Anastasia - At the Beginning



Chapter 20: Remember

The sun was barely going through its stage of setting over the horizon. The sky was an orangey-yellow and out in the outskirts of Apotos a large army, groups of men in black made the horizon outline black and dark. Emi's eyes narrowed feeling her emotions boil inside her. She felt no fear to the fact that Shadow was coming after her. She didn't care if Shadow had her tightened by the throat, she was never going to give up, but those thoughts didn't cross her mind. She placed her hand on the marble rail of Sonic's balcony and puffed. The army was getting closer. They weren't too far away to not be noticed, but they weren't too close to attack yet.

Her fist tightened and she took a large step backwards and ran inside Sonic's room. There she rushed down the few low steps to get to the bottom floor and to the door. She grabbed the large door handle, opened it and closed the door behind her as she left. She raced down the hallway. Panting heavily in her mind she had only one thought going. She didn't understand how she happened to have grown strength in her, but Sonic taught her to be brave. He taught her to trust and to have hope. Most importantly, to love.

She went down the staircase and reached the bottom floor base. The gold in them shined strong against the sun's refection. She looked both ways of the halls and found the route to the garden outside. Emi ran down the grass and stopped her target almost at an instant. The flowers around her spoke in mutters, but she ignored each and every one of them. She panted harder and arrived to traverse the bridge over to the other side of landmass. Going through the green tunnel of trees she came out to be in front of the large oak tree. She stopped to briefly stare it. The tree stood there almost motionless until the wind blew on the branches. Emi coughed once before walking up to the bark. She looked at the lake that sparkled with the orange sunlight that was barely the sun then to the tree. Her hand touched the bark while closing her eyes. She didn't know exactly what she wanted to say but she had to ask.

Her hand pressed hard against the bark and she bit her lip hard. She didn't want to bother the great tree and so couldn't bring herself to ask what she wanted too.

"What it's saying?" When Emi opened her eyes she saw Sonic walking up to her with a gaily attitude and a grin. He wasn't wearing his crown or his cape only his red sneakers. Emi was taken a shock because she was so used to seeing Sonic with his royal equipment. She removed her hand off the tree and back away from it. The thing that shocked her most was that Sonic almost looked like a normal commoner and very young.

"Nothing, it won't reply." She quickly replied.

Sonic raised an eye brow and then chuckled while shaking his head. He walked up to her and deeply stared at her. "Don't worry about Shadow Emi. We're ready for battle. My soldiers and I discussed the plans all night." He looked to the side to look at the sun setting. "I have no fear whatsoever."

"Sonic," She muttered.

He looked back at her. Emi sighed and the corner of her lip lifted grudgingly. "It's going to rain soon." Her fist tightened as she hid it behind her back. Sonic's expression went blank. "Do you think it'll affect our battle strategy style?" She asked her voice lowering by each passing word she gave.

Sonic stared at her for some time and then laughed out loud unexpectedly. Emi blinked in confusion when he stopped laughing and smiled. "So it was true. It was going to rain this week."

Emi's mouth opened but it died away into a nervous giggle. Sonic wrapped an arm around her neck when he got by her side. "You don't have to worry about it raining Ames. It won't stop us from winning." He said confidently.

Emi bit her lip and nodded without saying anything. Sonic noticed she looked a little tensed and smirked. "So, tell me why you look like you're hiding something from me?"

Emi felt like her heart had jumped out from her chest. She felt suddenly so nervous and weird. She opened her mouth but for that some time nothing seemed to get out. About then Sonic started to get seriously nervous himself. "Ames?"

"I…" suddenly replied afterwards, but stopped for a brief moment and stared into the core of his emerald eyes. "Just needed to ask the Great Tree a question," She turned to the tree and touched its bark. "About our battle, a few things about what Shadow has, his men, and—"

"Emi," He loudly interrupted her. She gasped and quickly turned to him. He had his eyebrows narrowed and his arms crossed. He had been calling out her name a few times, but she hadn't heard him because she kept on babbling. "Relax, you're panicking."

"I'm sorry, it's just, this tree—"

"This tree has already done all it could do for us. Now it's our turn." He said somewhat in a soothing way.

Emi frowned and sighed, turning her body to the side. Sonic chuckled and grabbed her shoulders and turned her around back to face him. He held a half smile and she held a pout. "You are one stubborn little hedgehog." He stated teasingly.

Emi huffed and crossed her arms. "Excuse me, coming from you?" She questioned him.

He laughed and made a funny face. "I'm not little,"

Emi puffed her laughter and then smirked. Sonic did too letting go of her shoulder. It took a moment for them to begin speaking again. Lost in the moment of truth, Emi nervously laughed and Sonic cleared his throat still keeping that smile on his face, "We should start heading out."

Emi nodded and then looked at the sky, which wasn't sunny anymore, but covered in clouds A few openings showed the orange sky above the clouds but it was also filling up so that clouds were the only thing in the sky.

"Wait, so this means, we're 'Triple O' on this!?"

"Yes, we're on our own with this. You know how you're father doesn't like working with Sonic. Sonic's to young, he's not married, and a bad king etcetera, etcetera,"

Tails smacked his head and angrily stared to the side hearing the mobian giving him the doubts on a hard time like this. His fingers went to his chin. "We can't send him a letter, it'll be too late. We can't contact him through skies since it isn't close. There's no way I can fly to Cocoa Island in less than 20 minutes." Tails exclaimed, his hands flying up.

