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Making Beautiful Music
Story 6 – What Is That? – Third Person POV
Rating: M
Word Count: 1,009

"Quinn," Rachel playfully pushed the blonde away from her. It was futile though. She wanted it just as much as Quinn did. "My daddy will be –mm – home any minute!" She once against tried to protest. It was, once again, useless. The blonde's lips on her neck always caused her to melt.

Quinn pressed the smaller girl against the back of her closed bedroom door. Her lips trailed up to nip the brunette's earlobe. "But I've really missed you Rach. I wish we could see each other more." She whispered hotly, sending a visible chill down Rachel's body.

Rachel could no longer fight it. She'd missed Quinn just as much. Attending schools in two different states meant they only saw one another on holidays and during their summer breaks. There were just times when Skype just wasn't enough for them. "Please." Her nails dug into strong arms as she was hoisted off of the ground and carried toward the bed.

"Rachel, honey, I'm home." Hiram called out as he entered the house. He noticed a pair of white sneakers sitting with the other shoes and smiled softly. "Quinn." He called out again. It was normal for the blonde to be over at their house whenever the girls were home from school. "Rachel?" He continued to call out as he climbed the steps. There was still no answer. He just rolled his eyes when he came across a closed bedroom door. "Alright girls, door open."

He pushed the door open and instantly regretted it. Hiram saw his daughter with her head nestled between Quinn's legs. The blonde had her own head thrown back, a single hand clenching the back of Rachel's head. His eyes widened at the sight before him. It wasn't typical lesbian sex he'd just walked in on. No. Quinn definitely had something she wasn't supposed to. And it was currently deep in his daughter's mouth.

"What the hell is this?" Hiram wasn't sure if he should be shocked or angry.

"Daddy!" Rachel frantically pulled the blanket over their naked bodies with Quinn's help. "Oh god…" The brunette covered her face in embarrassment while Quinn pulled her knees to her chest in an attempt to hide her rock hard erection.

Hiram cleared his throat awkwardly. "This definitely changes the open door policy…" He continued mumbling to himself as he walked away from his daughter's room. The girls were mainly able to pick up Hiram needing to bleach his eyes. And, how he was going to tell Leroy.

"Well, I guess he knows now…" Quinn tried to joke. Any arousal that was left in either of them was now long gone.

"Really Quinn. I hadn't noticed!" She glared at her girlfriend before standing up to search for her long forgotten clothing.

"Get dressed and get down here. We all need to talk." Hiram yelled from the bottom of the steps. Apparently, he'd regained his composure.

Both girls quickly got dressed before walking down the steps. To both, it felt like they'd just received a death sentence. They had no idea how Hiram was going to react, or what he was going to say.

"Sit." He spoke from his spot in front of the television. He waited until both girls sat on the sofa, a comfortable distance between them before speaking. "I knew you two were sexually active… that one's a given really." He lifted his hand to rub his forehead. It was a vain attempt to ward off his incoming headache. "Why didn't you tell Leroy and I?"

"I… We… didn't know how…" Quinn looked down at her lap. Her secret wasn't something she easily talked about. It had taken all she had to get it out to Rachel.

Hiram softened. It started to sink in as to why Quinn was so guarded. Having a condition like hers, must have been hard for her to accept. "Look, alright, I'm sorry. But… are you two being careful?" He dared to ask.

A heavy blush crept over Rachel's cheeks. Quinn's soon followed suit in color. "Yes, we always do."

"Good… Should we take you to the doctor Rachel?"

Rachel's eyes shot up to look at her daddy with shock and confusion. "For what?"

"Birth control." Hiram stated matter of factly.

Quinn cleared her throat. She was embarrassed. This was never a conversation she expected to be having with her girlfriend's father. "I don't even know… if I can… I never…" She buried her face in her hands and started shaking. She had never felt so put on the spot.

"Honey? Hey look at me." Rachel cupped the blonde's cheek, forcing their eyes to meet. "Daddy doesn't mean anything. He just wants to help."

Hiram looked at the interaction between his daughter and her girlfriend before sighing. "Maybe we can talk about this in small pieces." Quinn nodded her head. That had been the best thing she'd heard since coming down the steps.

"I'm sorry." Quinn's apology had several different meanings. She was sorry for her discomfort. She was sorry for her short answers to Hiram. And she was sorry that he'd caught them even though Rachel had tried to tell her that he'd be home any minute.

"Quinn, it's alright. It'll just take me a little to adjust to this. We don't hate you, you can't control who you are or what you've got. You can control it as much as I can control being gay. It's just who you are."

Quinn smiled softly. Feeling a little more comfortable with him now. "Thank you."

"I'll leave you two alone for a little bit, but no funny business." He warned before vanishing down the hallway and into his office.

"I can't believe that happened."

"I told you he'd come home Quinn." Rachel playfully smacked her love's arm.

"Yea… well you know how well I listen." Quinn curled herself into the smaller woman. Having just been discovered by Rachel's father made her feel insecure and right now, all she needed was Rachel's comfort.

Nobody judged her for what she was born with.

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