Again? thought Gabriella, her eyes wide with shock, as she stared at the two positive pregnancy tests that lay before her on the counter. A couple weeks ago, Gabriella had started experiencing morning sickness. At first she thought it was just somehow an after effect of giving birth four months ago, but when she had skipped her period, she'd gotten a feeling that she was having another baby. And the pregnancy tests had just confirmed that. But T.J.'s only four months old! Troy and I haven't even had that much sex lately! How can this be?

Just then, a cry came from T.J.'s room.

"I'm coming, sweetie," Gabriella called gently, hurrying out of the bathroom and into her son's bedroom. Lifting him into her arms, she kissed his head. "I know, little guy. It's your lunchtime. Just wait in your crib while Mommy makes up a bottle for you."

T.J. sobbed louder when Gabriella placed him back onto his sheets.

"I know, honey. Just a couple minutes and then you can eat." Gabriella rushed downstairs and mixed up a bottle of formula. She then made her way back upstairs and, cradling T.J., placed the bottle at his mouth. "Here you go."

Instantly, T.J. ceased his crying and began to drink his formula.

"Now when you're done lunch, Mommy needs to change your diaper and then you can go back to sleep." While I try to finish studying, Gabriella added mentally. Oh, how am I gonna be able to take care of two little ones in another nine...well, by now probably eight...months?


"Troy, I need to talk to you," Gabriella started that evening at dinner.

"Yeah?" Troy acknowledged.

"I'm having another baby."

Troy laughed. "You're joking, right?" Troy froze when he noticed that Gabriella's expression was serious. "Or maybe you're not..."

Gabriella shook her head. "No, I'm not. I'm really having another baby."

"Are you sure?" asked Troy.

"I took two pregnancy tests that both turned out positive this afternoon. And with my morning sickness and everything, there's nothing else it could be," explained Gabriella.

A smile spread across Troy's face. "Two little babies running around our house. That'll be absolutely adorable. I mean, we both know we're capable of making some of the most beautiful children in the world."

"Yeah," agreed Gabriella. "But I just am feeling a little nervous about having a baby again so soon. I mean, it's going to be even harder to balance things with two kids in the house."

"We'll be fine, baby girl. I promise." Reaching across the table, Troy took Gabriella's hand and laced her fingers with his.

"But we're only college juniors! And when the baby's born, we'll be going into our senior year! And then even after we graduate, you still have four years of law school! How will this be possible?"

"Look at me, sweetie. Right into my eyes."

Gabriella locked her chocolate eyes with Troy's ocean ones.

"It will be possible. And we'll make it through this. I'm gonna go to law school back in Albuquerque, so then we'll be in the same city as our parents and friends and they can take turns watching the kids while you're at work and I'm at school. Everything will be okay. Please don't stress yourself out. It's not good for you or our new baby."

Relaxing a little, Gabriella managed to smile. "Thanks." She stood up and walked over to Troy to hug him. "You really know how to make me feel better. I love you."

"I love you, too, Brie." Troy embraced Gabriella in return and kissed her lips.

Just then, T.J., who was in his room, began to cry.

"He wants his dinner," Gabriella spoke, quickly pulling away from Troy and heading into the kitchen.

"Baby girl, sit back down. I'll take care of feeding him tonight." Pushing his chair back, Troy rose from his spot and walked after Gabriella.

"He'll probably need a diaper change, too."

"And I can take care of that as well. You just finish eating and relax. I don't want you to overwork yourself."

Gabriella let out a small sigh. "Okay. I will."

"But just one more question, Brie," Troy said.

"What?" responded Gabriella.

"Were you taking birth control again after you had T.J.?"

Gabriella nodded. "Yeah. I went right back to it right away. And we weren't allowed to have sex for six weeks after I gave birth, so I don't see how I got pregnant while taking it again. I guess my body just doesn't respond well to it. Maybe we should start using condoms."

"Yeah," agreed Troy. "It seems to be the only way we can prevent having another baby every year. We're gonna reach the number of kids we want and beyond in ten years if we don't control it somehow."

"I know. I love kids, but we don't want to overload ourselves until we can't afford to properly care for them."


T.J.'s crying grew stronger.

"I think that was your cue to hurry up," giggled Gabriella.

"Okay, I'm hurrying." Troy grabbed an empty bottle and the container of formula. It was then that he began to doubt what he had told Gabriella was true. Would they really be able to manage two kids?


Gabriella sighed as she walked back into the waiting room of the hospital. She had just had her first ultra sound that day, and had discovered some very surprising news: she was pregnant with not only a second baby, but also a third. Yes, that's right; she was having twins.

"So, how'd things go?" Troy, who had been sitting out in the waiting room with T.J., queried when he saw Gabriella.

"We'll talk about it at home," Gabriella replied simply.

"You didn' didn't lose the baby, did you?" Troy's eyes were full of concern.

"No, I can promise you that much. But the rest will have to wait until we're home." Casting her eyes toward the baby sleeping in Troy's arms, Gabriella smiled. "Aww, has he been asleep the whole time?"