"My father wants to stay away from this and told me too as well." A girl announced from where she sat on the darkness of a room. She was looking at Tails from a far, her blue eyes glowing. "But of course, what he says doesn't concern me. Apotos needs my help."

Tails groaned and turned to the troops whom all were standing in front of the palace walls. From the top of a tower he saw the army was almost at a peek. His eyes narrowed down. "We only have a few men." He mused.

The girl in the dark corner of the room smirked and said, "We don't have time for reinforcements, Tails. We need to concentrate on the soldiers we have now and how we planned this." The girl came out from the darkness and her figures appeared in the light faded color of the sun that was disappearing.

Tails turned to her who wore a white colored armor and a golden sword patch by her side. On her lower stomach was the mark of an acorn, the sign of her homeland. She had red lick stick on and her eyelashes were darker and higher. She was ready for war and she was confident on winning.

"I know, but it worries me anyway." Tails stopped and turned back around to face the door. "Where's Emi!? She's leading this army and we still need that special weapon of hers."

The chipmunk giggled and faced the window. Her smile lit down feeling the wind of the late sundown. "You called me in for a reason and I came. Aren't I enough?"

Tails sighed and smiled at her. "Forgive my anxiety. We need all we are for this war." Tails proudly admitted and bowed down. "Come; let's go find Sonic to tell him you're here."

"I," She immediately responded, "will go find Sonic. Most importantly go find Emi. We need her." She ordered.

Tails nodded and walked towards the window. He spun his two tails and began his way down the tower. Sally smiled sweetly as Tails left the room. Soon enough she rushed her way to the door. As soon as she was about to open it the knob turned and Sonic entered. Sally stopped and felt her heart skip a beat. Sonic's head lifted up and he's eyes widened. "Sally?!"


The soldiers all followed orders and stood up straight, their heads tilting upwards and their body standing stiffly. There were rows of men lined up in front of the castle gates and all those men were being led by Emi, only Emi wasn't around. Tails walked up to the commander so far, whom happened to be Cream. Who knew the little girl could be so fearsome. Tails stopped by her side and nervously looked around. "Cream," Her head turned.

"You haven't seen Emi by any chance?" He asked, concerned.

Cream's stern face went shock. She shook her head slowly and then turned her body to face him. "She's not around?" Her voice rose up. Tails sadly had to shake his head too and then Cream gasped. "We must find her. Shadow's almost arriving." She screeched.

Tails stiffen and gulped turning to the side. Cream placed a hand on his shoulder. "I can help you look for her." She offered.

Tails offered a small smile and shook his head. "No, it's fine. You have to get the army moving down to the outskirts. Get all the soldiers on a marching. Who else is fighting again?" He told her his head tilting.

"Almost all the maids are heading out to war. Unbelievable," she scoffed.

"Make sure you get them all out their safely. Oh and Cream," He approached her and placed both hands on her shoulders. "I'd better hope you packed some water because you're going to need it," He said smiling worryingly at her.

"Don't worry about me your Tails. Everything is set. Now go find Emi before we start." She ordered him.

Tails smiled and dropped his hands. "You really were the only one who could say my name." Tails spun his tails and as he rose up flying winked at her. Above her head he flew and Cream only watched in amazement. A small lip slowly curved into a smile of happiness.

Sonic closed the door to his room and his mouth closed. "Sally? What are you doing here?" He asked his mouth dry.

Sally smiled and turned around walking back into the door. "I came looking for you in orders of Tails." She explained. Sonic didn't even know it, but he flinched out of complete astonishment as to why she was here.

"T-T-Tails called for you?" he stuttered a few times.

Sally flipped to face him and smirked with a quick nod. "Yup, told me you were going to have a war instead of a party. I mean, why not join in." She laughed and then looked to the side with a confident smile. "I'm up to kick some butt."

Sonic sighed and extended out his arm. "Sally," He began softly, "I want to apologize—"

"Don't," Sally exclaimed angrily. Sonic's mouth automatically closed. "I don't want to hear it. It never happened." It wasn't her tone that only sounded different but the way she said it. She didn't seem hurt; she wasn't showing any expression towards herself, but to him. Glowering her way into his eye, Sonic felt pain for her instead. "I'm sorry,"

Sally's ears bend and she suddenly felt out of breath. Her breathing increased and she felt like she couldn't say or do anything, almost feeling hopeless. That's when Sonic noticed she had the pain hidden from him. "Sonic, just stop it. You're crushing my heart."

Sonic opened her mouth, about to say something, anything, instead of staying quiet, but she beat him to it again. "I accept your apology, but can we just be friends." She pleaded him with a tone the stuttered and a small smile that lack beauty.

Sonic's lip quivered, trying to protest, but he knew that at the moment, there was nothing else to say about the past. "Sure,"

Sally wasn't taken aback by the answer, but taken into a point in life where one would be relived and proud. Like a large feeling of amount of pain being lifted out from the chest. Sonic hummed his chuckle and extended out his hand. Sally looked at his hand and then up at him. He was grinning and so she couldn't help but show off a big grin too. She grabbed his hand and they both gave a great big squeeze and shook tightly. "Nice to be friends again," He said with a wink.

