Troy took a deep breath as he rang the doorbell of Gabriella's home. Running a hand through his hair, he stuck the other one in the pocket of his jeans and waited restlessly.

"Oh, hi, Troy," David, Gabriella's father, greeted upon opening the door. "Gabriella's not home right now. Do you want me to tell her you stopped by when she gets back?"

"No, sir. Actually, it's you I want to talk to." Am I really saying these words? Is this really happening?

David looked both surprised and confused. "Oh...well, then, come on in." Once Troy was in the house, he asked, "Is everything okay with you and Gabriella?"

"Yeah...everything's perfect." Troy smiled at the thought of how happy he was with Gabriella. "It's just that...I have a question for you." He itched the side of his nose. "A big question."

"Okay." David sat down on the living room couch. "Come on over and sit down."

"Thank you." Almost mechanically, Troy made his way over to David and took the seat beside him. He was silent for what seemed to be hours before slowly venturing into the conversation. "I'm in love with Gabriella."

David chuckled. "I think that's sort of obvious. I've seen the way you interact with her."

"Yeah." Troy ran his fingers through his hair. "I really love her." He paused. "And I just wanted to ask if it was okay if I gave this to her." He clumsily reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. Opening it to reveal a ring, he handed it to David.

David studied the ring for a moment. "Is it a promise ring?" he queried.

"No, engagement ring," Troy corrected awkwardly.

"So you're asking if you can marry my daughter?"

"Yes. I've thought it over for a few months now, I've gotten my parents' opinion, I've prayed about it...and I'm more than positive now that I want her to be my wife."

Handing the ring back to Troy, David said, "Like I told you before, I know you love Gabriella. And by the way her eyes light up every time you call and every time someone even mentions his name, I'd say she loves you, too."

Just give me an answer already! "Well, that's what she tells me all the time...and I believe her. I trust her more than anyone else I know." Again, Troy ran his hand through his hair.

David didn't respond.

He's going to say no. I just know he is. Oh, why did I have to be stupid enough to ask him now? I mean, Gabriella and I haven't even graduated high school yet!

"Troy," David started finally.


"Welcome to the family, son." Smiling, David held out his hand.

"You mean...I can propose?" Excitement and relief washed over Troy in waves as he shook David's hand.

"Yes." David nodded. "But only under two conditions."

"What are the conditions?" Troy grew nervous again.

"Well. first of all, you and Gabriella both graduate in two weeks. I know it's going to be hard for you not to ask her the big question tonight, or even tomorrow, but I would like you to wait until after graduation."

Troy nodded in understanding.

"And secondly, I don't want you and her living together until after the wedding."

"It's a deal, sir." A huge grin spread across Troy's face. It was official! He could marry Gabriella!

"And I have to thank you for taking the time to talk to me," David began. "A lot of guys wouldn't even bother with it. They think it's too old-fashioned to ask for the father's permission to have his daughter's hand in marriage. But you came and got my approval. I like that." He smiled. "You're the kind of young man that I'll be proud to call my son-in-law."

"You're welcome. And thank you for letting me marry Gabriella. I promise I'll take good care of her."

"I know you will." David let out a sigh. He knew Troy wasn't lying when he said he would care for Gabriella, but he was also reluctant to let his only daughter-and only child-go so soon. "Now," he picked up again, "I think you'd better go if you don't want Gabriella to know you came to talk to me. She's going to be coming back soon."

"Okay." Troy stood up and shoved the ring back into his pocket as he headed toward the door. "And thanks again, Mr. Montez. You have no idea how much this means to me." With that, he twisted the doorknob and exited the house. Now that I got that done, I just have to figure out the right way to propose.

"You look beautiful," Troy complimented when Gabriella stepped out of her house in a black and white knee-length dress, matching wedge heels, and a clutch purse. Her hair was left down in its natural ebony curls and her make-up was simple, yet elegant. Quickly feeling the right pocket of his pants to make sure he had the ring in there, he took her hand and led her to his car.

Yes, that night was the night.

"So, what time did you make the reservations for?" Gabriella asked, smiling at Troy as he opened the passenger door for her.

"Seven o' clock." Troy shut the door and walked around to the drivers' seat. Getting behind the wheel, he turned the key in the ignition and backed out of the driveway.

Gabriella glanced at the car clock and took note that it was only six-thirty. "Well, then, we should have plenty of time to get there."

"Yeah," agreed Troy. He paused for a moment. "Oh, and after we're done at dinner, do you mind stopping at the school with me? I left a sweatshirt in my locker and I want to go get it before they close up for the summer."

"No, I don't mind," shrugged Gabriella. "But will anyone be there to let you in?"

"The janitors should be. But if not, then I'll just try again tomorrow or something. No big deal."

Those were the last words spoken for the remainder of the ride. However, with each passing second, Troy's palms grew sweatier and sweatier and he began to swallow harder and harder. Would she say yes? Would she laugh in his face? Would she dump him? Just relax, he told himself. The last thing you want is for Gabriella to suspect something, so just act normal and have fun at dinner.