Troy nodded. "Yup. He's been a very sleepy little guy." Standing up, he carefully knelt onto the ground and placed T.J. in his car seat. "Okay, you ready, Brie?" he asked.

Gabriella nodded. "Do you want me to bring T.J. out to the car or do you want to?"

"I can," answered Troy, taking the handle of the car seat. Enclosing Gabriella's fingers with his free hand, he led her out to the car and opened the passenger door for her before settling T.J. in the back. It was then that he opened his brown eyes and started to cry.

"I know, sweetie; it's your lunchtime. Mommy will make a bottle for you as soon as we get home," Gabriella comforted, turning her head to look at her son.

A smile crept onto Troy's face as he climbed into the drivers' seat. "You know, baby girl, you're such a good mommy."

"Well, I've always loved kids," Gabriella responded. "And I feel so blessed that we have a little one of our own and another on the way. But you know that it's not always easy being a mother. I mean, for you it's not easy being a father, is it?"

Troy buckled his seatbelt and turned the key to start the car. "No, not always. Especially with college and a job and everything. And I miss being able to have s-e-x with you all night, every night. But I wouldn't trade our baby for anything."

"Me, neither. And very good remembering to spell out s-e-x," giggled Gabriella. "It's a good habit for us both to get into now. I mean, babies can understand more than you think."

"Yeah." Troy pulled out of the parking lot. "Especially our baby, since you're a smarty."

Gabriella giggled again. "Well, you're the one that's going to be a lawyer."

"True. I guess we're both smart, then."

Those were the last words that passed between Troy and Gabriella for the rest of the ride. When they reached their apartment, Gabriella fed T.J. his bottle, then placed him in his play pen. "You stay here for a couple minutes, okay, honey? Mommy has to talk to Daddy quick and then I can hold you again."

"So, Brie, what's going on?" Troy sat down on the couch, which was right beside the play pen.

"This is going on." Walking over to the couch, where she had placed her purse upon coming home, Gabriella pulled a picture of her ultra sound from the front pocket and showed it to Troy. "What do you see?" she asked him.

"Um...a baby..." Troy responded as if the answer were obvious.

"Really? Only one?" prompted Gabriella. "Look more carefully. Here's one head, here's another. And you can see two bodies, four legs, four arms..."

Troy studied the picture more carefully. "Twins? You're having twins?" A grin spread across his face. "Oh, Brie, this is wonderful!" He kissed Gabriella's lips.

"But what are we gonna do?" Gabriella sank into the vacant space beside Troy. "It was overwhelming enough when we were only expecting one more, but now two?"

"We'll be fine," assured Troy. "I promise we will." He wrapped an arm around Gabriella's shoulders.

I sure hope so, thought Gabriella.


Eight months later, Gabriella found herself lying in a hospital bed in the maternity section of the same hospital she had given birth to T.J. in just a little over a year ago. Like before, she and Troy had been in the middle of a visit with their parents and friends-only this time T.J. had come along-when she had felt her contractions begin. Of course, Troy had right away rushed to get into the car and to the hospital, leaving T.J. in the care of Gabriella's parents.

"So," Dr. Martin started as she walked into the room. "You're having twins?"

Gabriella nodded.

"Okay. And I think I still have your information stored somewhere from last year, so let me just go out and pull that up on the computer to print out. I'll be right back." The doctor left the room, returning five minutes later with a paper containing Gabriella's name, birthday, and the date she had last visited the hospital. "Alright. So now tell me, how many contractions have you had so far?"

"Two," Gabriella replied.

"And how strong were they?"

"Not really strong at all, but I just wanted to get here before they got worse."

"Okay. And how are you feeling in general?"

"Ready to have these babies," came Gabriella's response. "Being pregnant with two at once is not fun at all."

Dr. Martin laughed. "That's what every mom who has twins says. Now, let me just check to see if you've dilated at all while Diana goes out and gets some ice chips and anything else you want." She looked in the direction of the young brunette nurse that was standing by the bed.

"Would you like anything else?" Diana queried.

"No, thanks," Gabriella spoke.

"And what about you, sir?" Diana turned toward Troy. "We have sodas, burgers, fries, hot dogs..."

"I'll take a soda," answered Troy.

"Okay. I'll be right back, then." Diana exited the room.

"Alright. It looks like you're about a centimeter dilated, so you still have a while to go," Dr. Martin announced. "And also, I don't want to make you nervous or anything, but a lot of times, twins need to be born via c-section. I'm not saying I'm sure you'll need one, but I'm just letting you know that it's common for twins to be born that way."

"How long do I need to be in labor before you decide I need one?"

"It depends how you're doing during labor and if how much you're dilating. If you don't dilate more than five centimeters in fifteen hours, we usually start thinking about doing a c-section."

"I don't want to leave her," Troy stated, gripping Gabriella's hand. "I want to be there when our babies are born."

"And you can," Dr. Martin assured. "We let the fathers sit in the operating room as long as they can handle blood and everything else involved in surgery."

"I can handle it," promised Troy.

"Okay, then. If she ends up needing a c-section, you can come in the room with her."

Just then, Diana returned with Gabriella's cup of ice chips and Troy's soda. "Here you go." She placed the items on the table beside the bed.