Sally laughed cheerfully and took her hand back. "You bet it is,"

Sonic walked pass her and Sally turned around, confused as to all ready he was leaving her. "Hey, where are you going?"

Sonic turned his head as he stopped in front of the cabinet next to his bed. He had run with his speed to reach his bedside up the higher level of the room, where his bed was. "Oh, I came to get something."

"Something?" she parroted.

He nodded and opened he cabinet's door. His eyes automatically landed on his target. She smiled warmly and reached out to grab it. Sally, by then, arrived by his side and peeked at his shoulder. "What is that?"

He lifted up a shiny golden necklace made out of pure gold. A heart looking shape scared Sally at first but then she blinked out of wonder. "A necklace?" she questioned.

"Not just any necklace." He wrapped its ends around his neck and then clipped it on saying, "The necklace that I still have left after ten years. The one from the story," He stated turning to face her.

Sally looked at the necklace and eyed it just hanging on his neck. She didn't know when was the last time she saw a pretty necklace so shiny and bright. It almost felt like déjà vu, seeing it right in front of her at that very moment.

Her eyes lit down halfway finding Sonic and Emi lying there together heartwarming. They looked so peaceful and relaxed, that was the first time she had ever seen Sonic so relaxed. Just when she was about to turn around and leave, something shiny brought her attention back to Emi's neck. A gold necklace gleamed brightly under the moon's shine. Sally looked a little surprised, but the necklace was so beautiful, she had an excuse to be surprised. Sally smiled at Emi and turned around to walk down to the door.

"I'm taking it with me. I want this to be a battle to remember." Sonic said full with optimistic feelings

Sally opened her mouth but then closed it quickly. Sonic had already turned around to have watched her closed her mouth so quickly. He frowned, "Something wrong?"

"No, all's good," she stuttered, nodding a few times.

Sonic raised an eye brow and his mouth slightly opened. Sally rushed down to get to the door and Sonic watched her concerned towards her sudden attitude. "Well, we got to hurry. Shadow's almost here, Emi's missing and we're not even down there."

Sonic smirked and chuckled darkly. "Concerned? Sal, there's nothing to be hyped about." He told her trying to get her comfortable.

"I'm not concern." She ventured, unable to get her eyes off the necklace that hanged around his neck, dazzling before her eyes. "I'm just nervous," she muttered lastly.


Tails and Cream stood side to side in front of the last blue house from Apotos. The sea below them was dark and had no rich color. The green grasses were dull due to the sun not around. The clouds slowly let out a few small drops of water. From the glass meadows, they saw the black army. "You think this will work?" Cream asked, scared.

"I'm not sure, but I trust Emi." Tails replied not looking at her but at the meadow. "Is she ready?" he asked her. Cream nodded and turned around. The army took the cue when Cream nodded and began walking out of the kingdom. Cream flapped her ears and began flying up into the air and Tails followed behind.

On the other end, Shadow observed the army that approached them as well. He had think armor and his purple sword ready in his arm and felt a smirk rise from his lips. The kingdom wasn't that far away and he could attack, but he didn't want to spoil the fun just yet. When he felt the rain drop on his nose and blinked and looked up at the sky. "Rain?"

The army pasted by him as he stood there feeling the rain lightly drop on him. He took out his hand and the rain dropped lightly on his hand. He remembered the last time he saw rain like this, the time his father died, killed by King Jules. His eyebrows narrowed and his fist clenched tightly. "Today it ends,"

The rain wasn't strong enough to soak or drench one entire mobian, but it was causing wetness everywhere. The ground was wet and mud was starting to form. Emi stepped down each time, running the only pair of boots she had. Her hairband was gone and her quills were let loose. Her bangs were still bounced up to her front and she wore a small red armor dressed. She stood in the end of the bunch of army men. She clenched her necklace which hanged around her neck. She walked approaching the army and then let go of her necklace.

Emi smiled around at all the men that were ready to fight in armor and such then when she found Sally and Sonic. They were near the front talking to each other while eying the enemy. Seeing Sally made Emi gasp, "Sally?!"

Sally turned around hearing her name and saw the pink little hedgehog running straight for her. Emi jumped onto her and hugged her tightly. "Sally! You have no idea how much I missed you!" Emi cried.

Sonic crossed his arms and smirked seeing the two had gotten close. Sally hugged Emi back and then pulled away. "I'm glad to know one someone here missed me." She laughed happily.

"Where did you go? Last time I saw you, you were crying." Emi asked worryingly. Sally's eyes widened suddenly seeing something coming from the direction she was looking at. Emi's face flustered at seeing Sally's flabbergasted face. When Sally saw how Sonic and Emi were looking at them she recovered quickly and she nervously stared at her then turned to the men around. "Eh, hehe, that's a thing from the past," she nervously tittered. "I'm okay now, and I came here to kick booty." She said with a wink.

Emi laughed and turned to Sonic. "Good, because we'll need all the help we can get." She confidently stated.


Everyone looked up at their two flying friends coming down next to them to form a circle. "What's up Tails?"

"Get ready, we're about to start." Tails ordered. Cream threw out a sack of arrows to Sally and she caught them. "Thank you," her voice rose to excitement. Emi took a deep breath. Sonic placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a comforting pat.

