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"Eddie?" Amber slowly hopped over to Eddie with a slight frown of concentration. Eddie shot her a curious look to which she glared. "I just washed my sandals! I don't want to get sand in them again. And anyway, I only came over here because I have to tell you something important."

"What is it?"

"Your girlfriend is a lobster," Amber said solemnly.

Bored and uninterested, Eddie didn't move from his relaxed position on the beach towel. "I'll admit Patricia can be a bit animalistic, but lobster isn't the animal I would have chosen," he drawled.

"I mean she's sunburned!" Amber stomped her foot impatiently, hands resting on her hips. "And we're going to be at the beach house all weekend and it's only Friday. So I suggest if you don't want your girlfriend to be miserable and then make us miserable, you go take care of her!"

Eddie nodded slowly, rising to his feet with a sigh. "Clueless yacker," he muttered, jogging to the beach house full of dread. If Patricia was sunburned, her skin would definitely be irritated. And so would she. It was the latter one that he was worried about.

"Patricia?" Eddie stepped into the cottage and looked around. "Where are you? What are you doing?"

"I'm dyyyying," came the muffled moan from one of the bedrooms.

Eddie followed the sound of his dramatic girlfriend and poked his head inside. "How did this happen?" He gently sat on the edge of the bed, careful to keep the smile out of his voice.

"My sunscreen might have been expired," Patricia sulked. She was laying on her stomach, limbs stretched out, bathing suit still on. Eddie gently touched her back and smiled sympathetically when Patricia winced.

"Might have?" he joked.

"Okay, fine. It was," she snapped. "But it's October. I figured the weather at Amber's belated goodbye summer celebration wouldn't be this nice. I didn't know!"

"Stay here," Eddie instructed, ignoring Patricia's complaints. The order was completely unnecessary though; from the looks of it, Patricia wasn't going anywhere. "Be right back, we're going to make this all better!"

Eddie returned with an armful of supplies. Patricia blinked in surprise. "You're supposed to be a clueless boy. How did you know to bring all that stuff? And why did you have it in the first place?" she demanded.

"I'm also an American boy," he reminded her.

"British people go to beaches too! Totally unrelated!"

"Not this british person," he teased. "We go to a boarding school, Patricia. Most of the year we're cooped up on a random hill. During the holidays are you telling me you chill at the beach?" Patricia shook her head reluctantly. She spent time with her family and friends from her hometown. "Well I do," Eddie announced. "I go back home to visit my mom and friends and beaches are our thing. At least on the east coast, Jersey especially. The shore is awesome."

"Stop speaking American," Patricia complained.

"You have to study geography at some point," Eddie said with a sigh. "I'm not speaking American, I'm talking common knowledge!"

"Oh, as if you know a thing about Britain!" Patricia retorted.

"I did not come here to argue with you," Eddie said sternly. "I came to help you, so let's just drop it. Besides, you're not particularly threatening right now. Lying there all limp and dead."

"I am perfectly alive," Patricia snapped.

"Mmm sure," Eddie replied absently, returning to her bedside with a small smirk. He handed her a glass of water and an aspirin which Patricia swallowed with a furious scowl. After that, he rubbed aloe vera on her back gently, apologizing every time she winced in pain. And finally, he handed her an icepack. "It's not amazing or a perfect fix, but you should probably feel a little bit better."

"Much better," Patricia admitted, her temper mellowed out.

"Cool," Eddie said with relief. "You should nap and stay hydrated and the next time it hurts we'll just rub more cream on and it will be fine before you know it."

Nodding drowsily, Patricia extended a hand, motioning for Eddie to come closer. "Nap with me?"

"Always," Eddie declared, settling down beside her. "I love naps!"

"Mmph. You mean you love me," Patricia corrected sleepily, nestling into the pillow.

"Right. Yeah. That too."

Patricia's only response was to smack him on the head before drifting to sleep.

A/N: Cute Peddie and their awkward beach trips! I feel like Patricia isn't a beach person, therefore would take it for granted and somehow ended getting burned because she wasn't careful enough.

OH and I think the Nick website took down most of the HoA websites. Super disappointing! So I went ahead and deleted "Watery Sighs" because I can't continue to branch out to other couples via missing scenes if they took the videos down. And besides, I think I'm content with just Peddie after all. For now, at least!