Chapter 14

The group soon had successfully purchased all of Lily's wrestling gear, including some new workout clothes. She really didn't see the need for them but her dad insisted.

"Daddy, I like my old Cena sweats and t-shirt. I don't see why I need new workout clothes." Lily whined.

John and the others just laughed. Lily gave in and picked some out and they were on their way out of the store.

"Hey, do you guys want to get together and workout after Liz and Sam take off?" Randy asked.

"Yeah sounds like a plan. We need to get busy with Lily's training." John replied.

"Count me in Broskis!" was Zack's reply.

"Yeah I want to help train Mini Miz!" Mike said.

They made arrangements and Randy said he would call his Legacy partners Cody and Ted. He figured they would want to be part of training the newest 2nd generation wrestler. After everything was set, they went their separate ways. Randy and John agreed to meet at the hotel restaurant so they could all have one last meal together before the ladies had to be at the airport.

The day went well and everyone had a great time. Soon it was time to head back to the hotel to get some grub and then off to the airport. Lilyana followed her dad and Liz into the hotel and towards the restaurant. As she was walking, she was lost in thought. She wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone.

"Whoa there little fella. You need to watch where ya walk." The tall, pale guy said.

He had an Irish accent, pale skin, and hair that was red like Lily's. She looked up and realized who he was. Not many people like him, but he was one of her favorite wrestlers.

"Sorry Sheamus Sir. I didn't mean to run into you." She said timidly.

"No problem lass. No need ta be callin' me sir. Sheamus will do." He said.

Lily smiled. It was so cool to meet the different superstars. As she was standing there, she heard John calling her and looked up. She told him she had best get back to her dad and ran to catch up to him.

They sat at a table with Randy and Sam and enjoyed the meal. After that it was off to the airport. At the airport Lily said goodbye to Liz and Sam and then sat quietly while the guys said their goodbyes to them as well. While they were sitting there, Lily's cell rang. She looked at the number and ignored the call. Randy noticed the upset look that crossed his goddaughter's face. John noticed it as well. After the girls boarded and the plane took off, Lily and the guys headed back to Randy's hummer. Lily's phone rang again. Just as before, she deliberately ignored it. John looked at her questioningly.

"Everything ok Princess?" John asked her.

She didn't really want to talk about anything so she lied. Randy looked at John, unconvinced. They both could tell something was up but decided to let it slide. It was almost 5 when they got to the hotel. They had agreed to meet the other guys at 5.

"Come on Princess. We have to change into some workout clothes and get to the gym." John told her.

Lily nodded and followed him up to their room. Randy went to his room and changed as well. Once all of them were ready, they headed to the gym. Lily was nervous. This was her first official training session. She hoped they didn't go too hard on her.

What Lily saw when she got to the gym had her shocked. There stood not only Zack and Mike but also Cody and Ted. But what shocked her most was seeing Hunter. She knew that his real name wasn't Hunter but she liked calling him that. She ran over to him and gave him a big hug.

"Uncle Hunter! What are you doing here?" she exclaimed.

"Well, I couldn't let you start training without being part of it could I?" he answered, chuckling.

Lily smiled then ran over to Cody. She hugged him too. Cody laughed. Lily always had so much energy. He picked her up while hugging her and then sat her back down. Randy cleared his throat.

"Alright everyone, it's time to get this party started. We have a Lil Diva here who needs to start training. Lils I hope you brought your A game with you cause this won't be the easy workouts you are used to." He said.

Lilyana laughed. As far as she was concerned, she ALWAYS brought her A game and told him such. They started with stretches with each of the Superstars showing her their favorites. Once she was properly stretched and warmed up, the workout began. The guys split up into different areas. Zack and Mike were ready at the treadmill. Ted and Cody were at hand weights. Hunter took the leg machines and Randy was at the weight bench. John was at the punching bags.

Lily started at the treadmill with Zack and Mike. They had her running faster than she had ever run on the things. The guys took turns with one working the controls and the other standing behind her in case she fell. After all they wanted her to work out not get injured. After a good half hour of running and mastering all the inclines they put her through, it was time to move on.

Ted and Cody smiled. It was their turn. Lily headed over to them and spent the next half hour doing various exercises with the hand weights beside them. Ted and Cody took turns showing her different things to work out different parts of her arm muscles. They always demonstrated the exercise and then both did it with her. After that, she was given a short break to rehydrate.

Next it was Hunter's turn. He set Lilyana up on one of the machines that would work out her leg muscles and was surprised at how much weight she could handle. He worked with her on the various machines for a half hour and then sent her to Randy.

"Well Lils, are you ready to see how much you can press?" he asked his goddaughter.

"Bring it on Uncle Randy! I never felt better!" She replied, giving him her famous grin.

Lily surprised everyone with how much she could press. This girl was definitely stronger than she looked. The thin 12 year old could press as much as 150 lbs. already. John was beaming with pride when Randy informed the group of that fact.

"Wow! You are stronger than you look Mini Miz!" Mike said and the others agreed.

Soon it was time to go to the last station. John smiled as his daughter walked over to him looking a little tired but still doing well. He hugged her and said he was proud of her. She laughed and reminded him that the workout wasn't over yet. With that he got to work showing her different punches and kicks. She was a natural and caught on quickly. Soon, she was doing so well that the bags would move a good distance with each of her strikes. Finally, it was time to cool down. They did some cool down exercises and then they were done.

"Well, Lily pad, do you regret taking Anna's offer now?" Cody asked her teasingly. Lily pad was the nickname he had insisted on giving her. She groaned when she heard his call her that.

"First of all, Mr. Dashing, why must you persist on calling me Lily pad? Second of all, heck NO, I don't regret it! I am going to be the best Lil Diva ever! Now can we hit the showers and then get something to eat? I'm starving." She replied.

All of the guys, including Cody, laughed. The agreed with her about needing to shower and get some grub so they said good bye. They all headed to their rooms to shower and change. After that they all met in the hotel restaurant with their appetites. Lily and John both had steak and baked potatoes with a side salad. It was delicious and Lily was smiling happily until her phone rang again. She looked at the caller Id and groaned. She didn't want to talk to the person that persisted on calling her anyways. She excused herself for a minute and walked away from the others. Then she answered the phone.