I'm baack! And this time it's a collab with ladypooh (this can also be found on her page). Here's a little prologue (in this, mostly I wrote the italics and she wrote the rest):

Three very different girls.
Three different guys they like.
And the inevitable problems that arise.

Tell. Tell Him. Just tell him now. It repeated in my head over and over again. Once I almost did, but as he told me he'd fallen for the new girl I knew I could never tell him how I honestly felt. So I must stay quiet because if I don't I'll get nothing in the end—love or our friendship.

We were over. It was clear, crystal clear yet my vision seemed a fog. We were too perfect to be over, but over we were. So as I cried I told myself I'd get him back; one day at a time. So I must choose which one I will do; get it in my head he's gone or get him back. I choose getting him back—whether he likes it or not.

I lie. I pretend. Tall tales, stories. All of the above. But what do you expect me to do? Sure, he's cute; and yeah he might be my type. But this outgoing girl is scared. So I must lie and tell tall tales or stories.

Come, join us
As we tell the tale
Of Tori Vega, Jade West and Cat Valentine—
a tale that we invite you to hear
if you only want to listen.