Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampier Slayer nor Robotech/Macross. There will be some limited quotations of Robotech dialog, namely things that would have been heard over comm systems or overheard by characters in public situations


Ad Esse Fortis


They say that in dreams you can neither taste nor smell.

They are wrong.

The acrid, burnt flint tang of the deep desert coated not only her throat, but also the insides of her nose. She knelt atop the dune, watching sharp lances of blue-white light pierce the surrounding sky only to crash against the horizon. The thunderous crack of their passage rolling across the sand like storm-driven waves. Clouds of dust ripped from the surface, chasing the intermingled and confused shock fronts.


Her bones ached with anticipatory dread. Destruction was coming, annihilation such as the world had never faced. Neither a supernatural threat, nor a man-made one, but something other. An enemy she could not yet fathom how to fight.

Against this backdrop the first slayer stood, fiery eyes staring at her. Time slowed. The sands around her feet still danced, but now she could see the individual grains following the bass rumble in slow waves across the ground. The beige wall loomed up to engulf the primitive. As it reached her she leaped, a black cloak trailing back from her shoulders like tattered wings, only to be swallowed by the oncoming destructive wave.

In a blink, the dark figure spat from the top of the cloud, high above. There was a sharp, painful reflection of light, a flash that resolved into something the dreamer had never before seen. A matte black mechanical man more than ten times her height, a machine melding of magic and technology that thudded to the ground before her, knees flexed, head up and defiant against the coming storm.

And at its heart beat the pulse of the slayer.

A/N: This story was inspired by Cyclone's story that was abandoned back in 2006. It slips the Buffy characters into the Robotech canon. I will be using the Buffy characters and back story up through those events shown on TV in the Buffy and Angel series. I never really got into comic books so I am not familiar with those items that followed that are considered Buffy canon. It has been a number of years since I watched Buffy so my characterizations are probably a bit weak, if anyone is interested in betaing, please let me know. -hmm