Hi, this is my first fic of the amazing "west side story" :) I hope y'all like it.

Anybodys and Anita were my favorite characters of the musical, and during the "gang rape" scene, I noticed anybodys is just standing next to the door, she doesn't do anything but she doesn't cheer, she even looks scared (baby john looks the same during the scene). And I just felt like her point of view about that night had to be written, the character deserved more time on screen/stage. I'd give her a musical number.

Disclaimer: West Side Story doesn't belong to me.


By queenBwaldorf

When anybodys closed her eyes, she could see Anita laying on the floor, kicking and screaming, trying to break free from the jets, her dark eyes look scared, her cheeks look wet, she looks pale and frightened, but she looks directly at anybodys, like begging her to help, to stop them.

That night, anybody's dream came true: she had help the jets to hide Tony, and so, she became part of the gang, part of them, which meant hating the sharks, hating those PRs with her whole heart and soul.

Naturally, when Anita entered Doc's Candy store, Anybodys didn't hesitate to be rude to Bernardo's girl; but when the jets started to throw her around, touching her, making fun of her, Anybody's stood back, not knowing what to do, something felt wrong, something told her to stop them, that this wouldn't help their cause.

Yet, she did nothing, she just stood by the door, looking at those beasts she called "gang members", looking at a poor girl being denigrated, looking broken, looking scared, looking at her.

Doc saved her, Anita lied, Tony was killed… unfortunate events, one after the other.

The jets insist Anita killed Tony in a way, by lying about Chino shooting Maria, Tony ran into his end; but Anybodys can't really blame the puertorican, no matter how hard she tries.

Just like Maria said, the jets gave her hate, and with hate in her heart, Anita lied to them; if she wants to be too deep about the matter, she would even dare tos ay that it was the jets who killed Tony in the end.

Anybodys felt guilt: If she had stopped them, if she had done something that night, maybe Anita would've not gained all that hate, maybe she would've not lied, and maybe, Tony and Maria would be happy right now, somewhere far away from the west side, somewhere happy.

There was one time when Anybodys just couldn't handle it anymore, and she did something quite risky, considering things only got worse between the sharks and the jets after Maria left them; she walked to the sharks territory, hidden in the shadows, and left a message to Anita.

"Forgive me, por favor."

That's what the note said, anybody's folded the paper as neatly as she could, and left it by Maria's window , hoping it would reach Anita, hoping she would take those apologies.

If she did, Anybodys never knew.

Months passed, years passed; she left the jets, she left her street; she went somewhere else, trying to start over, trying to make things right this time, trying to be somebody, instead of anybody; but at nights, lying in her bed, looking at the ceiling of her bedroom, she closes her eyes, and sees Anita there, and she knows, that the look that girl gave her that tragic night will follow her the rest of her life.

She hopes she can handle it, she hopes Anita forgave her; the hope is the only thing that gets her to sleep, that makes her guilt fade for a couple of hours... even if deep down, she knows she'll have to live with the memory of that night for the rest of her life.

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