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Drunken Dawn

JJ's front door shut with a thud behind a staggering Emily. They both began to giggle as JJ stumbled forward into the entryway of her home.

"Shh…" JJ warned with a finger to her lips. "Not supposed to slam the door," she stage whispered to her friend.

"Sorry," Emily giggled. "Where's Henry? He's so adorable. I wanna see him."

JJ almost fell, but Emily held her up, or tried to hold her up as they swayed into each other. "He's sleepin' I guess. Need ta ask Spence."

"Spencer," Emily sang out loudly.

"Be quiet," JJ slurred. "Don't wanna wake up my cute little guy."

"You said Reid is cute. I'm gonna tell Will," Emily hiccupped.

JJ stopped at the end of the entryway hall. "I never said that," she argued, blinking like an owl in daylight. "I mean Henry."

"Oh… Well, okay, but where's Reid?"

JJ shook her head and dropped her purse on the ground. "Don't know, maybe he went home."

Emily shook her head, took one step and tripped over JJ's purse. She nearly ran into the corner of the hallway wall and the living area. "Whoops," she laughed. "Reid didn't go home. He, um, he's, respon, um respon, um, he's in charge."

JJ's eyes got big. "Reid's in charge? Wow, who said he could be in charge?"

Emily reached over and poked her in the ribs. "You said it, 'member."

"I did? Oh yeah, I guess I did."

They turned left into the living room. Emily went to the couch that faced a big screen television and an entertainment center. Some of Henry's toys were scattered on the floor along with a couple of his books. She barely missed tripping over one, in the low light of dawn, which had turned the room into shades of grey and white.

"Reid," JJ called out in a singing voice. "Where are ya?"

"He's over here," Emily said leaning over the arm of the couch. "Wake up, Reid."

"He's not supposed ta be sleepin'," JJ complained. "He's supposed ta be in charge."

Emily reached down and ruffled Reid's hair. "Hey, wake up sleepy head."

Reid snorted out a breath and turned over to face the back of the royal blue leather couch. It squeaked when he moved, so JJ laughed. "Spence… time to wake up."

"Maybe we should go away. He's too cute to wake up." Emily said loudly.

"You said you think Spence is cute." JJ giggled. "You like him." She pushed a finger into Emily's shoulder, hard.

Emily stumbled again and nearly fell on Reid, who flipped over to his back. His eyes stayed tightly shut and his arm crossed over his chest as if he were cold.

"I don't like him." Emily pouted. "You're mean, JJ."

"You like him. Spence and Emily sittin' in a tree, um K I S S, um K I S S -"

"Shut up, JJ." Emily reached over and tried to smack JJ's arm, but she stumbled again and knocked Reid's head.

"Hey," his eyes snapped open. "What's going on?"

"You're awake," JJ said happily. "You're in big trouble, Spence. You're supposed to, um, you're supposed ta be in charge. No sleepin' on the job…"

She shook her finger at him like he was Henry.

"Yeah, you were sleepin' on the job, Reid, you're a naughty boy."

Reid sat up rubbing at his eyes. He stared warily at both of them. "You're both drunk," he said in disbelief. "And it's dawn. Where have you been?"

"It's not that late." JJ laughed.

Reid stood up, and kept a wary distance from the girls as he smoothed down his sweater vest and shirt. The girls just stood there swaying and grinning at him.

"Emily likes you," JJ suddenly burst out.


"I didn't say that." Emily shouted. "You're a liar, JJ."

"Emily said you're cute." JJ told him as they both tried to block him in with the television at his back. "That means she likes you."

Reid backed away from the smell of alcohol on their breath. It nearly knocked him over with its ferocity.

"You're lyin'," Emily repeated.

"Emily loves Spence," JJ giggled.

"No I don't."

"That's okay. I love you too, Spence. You're so cute."

Emily laughed, stumbled and fell into Reid, who had to catch her or let her pitch headlong into the flat screen television. "You're supposed to love Will."

"I do, he's cute too."

"All right you both love me because you're drunk. Why don't you sit down over there?"

"Aw, you embarrassed him." JJ slapped Emily on her shoulder.

"I didn't embarrass him."

Reid took both of them by one arm. "I'm not embarrassed," he said despite going very pink in the cheeks. "Just go sit down."

"You have to come with us." Emily laid her head on his arm and yanked him toward the couch.

He let go of them, but they wouldn't release their hold on him. They pushed and pulled him to the couch, until he was sitting between them.

"You guys, you need to sober up. Let me make some coffee for you."