The Showdown: A time were two kingdoms were to face each other after ten years and fight once more on the battle field to see who claimed whom. Shadow approached the army of Apotos and stopped in front of them, standing a few feet away. Standing in front of the army was a tall blue hedgehog with silver and blue armor, strong as iron and think as a wall. The shields carrying out the sign of the strong crown were held by the front-men next to him.

Sonic stopped in place and had a frown, but more of an emotionless frown. Shadow was the exact opposite. He held that smirk an evil look as always.

"Ah, Sonic, my dear old friend, It's been some time." Shadow loudly spoke.

Sonic stared at him for a moment hearing the sounds of metal clanking from both armies. After that moment he gave out a mockery small chuckle and grinned. "It sure has actually. Not long enough though,"

Sonic's attitude was usually frank or fearsome, he didn't really like beating around the bush, but here, he was acting like he was confident about the whole thing. It was new to Shadow, but he didn't put much attention to it thinking it was all in his head.

Shadow chuckled and lifted his sword up. The purple glow of the sword intimidated the soldiers from Sonic's side, but Sonic wasn't for one moment afraid. Shadow stared at his sword, sliding it in his hands to see its sharpness. "I will ask you nicely one more time," He began softly. "Hand over Emi to me, and I will make sure none of this ever happened."

Sonic's eyes fluttered half way and he growled, "Emi will never leave my side. I will never hand her to you."

"You're going to regret what you're saying here. Give me the girl," He demanded darkly.

Sonic stepped aside and smirked seeing the expression Shadow gave seeing Emi come out from his side. She rose up her hands and gave a dirty look of payback, an expression he himself wasn't capable to handle. Shadow was first confused, but then, "Surprise,"

Shadow turned around at the speed of light exclaiming, "Get out of the way!"

Large vines popped out from the ground, the ground cracking and Shadow's men being caught in it. Sonic turned to his army and lifted up a sword he had on his side. "Attack!" His army clamored their way through the bursting vines the sizes of pillars. Shadow could only watch his men being pulled under the ground by the vines and in his head the thing that ran in his head was 'When did she get so violent?'

Shadow sped through the vines which tried to grab on to him, but he was too quick. The men on Sonic's side began fighting the men who were resisting on being caught.

The clinging of the swords was driving Emi off, but she kept concentration on whom she needed to help. With her control of power, she wiped the vines to a few men trying to gang up on the polar bear she had seen around the palace. She pushed them away from the bear and he escaped. She knew that from where she was she wasn't going to be much help so she ran for higher ground. She saw a hill that was good enough to see the battle field they were in so she ran towards it.

She ran in between battles but ducked so she wouldn't get hurt by the axes a few men were fighting with. Reaching the hill it was hard running up the small hill due to the heavy rain that began and the grass being slippery, but once up she saw everyone her maid friends who were also fighting in this war. She saw Cream fly in and with her ears slap the men. Tails and Sally were working together trying to keep men down. She felt the need to help them by trapping the soldiers in her vines and keep more from attacking them. Then she turned around.

Men crashed their swords making that loud clanging together. Emi winced and backed away. A shadow lander held a red feathered arrow sided with the sting of the bow and matched it up to his eye. Emi's eyes widened and stretched out her arm about to warn the aim which was a solider.

A blue streak sped to where the arrow flew and with his sword deflected it. Sonic frown and angrily stared down at the one who had aimed to hurt his soldier. The soldier gasped of relief and thanked Sonic before running down to continuing fighting.

Sonic sped over to the guy and wiped the sword out at him, but the wolf was quick and blocked it with his medal bow. Emi's mouth opened in complete shock to how Sonic fought. Emi then noticed she had been staring at him hopelessly and with her hands she made a green earth plant grow from under the enemies' feet. The wolf felt a strange feeling rising from his legs and looked down seeing a flowered vine growing up his body and tying itself around tightly. "Ah! What is this?!"

Emi smirked and Sonic backed away turning to the talent and brains to the idea. Emi turned to him too and met eyes with him. She blushed seeing him smile brightly at her. Her heart rate increased just by feeling his presence, but something broke through her thoughts. Something was dangling with all the movement he had made. A necklace, a shiny necklace which was shaped as a heart, half heart that happened to be the same shape as hers. She couldn't really think to herself why it looked so much like hers but opposite to her shaped heart. No time to calculate that maybe, it was the other half of her necklace.

A black blur suddenly pushed Sonic making him drop to the wet ground, covering him in mud. Emi gasped and her heart tightened. Shadow used his purple sword to cut through the flowered vines and release the wolf. Shadow turned to Emi, his red eyes piercing through her and she grew in remorse backing away slowly.

"Fun and games stop now," He roared to her and pulled out a small see-through circled ball. He threw it down to Sonic and once it touched him it surrounded Sonic until trapping him inside like a hamster ball. The rest of the shadow mobians out tricked the rest of their enemies and threw them down doing the same thing Shadow did to Sonic.

"No! Sonic!" Emi ran down the hill, the rain smacking her face as she rushed to reach Sonic, but Shadow had quickly stepped in front of her and grabbed her by the arm and through her roughly down to the grass.

