Previously on "Last Kiss":

"Ezra Fitz, do you take Aria Montgomery to be your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part," the priest focused his attention on Ezra.

Ezra looked deeply into Aria's eyes and grasped her hand, "I do."

"Aria Montgomery, do you take Ezra Fitz as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part," the priest turned from Ezra, to Aria.

"I do," Aria grinned widely as she squeezed Ezra's hand slightly.

"May the Lord bless these rings which you give to each other as the sign of your love and fidelity," the priest blessed the rings and gave Aria's to Ezra.

Ezra took Aria's left hand and slid the gold band down her ring finger, "Aria Montgomery, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Aria took the Ezra's ring from the priest, took Ezra's left hand into her small one, and slid his gold band down his ring finger, "Ezra Fitz, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," the priest concluded.

Chapter 1: First Kiss to Forever

"I love you," Ezra said softly.

"I love you," Aria said back. Ezra leaned in so slightly. He grasped the sides of her face and kissed her with all of the passion he had. This was their first kiss of forever together. It was as if the whole world disappeared and time stood still. After what felt like five minutes to the newlywed, but was actually a few seconds to the rest of the people, Aria and Ezra pulled away, looking into one another's eyes. Everyone around them cheered. As the couple emerged from the church, there was a limo waiting outside to take just them to the reception. The chauffer opened the door for them.

"Thank you," Ezra and Aria said as they both climbed into the limousine. Once the door was closed, Aria brought his face close to hers and kissed him once more. Ezra held her close to him, not wanting the moment to fade away. Aria pulled back and rested her head on Ezra's shoulder.

"We are officially married," Ezra smiled as she loosened his tie around his neck.

"Yes," Aria kissed his nose, "So now will you tell me where we are honeymooning?"

"We are going on a cruise," Ezra smiled as Aria stared at him open-mouthed, "To the Caribbean."

"Are you serious," Aria asked dumbfounded.

"Yes," is all Ezra managed to get out as Aria one again pressed her lips firmly to his. Ezra smiled and kissed her back. Once she pulled away, Ezra continued, "Our ship leaves tonight at eleven, so we will have time to dance and mingle since we are pretty close to the boarding dock."

"Wow," Aria breathed as she continuously smiled, "I love you, Mr. Fitz."

"And I love you, Mrs. Fitz," Ezra said as he kissed her again softly. A few moments later, the limo stopped when it reached the reception that was at the town square. Ezra helped Aria out of the vehicle. Then they walked hand in hand as they entered the building, which was already booming with music and people.

"There they are," Hanna screamed over the music, "Mr. and Mrs. Fitz everybody!" Just as they had in the church, everyone raised their glasses and cheered. Ezra hugged Aria tightly and kissed her forehead before leading her to the tables where the guests were at to mingle. Once the couple made their rounds, it was time to dance.

"May I have this dance," Ezra asked holding a hand out for Aria.

Aria nodded as he grabbed her hand and pulled her insanely close toward him. Ezra wrapped his arms around her waist, and Aria wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. "I Do" by Mark Wills began to play as the newlywed swayed to the music.

"I know I have said this countless of times, but you are gorgeous," Ezra whispered into her ear softly as he felt her smile on his shoulder.

"Thank you," Aria looked into his eyes, "You are extremely sexy in that tuxedo."

"Why, thank you," Ezra twirled her and pulled her back in.

"I love you so much, Ezra," Aria played with the little hairs on the back of his neck.

"I love you, too, Aria," Ezra stated, "I'm so happy that you were my last, first kiss." Aria smiled to herself and kissed him softly.

"Now it is time for the father daughter dance," the DJ announced in the microphone as Ezra and Aria's song came to an end.

"Hey, baby girl," Byron said as he took Aria's hand and pulled her close to him.

"Dad," Aria choked back as "I Loved her First" by Heartland began to play. Tears sprung to Aria's eyes as she danced with her father. He had come such a long way with her and Ezra almost unbelievingly. Byron held her close, savoring the moment before his little girl was going off to be with her husband. As the chorus of the song began to play, there was a video that was being played on the wall of the building.

Video Montage:

"Daddy, Daddy," a smaller version of Aria yelled as she came running toward the video recorder.

"What, Aria? Is there something wrong," Byron asked, lifting her up to sit on his lap.

"No," Aria pulled out a crumpled up dollar in her hand and shoved it toward him, "Look! The tooth fairy gave me a dollar! I found it under my pillow!"

"Wow," Byron squeezed her tight and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Here she is," Byron was in the nursery of their home and was holding an infant in his hands as Ella Montgomery brought in a video camera, "Aria Marie Montgomery. She is seven pounds and fourteen ounces. Big, round hazel eyes, a full head of hair, and her father's world and my sunshine."

"She is beautiful," Byron said to the camera as Aria gripped around his finger.

"Happy birthday Daddy," Aria said softly as she handed him a card with her five-year-old, messy handwriting. She jumped up and down excitedly, "Open it! Open it!"

"Alright, munchkin," Byron laughed and tickled her stomach, "Let's see what you got me."

"Mom, make sure you record it," Aria said looking into the camera.

"I am, sweetie," Ella replied with a light giggle.

"Aria," Byron looked at the picture she had drawn of the house and of her family, "It is so beautiful. Thank you," Byron lifted her up onto his lap.

"You are my number one, Daddy," Aria wrapped her arms around him tightly, "Never forget that, okay?"

"I won't sweetheart," Byron ruffled her hair and hugged her tightly, "And you do your father a favor and always remember that I loved you first."

"Yes, sir," Aria smiled into her father's shoulder, "I love you more!"

"I love you most," Byron smiled into her hair.

End of Montage:

At the end of this video, Aria was crying softly into her father's chest, "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, too, Aria," Byron replied as he felt tears forming in his eyes as well, "I loved you first, remember?"

"I remember," Aria laughed, "But I love you more."

"Well, I love you most," Byron said as their song came to an end.

The night went on from there. Aria had her money dance, Hanna caught the bouquet, and Ezra slid the garter down Aria's leg whilst she was on Hardy's lap. They cut the cake together, threw each other's pieces of cake in their faces, and danced some more. It was nearing ten thirty, so the couple knew it was time to leave.

"Aria," Ezra ran up to where Aria was standing on the dance floor. She, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily were all dancing to "Wobble" by V.I.C.

"It's time," Aria questioned as she let out a giggle from dancing.

Ezra nodded and grabbed her hand, "Thank you all for coming here tonight and witnessing our love for one another. We love you all."

After a round of goodbyes and hugs from everyone, not to mention birdseeds being thrown, Aria and Ezra were out of the door. Ezra helped Aria into the car and hopped into the driver's seat. They noticed some cans hanging from the back of their car and a "Just Married" sign on the back. Ezra grasped Aria's hand and kissed the back of it. All the way to the boarding dock was a content silence. About fifteen minutes had passed before the couple arrived at the dock. Ezra took Aria's hand and squeezed it tight, before walking onto the ship.

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