window. He smiled at it.

"All I want is a friend, someone who will stay here with me forever. Is that a lot to ask for?" He asked the star. The star only shined down at him. Sonic's eyes slowly closed. When his eyes closed completely and he went into a deep slumber, the star only shined brighter.

The kingdom was very cheerful. Everyone in the town had a heart of pure gold. One cared for one another. There was always something to be glad about. It was Family Reunion day for everyone, and so Mobions from different lands came to Apotos to buy their wonderful ingredients for the family dinner.

Sonic stared out the window with his bored expression, another big boring family reunion. He lay on the window stall looking down at the front of the castle entrance. As he stared out the window from the second tallest room he saw a maid. It was a hot pink hedgehog with a maid suit on. It was Ms. Rose the closest maid to the king. She was very trust worthy although this time she wasn't alone. A light pink hedgehog followed behind her, a little girl who looked around his age and wore a maid suit as well. His eyes grew wide and he raised his head from the window. Ms. Rose turned to her and said something that made the girl nodded and jog over to her side. There was a little girl in the castle and he didn't know her. He quickly got off the cushion and sped out of his room.


Ms. Rose turned back to the pink hedgehog. "Amy," she called out.

"Yes mommy?" the little hedgehog asked politely.

"We have to go inside and clean up the dining room." She said.

"Ok mommy" the little girl nodded and quickly jogged over to her side.

They entered the large doors into a room that was very big. "This honey… is the ball room," Ms. Rose informed her.

The little hedgehog looked up at the ceiling. The walls were painted tan and the ceilings were made up of pure gold. She saw colorful glasses that were placed next to each other on the walls that created a picture. The marble tile floor had circles and triangles for designs and the floor was shiny clean.

"Wow," she gasped.


The little hedgehog turned quickly seeing her mother already near a doorway across the large room.

"Don't get lost honey." She warned her before turning on the doorway and disappearing out of sight.

She took a look around one more time and then ran after her mom.

When she reached the doorway she saw a stretched out hallway. She blinked that her mom wasn't in sight. She put her hand on her lips and walked down the hall. On the walls were more pictures but this time of the royal family. An Old man, a young king, a lady with a gown and her hair let loose, small children.

All were hedgehogs but of different colors. Then at the end their seemed to have been another animal that wasn't a hedgehog but a tiger and that was with a beige hedgehog for a queen. The little hedgehog blinked at the frame. 'Some family' she thought.

Something else then caught of her attention. It smelled like food. Her nose began to sniff the air and follow its trail. It soon leads her to a kitchen. She entered it and the smell soon was familiar.

"Cookies!" She screeched and ran to an oven were the smell was coming from. The light was on and there she saw that they were chocolate cookies.

"Hey you,"

She turned around and saw a guard. "What are you doing?"

"I'm just I'm just-"she stuttered while trying to speak.

"Are you intruding?"

"No-No-No" she said moving her hands rapidly.

The guard raised his eye brow and walked towards her. "You're coming with me." He said but Amy moved backwards. "No, please I'm here with-"


The guard turned around and saw a small blue hedgehog that looked around her age. He angrily stared at the guard.

"She's my visitor. Don't you dare treat our guest this way?" Sonic said

The pink hedgehog stared at Sonic with a disbelief look. She saw him walk over her side and give her a quick smile before turning to the guard looking serious again. "I'm very sorry your highness." apologized the guard bowing down.

"It's fine." Sonic said.

Amy was looking as the hedgehog excused the guard out of the kitchen. Once he did Sonic turned to her with a warm smile. "You okay?" he asked her.

Amy stared at him shyly and nervously. He was the prince, future king of Apotos. She's seen him from a far or in paintings but never this close. He was cute with his quills sticking out from the back and his emerald eyes gleaming so brightly. She felt herself blushing noticing his figure.

"Um," Sonic saw her blushing from embarrassment, maybe. "I'm uh I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog." He managed to say, hoping he'd start a conversation.

The little hedgehog still didn't say anything she was still shy and nervous too. Sonic sweats a drop just by seeing her suddenly begin to look around while covering her mouth. He chuckled and nervously rubbed the back of his neck. "What's your name?" he asked.

Her eyes shifted back to him. Should she tell him? Why not? He wasn't a total stranger to her she knew who he was but then why was she acting so shy.

She opened her mouth to speak but right that moment the queen came in

"Sonic where did you go? I went to your Room but you weren't…" She saw her son and a new little pink hedgehog. "Oh," she gasped. "Who's your friend?" she asked Sonic. The girl looked from Sonic to the queen. "I work here with my mom now." She spoke.

Once again someone else popped from the door way. Ms. Rose gasped and ran to her daughter.

"Amelia," she cried passing by Sonic who blinked twice at the name she called out. 'Amelia?'

Ms. Rose bended down to grab her daughter into her arms then turned to the queen.

"I am so sorry your majesty. I will pay for anything she broke." She said rather quickly.

"She didn't break anything." Sonic protested but looked up at her with a smile. The little hedgehog in her mother's arms couldn't help but offer the same smile.

"Right," nervously agreed Ms. Rose. "Again I'm sorry" Ms. Rose said and bowed down to the queen then turned around and exited the kitchen.

Sonic sadly looked at the little girl and she stared at him back as she was carried away. Finally she and her mother disappeared around the corner.

Sonic let out a sorrowful sigh. A new little girl was working with her mom as a maid. Ms. Rose has never brought her before. How didn't he know of her?

The queen smile down at her son. "It looks like you've taken some interest in this maid daughter." His mother stated. Sonic looked up at her then back down.

"Your majesty,"

They turned around and saw a purple hippo with an apron. "Do you need something?" she asked them. Sonic saw her grab a towel and opened the oven. There were the cookies all freshly bake. Sonic's jaw opened. "So that's why she was here. She wanted cookies, mom," sonic said turning to his mother.

"What?" questioned the queen.

"I'd like a few cookies to go please." Sonic requested politely.

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