"That was a good meal," Troy remarked as he and Gabriella walked out of the restaurant, her hand firmly encased in his.

"Yeah," agreed Gabriella, smiling and leaning against Troy's shoulder.

"Are you sleepy?" queried Troy gently, opening the car door for his girlfriend.

Gabriella nodded.

As he got into the drivers' spot, Troy stroked Gabriella's hair. "Do you still feel like stopping at the school with me?" Please say yes.

"Yeah. It'll only take a couple minutes to go in and get your sweatshirt. I can stay awake for that."

"Okay. I'll try to hurry with it, too."

Conversation was light during the trip to East High. Once Troy parked the car in a space nearby the door, he helped Gabriella out of her seat. "It looks like there's still lights on in there," he remarked, looking up at one of the windows.

"But there's no other cars here besides yours," observed Gabriella.

"Well, we can still try." Troy led Gabriella to the door. "It's unlocked," he shrugged, pushing it open with ease. Once inside, he turned to the the opposite direction of the lockers.

"Troy, baby, where are we going? I thought we were getting your sweatshirt." A genuinely puzzled expression washed over Gabriella's face.

Good, she didn't start suspecting anything until now. Just what I wanted! This is going far. Now if she just says yes, the night will be perfect.

"Troy?" prompted Gabriella.

"You'll see," Troy spoke, answering Gabriella's question of where they were heading. Soon after he fell silent, a staircase came into view. "Up here." He motioned for Gabriella to climb the stairs.

"Honey, I don't mean to be pushy or anything, but I'm seriously tired, so if we could just get your sweat-" Gabriella broke off at the view that met her eyes. The stairs had led to the school rooftop, which had been her and Troy's special place ever since they had started dating. However, they had never gone up there at night before, so the sight that could be seen was something completely new. Stars were shining above them in the clear sky, and moonlight was reflecting down on the potted flowers that lined the edges of the area. "Wow," she breathed. "This is beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," smiled Troy, gazing into Gabriella's eyes. Passion and overwhelming love were evident in his ocean-colored irises.

Gabriella smiled in return.

"And now that we're both here-me and the most beautiful girl I've ever seen-under the stars, I want to give you something." Troy pulled a velvet box from his left pocket and handed it to Gabriella.

Is it a promise ring? wondered Gabriella, curiously taking the item from her boyfriend's palm and opening the lid. Inside, she saw a silver heart-shaped locket attached to a chain that would enable her to wear it around her neck. "It's gorgeous, Troy," she murmured. "Thank you so much." Leaning in to kiss him, she wrapped an arm around his waist.

"I'm glad you like it, Brie," Troy acknowledged when they broke apart. "But did you look at the back of it yet?"

"The back?" Curiously, Gabriella flipped the locket over. On the back, her name was engraved-almost. Her first name was there, but instead of that being followed by "Montez," it was followed by "Bolton." "Troy..." Happy tears collected in her eyes, and the amount of them grew when she looked up from her piece of jewelry to see Troy kneeling before her on one knee, a box exactly like the one he had just given her in his hand.

Troy took a deep breath. "Gabriella Anne Maria Montez," he began. "I love you with all my heart, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" He opened the box to reveal a diamond ring.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Gabriella replied, leaning down to embrace Troy.

"Yes?" Troy couldn't believe his ears. It was actually happening! He was really going to marry Gabriella!

"Yes!" repeated Gabriella.

Setting the ring down beside him, Troy hugged his girlfriend-wait no, his fiancée-in return, then put his hand under her chin and turned her face toward his. He then closed the gap between their lips.

At the feeling of Troy's tongue entering her mouth to explore it, another surge of delight ran through Gabriella's body. Yeah, she had kissed Troy hundreds of times before, but now, he wasn't just her boyfriend. He was her fiancée, and would eventually become her husband.

"I love you, Brie," whispered Troy when the kiss was over.

"I love you, too, Troy," Gabriella murmured.

Reaching for the box that lay beside him, Troy took the ring and slipped it onto Gabriella's finger. "There. Now it's official."

Gabriella held her hand out to admire the diamonds on her finger. "It's beautiful," she commented.

"So you like it? I picked out a good one?"

"I love it."

Troy smiled a bit bigger than he was already smiling. "And then you have your locket to wear once you become a Bolton...or if you want to wear it before then, that's fine, too." He stood up, but only after grabbing the box containing the locket, which Gabriella had dropped in her excitement of being engaged. Handing it to her, he pressed his lips to her forehead.

As Gabriella took her locket, she said, "Thank you so much. For everything. This is definitely the best day of my life."

"Mine, too." Troy wrapped an arm around Gabriella's shoulders and kissed the top of her head.

For a good ten minutes, Troy and Gabriella just stayed up on the rooftop, relishing each other's company and celebrating their engagement with hugs, kisses, and sweet words. Nothing else mattered more at that moment than showing their love to one another.

And that was just the beginning of the Boltons.

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