He gestured for all the men to grab the maids and restrain them. Tails tried to make a run for it, but a tall green bird hit Tails in the head with his metal shield making him pass down to the floor. Every one of his friends gasped and Sally being the closest to Tails occurrence made some close combats towards the men around trying to grab her and she slide down to Tails' side.

"Tails," She gasped worried, holding his head on her lap.

Emi swelled up with tears as she saw Tails had been hit and fallen as she lay on the wet grass. All of Sonic's men were either in circle containers or down on the floor. Thunder roared across the sky darkness falling too.

"Take a good look around," Shadow snarled pulling her quills and her head up. Emi cried out a weep and closed her eyes only letting one open barely. She didn't want to face the fact her plan had fail and she couldn't stop Shadow's evil master mind. "Is this what you wanted?!" He pulled her face closed to his.

"Let me go!" Emi screeched trying to pull and scratch her way out of his grip, but Shadow held her tightly by the wrist. His teeth gritted together and his grip tightened. He wrapped his arms around her body, restraining her from anymore movement.

Sonic got up slowly, pain in his back but once he did he noticed he was inside a ball with two men holding it down tight. He looked around his jaw wide open and for the first time in his life, he felt trapped. Seeing Emi stuck in the arms of his greatest enemy. He felt useless. Sonic, so, tried his dash spins to try to break through this elastic see-through ball, but it was hard to do with the men holding him so tightly down firm to the ground. The rest of his men were doing the same thing, but slashing the walls around them. Other men were passed out on the wet grounds of Apotos.

"Take a good look at what you caused these people," He muttered into her ear, a dark but husky mutter. To Emi it was poison to her ears, crushing her very soul and heart. She couldn't stand seeing her friends lying on the ground either hurt or hopeless "You've caused them nothing but suffer to their land,"

Seeing Sally calling out Tails' name and trying to wake him up by lightly tapping on his face but, at the same time, being pulled away from him by the men.


Seeing Cream being held down on the wet muddy ground and her staring at Emi with her worried eyes.


Seeing Sonic place his hands on the ball's walls, trapped inside like the rest of the men with weapons could be used to hurt these enemies. He stared at her with scared eyes, something she never really got to see on him before.
"And Damage. All it took was one helpless girl that has no memory," he lasted ended, whispering down her ear.

A flashback of those familiar eyes of Sonic looking at her with worried fear, but younger looking, awoke her. Her eyes widened and her breath hitched, unable to take another large amount of air. All those clues she had gotten, the name calling, "Amy?"

The flashbacks of the small little hedgehogs she kept seeing. Swaying around and around, a little blue hedgehog running in circles from a pink little hedgehog who was reaching out trying to catch him.

The tree informing her, clueing her on whom she really was, 'Remember what's really important. Your life depends on it.'

The necklace she saw hanging on Sonic's neck. The shiny golden half heart that's significance was of true friendship. The blurry face of the small blue hedgehog's cleared and there next to him was a small little pink hedgehog. The girl was being handed a golden necklace on the palm of her hands. On the necklace, "Always together, Here and Forever". The missing piece of her heart…she had remembered.

"Memory," She repeated her voice cracking. "This place is my memory,"

Shadow's grin formed into a nasty glower. The pale face she had wasn't so a few minutes ago. Shadow figured her had said too much. He grabbed her by the neck and turned her to face him. Emi cried out in fear and her eyes swelled up in tears. Emi didn't mean to say what she said, but it mostly came out without her permission. Now, Shadow was angry.

"What are you talking about," he growled.

"M-my memory, I-it was you!" She suddenly claimed in a loud voice startling Shadow, "You stole my memory."

Around her, everyone was in disbelief to what they were hearing. They didn't know what was going on, but from the looks of it, it wasn't going to be a pleasant watch. Shadow's force on her grip tightened and he snarled showing her his dangerous teeth. The rain dripped down to her eyes and drenched her face. She couldn't see Shadow's face clearly due to the rain but she predicted it something she'd regret seeing.

Shadow forcefully threw her down to the floor. Emi grunted hitting the ground hard on the head. Sonic gasped out her name, and hit the walls around him but she couldn't hear him.

"You and your pathetic little sayings," he stated in a vitriolic tine, bitter and cold. Emi pushed her body around to face him, her back on the solid ground, the cold mud pressing onto her back. Shadow huffed before adding, "But never have you failed to be wrong,"

Her eyes grew wide and she moved back, crawling backwards. She was heavily gasping for air when he began to move towards her and kneeled on one knee. With a smirk on his face and what he added after that, drew the color out of her face. "Amelia Rose,"

The pupil in her eye grew small as she received a fist up her stomach that sends her dropping down to the floor. "EMI!" Sonic shouted out of the top of his lungs only ending up coming into echoes bouncing off the walls.

Her friends all gasped, some dimly and others with cries of how baffled they were. Cream struggled in the man's arms, but knew she couldn't do anything to help her. Sally covered her mouth and tears strained down her cheeks.

Shadow pulled her up half way to his face off the ground by her hair. Shadow murderously stared down at her as she whimpered, "Ow, no please,"

"You're a worthless cur who foiled my plans for the last time, not worthy of being my wife any longer!" he said almost guttural from the rage he held in his sentence. As that occurred, Sonic was spin dashing around the circles' inner circumference now breaking through it.