"Thanks," Troy acknowledged, opening his can of soda and taking a sip.

It was then six o' clock in the evening.


Three hours later, Gabriella was five centimeters dilated. Her contractions were getting stronger, and she could feel lots of movement from her babies.

Troy placed an ice chip between Gabriella's lips and kissed her forehead. "Halfway there," he murmured.

"Yes. And then I'll need to push," groaned Gabriella.

"You'll do fine," Troy assured, sitting on the bed beside Gabriella.

"Would you like any pain killers?" inquired Dr. Martin.

"No, thanks. I don't feel too bad now," Gabriella answered.

"Okay. Well, if you start feeling like you need to take something, just let me know."

It was then nine o' clock.


Troy fed Gabriella yet another ice chip. Five hours had gone by and her contractions were very close together and powerful. However, she still wasn't ready to push yet.

"Nine centimeters," announced Dr. Martin. "Only one more to go before you can give your first push."

Kissing Gabriella's cheek, Troy climbed behind her and let her relax into his chest, his hand firmly holding onto hers. "You can do this," he encouraged, reaching for the last ice chip in the cup and giving it to her. "Could we have another cup of ice chips?" he asked the doctor.

"Yes. Diana can go get them for you." Dr. Martin walked up to the top of the bed and held out a thermometer. "Okay. We need to make sure your temperature is still normal, so I need you to put this under your tongue."

Gabriella complied.

After a minute, the thermometer beeped and Dr. Martin took it from Gabriella. "All good," she reported.

"Here's your ice chips," Diana spoke, placing the third cup of ice chips she had gone to get for Gabriella that night on the table.

"Alright, baby girl." Troy grabbed an ice chip and handed it to Gabriella, who whimpered at the feeling of a contraction. "I think I want those pain killers now," she groaned.

"I'll get them," offered Diana, quickly disappearing from the room and appearing moments later with a small bottle of water and some Tylenol, which she gave to Gabriella.

Gabriella swallowed the pills and clutched Troy's hand tighter.

"You're ready," Dr. Martin told Gabriella a couple minutes later. "So go ahead and push."

Gathering all her strength, Gabriella pushed.

"Okay. Take a deep breath and push again."

Taking Troy's other hand as well as still clinging to the one she had been holding, Gabriella gave a second push.

"You're doing great, sweetheart," Troy murmured, pressing a kiss into Gabriella's hair. "Just keep going."

"And again," Dr. Martin said.

Gabriella gasped as she pushed. " first baby crowning yet?" she panted.

"Not yet. Push again."

Gabriella pushed.

"Okay, here we go. There's one crowning now. Keep pushing."

After five more pushes, the baby was out.

"Here's one. Did you find out the gender of your babies yet?"

"We were told we were having two boys," replied Troy.

"Well, your doctor was right about the first one," Dr. Martin smiled and, cutting the baby's cord, cleaned him off and wrapped him in a blanket handed to her by Diana. "Do you want to hold him?" she queried.

"Of course." Gabriella held out her arms.

Dr. Martin carefully handed the newborn, who had just started crying, to his mother.

"Aww, he has your hair and eyes!" Troy exclaimed, examining his son over Gabriella's shoulder.

"And your nose," Gabriella added.

"He's perfect," breathed Troy, getting out of the space behind Gabriella to sit beside her, as he knew he would need to take the baby when it was time to give birth to the second one. "So, do you want him to be Eli or Gabe?" Troy and Gabriella had talked about the two names they wanted to use for their sons, but hadn't decided which of them the firstborn would get.

"I think he should be Eli," Gabriella smiled, looking up at Troy with sparkling eyes. But her excitement didn't last for long. It was then that Dr. Martin announced that it was time to push the second baby out.

Giving Eli to Troy, Gabriella pushed.

"Push again," Dr. Martin instructed.

Taking a deep breath, Gabriella gave another push.

"Alright, he's crowning. Keep going."

Gabriella accepted an ice chip Troy offered as she pushed with all the energy she had left in her tired body. "I...I can't do this anymore..." she gasped when she was finished her push.

"Yes you can, Brie." Troy placed a kiss onto Gabriella's forehead.

"I know it's hard, but you can't stop pushing. He's crowning; you're almost there. Push again and see what happens."

Whimpering, Gabriella pushed.

"Okay, there's his head and shoulders. It should be easier now."

At that moment, the baby started to cry.

Gabriella, desperate to get her son out so she could hold and comfort him, gave one final push.

"And there you go," Dr. Martin smiled. "You're all done." She cut the baby's cord, cleaned him off, wrapped him up, and placed him in Gabriella's arms.

"Aww, honey, look," Gabriella said to Troy. "He looks just like his brother."

"You're right; he does!" Troy agreed.

For a minute, no sound except that of the two babies crying could be heard while Troy and Gabriella smiled down at their new children.

"You did a great job," Troy praised, nuzzling his nose against Gabriella's and kissing her lips.

Gabriella rested her cheek on Troy's shoulder. "You know, having a baby is hard, but it's definitely worth it when it's over with."

Troy smiled wider and kissed Gabriella again.

The Bolton family was growing.


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