They pushed him back on the couch when he tried to get up. "No, you can't leave. JJ wants to tell you something," Emily said

"I don't wanna tell Spence anything." JJ disagreed

She shook her head so her long blond hair flapped around her shoulders and some of it smacked Reid right in the face. He pushed it away irritably.

"Ladies," he began.

"You 'member, you said to Garcia at the bar, that -"

"Shut up," JJ reached over Reid, nearly pushed him off the couch, and smacked Emily on the head

She grabbed Reid's arm as he attempted to stand up. "I'm really, really, really, really sorry, Spence."

He stopped trying to get off the couch. "Why?"

"That I said Emily was dead. It was a bad lie."

Tears welled up in her big blue eyes.

"Oh, don't cry, JJ," Reid said in utter panic.

He turned his head to Emily to see that she had tears in her eyes too.

"Oh man, guys, I'm not good with crying women."

Emily returned her head to his shoulder. "I'm sorry too, Reid. Are you still mad at us?"

He looked back and forth between the two of them. Tears were rolling down cheeks and they were both sniffing audibly. "I'm not mad at you, not really."

"You're not, yay," Emily shouted jubilantly.

"Be quiet," JJ ordered irritably. "Henry's sleepin' still."

"Why don't we talk about this later?" Reid suggested amiably. "Right now, you two need to sober up. Henry'll be up soon and he needs a clear headed mother."

JJ pouted. "I don't wanna sober up. Spence, you're mean."

"I'm mean," he stated in disbelief. "I'm not the one -"

He broke off and sighed. "Come on, let's go have some coffee. I'm going to make you a hangover remedy you'll thank me for later."

He tried a third time to extricate from the women, but they held on. "Thanks for not bein' mad anymore," JJ, gushed. She reached up and kissed him on the cheek.


He tried to yank free, but for a couple of drunken women, they were strong. "Yeah, thanks," Emily cried, and she kissed him on the other cheek.

"Okay, okay, let me go."

He finally threw them off and got to his feet. He moved to what he thought was a safe distance near a battered easy chair that Henry had told him belonged to Daddy, no one else was allowed to sit there.

"Stay there," he ordered them. "I'm going to make some coffee."

"Yes sir," Emily saluted him and began to laugh.

"You're sooo bossy," JJ complained around a big yawn. "How come you're bein' so mean to us."

Reid opened his mouth and then shut it with a snap. "I'll be right back, now stay there."

He pointed at the couch and left the room.

"Spence's very bossy," JJ said to Emily.

Emily nodded, "We should tell Hotch. He'll make him stop."

JJ laughed and put her head on the arm of the couch. "Hotch's runnin' in a big race today. We can't tell him."

"Oh yeah, we'll maybe we should tell Morgan."

"Naw, Spence said he's not scared of Morgan," JJ informed Emily while she twisted a piece of her hair around her finger.

"He's not?"

"Nope, he said one time that nothin' was scarier than that Tobias guy."

Emily reached over and tapped JJ on the shoulder. "We should be nice to him," she said.

"Yeah, we can go help him make coffee. He'll be really happy if we do."

JJ hauled Emily up to her feet and they nearly fell over. Giggling like mad, they went to the kitchen. Reid had his back to them, his attention on the coffee pot when they came in.

"We came to help, Spence," JJ announced.

He whirled around with a pink and white stripped dishtowel in his hand. "I told you to stay there."

Emily began to pout. "We just wanted to help you, cause we're really sorry -"

"I know you're sorry," he interrupted.

JJ and Emily both resembled chastised children, so he sighed and gestured to the wooden bar style chairs around the island counter top. "You can help me by sitting there and behaving for five minutes."

"Okay," Emily whined.

"We'll be good," JJ agreed.

"You're right, JJ, he's really bossy," Emily said in a very loud whisper.

Reid rolled his eyes and turned back to the coffee pot. He poured out steaming mugs, leaving out the sugar and cream.

JJ and Emily were staring at him when he took the mugs to where they were sitting. "Aren't you goin' to have one? I thought it was your favorite." JJ wanted to know.

"I'll have some in a minute."

"I don't like it black," Emily complained.

"You can't have cream yet."

Emily stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm not gonna drink it then."

JJ pushed her cup away too. "Yeah, I want cream and sugar in mine. You're mean."

"Uncle Spence?"

Reid whipped around to see Henry standing in the doorway with his blond hair sticking up in all directions. He rubbed at his eyes and then launched himself at his mother.

"Mommy home," he shouted.