Emi grimaced to the tightness he had to her hair and reached out to her neck. "Let go!" she managed to say get dizzy.

Shadow focused on the shiny light coming from her neck and quickly went on to grab it. Emi reacted fast to grab his hand where he had her necklace. "Leave my necklace alone," she pleaded.

"You won't need it anymore!" With a fling of his arm, the necklace broke off from around her neck and flew out. "No!" Emi extended her arm out, but he threw her down.

"Let's pretend this necklace was never given to you. That you never knew of this place. That you never even existed." He told her as she bend her head down, but then out of nowhere, a rapid spin dash hurled over to Shadow, knocking him down.

Sonic landed on his feet and turned to Emi, the kill in his eyes disappearing replacing with a shocked relieved. He bend down to her side. "Amelia," his voice sounded dozed off and her ears kept making a drumming sound that bothered her, but she heard it clearly to flinch from the name. "Amelia? Amelia, Wake up!"


The voices around her turned to vibrations of echoes. She couldn't clearly hear the men that broke through the circle containers. Sonic helped her up to a sitting position with his hand behind her back and placing her back on his chest. "Emi" he began, but then quickly shook his head and added, "Amy, please don't go out on me," Sonic begged. He grabbed her hand and tightly squished it. "Sonic? ~" Her voice drifted off into a whisper.

From behind him a Shadow Lander was going to attack him with an ax and Sonic couldn't notice it due to his full attention on Emi, but Sally came out from the side and blocked it, using her sword. Sonic turned around hearing the cling. "Sally?"

"Save her Sonic! Don't you dare lose her again!" She yelled in a demanding voice pushing the men off her and using her sword to block him from getting to Sonic and the pink hedgehog that was closing her eyes slowly until she was gone.

Sonic nodded determinedly and picked Emi up into his arms. "Don't worry Amy. I'll protect you this time."

Shadow, sadly, stood in front of him as he took a step forward. Sonic narrowed his eyebrows and couldn't stand looking at him. "So, you found out about your precious heart. It's a pity you had to find out like this, huh?" he cockily announced.

His mocking arrogate attitude he was pulling aggravated the way Sonic was already feeling towards him. Shadow took out his purple sword. "Hand her over. She doesn't belong to you."

"Coming from you it's not wise to say that." Sonic rebutted.

"It would be correct for I to say so. I am the one who saved her."

"Saved her? You stoled her!"

"I saved her!" He roared from the top of his lungs. "You left her there on the rail left her to forget!"

"I never forgot about her!" Sonic yelled in defense, but Shadow just kept going as if he never talked.

"By the time you were gone, I arrived there, by her side, with a bleeding stomach and she was almost dyeing! I healed her and raised her as if she was one of my own."

Sonic's teeth clenched and teeth in disgust and he growled, "That's why she left you! You raised her like your slave!"

Shadow laughed raucously and then crossed his arms. "A slave will always come back to its owner."

Her harsh words were getting to Sonic and his rage for him were uncontrollable, but at the right moment he needed someone, Rouge flew in from below dropping down Sally and she rushed by his side.

"Princess Sally," Shadow greeted polity but it sounded more like a sneer. Sally's breath hitched but Sonic passed on Emi to her. Sally carefully grabbed Emi and Sonic stood forwards, ready to fight again with Shadow. Time slowed down around a sleeping Emi, Sonic rushing to attack Shadow, Cream forcefully attacking her enemies, a side of her that nobody's seen before, all her friends helping one another from harm, Sally having laid her head on her lap and rubbing her cheek. "Don't worry Amy," she said. "You'll remember soon," Then, she was gone.

Inside her mind, it was peaceful and quiet. She was standing there unable to do anything, but stare around and look at where she was. It wasn't heaven for sure, but around her was a baby pink light and it kept going out into the distance. "Sonic?" She called out, but no body responded.

She backed away and her hand bend over to her neck. She was hoping to grab on to her necklace but she didn't feel it there. She gasped and looked down. "My necklace," she half- whispered, feeling her bare neck.


It was out in the distance where she heard someone call her. She was surprised she even reacted to the name. All her life she had known herself as Emi.

"Amelia, come here,"

The voice was familiar. She had heard it before but where? It was strange to do something that no body there told you so, but she walked ago a plain path, not cement not dirt, just plain. As she continued walking down, she began seeing petals of pink flying around, being blown by the wind. The wind was soft. It was barley blowing, but the flowers were everywhere flying across the air.

"Amy, sweet heart,"

The pink hedgehog flipped around and suddenly there it was. A big oak tree. She walked up to it slowly and explored it a little. As she did she found that it was a like from the palace. She blinked rapidly and looked around strangely. "So you've found me."

Her head wiped around back to the tree. Her eyes lit forward. "Who are you?" was the first question that came to mind. She twirled around in circles as she approached the tree from where the pink flower petals were coming from.

"That question has already been answered before."

The pink hedgehog's brows crumpled up and she stared up at the tree in utter confusion. She walked to its tree bark and looked at it for a moment before placing her hand right on it. "Question?" she repeated in a low questioning tone.

"The real question here is 'Who you might be'"

She looked down and her eyes traveled for anything that can give her a clue, but she was stuck in a situation where she didn't know if she was alive or not. She backed away from the tree and looked at her hands. "Am I dead?"

The tree laughed softly at her and she began to panic. "Am I dead?" she shouted loudly.

"Ah, lovely Amy, you haven't changed one bit."

"That name…" she muttered, her voice trailing off.

The tree laughed again. "It sounds familiar does it not?"

"That name, why does everyone call me that?" she asked, her curiosity arousing even more.

"You have many names of which the past calls you of?"

"The past?" she passed and thought about it for a brief moment. "You know of my past?" she asked, her voice reaching its highest point.

"I am the tree that lays still in the ends of the garden you once visited every morning to see a special friend. I've watched you for the pass days and watched you grow your friendship back."

"B-b-but I don't understand? Visited a special friend. Please, great tree, tell me of my past. Who am I. What is my purpose in this kingdom? She asked in a pleading voice.

"Remember Amy. Remember what was truly important to you as a child, a friend, a close companion, a soul mate."

It wasn't the pressure, but the blank mind she had. She couldn't remember it. A friend? What friend? She never had a friend whom she related to or trusted. All she could remember was darkness, bad, scary mobians she had known of as the Shadow Landers. She closed her eyes, her brain suddenly aching. She bend down holding her head in her hands. "I can't remember," she winced and groaned.

"Try to remember who loved you. The kingdom, your friends…..You're mother."

Her eyes opened and trembled inside. "My mother?" Her head slowly looked up at the tree with pink flowers. "The one who gave that necklace to you," Tears began to swell up in her eyes, her heart was clenching and hurting her heart. "I can't. I can't remember!" she cried out, the tears coming out all at once. "Why can't I?! How do you know of me and I don't'!?"

Hearing her breaking down into tears, physically and mentally the tree spoke in a soft quiet voice, hoping she could hear what it was about to say. "You may not remember me, but I was the one who brought you to this land and gave birth to a talented rose."

"But that means," she couldn't finish her sentence, unable to speak any longer. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were turning into a dark faded red. Her voice crack when she tried to speck crocking on her words and ending up sputtered all together.

"Yes, Amy. I'm your mother. I always have been,"

She dropped to the floor, not feeling her own body weight. Her knees hit the ground and she was kneeling on her knees staring at the floor blankly, emotionally defeated. She felt died like if nothing in the world felt right anymore. She had been told so many lies, thrown so much information in such a short little of time, she couldn't think straight.

"Close your eyes Amy," the tree spoke. "Close your eyes and think of all that has happened to you in the past week. Try to touch the hearts in which you have possessed in. Your new friends, that's the most important part."

"Wake up and the first person you will see is the one who will change your life."



Her eyes sprung open. It almost felt like waking up from a dream, a very confusing one where her head trembled and her body shook. Immediately she made eye contact with the first person in the room. The green eyed hedgehog was closed up near her face and he looked quite scared. She couldn't really tell if it was him or her eyes were failing her once again.

"Sonic," she said faintly.

Sonic closed in to her side, "Are you okay?" he asked the worry written all over his face, his eyes pouring for the positives from her.

"Where am I?" she muttered.

Sonic sighed out the stress he had held and smiled seeing that she was getting up without pain. He helped her up by holding her back and that's when she got to see Tails and the Queen standing in front of her. Sonic rubbed her back lightly.

"We're so glad you're okay. We were so worried about you." The queen claimed.

"Yea, you really were in a bad situation though," Tails said sitting down next to her.

Sonic smiled and that's when he hugged her. The hug wasn't tight, but it startled her. "I missed you so much Ames,"

She pushed him off and stared at him with bewildered which threw Sonic off.

"Ames, Amy, Amelia, What is this!?" She let out her outburst angrily to him. Tails stood up quickly off the bed putting his hands in front of him while backing away. She turned around to the room and her breathing increased. "My name is…" she paused and then her breathe hitched. Her rage slowly died away and she looked down. "I don't know my name."

Sonic smiled and sat next to her. He took out a shiny item from the back of his quills and handed it out to her. She looked up and found herself her lost item. "My necklace," she gasped.

"Is this really yours?" he asked quietly.

The pink hedgehog nodded grabbing it out from his hands and from it looking back at Sonic. "For as long as I can remember. It's been the only thing that of my past." She explained.

Sonic's hands traveled up his neck and untied his own necklace. The necklace came off his neck and he showed it to her. She looked at it incredulous, but there it was in front of her, the other half of the necklace that she was missing. She turned to her half of the necklace and grabbed it to the opposite position as Sonic's. She moved it towards it and when the two necklaces were close enough it attached together on its own. "Always together," Sonic whispered. "Here and forever," she whispered afterward.

She felt it. He felt it. The whole room felt it. The missing part of this kingdom had been fixed and put back in place. Her eyes searched his and found it. Sonic's smile widened up and that's when he burst to attack her with a strong embracing hug. "Amy!"

Amy wrapped her arms around him. "Sonic," she began, tearing up. Her memories filled her fast. Like being hit by lighting she had remembered it all. The moment when he gave her the necklace, when she first met him, how she felt the last time she saw him. She tightly pressed her face onto his chest. "Sonic," she cried.

He comforted her as she sobbed out of happiness. Sonic held Amy closely as she did. Tails and the Queen were warmly looking at the two reunite and after all the stories that Tails had heard about her, it felt nice he got to know such a sweet girl like her. Now he understood why he loved her so much. The queen was a different story. The last time she had seen this girl was when she was so small and now all grown up and beautiful with Sonic by her side, it was too unbelievable to take in.

Amy flinched back and looked at Sonic. "What happened to Shadow!?"

Sonic's happy face left. The room felt a little gloomy and Amy wondered if she asked the right question at the right time.

"Shadow is…" Sonic began.

"Shadow is dead." The queen added for Sonic's sake.

A light shined on Amy's face, either from glee or amusement. "He did!"

Sonic frowned and turned to the side. Tails did too, rubbing his arm. Amy raised an eye brow seeing the reaction of the two. "What…Why are you two sad?"

The queen went up to her and handed out a small flag to her. Amy received it cautiously and stared down at the flag with the acorn sigh with crown around it. She shook her head slowly. "I don't understand."

"We may have won the war, but sadly we lost a brave warrior for it." She explained. Amy clenched the flag in her hand and her eyes hurt as water formed near the bottom. "We lost Sally, who tried to protect you from Shadow. She used her sword to kill him and block the sword from reaching you, but on the process his sword caught her.

She dropped the cloth small flag and it dropped down to the floor. Amy kept shaking her head in disbelief. Sonic wouldn't show his face to her and across from her she saw one tear drop fall off Tails cheek.

5 years later

It was spring. The greens bloomed brightly as the sun rays hit the petals of each one of the plants out in the garden. Animals everywhere were running around, flying, and playing in circles. Footsteps stopped in front of a tree, the tallest tree in the garden. A hand landed softly on its bark to feel its presence. Amy had her eyes closed and concentrated on her focus which was to talk to the tree. She felt nothing sadly but she smiled to be next to her mother in spirit.


Amy flinched startled and turned to the voice maker. Sonic smirked seeing her and placed a hand on her stomach. "Sonic," she scold him smiling. "You scared me."

He leaned against the tree wincing a little and crossed his arm. "I'm sorry. I thought you heard me coming." He half-whispered.

She giggled and closed her eyes her hand going back to the tree's bark. It was a while before Sonic talked again. "So, what is she saying?" he asked.

Amy opened her eyes and slyly glared at him. "To take better care of me!"

Sonic quizzically looked at her. "Excuse me, but I already take excellent care of you." He started frowning. He used his hand to touch the tree saying, "It's sad to hear you don't trust me Ms. Rose." He sadly said.

"But I do trust you, Sonic."

Amy chuckled to herself hearing her mother's voice and Sonic unwilling to hear her sayings. Sonic walked next to Amy and held her hand into his. "Tell her Ames. Tell her I'm taking good care of you and that I love you so much." He claimed finishing with a kiss on the cheek.

"I was kidding Sonic. She knows that very much."

Sonic laughed and bend down to her stomach and made a baby face, squinting his face and almost squeaking, "I'm a good dad, aren't I? Don't you think I'm nice and cool for your mom?" Amy blushed rolling her eyed to the side and holding her stomach where her child was.

Sonic laughed and stood up straight to her. "Ames,"

"I love you too Sonic." She said in her most lovingly way.

"Sonic!" a distance voice called out. They turned around finding the queen, Tails and Cream heading their way. Cream ran over to Amy and rushed to receive a hug from her. "How are you doing?" Cream asked cheerfully. Amy laughed squishing her on a side hug. "I'm doing fine Cream. I'm so happy you came for a visit."

"Why would we!?" Tails questioned, smirking slyly. He went on to give her a hug too. The queen approached her daughter-in-law and brought her in for a motherly hug. "I'm glad to hear so. You taking walks daily, drinking milk, lots of vegetables?" She asked her, deeply concern about her health.

"Mom, don't worry. Amy doing fine."

"Thanks to your advice I'm a healthy hedgehog." Amy brightly announced.

Hearing the queen worry about Amy while holding their newly un-born child wasn't a surprise to Sonic. He knew fully that this was coming sooner or later out of her. She still after years a waited for her grandchildren and even after years, finally Sonic was having a kid of his own and even better with the one she knew was distend for him from the start.

"Dinner will be ready in less than an hour. We came to let you know." Tails told them.

"Oh, and that case, I should be helping the girls inside," Amy suggested, but was stopped from even taking a step. "No," Cream and Sonic said simultaneously. Sonic grabbed her hand and nervously laughed. "You worry too much; the girls have something special made tonight. Besides, you know you can't be working too much." He warned her.

He grabbed her bridal style onto his arms. "Oh Sonic," she laughed finding it funny.

"Were off then into another adventure far before dinner starts," He announced to her.

The queen extended out her arms in fear. "Sonic, do be careful."

Sonic nodded and singled Tails and Cream to follow right after him with a quick nod of his head. Amy winked at the queen and waved at her. "We'll be back before sunset."

"Bye," Sonic said storming off into the distance of the horizon with Tails and Cream flying right after them. Tails and Cream laughed and giggled as they flew together and rose up into the air.

The queen crossed her arms and smiled seeing them leave. The tree's leaves fell by the wind. "Those two will never change the way life works for them will they? Yet, they've changed so much." The queen said in a heartwarming way.

"Not really…not yet. Those two will never change but will never be the same. I'm glad you remembered the importance you too."

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